Will You Die for Me? by Charles "Tex" Watson

Will You Die for Me?

"Will you die for me?" asked Charlie Manson. Once all-American hometown boy, Charles "Tex" Watson answered "Yes" and thus became hopelessly caught in the dizzying downward spiral into the Manson family and into the brutal role of Helter-Skelter executioner. Finally, on the verge of insanity, Tex Watson found release from the drugs, the sex, the violence, and the mindlessness of his past. Here is his personal story-both of the Manson madness and o...

Details Will You Die for Me?

TitleWill You Die for Me?
Release DateApr 28th, 1978
PublisherFleming H. Revell Co.
GenreCrime, True Crime, Mystery, Nonfiction, Biography, Religion, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Will You Die for Me?

  • Lee Anne
    My husband saw me reading this and asked, "What more could you possibly learn about the Manson Family?" which illustrates how many books I have read on the subject. But I actually learned quite a bit from this book, one of only two first-person accounts of life inside the Family (the other being Susan Atkins' Child of Satan, Child of God--I don't count Manson in His Own Words, since that's an "as told to"). Day-to-day life at Spahn Ranch is well ...
  • Jason
    Best book on the Tate/LaBianca murders.Skip the last chapter "To Live Is Christ" Tex gets all god squad with Chaplin Ray
  • Margot Friedman
    I was six years old at the time of the Manson murders, but, like many Americans, I have spent a lifetime wondering how ordinary college kids could be turned into brutal killers. This book finally answers that question with extraordinary honesty and rich detail. Either Tex Watson, or his co-author, is an incredible writer. It is written about the level of a young adult reader and you will not be able to put it down.
  • Jeremy Kitchen
    Manson killer who was born again in jail lies a lot.
  • William Marshall
    I enjoyed this book because I've had a life long Fascination with the MANSON case but I didn't buy that this monster has found God Satan will surely be waiting to greet him when he dies !
  • Kathy
    Yes, I've been an avid reader when it comes to Charles Manson and his "Family". I know that's wierd and enough of my friend's have told me so, but I think it's my love of horror that brings me back time and time again. This is horror, just true "horror". This is the autobiography of Charles "Tex" Watson, who was among those who participated in the Tate/ Labianca murders in 1969. It's interesting to see his side of things, whether accurate or not....
  • Koeeoaddi
    So, our hero traded Mansonism for Christianity, had four kids conceived via conjugal visits, found some measure of peace and meaning and went on with his life [on the inside]. Meanwhile, the seven people he murdered are still, well, ...dead.One star above 'terrible' for the insider's peak into "The Family", though not enough new information or insight to make this really worth reading. The final Jailhouse Religion chapter and the glowing epilogue...
  • Bluerose
    How often do killers write in detail about their crimes? My curiosity got the best of me and I was hoping to gain an insight into the events of that night. Did I gain insight? Yes however the arrogance of this man was too much for me and I stopped reading pretty quickly. Then again I’m not sure what I expected from a cold hearted killer? I’m outraged that this man (if I can even call him this) can write over 100 pages detailing his truly hide...
  • Barron Dalton
    Deep in the abyss! This is of course the real life testimony of "Tex" Watson. He was in deep with the Manson clan and it did not end well for him, life in prison. The book is well written and informative. The book allows you to really see/feel the vibration within the Manson circle. One of the better "Manson Family" books to be found. I have read it more than a few times.
  • Lisa-Jaine
    Charles "Tex" Watson's account of what led him to the Manson family, why he killed for Manson and how he found God and repents. A first hand account is always going to be interesting and he fully admits his guilt. A bit preachy towards the end but still worth a read for Manson historians.
  • Ashley
    I am one of the few that feel "there's a Reason for everything" I do not think what he did should be forgotten nor forgiven, at no gain to himself he tells the story of what would become that fateful year 1969. He went from all American small town Texas boy - To close association to "Americas Most Dangerous Man".....It was sad to me in a way that WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE... Teenage years wondering is this it, I have always seen "commune life" as a ...
  • Roxanne Hylton
    I'm not much on reading books about The Manson Family. I did download this one. It was surprisingly good. Charles Watson takes you through his life before during and after his time in The Family. He expresses his frame of mind quite clearly and shows how religion and Christ changed his life and gave him meaning. If you want a seeming true account try this book. I downloaded mine free off the Abundant Life website.
  • Kayla
    I had to give it five stars, I mean this was his representation of what happened, how could I give it less than that? It was a really brave thing for him to do, too, and I'm glad he did! If you're interested in Charlie Manson or the sociological aspects of cults and such you should read it! However, I'm aware that not many people are so... :)
  • Chad
    An interesting read about Charles "Tex" Watson, a man who killed for Charles Manson. It's quite graphic at times as he describes events that took place, but in the end there is redemption and forgiveness as he gives his life to Christ.
  • Eric
    A slow read. I like the fact that this book gives a first hand account of "Tex" Watson's story. He describes the murders in detail and the journey that led up to the friendship of Charles Manson.
  • Joseph
    Dark very dark.
  • Antonio Matta
    Beautiful and very emotional. A must read, specially for those who are still young.
  • Kate