Murder at the Mikado (Drew Farthering Mystery, #3) by Julianna Deering

Murder at the Mikado (Drew Farthering Mystery, #3)

Just as Drew Farthering thinks his life has found smooth waters, Fleur Landis, an old flame, reappears in his life. She's married now, no longer an actress, and he expects she'll soon disappear--until she comes to him in dire need. The lead actor in her old troupe's production of The Mikado has been murdered, and Fleur is the police's number one suspect. Drew would love nothing more than to just focus on his fiance, Madeline, and their upcoming w...

Details Murder at the Mikado (Drew Farthering Mystery, #3)

TitleMurder at the Mikado (Drew Farthering Mystery, #3)
Release DateJul 1st, 2014
PublisherBethany House
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Historical Mystery, Christian, Cozy Mystery

Reviews Murder at the Mikado (Drew Farthering Mystery, #3)

  • Pamela
    LOVED IT!!!! This delightful whodunit series, with the ever so charming and debonair Drew Farthering just gets better and better over time. Murder at the Mikado is the third installment, and perhaps my favorite - thus far - with the crackerjack detecting, host of quaint and quirky characters, the theatre elements and figurative duality, underlying relationship-angst teasers, and the jolly good English countryside/village nuances. Of course, where...
  • Laura
    I must admit, for some reason I had a hard time getting into this book, but once I hit the 50% mark, things picked up and I zoomed through till the end. I would recommend this to readers who enjoy atmospheric, cozy mysteries. I think, however, that this series would be best read in order if you want to experience the character development to its fullest. Oh, and just for a fun fact, my new word is now, foofaraw. Thank you, Aunt Ruth, for expandin...
  • Barbara
    Best yet from Julianna Deering. This is the third in the Drew Fathering series of murder mysteries. I read Agatha Christie as a young person and then for years seldom picked up a “who-done-it.” Juilianna Deering just may make a mystery fan out of me again. I am charmed by Drew and Madeline and the cast of quirky characters found within this book. The setting is England and the writing is classic and witty. It includes a delightful mix of mayh...
  • Carissa
    Sometimes you just a need story to transport you to another time and place. This is it!While I love books 1 and 2, Rules of Murder and Death by the Book, I find that Murder at the Mikado is my favorite so far of the Drew Farthering mystery series. It has literally everything you could want from a novel set in the era of Poirot and Bertie Wooster. The niggling little complaint I had in Death by the Book, that I couldn't easily follow the trail of ...
  • Cara Putman
    I adore this series! Every time I pick up an installment, I feel like I'm in the middle of a Thin Man mystery. This book, the third in the series, was the best yet. And the ending even felt like a Thin Man because the main suspects were all together in one place.Each story builds the romance between Drew Farthering and his girl Madeline Parker. Their romance is filled with believable twists and turns and I won't spoil that here. I love that each ...
  • Rebecca
    "Well, as the Mikado says, 'It's an unjust world, and virtue is triumphant only in theatrical performances.'"It certainly appears that way, when a popular theater owner/performer is brutally murdered and one of his many "indiscretions" is rumored to have done him in. It just so happens that Fleur Landis hovers in Drew Farthering's past as well; in his past regrets, unknown as yet to his lovely fiancé, Madeline Parker. When Fleur comes to Drew an...
  • Kav
    If you love British period mysteries you will adore this series. I'm waiting with bated breath for the Drew Farthering Mystery series to become the next BBC runaway hit! It's bound to happen sooner or later and I'm hopping for sooner!A beguiling mystery with so many interesting players I formulated a dozen scenarios before discovering the whodunnit. So love a mystery that challenges my armchair sleuthing skills. Clearly I need a make-up course on...
  • Ruth
    4.5 Stars. Just six short months since murder -- and the investigative bug -- entered Drew Farthering's life, he's found faith, purpose, and love. Preparing for his marriage to Madeline, life couldn't be sweeter, until a face from Drew's youth makes an unwelcome and shocking return to his life, bringing with her potent reminders of a past he'd thought long buried. Married to Farlinford Processing's new, and highly respectable, manager, by all app...
  • Christian Fiction Addiction
    I absolutely adore those murder mysteries that you can sink your teeth into, those ones that bring to mind the wonderful works of Agatha Christie, and so I have been very pleased with each book from Deering's talented pen. "Murder at the Mikado" is the third installment in the "Drew Farthering Mystery" series - and it had better not be the last because I just couldn't get enough! Drew and his fiancée Madeline end up back in the thick of a myster...
  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    MURDER AT THE MIKADO(Drew Farthering Mysteries: #3)Written by Julianna Deering (aka: DeAnna Julie Dodson)2014, 336 PagesGenre: mystery, historical, fiction, romance ★★★★ Drew Farthering has finally convinced Madeline to stay at Farthering place and be his wife. As they plan for their upcoming nuptials, Drew's ex-girlfriend and actress, Fleur Landis shows up at his door. Fleur is now married but still lingering around show business. When t...
  • Staci
    Another great murder mystery by Julianna Deering. I hope there will be a fourth book in the Drew Farthering series.
  • Tara Carpenter
    This series is Christian romance set in England in the 1930s. It is certainly not high literature, but cute and clean with a fun mystery. I thought this one manufactured too many problems between the love birds, but the mystery was better.
  • Kimberly Ann
    Drew, Madeline, & Madeline's Aunt Ruth are in the process of making arrangements for Drew & Madeline's wedding when they are asked to help the police investigate the murder of a local Thespian & Owner of the theater where Gilbert & Sullivan Pirates of Penzance is being put on.The main suspect is Fleur Landis, the former leading lady & siren, now wife of Drew's business manager... Fluer was also once the paramour of Drew (whom she unceremoniously ...
  • Becky
    Are Wedding Bells Ringing?Once again, the author brings us back to the classic English Mystery of the 1930′s, writing in a style similar to Agatha Christie. Drew Farthing is a rich young man, and the owner of a sprawling estate in the English countryside. In the past, he has enjoyed solving mysteries as an interesting past-time. However, Drew has come to the conclusion that uncovering the truth is a special gift he has been given–and plans to...
  • Julia
    I love the continuing development of the characters in this series! Well-written as always, this installment provides even more back-story on the lives of the two main characters. Since the mystery is set in a theatre, there are lovely glimpses from backstage of various Gilbert and Sullivan shows to provide the literary references I've come to expect. Good, really good writing!
    2014-06-30 to you by OBS reviewer JoAnneI was drawn to this book because it takes place in the 1930′s, and I love to read books centered around that period (hence my fascination with Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot). When I began the book, the conversations felt stilted and mundane, almost forced, if you will; but as I read on the dialogue definitely improved and along with it, the book.Drew, preparing fo...
  • Debbie Epperson
    This book was supplied to me by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a review.Description of StoryWhen a celebrated Actor Is Found Murdered In His Dressing Room, all signs point to Drew's old flame. But behind the curtains nothing is what it seems and this quickly becomes his Most puzzling case Yet.Just as Drew Farthering thinks his life has calmed down some, Fleur Landis, a former girlfriend, reappears, in dire need of his help. She's marrie...
  • Jessica
    This is the third book in the series (don't worry, I think you can read them on their own, I read 2 and 3 without ever reading 1). I enjoy what I've read of this series so far, this mystery was no exception. The mystery is intriguing and keeps me guessing. I enjoy the characters as well; Drew, the wealthy gallant young man especially. He's not your typical heir, instead genuinely cares about people, like his estate manager who is a good friend, a...
  • Doreen
    This is book three in the Drew Farthering Mystery series. While book two was my favorite, this was still a very good read.Drew and Madeline are getting ready for their wedding when murder gets in the way again. This time, however, the accused is an old flame of Drew’s. This creates a lot of tension in Drew & Madeline’s relationship. Madeline asks him to sit this investigation out but events keep occurring that drag him back in. Chief Inspecto...
  • Rachael
    By half-way through the novel I hit on a brilliant idea and pegged the murderer. Except, then the characters picked up on those clues that I was so proud to catch first, and my suspect became a genuine suspect a little too early on, and what with one thing or another, I fell for a red herring. So I can assert that the mystery is well written, as I did not guess the proper murderer this time. I thoroughly enjoy Deering's cheeky wit - the novel is ...
  • Robin
    Murder at the MikadoJulianna DeeringBook Summary: British High Style Meets Old-Fashioned Detective Work in This Witty Series. Just as Drew Farthering thinks his life has found smooth waters, Fleur Landis, an old flame, reappears in his life. She's married now, no longer an actress, and he expects she'll soon disappear--until she comes to him in dire need. The lead actor in her old troupe's production of The Mikado has been murdered, and Fleur is ...
  • Renn Shearin
    Murder and the Mikado (Book 3 in the Drew Farthering Mysteries) by Julianna Deering was an interesting and intriguing mystery full of unexpected twists, turns, and revelations. The alibis appeared to be unbreakable, and the murders were unexpected and hard to explain. But as the mystery continued, new and unsettling discoveries rocked all of those who were involved. Drew and Madeline's relationship reached an interesting point in this novel. Made...
  • Brittany
    Having read the first two books in the Drew Farthering Mystery series, I was thrilled to return to early 1930’s England and catch up with the lives of these interesting characters. Once again, I enjoyed the sophisticated and witty banter that occurs between Drew, Madeline, and Nick Dennison, Drew’s longtime friend.In Murder at the Mikado, both Drew and Madeline have to face some facts about themselves, their relationship with each other, and ...
  • Mark
    I have really enjoyed this series. It is rare on the Christian market to find books where a man is the main character of the story, especially when the books are written by a female author. My hat is off to Juliana Deering for doing so. This is the third, and I assume final book in the Drew Farthering Mystery Series, and may be the best one yet. Amid wedding preparations, the main character and his fiancee' get pulled into another mystery. As the...
  • writer...
    Fantastic read ! As great as the cover leads one to believe. Intelligent, quick witted, and personable, I am definitely in luv with Drew Farthering. All manners, dynamic and debonair, he knows what he's about relationally and in his peerage connections. When Fleur, a former actress and attachment, appeals to Drew for assistance, he is drawn into the scenarios at the reproach of his American fiance, Madeline, who prefers Fleur leave Drew out of he...
  • Hayden
    I love the “feel” of this series. The books themselves aren’t faultless, of course, but there’s something so fun about the whole setting. Drew and Madeline and Nick are a fun group to be around, and I always enjoy traipsing off with them on an adventure.Now the thing about mysteries is that they can be rather messy; Murder at the Mikado included. Obviously, murder is not the most moral of occupations, and neither are the many other pursui...
  • K.
    The murder mystery was intriguing, because when I had the feeling I knew the perpetrator because Deering played a card a little early by talking about how they had a replacement for the lead actor already, someone who usually played juvenile roles; making me think this was a Klingon Promotion, which is a trope for a reason. (The link goes to tvtropes. Be prepared to spend a few hours there, it's an addictive site.)In addition, while the wedding w...
  • Jill
    Book Three in the Drew Farthering Mystery series reads like a classic 1930’s mystery with descriptions that bring to mind gorgeous actors and actresses from that era. I so admire Julianna Deering’s use of language and setting to build her characters and plot! The theatre motif, including scenes, lyrics, and lines from several Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, adds even more flavor to this particular book. Each of the novels in this collection bri...
  • Michelle
    I have read the previous two books in this series and I still think that the first is the best. This book has a good twist and goes more into Drew and Madeline's relationship. Deering reminds me a bit of Anne Perry's writing but these books are unique in their own way. The mystery is surrounding Fleur and acting along with some candy that's been poisoned. The mystery part did not hold my attention as much as I had hoped. I was more interested in ...
  • Kathleen Friesen
    Set in the 1930’s, Murder at the Mikado is a fun immersion in jolly old England’s society. Drew has finally convinced his American sweetheart, Madeline, to marry him, but the appearance of Fleur upsets everything. The wedding date is quickly approaching, and Fleur’s involvement in a murder case draws Drew into investigating – much to his fiance’s dismay. Will Drew and his sidekick Nick figure out this complicated case? Will Madeline be ...