Funland by Richard Laymon


The Funland Amusement Park provides more fear than fun these days. A vicious pack known as the Trolls are preying on anyone foolish enough to be alone at night. Folks in the area blame them for the recent mysterious disappearances, and a gang of local teenagers has decided to fight back. But nothing is ever what it seems in an amusement park. Behind the garish paint and bright lights waits a horror far worse than anything found in the freak show....

Details Funland

Release DateMar 12th, 2013
GenreHorror, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Funland

  • Trudi
    No, no, no, no...bad Laymon. Baaaaaad. Okay, this isn't the worst book I've ever read, but for a Laymon book, it's distinctly horrible, in extremely bad taste, and too dull in too many sections to give it that zap! and zing! I've come to expect from him. The late Richard Laymon is always my go-to guy for a pulpy, sometimes sleazy, never politically correct but always satisfying horror romp. There's just something so delightfully wicked and derang...
  • Steve
    Wheeeee! Fun Land! More Laymon mayhem that gives ominous meaning to Under the Boardwalk. Not the best Laymon I've read, but perhaps more interesting than most, since there actually seems to be a few things going on beneath the surface. Peer pressure and teens, homeless people, revenge, all come into play, but with Laymon's spin that includes a giant spider, punk rockers, murderous freaks & geeks, a banjo playing heroine, and a FunHouse battle tha...
  • Marvin
    There's a bit of a story here. Browsing through Goodreads, I ran across the page on Richard Laymon and was surprised to see he passed away in 2001.I met him in a science fiction book store autograph party in the 90s. There were only a handful of people there so we had a good hour or two just talking amongst ourselves. Needless to say, Laymon was a very nice enthusiastic man who was in love with books and writing. He autographed a copy of Resurrec...
  • Vicki Willis
    This one was hard for me to get into. I had a hard time comprehending what was going on. It was about a group of kids and some goings on at a boardwalk funland. It was also a story about two police officers who patrol the funland. I didn't see how the two stories were connected until suddenly they were and the story got very good! I didn't see that twist coming at all. The violence was graphic and I was creeped out by it many times. Of course the...
  • John
    4.5 starsThis was a fun and suspenseful read with a crazy ending!
  • Daniel Pyle
    I give this one a 4.25. Although it's slower paced than most of the author's other novels, I never lost interest and tore through the book in a couple of sittings. The final showdown in the funhouse is classic, action-packed Laymon.I probably would have upped my rating on this one to a 5 if not for the laggier sections and an odd loose thread in the story that Laymon could have tied up with a single scene or even just a short paragraph. It wasn't...
  • Evans Light
    3.5 Stars.Well written, but a fantastic setting ultimately can't save a slow burner that withholds its pleasures for the very end.Clearly a "Laymon-lite" title targeted at a slightly more juvenile audience than some of his other work, Laymon does a good job at juggling multiple story lines and bringing it all seamlessly together at the end. Unfortunately, his character interactions are awkward and tough to read. I found myself scanning and flippi...
  • Quentin Wallace
    This was the first Richard Laymon novel I'd read after hearing about him for years. I was a little disappointed to be honest, but I also plan to read a few more of his novels to get a better sampling of his work.Funland had an interesting premise, but the plot just seemed to meander. I think this book could have been edited down and been a better novel. The characters were interesting, but honestly didn't seem all that real to me. And the ending ...
  • Mylene
    If you love Laymon books, as I do... You have to adore this one. What a great plot! This novel was so much fun. Underneath all the horror and adventure, it really made you think about your preconceptions and who really is more evil and twisted: 'the regular folks', 'the freaks', or 'the hobos'. Another reviewer said it before me but this book would make an awesome movie... Brian Da Palma or Lynch could probably do it best!
  • Craig
    Laymon went with the "tell the story with the odd sexy part and violent scene then ramp up the blood and guts to 100% near the end" approach again with this book. The main story was good but I felt it was a bit longer than it needed to be, felt like a ponderous read at times. The end sequence certainly makes up for it, especially with a surprising 'thing' to battle in the finale!!
  • Nate
    While this wasn't the page-turner I've come to expect from Laymon, it still had some decent scares. I felt like I was reading a Jack Ketchum book at times with the human vs human horror. I also thought the relationship building between characters was a bit too drawn out and bogged the story down. I was bothered at times as well by the portrayal of homeless people as there seemed to be some prejudice there that I couldn't get around. I'm kind of g...
  • Erin
    Funland.... Yes!!! What a place to be as a kid, as a grown-up, as a wino! Funland was GREAT! Wish they would make a movie after this one, might be too "gruesome" but wicked! Friends, love, fears, attacks... what's worse... being stuck in a ferris wheel with winos or in the gravity (from Zombieland) with zombies! I just don't know.
  • Adam Light
    I wanted to rate this one higher but, once again, Laymon seemed to get lost after a fairly strong opening, and after the 300 pages of meandering plots that added up to a pastiche of characters trying to hook up with each other, the adrenaline pumping finale was a bit underwhelming. Could have been so much better without all the needless padding.
  • Benjamin Ethridge
    The climax makes the rest of the book seem like it belonged in another book, and vice versa. Laymon knows how to keep you reading, and on that level, this book is enjoyable. However, he sticks fantasy into realism too late, like a Bloody Mary with a candy cane instead of a celery stalk.
  • Peter
    A classical Laymon with all the ingredients you'll expect. Sexism, voyeurism, brutality, a cunning story of revenge, a love story, hard action with lots of violence... do you want to read more? Then you're right on your way entering Funland. I missed to mention the freaks, without spoiling your reading pleasure, you'll meet them inside. An entertaining roller coaster ride! Sometimes even with all its explicit details a bit long woven. Nevertheles...
  • chucklesthescot
    The amusement park in Boleta Bay has a huge population of homeless beggars(trolls) who menace and intimidate locals and tourists alike. A group of vigilante teenagers calling themselves trollers decide to start scaring the trolls into leaving so they can have their town back. But when their pranks develop into murder, sinister things are going to happen especially in the old funhouse.You really can understand the attitude of the trollers as these...
  • J.J. Zep
    Richard Laymon's prose is as plain as white bread, some of his characters feel like they've been recruited directly from Casting Central, he seems to have an obsession with describing women's breasts...but man, does his spin a good yarn. Funland is no exception. The story clips along quite briskly for the first 400 pages, keeping you intrigued and getting you involving you in the (somewhat messed up) lives of the characters. Then from around page...
  • Robjr73
    How did Laymon do it? In my opinion, this guy puts King and Koontz to shame as far as horror novelists go. Funland is a great starting point for Laymon newbies. It's scary as hell (especially that ending) and moves at a pace that very few authors can pull off. As much as I love stephen king, i really can't stand when he spends pages upon pages on the background of a single character. Laymon manages to get you hooked on his characters without havi...
  • Welton Barker
    I always feel like Richard Laymon is a guilty pleasure. And, as usual, this book was a complete pleasure to read. The best description I've heard of Laymon is "Stephen King without a conscience." In this book, he deals with attitudes toward the homeless (or "trolls" as the book calls them), using horror as an excuse to show pretty much every attitude a person can have—interspersed, of course, with plenty of blood, horror, and sex. This is the k...
  • Bandit
    Classic Laymon fun. Horny teenagers, evil hobos, sideshow freaks, sex, blood and gore. What's not to like...although one must be in a mood for it. I own the Onyx edition, but this cover art seems more appropriate. This one did somehow feel a bit different from Laymon's other books, maybe a bit more serious, though that doesn't seem like the right word for it. Great ending. 3.5 stars. Recommended.
  • Mark
    One of my favourite reads (I'm a sucker for stories set at the seaside), this moves at a good pace and has some good characters and set-pieces.
  • Jeff
    Let's get my biases out of the way first: I've read enough Richard Laymon to know I don't like him very much. I was a fan of horror back in the '80s but I think it's pretty safe to say my preferences for fiction lay more on the lyrical/literary side of the scale than the splatterpunk/grindhouse side. (Of course, horror fiction being horror fiction, only at the farthest edges will you find something that doesn't have at least a touch of both but I...
  • Patrick Kiernan
    This was a great read with a weird twist and the end.
  • Jake
    To tell you the truth, I really wasn't expecting much from this novel. I am not sure why. I bought it on Amazon because it was cheap and ever since watching Carnival Of Souls, have found fairs and amusement parks (at night) creepy. Still, the first chapter did not grab me, the characters seemed unreal and I prepared myself to give it a few more chapters before giving up.I am glad I did keep with it. The book started to come alive after its slow s...
  • Michael
    I will admit to being initially wrong about Laymon. my first romp into his work I found dull, unsatisfying and actually a waste of my time. This one however, has changed my mind. Laymon sets out for us a diverse set of characters, tying three storyline together around the strange and exciting place called Funland, a local carnival like attraction with a dark side at night. It isn't the deepest novel, nor is it a life changer, but I felt compelled...
  • C.J. Lines
    One of the reviews on here by "Trudi" nails many the flaws of Funland comprehensively so I won't repeat them. Go read that. She's right. Some of the characters are pretty ludicrous, it's hugely tasteless and even kind of embarrassing to read in parts (the horny teens and the depiction of the homeless in particular).Yet still, Laymon knows how to structure an exciting story (admirable considering nothing really happens for 400 pages) and keep you ...
  • Adamus
    Another story I enjoyed from Laymon. Not his best work, but still good. I enjoyed it. The storyline was good who doesn't like freak shows or carnivals filled with bums lol the characters were descent I couldn't stand the main character but I definitely liked the ending. There was a few pretty good twists in it also & there were some funny moments. Overall I enjoyed it for the most part.
  • Justin
    another great laymon novel, I knocked it down a star because of a small thing I didn't like in the ending (don't want to give any spoilers though) and also because parts of it seemed a bit drawn out. despite the length it was an easy book to read though with lots of memorable characters and I enjoyed it.
  • Pauline
    I wanted to give this book 2 stars, but I'm feeling extra generous, just because of that ending !! I literally squealed in delight, the last paragraph was the best part of the entire book. Hehehehehehe that's all you deserved, dickhead.Right, with the swearing done, I can get into the review.This is my second Laymon, and Ho boi, was I scared to start it. I HATED Island, with my entire little heart, but I wanted to give Laymon a second chance.This...
  • Anna
    Fantastic, never read any books by this author before but I'm hooked!!!