The Sphinx (Area 51, #4) by Bob Mayer

The Sphinx (Area 51, #4)

Book 4 in the Area 51 seriesDr. Lisa Duncan and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte know better than anyone that no secret is safe for long—especially one that offers untold power. Case in point: no sooner does Turcotte’s elite Area 51 team uncover a dormant alien ship in earth orbit than a group of alien-human hybrids seizes it and uses its technology to commandeer a satellite array bristling with nuclear missiles. Now they’re demanding t...

Details The Sphinx (Area 51, #4)

TitleThe Sphinx (Area 51, #4)
Release DateDec 11th, 2012
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Sphinx (Area 51, #4)

  • David Dalton
    Welcome back to the world of Area 51. I read the first 3 Area 51 thrillers a few years ago and also began reading Bob Mayer's Atlantis's series of books (6 books). Well, I finally knocked out that series earlier this year and decided to resume my assault on the Area 51 books. There were nine at the time I started, but #10 just came out (I won a free copy) and soon #11 will be out. If you like sci-fi thrillers with a little bit of Indiana Jones th...
  • Shawn
    Another good book of the series. This is the middle book of the series and reads like a middle book. This doesn't have an exact ending, this is a set up novel for the books that come next. A lot of characters in this novel, much more than the previous four. Lots of changing scenes as we go from character to character. It is a good book, but moves around a lot. I had to refer back several times to try and make sure I knew who the author was talkin...
  • Shaft
    Is it cheesy? Like a deep pan pizza.Still it is engaging and the lore is right there and interesting I keep threatening to crack a textbook and find out a little more about ancient civilisations because I keep hearing about them here. Like Axom for instance. If you like Sci-Fi it is worth a try.
  • Steve
    The Story That Never Ends ... Yikes!This book series is straying very, very far away from its Area 51 beginnings. Not all of the plot is a “good thing” — and, indeed, there are a lot of strange things occurring that will stretch your imagination or willing suspension of disbelief.I have resorted to “only” a 3-star rating because this tale just continues on and on and on and on, without any apparent ending.
  • George Fodor
    While the plot kept me interested, Doherty's military techno jargon/lingo challenge the reader to keep pace--you kind of have to take his word for it. Also, as the book progresses, there's a lot of moving around among places/scenes to depict nearly simultaneous activities. For me, a slow reader (by choice), this requires longer reading times than that provided by my DC Metro commute.
  • Elizabeth Adkisson
    Better and BetterThis series just keeps getting better and better. I'm excited there are several more books in the series to read. On to the next one.
  • Kathleen Lubbers
    Exhilarating!LOVE the story line! Well developed characters, the plots thicken and I can't put this series down! Narration is very good. The author's expertise is weaving interesting historical facts with fiction- aliens !
  • Pruitt
    This was the fourth book in the Area 51 series by Robert Doherty (which is a pen name of writer Bob Mayer). I've read the previous three books, and like them, I enjoyed reading this. It's a pretty easy to read, action-oriented story that moves along. As with any long series, you'll have books that are really setting up greater action later in the Series, and that's what I felt this one was when I finished. It has it's own quest, but that quest is...
  • Jack
    It's been several months since I've read the third book in the Area 51 series, but it was quite easy to pick up the baton in this fourth book. Mayer has an easy-reading writing style that carries you along quickly through the story. There is plenty of action, characterization, and description, but not too much when it's not needed.The Sphinx opens in the mid-1800s in Egypt, where an explorer, Burton, is seeking knowledge, and he wants to find out...
  • Benjamin Thomas
    After my somewhat lukewarm reaction to the first three books of this series, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The balance of character, plot, and setting was much improved and the whole novel fairly hummed along. I especially enjoyed the sections involving the character of Mualama as he follows in the footsteps of one of the greatest real world explorer/adventurers of all time, Sir Richard Francis Burton. Perhaps it is my genuine interest ...
  • Anna
    The series is awesome. There's everything my soul ever wanted :) Ancient artifacts, UFOs, mysterious events, strange objects, danger, the world on the brink of annihilation - and lots of action! And inside all that, a small group of people who have no one to trust but themselves, people with high morals (of course :)) and incredible courage who (as it is in every popular thriller/sci-fi) are doing their best to save the day. Thumbs up! I love the...
  • Mark Henrikson
    Second verse; same as the first. Book four was the last I read in this series. It's not like the author jumped the shark or anything. Its just that the characters were no longer interesting, not developed at all during series. The plot line of aliens on earth had already been done pretty well in prior books in the series and the author was just stretching the material at this point.Nothing really bad about the book, just nothing really good eithe...
  • Dustin
    A tense and exciting installment in the series. Again the main characters are strong, the dialogue is mostly on point (there are a few "as you know..." type exchanges that don't quite feel natural), and the action is exciting. My biggest complaint is the redundancy of information that is repeated from book to book, but I'm reading these all back to back and not spread out over a pre-wikipedia decade like they were written so it can be somewhat fo...
  • Stacy
    I enjoyed this book quite a bit, really liked the new character of Mualama. Very cool to spend some time in Egypt and the pyramids and sphinx. I'm not quite sure why new characters always have to be introduced, I'd be more than happy to just stay with Lisa and Mike. But, at least in this case, Mualama was a good addition and his quest was intriguing (not always the case in previous books). I will say the ending definitely made me want to continue...
  • Katie
    I must say this was the best of book of the series so far. There were still some edit/spelling mistakes for some reason more abundant that I am used to seeing in books. There were some interesting theories in this book. I thought they are somewhat plausible even. I do recommend reading the first 3 books first to have the most understanding of what is going on with all the characters.I've already started on the next book. I just had to know what w...
  • Carlos Trevino
    The third book was a decent read, but this one made reading it worth it. I very much liked how they kept the story fresh with great plot twists and the addition of Mualama, his discoveries, the Russian aspect of the story, and fact that we as readers still haven't had the whole alien background story revealed even now has me pretty antsy to open up the fifth book
  • Maurice Y Khang
    Best in the Series So FarWith the introduction of Professor Mualama, yet another interesting character, this edition took on a historical Indiana Jones perspective that I loved. As the story switched from one character to another, I couldn't decide which subplot I liked best. Well done!
  • Stony Graves
    A fun read. I love the 'Ancient Astronaut' theories woven into the reality of this novel. The author does write military style fiction also, and this novel reads that way. Too many tech terms and dry, monotonous descriptions of weaponry. THE SPHINX ends with a cliffhanger of George R.R. Martin proportions, which totally rocks in my opinion.
  • Kyle Boedeker
    This one was pretty entertaining in general, but I don't think I will continue the series at this point. It's just really starting to feel like nothing is happening in the overall "aliens are coming" storyline.
  • Nicolene
    This book is not as good as the three prior, but I still enjoy the on going story. It appeared to either be written in a different way or just simply isn't as gripping. I found myself wandering off quite frequently and considering how much I liked the 3 before, this surprised me.
  • Casey Hampton
    If you're a big fan of this series, by all means proceed and be happy. If however you are as of yet undecided, flee like the wind. My advice, go pick up some old Tom Clancy or Clive Cussler to scratch that itch.
  • Paula
    It was adventure-filled, but I didn't stay awake for most of it. It was worth the read, but i wouldn't recommend it.
  • Chris Toney
    Good read. Sometimes lost my place but interesting nonetheless.
  • Nai Wang
    It got better again. Love how he weaves mythology with aliens!
  • Robert Bailey
    Nice story, and well written. Really made me want to read the next one until I had every book on the shelf :)
  • Stuart Bell
    I really liked the story, and I have continued it to the new book, The Grail.
  • Hukes
    I don't know if it was because I didn't read the other books in the seriies, but I found this one boring.
  • John Wheeles
    While I'm a fan of the genre, I can't say the same for this book. This one had a hard time keeping me enthralled.
  • K.C. Toney
    Good read. Sometimes lost my place but interesting nonetheless.