Big Hair, Don't Care by Crystal Swain-Bates

Big Hair, Don't Care

Lola has really really REALLY big hair, much bigger than the other kids at her school, but that doesn't stop her from telling anyone who will listen just how much she LOVES her hair! It´s not always easy being a kid. Designed to boost self-esteem and build confidence in kids of all races, this beautifully illustrated picture book is aimed at boys and girls who may need a reminder that it's ok to be different.

Details Big Hair, Don't Care

TitleBig Hair, Don't Care
Release DateSep 22nd, 2013
PublisherGoldest Karat Publishing
Number of pages32 pages
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Cultural, African American, Realistic Fiction

Reviews Big Hair, Don't Care

  • Thandeka Young
    CuteIt's a really simple yet cute book my daughter keep touching her head. She kept saying she loves her hair it was too cute
  • Cennie
    Beautifully written for girls with curls!This book is a nice read to helping girls accept their hair and themselves for who they are. Beautiful comes in many varieties!
    I have big hair like hair and I don't care
  • Wendy Tuell
    The most adorable book! I love the part where the little girl discusses the disadvantages of her Afro while playing hide-in-seek and the picture shows her hair a little higher than the bushes! So cute! Then she explains all the special ways her mom can fix her hair. There is an illustration for each style. My favorite one was puffs! Highly recommended.
  • Urs
     Awesome! Very sweet book. Go read it! :) 
  • Brenica Miles
    1. Big Hair, Don't Care! by Crystal Swain- Bates and Illustrated by Megan Bair. 20132. Social and Emotion setting. This book teaches self-esteem and acceptance of one's self.3. This book shows the reader how to be proud of who you are. Although this little girl was happy about the many hair styles that she could do with her hair, she also recognized the disadvantages of having big hair but, she didn't care! She made fun of it by daring the reader...
  • Kelly
    I gave this book 4 stars based mostly on handling a topic pretty well. The text was just ok, had a nice flow, but I really wanted it to jump off the page more. The illustrations, while very cute, also felt flat and were repeated, which was a little weird.
  • Kimberly
    My daughter thought this book was funny!She loved reading this and could do it by herself! A positive book for all girls of color. Love it getting more!
  • Hapzydeco
    Wonderful illustrations make for a terrific story which should encourage young girls to take control of their appearance.
  • Tiffani Steele
    My daughter loves her big hairGreat read. Helping my daughter be comfortable with her big hair. She likes braids too but loves her big hair
  • Evelyn Jardine
    Big hair dont careI love reading this to my three year old nieces and my little cousins they all was yell I love my hair.
  • Avaya sanchez
    It tell u don't Care what people say about your hairsIt tell people don't care what people got to say about your hair. And love your self matter what
  • Tiffany Jimenez
    A great book about embracing yourselfI got this book for my daughter. She does indeed have big hair and this was a great reminder that it's a part of what makes her unique. A fun read for little girls!
  • Erin
    I like the idea of this book a lot. There are just a few things that are a little off, mostly with the illustrations. Don't get me wrong, they're cute and I like the style! But they used the same exact picture more than once. Every single illustration is signed as well. That's not normal at all in a professionally published picture book. Okay for preschool storytimes.
  • Trish C
    Loved it.I really like stories about brown girls like me. So my mom let Me write this. I would recommend this book to my classmates and friends.
  • Vhonda
    EnjoyChoose this book for something different and enjoyable and laughed at how everything was just like my hair so there you go
  • Liz Murray
    Full of joy, fun and smiles! All the good parts about having big hair: 'fluffy like a cloud', 'my hair is big and full of flair', and the 'sit behind me if you dare'. I also really like the part when she puts her dog's hair in a bun, the expression on the dog's face is hilarious. To enjoy with kids of all ages.
  • Alex McCormick
    This book is about a young black girl who loves and enjoys her naturally big hair. This book relates to my topic because it teaches young black girls to love their hair and be proud of the many ways they can wear it. It deals with cultural idenitiy in the sense that it is making a place for young black girls to enjoy characteristics about themselves that is sometimes overlooked or shunned by society. This book checks off on many areas of the Qual...
  • Frankie
    Kids will love this book!!!!#I would definitely recommend this book for all individuals who love reading. Being kind to strangers is a Bible principle and sometimes, we allow our cultural differences to deter us. We can still achieve this task.This book gives a precise outlook on what a little girl experiences with having a different hair texture. It was an easy read and quite entertaining with great illustrations.
  • Linda Martin
    For G'Ma's BabyGirls who all have BigHair!..I want them to embrace the unique individuals they are!..Hair is important to young girls, but Hair is only a part of the whole self!I marveled at the realistic illustrations, depicting beautiful African-American features!This book should be included in every school library!.. It builds great self esteem!
  • Zahra Miller
    My 2.5 year old loves this bookI only just got this book and have only read it twice with my toddler but she already excitedly puts her hands up in the air and enthusiastically shouts 'I love my hair ' along with the story. Its so great to hear her already making positive affirmations about herself and i want to encourage that so I'm going to get other books in the series
  • Regina Wagstaff
    Great book for all young girls. just being black and different.Great for parents to read to kids and enjoy c with family and friends. Excellent book for young kids classroom to promote diversity.
  • Dray
    Loooooooove this; will definitely read for library story time. Great pictures and rhymes with a main character bursting with confidence! Update: my students adored it and squealed every time the book talked about a hair style they've had-- braids, twists, etc.
  • Carol Robinson
    Love the book My girls are of mix race. And they have big hair. Sometimes. They hat to wear out because their curls are not quite like mine. But this story helped them embraced the beauty off their hair. Thanks for books like this.
  • Sherrie
    Big Hair, Don't Care is a wonderful picture book which teaches the joy of embracing who you are just as you are. The young girl in this book is singing the praises of her big hair and speaks of how versatile and soft it is. This is an empowering and uplifting book for all children of all cultures.
  • Adriana Peebles
    Natural hair is something to be proud of!My daughter enjoyed this book and it helped show her that big hair is awesome and something she should embrace. Great book for girls with natural hair! We love this author!
  • Angelique White
    Great book to read with the children I absolutely love this book my daughter was able to read it and understand it so easily. It teaches the children to love their hair despite other children staring or saying something. Great book
  • Kelsi Hasden
    Cute read Cute read for kids. Books that embrace difference are incredibly important. It's nice to find a story where the main character loves what makes her different instead of being ashamed of it.
  • Simone Hyles
    I have big hair by shazzy I love this book because I've got big hair and I don't care so if you wanna stare go ahead and stare . Also you should go and read this other book called MAGIC PUFF BALLS. So I am glad y'all created the book so thank you very much.
  • Jhaney
    Confidence boostingThough I'm a little older than the intended audience for this sort of book, this probably wouldn't made being the only biracial kid in your class with huge curly hair surrounded by white kids with straight blonde hair a little less isolating