The Scourge of Muirwood (Legends of Muirwood, #3) by Jeff Wheeler

The Scourge of Muirwood (Legends of Muirwood, #3)

When a deadly plague is unleashed in the land of Muirwood, the fate of the world is placed in the hands of a young woman named Lia. Charged to be a magical protector, Lia volunteers to be sent on a desperate quest to rescue the squire Colvin, her love, and his pupil Ellowyn Demont, the alleged heir to the fallen kingdom of Pry-Ree. Still recovering from the injuries of her last adventures, Lia sets off across land and sea warning the kingdom of t...

Details The Scourge of Muirwood (Legends of Muirwood, #3)

TitleThe Scourge of Muirwood (Legends of Muirwood, #3)
Release DateJan 15th, 2013
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Fiction

Reviews The Scourge of Muirwood (Legends of Muirwood, #3)

  • Marina Mowrey
    I really liked the first two books in the trilogy. But this final installment offended me. The evil beings responsible for all evil and destruction are women. Men who do evil only do it because they are possessed or tricked by these evil women. The titular scourge is an STD. Not cool.
  • Rich
    I have to confess: the story almost got me. I'm first thinking after reading it that it's a good tale, with a strong female lead, which is nice to see. But after my initial review, I couldn't get the story out of my mind. Something was amiss...Because it's not about a strong female lead. In fact, Lia is naught but an empty vessel, when you look closely. Every though, every action is guided by surrendering herself completely to the will of the med...
  • Mary ~Ravager of Tomes~
    Actual Rating: 1.5 StarsSo this series wasn't necessarily bad, but it really wasn't spectacular.I can't think of one special thing to say about it. I'm giving it one and a half stars because I can't look you in the face and tell you it was dreadful, it wasn't dreadful! I'm just left feeling not much of anything now that I've made it to the end.Everything wraps up entirely too nicely. The end of this book did the thing where it ties up a bunch of ...
  • Nicholas Kotar
    I think we're living in an interesting moment for the fantasy genre. As a genre, it really came of age not so much with Tolkien as with Terry Brooks, who took Tolkien's medieval European world and made it more accessible and less "epically epic." From there, fantasy went through a phase that was called "Tolkienesque" but should be called "Brooksesque." You know what I mean. Books with elves and dwarves and goblins, oh my. Objects of power. Great,...
  • Andrea Smith
    I loved it! I loved the entire trilogy! I was completely caught up in the story and involved with the characters. This book kept me on my toes--a complete page turner. I never really knew what was going to happen. I stayed up until 1:00 am to finish the book. The author is not afraid to put his characters in dire situations full of tension and conflict (which is what makes a story gripping). The writing was exceptional. It had a strong voice thro...
  • Emily
    A satisfying ending to the trilogy. It leaves room for more story, but there are no real loose ends. If anything, it may have been a little too neatly wrapped up -- with one of those endings where two of the characters "recap" what happened to them that we didn't see in order to satisfy our need to know without the bother of including it in the actual story. The series still has a bit too much Christian allegory and I'm really not sure how I feel...
  • Jennifer Wells
    The trilogy started off okay but quickly turned into thinly veiled religious propaganda. I feel like I was tricked into attending a super crazy church service. The idea that a kiss before marriage is so evil that it deserves death/plague is so outdated that I cannot believe that this book has gotten so many 5 star reviews. It was depressing to know that that so many people were okay with the idea that women were the source of all the evil in the ...
  • Lisa Rich
    This book was such a disappointment after the first two. The first half was good (that's why it gets two stars instead of one) but the second half is just awful. It makes me want to re-rate the other two lower just to keep people from reading them and being drawn into this atrocity of a final novel. It feels like the author just got tired of writing and decided to regurgitate the Bible (yes, there were religious overtones in the other two but not...
  • Gaele
    This was the 3rd and final installment. Others refer to heavy-handedness with Christian Allegory, I did not find it so. I thought it flowed nicely with the ancient beliefs rooted in paganism and the inclusive nature of the philosophers and great thinkers of the past that the author freely admits to referring to frequently. A nice wrap up to the story, leaving open-ended the potential for more ( and there are stories, written much earlier by this ...
  • Rob
    Executive Summary: A enjoyable, but mostly predictable conclusion to a decent trilogy.Audio book: Ms. Rudd is once again the narrator for the third and final book of the trilogy. As with the previous two, she a good, but not great reader with little variety in her character voices.She does attempt to do some accents for a few of the characters, but many of them sounded the same to me. Full Review I finished this of the course of the weekend. This...
  • Melinda
    I didn't mind the direction this went, a lot of people were upset about the way women are viewed in this, but that didn't offend me at all. I was more irritated that it felt like it was wrapped up too nicely in a bow. I don't get why most everyone got a happy ending, for example: (view spoiler)[ Sowe and Edmon get to be married, Sowe gets to take the maston rights, even though she doesn't have the Medium?? How does that work??? How would she know...
  • Rebekah
    Seriously an epic book. Loved it. Again if you are looking for a quick rush with a high paced romance novel, this book is not for you. But it is a wonderful story, just absolutely wonderful. I love how Wheeler has the past in this book, it took me awhile to figure out what it was but what depth it brought to the story. The words that comes to mind when I think of this book is resolute, firm, solid, deep, and exciting. I was at 80 % and I had to g...
  • Manju
    Final book in the trilogy and the author has done a good job to wrap it up. I really like it but I liked "The Blight of Muirwood" better. The story in this book was a little predictable.Now that Lia is the real princess of the Pry-Ree but she is bind by the "binding sigil" so Medium doesn't allow her to reveal this secret of hers to anyone. The one we know as the princess is actually grand-daughter of Martin. Lia is recovering from her injuries a...
  • Donna
    I just finished reading the last Muirwood book and I LOVED it! I can't believe I finished the series so quickly. It's making me a bit sad that the story is over. I loved the characters so much! Lia and Colvin ... Marciana, Maderos, and the Aldermaston ... Edmon, Jon, Martin, not to mention Sowe, Pasqua and even in the end, Reome. Sigh.... I loved how the author wove the past into book 3 as well. It's a fantastic story within a story. Geezzzz.... ...
  • Kseniya
    Looking back at the series, now that I'm done with it, I am still very attached to the two main characters. They were well-fleshed-out and Colvin, especially, had some real characteristic flaws and temper problems that made him just that much more lovable. The plot was interesting and relatively unique, even within its genre. It definitely had a strong YA lean and skipped over some parts to which an adult book would have devoted chapters and they...
  • Gloria Mccracken
    One of the things I found annoying in the early John Grisham books is his abrupt way of ending them without tying up multiple loose ends (which is why I don't read him anymore). I often imagined him saying, "I'm tired of this book, these characters, so I'm just going to quit now." Now I see what happens when an author has the same urge to finish up but tries to knot those ends together in a hurry. I think I like Grisham's way a little better.This...
  • Nina Santos-Becker
    I found this book by chance while looking for something to read before bedtime. As it turns out -- IT KEPT ME UP FOR 4 WHOLE DAYS -- because I "HAD TO KNOW" what would happen to the characters in the book. I found myself engulfed on all three books, it's characters, torn between the heroine "Lia" and the need to know if she would choose "her heart" or "her sworn promise & duty". Something everyone can relate to in real life struggles.The books se...
  • Joanna Paula Cailas
    In a word, breathtaking. All of it. The names, the Gifts, the back stories, the intricate knots and connections between the characters. The whole trilogy is so rich in its language, world-building and characters. Everything and everyone is so memorable I'll be concentrating on work for the following weeks due to a colossal book-hangover. I won't be able to start another book just yet. The Scourge of Muirwood completes the trilogy with as much mag...
  • Hayley Noble
    You know when you read other reviews and don't know how they didn't love this book? That is me right now. I adored this! What a perfect end to a wonderful trilogy, I've already downloaded the rest of Wheeler's books onto my kindle and I can't wait to get stuck in! This book follows on almost exactly after the previous one, except now we know who Lia truly is, and what she must do with the oncoming blight in sight. Lia is really tested in this boo...
  • Nikki Tetreault
    I wasn't sure if this series was really going to hit me by it's close, but of course I found myself sobbing in a Starbucks for the last 20% or so of this last in the trilogy. I wasn't sure if there was going to be anything really unexpected for the rest of this novel, and I was wrong. I was positive it wouldn't have an HEA at the end, I was also wrong in that. One of my favorite parts of this was how Wheeler weaved confusion into a life-determini...
  • Stephanie
    Where to start. I really like the first one, bit childish, young adult style - Not enough depth the the character but I fear A Song Of Ice And Fire has ruined all other books for me, as i know expect that level of detail from everything I read. But the idea of "magic" is different enough from the norm to keep my attention. The thing that's is really bugging me from some time in the 2nd book is the underlining woman issue - I know our leading lady...
  • Amery Baker
    This book was a great conclusion to the Muirwood series. I will be recommending this series to my friends for a long time. Lia growth throughout the book was consistent. She showed courage, restraint, love and perseverance. Faith was the theme of all the books and reading them increased my own faith. These books are highly religious and there is no doubt of the author's religion. Jeff Wheeler is the only author who has been able to successfully w...
  • Iris
    I really liked this book, but I think my favorite book in the Muirwood series was The Blithe of Muirwood. I liked how in this book we get to see a little bit of Lia's father's story. I really loved the entire series. These books are not extremely predictable and keep you on your toes. Although, there were things I pretty much knew were going to happen, but usually I was surprised as to how they unfolded. If you like fantasy books with a lot of ad...
  • Kara Prem
    I adored this entire trilogy! Lia fulfills all that she has been destined to do in this novel, which wraps up the series nicely."Ellowyn" and Colvin have left for Dochte Abbey, leaving Lia at Muirwood to recover from her injuries. Lia has discovered her true identity, but is unable to reveal it to anyone, due to the force of the Medium. She leaves the Abbey, with the knowledge that the end is near for their lands. Loose ends are tied up - Marcian...
  • BobA707
    Summary: An excellent conclusion to the Muirwood saga. The plot got a little contrived at times, but the complexity, characterisations and peculiar magic system really make this book come alive.Plotline: Complex, well thought out, a little bit contrived/convenient at times.Premise: Complex magic system dependent on who your parents were and many other factors. It works.Writing: Good characterisations, simple and elegant highly readable.Ending: Oh...
  • Erin
    after finishing this trilogy, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a page turner! I loved the main character, Lia. Her devotion to her cause, despite all the sacrifices she had to make, made this a great story. I liked the whole idea of the Medium in the story, even though I am not particularly religious. The story had a great moral undertone, and I enjoyed all the snipits from the tomes of previous aldermastons; they are wise words to ...
  • Summer Peterson
    Oh why did I stay up so late finishing this book? So tired!!! But worth it. Lia has come a long way and had become more bad ass when it comes to fighting. The romance in this series was good but wasn't the main part of the story. I liked that. I love sexual tension in some books but sometimes I feel that the romance is the plot of the story. Not so with this story. This series was tastefully written for young adult readers. I did crave a slightly...
  • Emily
    After finishing Blight of Muirwood, I thought I had the plot of Scourge pegged down. I was wrong within the first two chapters! This book doesn't have as many interactions between Lia and Colvin, which was disappointing at first, but it is still a masterpiece worth 5 stars at least. Each scene is written with such depth of feeling and meaning. I enjoyed it even more the second time I read it!
  • Kaitlin
    As much as I loved this book and series there are some terrible/weird messages and allusions to Christianity. There is a 'magic' in the series, but one's skill in magic depends solely on who one's parents were and how strong they were. Only those from important, wealthy families can learn the magic or even how to read, and the 'bad guys' want to open the schools to all (they are generally evil, but I kinda agree with them on that one....) [vague ...
  • Ayla
    I absolutely loved this series! This is the third and last novel of Lia the wretched of Muirwood.The writing is phenomenal, the story continues with Lia trying to warn the other Abbeys that a blight is coming and they must leave for a foreign shore if they are to survive. The shocker is she is the one to cause the blight . The book takes a different spin in that it travels back in time to when Lia's parents were alive. The medium that works throu...