A Soldier's Promise (Crystal Lake #2) by Laura Scott

A Soldier's Promise (Crystal Lake #2)

Reeling from a broken engagement that resulted in a small town scandal, ER nurse Julie Crain just wants to be left alone over the Fourth of July Holiday weekend. But when single dad, Derek Ryerson and his young daughter need a place to stay to recuperate from a car accident, Julie can't ignore their plight. She knows she needs to protect her heart, but little Lexi needs love and support. But soon she realizes the former soldier has a secret that ...

Details A Soldier's Promise (Crystal Lake #2)

TitleA Soldier's Promise (Crystal Lake #2)
Release DateMay 25th, 2013
PublisherLaura Iding
Number of pages135 pages
GenreRomance, Christian Fiction, Contemporary Romance, Fiction

Reviews A Soldier's Promise (Crystal Lake #2)

  • Faith
    This was a good, not too long, read. It was a free ebook, the title caught my interest, so I got it...and started it...and soon found myself dragged into the story!! :) Julie is a single nurse working in the ER, where she meets mysterious, veteran and single dad Derek and his young, quiet daughter, Lexi. Julie is dealing with some grief and other things, and offers Derek and his daughter a place to stay. Derek is hiding something which eventually...
  • Sally
    A Soldier’s PromiseBy: Laura ScottI loved this romance! Julie and Derek must learn to let go of their past and trust God to help them make the right decisions. Can they open their hearts and trust each other? Julie Crain is a nurse at Hope County Hospital in Crystal Lake. She was engaged and then found out he was having an affair. She wants the truth and can’t handle someone lying to her. When she finds out Derek hasn’t told her the whole t...
  • Denise Swanson
    Nice sweet romance. Faith based but not overwhelmingly so. Great heroine.
  • Cynthia
    BeautifulA accident brings them together. But a little girls helps bring them closer. A wonderful continuation of the series. Derek & his little girl are hurt in accident and Julie gets assigned to work on dad in the ER. His friends girl is scared. But Julie helps calm the little girl but ends up helping them as much as they help her.
  • Tammy Vaughn
    There still are clean romances.I loved this book. Great story for a romance. It was believable to real life. I hope to get the rest of the series.
  • Janie Winsell
    A Soldier's Promise by Laura Scott is a Contemporary Christian Romance.Julie is a broken-hearted nurse in Crystal Lake Wisconsin. She's lost a niece, sister-in-law, mother, father, and her fiancé ran back to his old girlfriend, leaving her in a world of painful gossip. She has no intentions of putting her heart back on the line until she meets Derek and his daughter Lexi.Derek is a retired soldier trying to put his civilian life back together wh...
  • Wanda
    This is a Christian based love story set in the ficticious town of Crystal Lake. Julie, an ER nurse is on duty when Derek and his six year old daughter Lexi are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Having no one in town, Derek accepts Julie's offer of them staying in her vacant townhouse. She lives in it's twin next store and has been renovating the vacant one. To repay her kindness, Derek works on the renovations. One thing leads to another and...
  • Britney
    A Soldier’s Promise is a heartwarming story of hope and faith! Laura Scott does an excellent job of writing stories that are engaging and entertaining, as well as uplifting. The medical scenes in A Soldier’s Promise are masterfully written and immediately draw the reader into the drama. I enjoyed the complexity of the characters and delighted in the love story that evolved.A Soldier’s Promise is the second book in the Crystal Lake series. I...
  • Maritza
    Julie is a nurse who has been hurt before, and meets Derek in the ER after a accident with his daughter Lexi. They have no where to go, so Julie offers half of her duplex, that she is renovating. Derek is hiding the truth about why they have nowhere to go, but by the time Julie finds out, she has already fallen for him. Very cute story! The length of these books in this series is not very long, but the author does a great job developing character...
  • Eliza Daly
    A Soldier’s Promise is a feel-good and uplifting story about a father’s fight to keep his daughter after her mother has died. Both Derek and Julie need to learn to trust each other to do what is best for his daughter Lexi. My heart broke for Derek and Lexi over all the challenges they endured before they finally found a happy ending. I love this Crystal Lake series set in a close-knit community in small town U.S.A. Where the characters are al...
  • Elizabeth Fiscus
    Heartfelt BookThis book was about second chances and Julie and Derek trusting in God to lead them to where He wants them to be. I loved the fact that Julie is a nurse and the medical nature in the book since I am also a nurse so I could definitely relate to the story line. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a clean love story!
  • Beth
    This is the second book in a Christian romance series, and I actually enjoyed it more than the first. It was longer and more developed. I found the situation the hero found himself in compelling, and enjoyed the developing tension of the story. As with the first book, the writing was good and well edited.
  • Debbie West
    great story! I couldn't figure out how Derek was going to solve his dilemma over Lexi's grandparents demand of custody. But the author did a fine job of putting everything together just as God would have done. God has helped my family many many times, and Ms Scott showed His strength & promise in this romance novel.
  • Tracey
    As long as we all have hope, then love and life will work out. That's what I took away from this book and it made me feel really good. This books proves that romances don't always have to be so hot they melt your Kindle. Sometimes a clean romance is just what you want ant this one works for me.
  • Cherish
    Good, clean romance. Very intriguing plot and quite mysterious. Had me hooked from the beginning. I did find that some of the details were drawn out and boring at times, but I like her writing style. I will definitely read something by her again.
  • Tami L. Burt
    Just right romanceLoved the book. A good Christian read with suspense and romance. Kept me interested til the end. The love scenes were just right, enough to express their love without overdoing the sex part. Thanks.
  • Barbara
    Crystal Lake is a great place to live.Here's car accident was the beginning of a new life for him and his daughter, Lexie. Julie became a Christian influence on Derek and helped him seek God's will for their lives.
  • Dorothy Beer
    A Soldier's PromiseI thoroughly enjoyed this book. Both Julie and Derick, as well as Lexie had all suffered loss of loved ones and heart break. Great story with a happy ending. I gave it 5 stars.
  • Tara Alemany
    I read this story in an afternoon, enjoying the characters as they found common ground and their story unfolded before my eyes. There's nothing complex or pretentious. Just real people, struggling with real issues, and making mistakes along the way.
  • Suze
    A SOLDIER'S PROMISECrystal Lake Series Book 2- a very nice light romantic read. Enjoyable characters who are struggling to do the right thing- good book.
  • Janeiowa
    This is a "sweet" Christian contemporary romance novel.
  • Olivia Rae
    Laura Scott keeps delivering with this series. I have read all accept her last book which is out now. Please check it out.
  • Pat Christie
    ebookNice story of father and daughter in car accident as they run from grandparents who want to take the daughter away. Emergency nurse Julie gives and finds love and a family!
  • Ann Davis
    Held my attention.A good read which I enjoyed reading. But, perhaps a little too perfect an ending in to short a time frame.
  • Sharon
    This was a nice Christian romance.
  • Michelle
    This is a nice, easy to read romance.
  • Glenda Parker
    Heartwarming This book is well written and heartwarming. I enjoyed the characters and how they were brought together. I really liked the faith that brought them together.
  • Lillie
    Lexi was my favorite character, but I loved her father and Julie, too. The story has a little suspense--why is Derek on the run--and is filled with love and faith.
  • Marilyn
    Goodthe story that is one that makes you cry at times and smile at other times.the young father who needs help
  • Lonnie
    Nice, quick read.