The Snail Who Forgot The Mail by Sigal Adler

The Snail Who Forgot The Mail

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Details The Snail Who Forgot The Mail

TitleThe Snail Who Forgot The Mail
Release DateAug 12th, 2014
GenreChildrens, Fiction

Reviews The Snail Who Forgot The Mail

  • Krissy
    ***Rated by my son***
  • P.S. Winn
    I love Sigal Adler's books for the great pictures, rhyming flow and the great lessons taught. You can't go wrong when you grab one of these for your kids. This one teaches patience in a fun way, we all could use more of that. Great story to add to your Sigal Adler library!
  • J.M. Northup
    Great book for kids!The artwork is colorful and fun. The story is cute with a good moral. It is cool that the tale is told in rhyme; it not only adds to the entertainment of the story, but it will help kids appreciate poetry. Well done!
  • Khadija Grant
    i love every bit of it and I'm Grown!This story was entertaining, it had a moral to it to be patient and to learn to control your temper. This is my first book from this author and it won't be my last. From author to author... Great job!
  • P.S. Winn
    I love Sigal Adler's books for the great pictures, rhyming flow and the great lessons taught. You can't go wrong when you grab one of these for your kids. This one teaches patience in a fun way, we all could use more of that. Great story to add to your Sigal Adler library!
  • Katie Wilkerson
    Cute bookMy little one loved this book. It was cute and he say still the whole time. I recommend this book to anyone.
  • Katherine Monestel
    ExcelenteMuy buena lección . corto y bonitos los versos. Bueno para enseñar a niños a ser mas tolerantes ... Le gusto a mi pequeño
  • Norman Shechner
    A good read with a strong moral.
  • Rell
    Great moralThe snail even had me fooled. My daughter enjoyed this book. Teaches the valuable lesson of being patient and nice.
  • Samantha
    Cute!!Cute and great lesson. My boys loved it! The rhymes had been hard to flow, but good book over all
  • Vina
    An Awesome Teaching StoryThis is a great story on patience as well as excitement and anticipation. A great read for my little one.
  • Katie
    5 year old lived it! I like that the author uses the books to teach a lesson.
  • Adrienne Wilson
    EnjoyedWe loved this book it helps since I have a toddler that's working on his patience. Mahalo another lovely one for our collection.
  • C.a. Anderson
    Very cute, great graphics. Great story for kids.
  • Angieleigh
    What a great lesson this teaches!!I absolutely love the illustrations in this adorable rhyming book that teaches kids that losing their temper because they may not have gotten their way isn't going to get them far. Secondary lessons about keeping an open mind and using listening skills make this an all around great read!
  • Alexis
    Great little book to help kids learn patience and kindness Great little book to help kids learn patience and kindness. I highly recommend all of Sigal Adler's books for small children they will enjoy each tale you read to them.
  • Judy
    This is a great little book to teach young children patience. The author writes this in a rhyming mode and my 4 year old grandson loved it. As an ebook the format could be better but it still has delightful pictures and a good message.
  • Melissa Butler
    I really liked this story. It's great for teaching children patience because most kids want everything right then and there, and they don't realize they have to wait for some things. They also wrote the book in a fun, rhyming way.
  • mariafe aaron
    BoringSeems boring not a good's a bad story...........not to good ......!..!???????.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎it's not nature book....?Is not interesting....not to good
  • unknown
    Good bookShort, but cute. It has a good lesson at the end. I would recommend it for 8 years old or less.
  • Carolyn Dickerson
    Good bedtime story with a lesson.
  • Velvet Messer
    What a cute book!!! The illustrations were fabulous and such a great lesson. My son said to make sure to give it five stars!!! We enjoy these books so much 😘
  • Barbara Ann
    This is a short tale written in verse that tells about a monster king who has commissioned the snail to deliver his birthday present on time at his public birthday celebration. Snail does his best to use his little body to fulfill the task, yet he fails because he has left the mail at home. The king is furious and his subjects fearful of his wrath, but the snail is able to make the king realize his mistake. You will have to read the story to find...
  • Julie Barrett
    Children's book "The Snail Who Forgot The Mail"(Self Confidence & Self Esteem) (Teaches your kid the value of Patience 3-8) (anger management book) (Bedtime ... (Early Readers Picture Books 3-8) Colorful children's book about the forest monsters. They are planning a party for the king and they want everybody to attend.Snail was to deliver the mountain kings present but when he arrived he realized he had forgotten it at home.He tells everyone he l...
  • Autumn
    http://kachildrensbookreviews.blogspo...This book was okay the illustrations to me were not the best. K said the monster's didn't look right and that the king looked like a girl monster, A thought the monsters were too scary for her. K and I both thought it was funny how the king didn't realize that a snail carries their home on their back which everyone should know. I did like the lesson that was portrayed as you should listen before you just st...
  • Chris The Story Reading Ape
    Colourful drawings and a rhyming story combine to make this a fun book for the younger readers (or listeners) to enjoy. Double touch the pictures to enlarge them (works on Kindle Fire).See my review also at:
  • Danielle Montgomery
    Cute story with a great message This is a cute story about a snail who is a mail man. The snail is worried because he has heard that the king gets mad and did not want to upset him. He tells the king he needs to listen to what others say. This is a great message for kids, especially toddlers. My sons love this book. The pictures are nice and bright and keep the kids interested.
  • Bonnie
    A great lesson to learn Be polite and patient and listen to what others have to say! Children are not often taught this lesson and it makes for very rude and very cruel lives ahead. So it is important to take the time to teach them that patience is a virtue and being polite can get you a long way be slow to anger and you will go far!!
  • Katie
    My daughter who is 5 really loved this book. She does learn lessons from these books and they are very affordable! I think every child should learn the lessons from Sigal Adler's books and she portrays them in such vibrant color the child stays interested!
  • Linda
    Sigal AdlerI just started reading Sigal Adler's books to my kids and I'm glad that I did, we love them! it's always a positive message in each story and they are funny at the same time!