The Fiercest Joy (The Sweetest Dark #3) by Shana Abe

The Fiercest Joy (The Sweetest Dark #3)

In the autumn of 1915, Eleanore Jones is on the verge of becoming who she was always meant to be: a drákon of stunning beauty and strength. She has discovered she is not the last dragon in the world, as she’d long thought: not one but two drákon brothers vie for her heart. And just as Lora begins to embrace her destiny, yet another drákon enters her life—another female who, like her, has disguised herself as a student at the prestigious Iv...

Details The Fiercest Joy (The Sweetest Dark #3)

TitleThe Fiercest Joy (The Sweetest Dark #3)
Release DateFeb 10th, 2017
PublisherFive Rabbits, Inc.
GenreFantasy, Dragons, Young Adult, Magic, Paranormal, Romance

Reviews The Fiercest Joy (The Sweetest Dark #3)

  • Kat Valentine
    What a epic read!!! I love Abe's drakon's such beautiful deadly creature's!!! I have been hooked on her mythical dragon's since picking up The Smoke thief and have read all the drakon books.when she started The Sweetest dark series I didn't know if I was gonna enjoy it because of it being a young adult spin off,but I should have known that it wouldn't matter Abe is one hell of a storyteller and these new young dragons were as beautiful,cunning an...
  • Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
    [4.5 stars] Lovely
  • Terry (Ter05 TwiMoms/ MundieMoms)
    The third book in the spinoff trilogy from Shana Abe's Drakon series that I love. Taking place during WWII in Britain, the world of the Drakon appears to be gone and yet there are three young people who have found out they were not what they thought they were. One is Eleanor who is an orphan who attends an exclusive private school as a charity student and the other two are brothers, the sons of the Duke who supports the school. Since this is the ...
  • Jess (freaks over books)
    FINALLY. FINALLY, after YEARS waiting for the conclusion of the spectacular Drakon series, finally I have answers. This was a great conclusion to the series, it wrapped up everything perfectly and answered so many questions I had. The only issues I had are minor; a love triangle in Sweetest Dark, betwee Lora, Jesse and Armand, made sense, and in the Deepest Night, you could sense the love and trust building up between Armand and Lora, and I was s...
  • Alicia
    FUCKING FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!I have waited four fucking YEARS for this conclusion!!! FOUR YEARS!In that time I read literally ever Drakon book I could get my hands on - even the ones that weren't even all that great or the kind of book I'm into!Because I HAD TO KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED to Lora and Mandy. I HAD TO KNOW!Welp, now I fuckin' know.I also know what happened to a lot of Drakons from the other books, and that's cool too. I literally ...
  • ☆Eiko
    It's been close to 4 years since the previous book of the Sweetest Dark Series was released in 2013, and I had a feeling where the book was going. Being a fan of Ms. Abe's works I kept reading and re-reading her series whenever I was in a book stump and nothing would hold my interest. And I was surprised to find that every single time I re-read the books I always found something new I hadn't paid much attention to. This goes the same for Time Wea...
  • Lauren
    Enjoyable, but I hated that it ended.