聲の形 2 [Koe no Katachi 2] (A Silent Voice, #2) by Yoshitoki Oima

聲の形 2 [Koe no Katachi 2] (A Silent Voice, #2)

SPEAKING WITH ACTIONSIt's been five years since Shoya Ishida bullied Shoko Nishimiya so badly she left their elementary school, because of one simple difference between them: Shoya can hear, and Shoko can't. In the intervening time, Shoya's life has changed completely. Shunned by his friends, Shoya's longed for the chance to make up for his cruelty. When it finally comes, will he find the voice to tell Shoko he's changed? And will Shoko listen?

Details 聲の形 2 [Koe no Katachi 2] (A Silent Voice, #2)

Title聲の形 2 [Koe no Katachi 2] (A Silent Voice, #2)
Release DateJan 17th, 2014
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Young Adult, Graphic Novels, Comics, Romance

Reviews 聲の形 2 [Koe no Katachi 2] (A Silent Voice, #2)

  • Raeleen Lemay
    Much more enjoyable now that the backstory is out of the way!
  • Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘
    Oh, Shoya. What is it with redeeming assholes that appeal to me, I don't know. But awww, the cuteness. No matter how repetitive I thought it was, how unrealistic some parts appear, how unbelievably forgiving Shoko is, I'm in love with the message of this series.
  • Emma
    I can't explain how much I love this manga. It's everything that I love. I just want to binge read the rest of the volumes asap!!
  • Sara Bow
    Der zweite Band hat mir wirklich sehr gut gefallen, konnte mich aber leider nicht umhauen - daher nur drei Sterne. Ich werde die Reihe auf jeden Fall weiterlesen. Finde die Message der Reihe wirklich großartig!
  • Matthew
    The main message that surrounds this series and in particular this volume is miscommunication . It works brilliantly for this manga series because Shoko is deaf and there are moments where Shoya shows his vulnerable side and she did not understand what he was saying and when asked to reiterate what he said Shoya either avoids the topic or changes them. The scars of the past are still visible and for Shoya his guilt is a burden that constrain him...
  • ˗ˏˋ klaudia ˎˊ˗
    4,5/5 ⭐ 4,5/5 ⭐️
  • ✶Rachelle✶
    5 starsI'm so happy I found this series
  • Anna
    3,5 Sterne ⭐ Hat mir um einiges besser gefallen als Band 1. 3,5 Sterne ⭐️ Hat mir um einiges besser gefallen als Band 1.
  • Arlene
    Okay, the story is starting to turn into something. I think I might like this a-hole/bully turned good guy thing.
  • Phils Osophie
    Noch besser als der erste Band. All the feels. Ich brauche meeeeeehr! Ein richtig guter Manga (und das sage ich als jemand, der sonst NIE Manga liest)
  • Linda
    the whole story is just so cute ( •⌄• ू )✧; I am happy that Shoya recognizes that he has done something wrong. He wants forgiveness and cleared thoughts. Shoko is so brave, facing her terrible and sad past. She is not crying. She is not running away. She is not hiding.Shoya's new friend is such a docile character and Yuzuru is trying her best to help Shoko through her past. The only annoying person here is Mrs. Nishimiya. I mean, I can ...
  • Justine
    This second installment was fantastic. The first one made me sick to my stomach. As a person being mocked and picked at all the time for being fat, for having panic attacks, etc. I couldn't understand the main character, who is a bully. It was pure evil and meanness. Although it did feel like the guy only wanted to get forgiven at first, it soon became a lot more than this. And what's truly amazing, what truly gave me goosebumps, was the kindness...
  • David Schaafsma
    The second volume about a deaf girl, Shoya, who had been bullied for her deafness in elementary school. Somewhat predictably, the bully, Shoku, five years later wants to apologize. And learns some sign language. Other complicating dimensions are mother and sister interactions. This is a strong and relatively recent manga series, worth checking out.
  • Loredana M.
    Arghh, I love this story to bits!! And I definitely like Shouya's path to redemption! I'm still waiting for Shouko to show more of her real self, not just half-smiles and fake expressions.
  • Luke Reynolds
    Ooh, I think I've found a new favorite manga series! Reading this has been so heartrending and gripping. Shoya's decision to reverse his suicide and get to know Shoko better to repent for his past sins is incredibly interesting. He's a very self-aware protagonist who realizes how he judges other people, and even with one questionable line that felt like fat-shaming, I'm really enjoying his redemption.Shoko is a very forgiving sweetheart. Some may...
  • Alexandria
    Shouko è il motivo per cui la vita di Ishida è cambiata. Shouko è anche il motivo per cui Ishida ha deciso di continuare a essere vivo, indipendentemente da tutte quelle X sui volti delle persone che lo circondano. Dopo il male che sa di averle fatto, l'unico suo desiderio è saperla felice e al sicuro, anche con un ragazzo che non è lui (Ishida, tonto! Quello non è il fidanzato di Nishimiya!).Shou-chan è cambiato, perché Shouko l'ha perdo...
  • Angigames
    Shoya da bulletto è diventato una vittima. Ora è completamente solo, senza speranza ne progetti futuri, l’unico gesto da fare prima della fine è quello di chiedere scusa a Shoko, per tutto il male che le ha fatto. L’incontro tra i due, tra imbarazzo e sorpresa generale, non sarà però l’ultimo passo, ma il primo. Scosso da un terremoto interiore, Shoya si ritroverà a pensare alla sua vita in modo completamente diverso, finalmente ha un...
  • Lör K.
    Trigger warnings for this volume: implied suicidal thoughts, mentioned suicidal thoughtsAnother absolutely beautiful volume of this manga. Within this volume, we see Ishida trying to atone for his sins and really working hard at it. We're shown more about both Nishimiya and Ishida, making their characters much deeper. We get to see Ishida getting past his barriers and we see Nishimiya beginning to develop more as a character.Again, I am so utterl...
  • Selena
    So after hearing the buzz around the movie that got Oscar snubbed, I decided to give the second volume a shot. The first one was a hard read for me, with the bullying and all that. This volume was easier, and I can see why we needed all that bullying to set up for this and later volumes.A Silent Voice seems to ultimately be about changing and growing as people. Shoya regrets his past actions so much that he actually plans to commit suicide after ...
  • Taylor Ramirez
    Please let the next few volumes go on sale!!! We get to see a little bit from Shoko’s perspective in the beginning. I think it was her. Then we mostly see Shoko’s little sister. She was an interesting character. Shoya also makes a friend! Who’s a bit weird but it’s nice that he’s getting on the right track.A really great scene is when Shoya’s mother confronts him about him wanting to commit suicide. It’s a really sad scene and she e...
  • Kät
    Once again, read this in one sitting. This series is so easy to fly through. I have to say I enjoyed the second volume quite a bit more than the first one, which definitely felt more like a build-up to the following ones and now the story seems officially started. I love the content and intention of this series and I'm excited to see where things go. Jumping into the next volume right away.
  • Café de Tinta
    "La amistad es algo difícil de explicar". Genial.
  • Ellen
    3.5 starsThis one didn't make me cry like the first volume, but I'm still liking it a lot.
  • the Artful Dodger
    Sheesh. That was over quick.So Shoya wants to apologize to Shoko, and he spends some time with her, but is quickly caught by a boy (I figured it out from the start) who claims to be Shoko's boyfriend, and basically beats Shoya up.Shoya makes a new friend, (two new friends) and he and everyone else around Shoko start to understand her more.Some mild cussing, a few characters take baths (nothing is shown) and some mild violence. That's pretty much ...
  • Jasmine Rose
    I so wanted to love this series. It was so so close, but I just can't deal with that ending.I know the point of this story was not the romance. The point was Shoya's growth as a person and how he opened up to other people, and that was handled wonderfully. (view spoiler)[But dammit, if you're going to include a romance, see it through! I think the ending was supposed to feel hopeful and show that life would go on for the two of them, but it serio...
  • Lastik
    Voy a decir poco de este tomo porque por ahora se va superando al anterior. Como una simple acción con una simple palabra puede cambiar las decisiones que tomamos en nuestras vidas. Lo malo que no se puede borrar el pasado...
  • Fiona M
    This is all levels of cute. Certainly carrying on the series!
  • Vanessa Kay
    *This review is for the series as a whole with 4.5 out of 5 stars*It's been quite a long time since I indulge myself into reading manga even though I never stopped watching anime, haha. I guess it's time to catch up with my manga reading list eh?Koe no Katachi or is also known as A Silent Voice wasn't really in my list, but I've been seeing a lot of post about it in my Facebook feeds and there's a movie just shown. They said it's going to be a st...
  • Nina
    It's hard to make amends, some kind of heavy burden, to make right the wrongdoings from our past and move forward. And we feel so much lighter after doing it. In this second volume Shouya Ishida, realizing the pain he inflicted on Shouko Nishimiya, decides to change his attitude and after he apologizes to her, the seed of friendship sprouts. He commits to make things right for her, seeing her smile transforms him into look at himself through a di...
  • Kenta
    Si el primero me gustó, este segundo tomo no se queda atrás. La razón por la que Shôya no hizo... eso.La verdad es que, bajo mi punto de vista la madre de Shôko no está siendo justa. Vale: Ishida acosó a tu hija, y entiendo que estés a la defensiva. Pero no solo fue él, y es el único que ha tenido el valor de disculparse e intentar arreglar las cosas, y Shôko también quiere solucionarlo.Y Yuzuru... puede ser infinitamente borde, pero ...