Tokyo Ghoul, tome 1 (Tokyo Ghoul, #1) by Sui Ishida

Tokyo Ghoul, tome 1 (Tokyo Ghoul, #1)

À Tokyo, sévissent des goules, monstres cannibales se dissimulant parmi les humains pour mieux s’en nourrir. Étudiant timide, Ken Kaneki est plus intéressé par la jolie fille qui partage ses goûts pour la lecture que par ces affaires sordides, jusqu’au jour où il se fait attaquer par l’une de ces fameuses créatures. Mortellement blessé, il survit grâce à la greffe des organes de son agresseur… Remis de son opération, il réali...

Details Tokyo Ghoul, tome 1 (Tokyo Ghoul, #1)

TitleTokyo Ghoul, tome 1 (Tokyo Ghoul, #1)
Release DateSep 27th, 2013
PublisherÉditions Glénat
Number of pages224 pages
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Comics

Reviews Tokyo Ghoul, tome 1 (Tokyo Ghoul, #1)

  • Aya Hamza
    “I’m not the protagonist of a novel or anything. I’m a college student who likes to read, like you could find anywhere. But.. if, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be a TRAGEDY!” This is so PAINFUL!! A real TRAGEDY! This manga is about a normal boy "Kaneki" that had an organ transplantation from a "Ghoul".. then he finds that he can't act normal as he was. He became a "ghou...
  • Axle
    This is probably THE most amazing manga of the century. Inspired by Takatsuki Sen's "Egg of the Black Goat," it shows the mental and physical progress of a once innocent boy into something much darker but still retaining some of the gentleness of his former self. The literary analogies and intriguing plotline and battles scenes come together to make this one of the most eloquent action mangas to ever exist. There are deep underlying meanings in t...
  • Jan Philipzig
    The Goo Goo MuckMeh. Weren’t teenagers supposed to fall prey to vampires or turn into werewolves when they get horny? Must be getting old… It’s a zombie world now, so our shy, angst-ridden protagonist falls for - you guessed it - a sexy, well-adjusted, dolled-up ghoul... and, well, let’s just say: somehow ends up with her organs in his body. Next thing our hero knows, he craves human flesh - bummer!Yep, it’s all a bit clunky, contrived ...
  • BondS
    Chapter 1 to Chapter 9 »»» My Reactions ««« ★★★✩✩
  • Mario
    Great start to a series. Even though I already knew what was going to happen ('cause I've seen the anime) it was still really interesting to read. The art style kind of reminded me of art style of Attack on Titan, but to me, that was a good thing, because I love AoT's art style. Can't wait to continue on with the series and see where the story will go.
  • Tariq Alferis
    .أنا لست بطل الرواية أو شيء من هذا القبيل، أنا طالب الجامعي الذي يحب قراءة القصص الذي قد تجده في أي مكان ، لو افترضنا أنك ستكتب قصة معي ، فأنا سألعب دور البطل، سوف تكون بالتأكيد مأساة.".كانت صُدفة وأحلى صدفة شُفت مُراجعة لرفيق هُنا يتحدث عن مانغا "غول ...
  • David Schaafsma
    Tokyo Girl is the name of a Japanese television drama series that aired on 2008- 2009. This horror manga is not about this tv program.It is also not about this Ace of Base song: also has nothing to do with David Bowie's "China Girl."It is a ghoul story, though it is also a girl story, a girl named Rize a shy boy named Kaneki has a crush on. Then things get messy. K. survives the date with Rize, but with s...
  • Vishakha Tyagi
    I’m not the protagonist of a novel or anything…I’m a college student who likes to read, like you could find anywhere. But… if, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be… a tragedy.-Kaneki Ken, Ch 1 This is the story of an average college guy, who finds himself attacked by a ghoul, creatures with supernatural strength, speed and abilities and who only eat human flesh. As fate has it,...
  • Giulia
    3.5 starsMy journey into everything Japanese continues! Or: I absolutely adored the anime when I watched it, and since I needed more of this amazing universe in my life while waiting for the next season, I moved on to the manga. The art is incredible, and even though this is just the beginning, the story is the one I already know and love - eerie, bloody and dramatic. Bonus content. Things that prove that Kaneki Ken is totally my soulmate:• He ...
  • Monique
    Tokyo Ghoul is coming out with an English edition?!FINALLY!!!!!!Wait...It's coming out in June of next year?!?!AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! THAT'S EVEN LONGER THAN THE SEASON 2 RELEASE DATE!!!!!!!I'll go insane...
  • Magdalen
    Having watched the anime it was high time I started reading the manga. How could I ever not enjoy a plot where the main protagonist is a person who loves to read and hates social events? Even though I knew what was going to happen I still loved it. It's a great start for an awesome manga! Oh I cannot wait to read more and find out what the hell happens next 'cause I've been told things get messy! Have I already mentioned that it is epic?
  • Indya Mclaurin
    My friend has brought this book to school for me today just so I can read it since I watched the anime and honestly I love it and I was able to finish it in one day!!! I had some of many questions I had answered even tho this is the first book which means I need to read more of them to complete my list of questions:) the hunt is on!!!
  • Sue Moro
    Intriguing plot and fantastic artwork! I'm looking forward to reading more is this series!
  • Ana Sofia Ferreira
    Up until now, it's pretty faithful to the anime! I don't remember it well, but I think this entire volume happened in episode 1 and perhaps 2 as well.It's really interesting to see Kaneki and the parallels between him and the books he read. Also Nishiki seems more evil here than I remember him. Hide is precious, he needs to be protected forever!I hope that by reading the manga I get a deeper understanding of Kaneki and his reasons, but I'm expect...
  • Sercan Vatansever
    eh işte.
  • Mal
    you may not be a ghoul, but you're not a human either. there's no place for someone who can't decide between being one or the other. And so the misery begins. I watched the first season and ... Have been ... avoiding season two. Because I know. I know.I don't want to go through that pain.So naturally I start the manga.
  • Anniebananie
    3,5 Sterne für den Tokyo Ghoul von mirDa ich keine Vergleichswerte vorweisen kann, ist meine Rezi wohl seeeeehr subjektiv und laienhaft, sorry dafür. Also es ist halt nicht mit einem Buch zu vergleichen. Es passiert storymäßig halt eher wenig, aber das könnte auch daran liegen, dass es der Einführungsband war.Aber ich habe eindeutig gefallen am Thema gefunden und auch von Mangas an sich bin ich nicht mehr abgeneigt.Es ließ sich schrecklich...
  • The Holy Terror
  • Caroline
    REAAALLLYY liked it! Cool art style, exciting story and an intriguing main character. I am one hundred percent gonna be reading more of this soon.
  • Rob Slaven
    I picked up this title because my teenage daughter is a huge fan and I'm always amused to see what makes the kids happy these days. I'm glad I did but I'm not overwhelmingly impressed. It was a worthwhile 35 minutes though.The nutshell view on this is that it's essentially along the lines of the typical vampire/werewolf/undead genre novel. Outsider to the group goes through a transformation and becomes an insider and now must adjust to a new life...
  • Courtney
    This is the first Manga that I've read and I'm so glad because I completely loved it. I especially admired the artwork, at some pages I literally stopped to stare at the page because I am a person who appreciates art, especially in graphic novels.I thought the story was really interesting, College Student Ken Kaneki goes on a date with a girl he has a crush on, only to end up in the hospital, finding himself half human and half… ghoul. He's a h...
  • Fatemeh
    اولین و مهم ترین چیزی که قبل از خوندن این مانگا باید در نظر بگیرین اینه که خیلی خیلی خیلی غم انگیزه. خیلی جدی توصیه می کنم اگر توی شرایط روحی خوبی قرار ندارین، نخونینش. از اون داستانایی نیست که بشه برای فرار از واقعیت بهش پناه برد - برعکس، تلخیش اونقدر...
  • Hessa
    This was… tragic. and really really good!I wasn’t planning on reading this. I was just gonna start watching the anime until a friend told me she liked the manga more than the anime. So I decided to give the first volume a try, first because I trust my friend’s opinion and second because I want to read more manga. I honestly didn’t expect to like it this much. I didn’t even think it’ll break my heart so much I’ll start crying! like I...
  • Aldana
    Conocí esta historia gracias a una lista con ánimes "polémicos que fueron censurados y prohibidos" decían que el anime era únicamente para "estómagos fuertes" así que pensé en leer el manga... Haciéndome la idea de que iba a haber mucho gore...Aunque mientras iba avanzando me di cuenta de que no era así...Terminé llorando de decepción.Igual quiero continuar el manga y probar el anime
  • Zala
    [The rating and review refer to the whole series.] »I’m not the protagonist of a novel or anything. I’m just a college student who likes to read, like you could find anywhere. But... If, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be a tragedy.« — Ken Kaneki This is a manga series that is, at first, very slow-paced, builds up to some of the most heart- and gut-wrenching scenes I've ever re...
  • Waukesha
    No other way to describe this but awesome...I held off for a long time but I'm glad I actually read it. On to the next one
  • Barbara
    These feelings are killing me. I love this sO MUCH.
  • Nərmin
    Ka-ne-ki-San! Okay, that was scary.And disgusting.But perfectly executed idea! I loved the battle Kaneki has inside his mind. .the battle for being "a human". Oh, I really feel sad for him. And it is a long time I haven't read any horror. Psychological horror.. Delicious...Anyway, I hope artwork gets better. 5stars for starting a journey! After reading whole manga 4.64☆What the hell ?It can't end like this! Almost half of the cast is killed!OM...
  • Lauren Stoolfire
    Bookish Kaneki is thrilled to go on a date with Rize, but she isn't interested in him in the same way. Rize is actually a flesh-eating ghoul. She is literally only interested in his body - for dinner, that is. During the attack, Kaneki is saved, but he needs an organ transplant. As he shared Rize's blood type, the doctors made the decision to go through with the procedure as Rize was dead on arrival. As a result of this life saving operation, Kan...