Scandal with a Prince (Royal Scandals, #1) by Nicole Burnham

Scandal with a Prince (Royal Scandals, #1)

A one night stand. A lifelong obsession.One magical summer, Megan Hallberg met—and loved—Prince Stefano Barrali. But his royal duties took him home, and when she discovered she carried his child, she also discovered he was engaged…to a beautiful, worldly aristocrat.Ten years later, Stefano runs into Megan at the grand opening of a Barcelona hotel, and it’s his every sensual fantasy come to life. His memory of the stunning blonde and their...

Details Scandal with a Prince (Royal Scandals, #1)

TitleScandal with a Prince (Royal Scandals, #1)
Release DateNov 1st, 2013
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Scandal with a Prince (Royal Scandals, #1)

  • Irida
    ☆☆☆☆4.5 Stars ☆☆☆☆ I loved this book!! It's a very well written royal romance, sweet and hot. I needed something like this after my last dark reads.This is the story of Megan Hallberg a 32 years old American girl and the 32 years old Italian Prince Stefano Barrali. 10 years ago in a volunteering mission in Venezuela the 22 years old Megan met the sexy prince Stefano Barrali who was also volunteering in building a water pipeline. T...
  • Christina Dodd
    — Disclosure: Nicole Burnham is a friend and a member of my plot group. I helped her plot this series. — More disclosure: When I want to kick back and relax with a fun read, I head for my HQ Presents shelf. I love reading about wealthy, diabolically handsome, arrogant and possibly royal men who sweep a woman off her feet, carry her off into the desert, and make love to her over and over until she falls hopelessly in love with him, which is ex...
  • Kassi
    “What we’ve been given is a bubble. A place where nothing and no one can bother us, where we can enjoy each other—our connection—without the realities of the outside world. But bubbles are fragile, delicate things, Stefano. They don’t last. No matter how much you may shield them, they eventually pop.” I came across this book randomly and boy, was I ever glad to give it a try. The synopsis drew me in and the introduction had me hooked....
  • Iva
    What looked like a fairy-tale story for little girls turned out to be a really nice romance book. Sometimes a simple dreamy book is all you need.
  • Melody Cox
    November 27, 2017, ~~ I had not placed 'Scandal with a Prince' in my 'Books Completed Collection' on my Kindle and didn't realize until I was a good ways into it that I had read it before. Of course, I couldn't just close it and move on although I wish I had. I guess I had the need to torture myself and finish this story...again. I've read close to 500 books since I read this one and couldn't remember the outcome. Well, I must say, I disliked it ...
  • Linda Walters
    The people in the story were well written, with all the flaws and strengths that go with being human. Even the Prince's mother and father, who were duty to the royal line above all else, were well written. Prince Stefano and Megan were so busy trying to be fair to each other that they produced misunderstanding after misunderstanding as they tried to re-connect fully. I liked that Megan had worked hard and done so well for herself professionally a...
  • Karina Ramirez
    3 Stars I was a bit confused by the ending of this book, it seemed rathe abrupt and unfinished. There definitely could've been more to this story considering a main reason she didn't want to be with him was because she would never fit in with his family of the public eye, and neither of those instances occur. They never meet his family They never have to face the public together Those were the main main parts of where everything stemmed from and ...
  •  Anna (Wicked Book Blog)
    Funny and nice with a lot of sweet in between. Quite detached from reality but what one should expect from a title like that one.
  • Alissa Haley
    I'd say this one is a solid 3.5. Interesting plot, likeable characters, but the ending fell a bit flat for me. As I got this free on the Kindle store a while ago, I definitely have no regrets.
  • Deoro
    Nice HEA, but very tame and not much tension. I felt the book should have covered a longer timeline.
  • Laurie Gyd
    Love Anna—cute daughter Loved the characters on this story, very well developed. Anna the 10 year old daughter, really made the story - such a vibrant personality. I wished theirs had been an epilogue, however if u sign up for the authors newsletter there is a a follow up story about the wedding.
  • ☀️*•*•*☀️CoNnOrBeLl☀️*•*•*☀️
    It was a nice read, I guess they were two thick headed and scared to say how they feel for each other out loud. The relationship could've been resolved if they just talk to each other it just made the story drag on too much.{MY LIKE SCALE}Romance: 4/5 (JUST ENOUGH) Drama: 4/5 (JUST ENOUGH)Cover: 4/5 (OKAY COVER)Megan: 4/5 (LIKE HER ENOUGH BUT I WANTED TO SLAP SOME SENSE INTO HER IN THE BEGINNING) Stefano: 4/5 (HE WAS A GOOD GUY BUT HE NEEDED A KN...
  • Paula Legate
    This was a sweet book. Megan and Stefano had a summer fling. They were both young, and unaware that it was not just a fling, that it was love. After the summer ended the two parted ways. Megan found out she was pregnant with her daughter Anna. Megan didn't have a way to contact Stefano, for he was a prince. Megan finished her college, and went on to be successful at managing a hotel. She was a good mother to Anna. 10 years later she runs into Ste...
  • Marsha
    (1.5 Stars)I think I've been reading too many romance novels lately because they are all starting to read with such predictability that they've become a bore. "Scandal With a Prince" is one such predictable reads. The events in this story of occurred so quickly that the end result was less than believable for me. Two people run I to each other after a decade of separation and within hours the man is confessing his love for her and asking her to m...
  • Mila
    Amazing if you're looking for a light and sweet read with just the tiniest bit of angst :)The writing was good and the characters developed amazingly! The story was nice and i'm looking forward to reading the next book of this series! Massimo seems hot ;)
  • Sonja
    Very nice and easy read.I basically read it one day!A love story between the prince and his old flame.Writing good,especially because it is from both pow.If you want a fast read this is it but it will not wow you!
  • CecilEmely
    4.5 StarsThe only reason I didn't gave it a complete 5Stars is because I think it's not finished. :( i want to read an epilogue. #recommended
  • Emily March
    Loved this book. Nic is an excellent writer. Looking forward to reading the entire series
  • Annie
    We all as little girls have had dreams of our Prince Charming sweeping us off our feet and taking us to live in a beautiful Palace and never ever wanting for anything ever again. You know the happily ever after scenario. Some of us still believe in this story. And I’m sure you’ve heard of the old saying. (If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you it’s yours). Do you believe in fate? I personally believe that people do come ...
  • Melissa
    ***AUDIOBOOK***Story: 2.5 starsNarration by Hollis McCarthy: 3 starsHistorical romance is my favorite audiobook genre. This book caught my eye because the synopsis hinted at it having all of the elements I love in historical romance but taking place within a present day setting. Megan and Prince Stefano Barrali met 10 years previous to the start of the story while doing humanitarian work in Brazil when they were both just twenty-two years old. Th...
  • Hannah
    Title: Scandal with a PrinceAuthor: Nicole BurnhamSeries: YesCliffhanger: NoRelease Date: November 1, 2013Rating: 3HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Scandal with a Prince was one of the free books on my kindle that I found through bookbub. That means that I dont expect it to be one of my favorite books or anything. This is the Story of Megan and Prince Stefano who met volunteering in Venezuela one summer. When they part ways they don't expec...
  • Jennifer Guffey
    Scandal With a Prince (Royal Scandals #1)By: Nicole Burnham4/5 starsPrince Strefano Baralli met Megan Hallberg when they were both volunteering in Brazil on a clean water project. They developed a friendship while working which morphed into a blissful night before they both return to their respective homes. Prince Stefano returns to complete his military service and her to complete graduate school. They have a chance meeting 10 years later at an ...
  • IamGamz
    2 Predictable StarsThis was a free iBooks download via I downloaded it because my guilty pleasure is “secret baby’ books, and this falls into that category.Megan Hallberg and Prince Stefano Barrali had an affair ten years ago while volunteering in Venezuela. At the end of their time there, they said their goodbyes, neither expecting to see the other again. Unfortunately for Megan, after returning home, she learned she was pregnan...
  • Warpedmind
    Sweet This story was sweet but a little frustrating. The Prince was on a military assignment for a good will trip. He met Megan a 21 or 22 year-old college student on a good will trip also. They met and had a great time and left on a good note and thinking they were to never see each other again. Months later Megan finds herself pregnant with his child. She tried reaching him to let him know with no luck. Then she found out he was engaged a month...
  • Jennifer
    Surprisingly more entertaining than I expected from a romance BookBub freebie, this story follows Megan and her daughter Anna in their Barcelona, hotel living, career arrangement. The fact that Anna is the daughter of the Prince Stefano of nearby Sarcaccia seems almost a moot point until of course he resurfaces at the grand reopening of the hotel Megan has helped to manifest.What I especially liked about this book is the fact it didn't take the t...
  • Jenn
    I am beginning to think that I can not choose romance novels the way I used to. This is yet another romance that starts out so well and then flops at the end. The story begins when a young twenty something woman meets a prince, has a fling, and gets pregnant. This is not the actual story, as this happens a decade before the book takes place. The woman, Megan, goes on to have the baby and build a good life for herself and her child. Then a decade ...
  • Heather
    Scandal with a Prince: Royal Scandals Book 1 by Nicole Burnham. Megan Hallberg met and fell in love with Prince Stefano Barrali, when they were both volunteering as aid works in Venezuela. After a steamy romance, they both headed their separate ways. She to graduate school in the United States, and he back home to his country to fulfill his military and family commitments. After Megan returns to the United States, she discovers that she is pregna...
  • Michelle
    A fun read from new-to-me author Nicole Burnham. Ten years ago Megan spent a fabulous summer with Prince Stefano but when he abruptly left her she was left with a broken heart and a positive pregnancy test. Not back in her orbit Stefano will do all that he can to entice this beautiful woman to return to his bed. While she has to somehow finds the words to let him know he's a father. When royalty becomes involves there's little Stefano who do to b...