嫌われる勇気 by Ichiro Kishimi


"Trong số những người bạn trẻ của tôi, có một người ước mơ trở thành tiểu thuyết gia nhưng mãi mà chẳng viết được tác phẩm nào. Cậu ấy bảo bận việc không có thời gian để viết nên không thể hoàn thành tác phẩm, cũng không tham gia một cuộc thi nào cả. Tuy nhiên, có đúng như vậy không? Thực ra là, cậu ấy muốn để ngỏ khả năng ' nếu làm sẽ...

Details 嫌われる勇気

Release DateDec 12th, 2013
GenrePsychology, Nonfiction, Philosophy, Self Help, Personal Development

Reviews 嫌われる勇気

  • Lee
    This book was really famous in Japan, it became number one on the bestseller list in 2014. After then, it translated in Korean and it stayed on bestseller list for 33 weeks in Korea. At first time I heard this news, I doubt about this book. Because I had some biases about best sellers. But my professor just recommended this book to me, and I read it. And this book was totally different from other best sellers. This book talks about 'Courage'. It...
  • Nguyên ngộ ngộ
    Review 1:ui za...sách viết theo lối SONG THOẠI cực hay luônggggthông điệp ko mới nha, ko mới nha, nói về những thứ self-help nói đầy luôn: HOÀN CẢNH, BIỆN HỘ, TỰ DO LỰA CHỌN...nhưng cách đối thoại để lòi ra tận cùng của LOGIC thì cực đã luôn nháĐọc phê.Review 2.nếu đọc ko "vô" cuốn 7 thói quen của Stephen R.Covey, hãy chuyển qua đọc cuốn này.đối thoại ...
  • Thao Nguyen
    Mình mua cuốn sách này trong thời điểm cuối năm, bản thân vừa mới nhận ra một vài mối quan hệ không được tốt đẹp như mình nghĩ, người khác ghét mình, thiếu định hướng về tương lai và cảm thấy mọi thứ thật vô vọng và vô nghĩa.Mình sẽ xếp cuốn sách này vào những cuốn sách phải đọc lại ít nhất 2 lần/năm cùng với cuốn 6 tỉ đường đến ...
  • nananatte
    ตลกมาก และ Thought Provoking สุดๆอานแลวขำคะ ซึงในความขำนีกขีดไฮไลทกันมากมายสนุกสนานแนวคิดจิตวิทยาแบบแอดเลอรทีอ.คิชิมิ อธิบาย อานแลวเหมือนโดนเอาฆอนทุบหวทุกครึงหนา เราว...
  • Anh Dũng
    #2ndTime #Inline #Hospital #OnBus #FeelSoSoStrong"Imagine all the people living for today" & "The future not our to see" Hai câu trong 2 bài hát yêu thích ^^,Nghe tựa đề quyển sách vậy thui, chứ thực ra phải là "dám hạnh phúc", mà chắc cái đề đó nó hơi chuối và yếu đuối nên chắc tác giả không lấy làm tựa thui. Đọc quyển này mình rút ra một điều: chỉ cần can đảm xíu thui...
  • Emma Sea
    TLDR: bought a dead tree copy for my daughter. If I leave her with any useful legacy I'd like it to be introducing her to this book.***So, it's not that I'm not a fan of the Socratic Method, it's just that the particular format of this book is tiresome. It's written as a dialogue over 5 sessions between The Philosopher and The Youth, and 90% of my irritation is because of the Youth is written as both extremely abrasive in manner, and dense as a p...
  • Bridget
    Victim blaming. “Trauma does not exist” “People CHOOSE to be unhappy”. This is the worst book I have ever read. So glad it was a give away. I’ll be regifting it to file 13.
  • Ongorn
    อาจารยมหาลัยคนนึงเขียนเรืองจิตวิทยาแบบแอดเลอรไวนักเขียนคนนึงไปอานเจอเขาเมือสิบกวาปีกอน แลวพบวาเนือหาบางอยางสันสะเทือนจิตวิญญานของเขากเลยรวมมือกับอาจาร...
  • Toàn Phan
    HAY!Có nhiều cách nghĩ lạ, có thể áp dụng ngay và lâu dài.Trừ 1 sao vì dàn trang tốn giấy nha :))
  • Alessandra Nigro
    I rarely leave reviews here on Goodreads, but this book has the potential to change lives.It introduces the reader to so many new concepts, yet in such an approachable way, that every chapter ends with an aha-moment.Read this book if you're into personal development, if you want to completely change your opinion about happiness. Read it if you are struggling with your introvert personality, if you have trauma to overcome and relationships to heal...
  • Ray Li
    A very gentle introduction to Adlerian psychology and the setting for this is amazing. Truly a great read and definitely makes you think more about the world around you and how your perspectives can really be changed if you just allow yourself to.
  • Napon Theerapisute
    ในมุมนึงถือวาเปนหนังสือทีใชได แตกไมมีอะไรแปลกใหม เพราะจริงๆ แลวเนือหาทุกอยางทีอยูในหนังสือ มันกคือสิงเดียวกันกับทีหนังสือพัฒนาตนเองเลมอืนๆ เคยเขียนมาแลวน...
  • Reba
    I found the tone of this book contrived and condescending, with poorly written dialogue (although hard to know how much of that is due to the translation). The worst faults for me, however, were the offensive, compassionaless, victim-blaming ideas such as 'trauma does not exist' (a heading of a sub-chapter), expanded on to state that a person suffering from agorophobia is choosing to do so to treated as special by their parents. Second worst woul...
  • Sarah
    Despite the cringeworthy title, this ended up being a brilliant book. I think I'll go back to it often.
  • Vivek Aithal
    As you all must be aware, everybody loves me. Especially people who do not know me. So, what is this book even, you ask?Courage to be disliked was an inward journey in identifying 'life-lies' as Adler calls them, and the power they hold in the stories I create for myself as an excuse to not act. It was quite difficult to accept certain claims of Adler's given my current state of intuitions, cemented by aetiological/Freudian philosophy of causes a...
  • Sandhya Chandramohan
    Alfred Adler is the relatively unknown 3rd giant of psychology after the likes of William Freud and Carl Jung but with arguably the most ground-breaking work of any. Adlerian psychology feels counter-intuitive at first glance in many ways, but one powerful idea after another it makes it's case, creating one of the strongest, most foolproof frameworks ever for thinking. I don't think I will ever go back to being the same person again, now that I h...
  • Proud Anangosolporn
    เปลียนมุมมองความคิดของเราในหลายๆเรือง เปนการเอาความคิดตามหลักจิตวิทยาแบบแอดเลอรทีซับซอน มาเขียนในรูปแบบของบทสนทนาไดอยางเขาใจงาย เปนอีกหนึงเลมทีรูสึกดีที...
  • Jo-Ann Duff (Duffy The Writer)
    Recently I've been drawn to books which encourage me to look at myself, and hopefully make me a better 'me'.  The Courage To Be Disliked had a title I just couldn't go past, and when I read that over 3million copies had been sold, I couldn't pass it up.The Courage To Be Disliked is a unique book.  It has taken Japan by storm, using the theories of renowned 19th century philosopher and psychiatrist Alfred Adler to create a string of conversation...
  • Alfie Yee
    Alfred Adler? Was my first thoughts when I picked up this book. It was explained that the he was among the 3 titans of modern psychology and proponent of Teleology that contrasted with the aetiology principles of Jung and Freud. Like Aristotle and Kant before him, Adler believed that the individual should find meaning in life through the reference of one's purpose and contribution to community rather than reference the causes and effects of one's...
  • Ian Stewart
    Something like an introduction to psychologist Alfred Adler, a contemporary of Freud and Jung who I, and apparently many other people, had previously known little about. If you’ve read any Dale Carnegie or Stephen Covey you’ve already had your own little introduction. It seems Adler was an influence on them.With my own background reading I was reminded of Stoicism’s rejection of “things you can’t change” in understanding the world and...
  • Trung Thieu
    Một cuốn sách hay mà chắc chắn tôi sẽ phải xem đi xem lại nhiều lần.Ngắn gọn về cuốn sách thì tác giả đang diễn giải thế giới quan, lối sống theo quan điểm triết học của Ông Alfred Adler (Individual Psychology, đừng để cái tên nó đánh lừa).Muốn nói dài dòng hơn thì cũng khó, vì chỉ đơn giản trích dẫn ra các khái niệm thì sẽ khó có thể hiểu đư...
  • Ampassacha Rakkhumkaeo
    'กลาทีจะถูกเกลียด' เปนการจัวหัวหนังสือทีทำใหนาสนใจเลยทีเดียว การดำเนินเรืองโดยใชบทสนทนาถกเถียงเปนแนวคิดทีดี เพราะถาเปนแบบเนือความปกติ คงจะสรางขอโตแยงในใจผ...
  • Carrie Poppy
  • Azeera
    I am a fan of serendipity. In love and in life. I have always believed books find you more often than you finding them. I stumbled this on a list of top ten reads of a venture capitalist, on a particular day wherein I felt I was being too much of a pushover in life. I picked it up with the skepticism I reserve for a self help book. Who names a book " courage to be disliked" anyway.The book instead of acting as the usual comfort couch, shakes you ...
  • Calvin
    I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of the dialogue format, but I think everyone can gain something from reading this book.The people who are accusing it of victim blaming I feel are missing the point of the book, and I'm honestly not 100% convinced that they read the whole thing (and definitely didn't do so with an open mind).
  • ulli_z
    I have had the good fortune of reading this book while also working through a somewhat heftier tome about existentialism and the philosophy of the twentieth century in general, which for me provided the added benefit of revealing clearly the parallels and synergies between existentialist and phenomenological philosophical ideas and Alfred Adler's teleological psychology. I especially like the Socratic dialogue format of this text, which also bows...
  • Sean Goh
    Thought-provoking, like a dash of cold water to the face. Worth re-reading slowly to let the philosophical points percolate through the "self-acceptance => confidence in others =>contribution to others => meaning and self-acceptance" framework set out in the last chapter. ___The argument concerning traumas, that because something happened to you in the past the way you are is not your fault, is typical of aetiology (study of causation). However, ...
  • Nhischarnun Nunthadsirisorn
    อานเวอรชันภาษาไทย สนุกดีใชได ไดแงคิด บางเรืองบางอารมณความรูสึกกเปนหนาทีของแตละคนเอง เราไมมีหนาทีไปแบกรับ อ่านเวอร์ชั่นภาษาไทย สนุกดีใช้ได้ ได้แง่คิด บางเร...
  • Willem Gheysen
    eye opener
  • Billie Pritchett
    I heard about this book, The Courage to Be Disliked, on a podcast and then was surprised to see how popular the book is or is becoming, especially given that it's a book that promotes the teachings of psychologist Alfred Adler in the stylings of one of Plato's dialogues. The basic message of the book is "The world is simple, and life is simple, too." Using Adler's psychological theories, the older philosopher character in the book guides the youn...