Waterfalls (Glenbrooke, #6) by Robin Jones Gunn

Waterfalls (Glenbrooke, #6)

Meredith Graham's job as a children's book acquisitions editor takes her to Glenbrooke, Oregon, where she meets the only man who has ever made her heart leap: Jacob Wilde. Trouble is, his heart doesn't seem to be leaping in response to hers. But then, Jake's a movie star. Out of her league. Still, she can't get him out of her mind. So when circumstances continue to throw the two of them together, Meri decides to pull out all the stops to win her ...

Details Waterfalls (Glenbrooke, #6)

TitleWaterfalls (Glenbrooke, #6)
Release DateNov 28th, 2012
PublisherMultnomah Books
GenreChristian Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Christian Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Waterfalls (Glenbrooke, #6)

  • Faith M:)
    AHHHHHH!!!! I LOOVEEEE THIS BOOK!!! Mer’s personality is HILARIOUS!!! There are only 2 kisses at the very end, and not crazy detailed. Mer is a Christian too, and MANY Bible verses are quoted. I really want to own this book!!! Definitely give this book a try! I can’t find anything wrong with it!!! :)
  • Blabby Gabi
    OMGOODNESS I love this book!!!! Meridith has my personality, (AKA a total wacko), has my dream future job, (a book editor at a big publishing company), can act, and does lime green alien face masks😂😂😂 I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I read it 1 1/2 times in one sitting and finished it (the second time) the moment my eyes opened this morning!!! I am in looooove with this series!!!! ❤❤❤😁😁❤❤ Robin jones Gunn is an INCREDIBLE writer!!! I...
  • CarolynB
    Each one of the books in the Glenbrooke series is unique. This one is no exception. Meredith’s story is quite different from the previous ones, but it’s just as good. There are laugh-out-loud scenes as well as tear-worthy moments. I loved it.
  • TheModestMillennial
    Okay, just when I thought I was going to have to power my way through the rest of this series by sheer force of will, I get blindsided with this wonderful book. I couldn't get enough of the characters. I've wanted to experience Jake's story ever since first meeting him a few books ago, and I absolutely want Meri to be my best friend and have decided that we are wacky, kindred spirits. This piece was well paced, had great dialogues, and the superf...
  • Rachel
    I really enjoyed this sweet and amusing Christian romance. The characters were well drawn, and I liked the plot a lot. Also, I truly enjoyed seeing how the protagonist grew not only as a person but as a believer. This series is full of both great characters and great stories where character lessons and spiritual truths are interwoven with the fun plots.
  • Shantelle
    This was the first book I read in the Glenbrooke series (though it's the sixth), and it's my favorite! I absolutely adore it! A sweet, non-typical romance set in the present-time. Movie stars and young women searching for the perfect balance. Humorous and fun, Waterfalls made a perfect summer read for me.
  • Mallory
    Shelly Graham's sister Meredith gets her own story in this book, also connecting us with a male character from a previous book in the series. Meri has a lot of good things in her life - a good job that she enjoys, a cute cabin to live in, family nearby - but is also longing for fulfillment of her teenage dreams to marry. She is gregarious and spunky, yet expects to settle down with a man like her pastor father. So when God rocks her world by brin...
  • Destiny Ann
    Well, this book was a lot more fast pasted then Clouds, for sure. Meri was a fun spunky character. Something I am not-spunky lol. There was never a dull moment with her, even though I feel like I would have been somewhat as goofy as her. I loved being back in glenbrooke with my gang. And I also loved that Meri was an editor. Being a reader and lover of books, that was cool to read about. Overall I give this book 4.5/5 ⭐ Well, this book was a...
  • Samantha Boothroyd
    Such a good book!! Easily one of my favorites in the Glenbrooke Series! :)
  • Cassandra Myer
    ugh. poorly written. annoying people. hidden christian agenda. just the worst.
  • Payton Palmer
    A great story of a crazy love
  • Amy
    Second read.
  • Elizabeth
    There were a couple of serious laugh out loud moments in this book. I read this whole series a long time ago. It's been fun revisiting it.
  • Robin
    Waterfalls (Glenbrooke Series #6)Robin Jones GunnBook Summary: Pretty, spunky Meri has never had a problem holding her own with attractive men. But her trip to Glenbrooke, Oregon, takes a decidedly interesting turn when she finds herself sharing a picnic with a man who makes her heart beat in triple time. When she discovers her picnic partner is none other than movie star Jacob Wilde, she loses her characteristic cool and ruins everything! The ne...
  • Leah
    The opening of a camp by Meredith's sister and brother-in-law brought her to Glenbrooke where she met the only man who made her heart leap, Jacob Wilde. He has other ideas about love, however. Strange ideas that work to break Meri's heart. She can't get him out of her mind and out of her life as his newest project brings them closer together.Meri is a children's book acquisitions editor and Jacob Wilde is an actor looking to turn into a producer ...
  • Kristine
    Hands down my favorite in this already wonderful series. As a teen and even into my mid-20s I relate so much to Meredith and her struggles waiting for God's timing. Sure it's idealistic, but that's what makes it so fun. What if a quirky girl really could capture the attention of a handsome movie star? Considering how far-fetched that is, I think Robin did a great job making everything around it realistic.On a side note, as a teen I found this boo...
  • Life Between Coffee Spoons
    Hands down my favorite in this already wonderful series. As a teen and even into my mid-20s I relate so much to Meredith and her struggles waiting for God's timing. Sure it's idealistic, but that's what makes it so fun. What if a quirky girl really could capture the attention of a handsome movie star? Considering how far-fetched that is, I think Robin did a great job making everything around it realistic.On a side note, as a teen I found this boo...
  • Julie Barrett
    waterfalls glenbrook series book 6 by robin jones gunn meredith is a child book editor and meets up at a family gathering where a photographer is also stopped by to see the waterfall where he plans on filming a movie. seminars and conventions bring them together and she even gets to auditionfor his movie. really like how the local people in town help and their storiesare brought up to date from previous books.I rate this story a 5 as I really lik...
  • Trine
    It was my first Glenbrooke book and very easy to read even without knowing the earlier stories, perhaps because not much of the story actually does take place in Glenbrooke. The story was okay, nothing special. All the thoughts running around in the head of our heroine slowed the pace a bit too much and detracting from the overall enjoyment. But what really annoyed me was that the blurp on the back of the book told the whole story! It is supposed...
  • Dorothy
    I am truly enjoying this series of books. This one is about Meredith who works for a publishing company to determine if a manuscript is good enough to publish. She is also the sister of Shelly who the last book was about. Meredith also has some things to get straight and in the process she does some funny stunts.
  • Christine
    I tried to like this book I really did. I loved all of the Glenbrooke Series, except for this one. This one was the lone hold out that no library in my area had. I ordered it on ebay, and anxiously saved it for a cross country plane trip.I was so disappointed. In my opinion, it didn't "read" like she even wrote it, almost like she used a ghost writer.
  • Joy Gerbode
    Another re-read, good book, a bit farfetched perhaps, but still very enjoyable. I love this author and every one of her books I will read again and again.May 2015 ... enjoyed this re-read ... love the waterfalls ... love the spiritual insight, and I love how all these books wind around familiar characters, but with entirely new and separate stories.
  • Heather
    I wanted to like this book because I'm a huge fan of Robin Jones Gunn; however, this particular book did not earn even a 2 star rating. Sorry Robin! P.S. Whispers (Glenbrooke #2) is sooo much better!
  • Brooke (i blog 4 books)
    4.5 starsThis was such a sweet and wonderfully romantic story ... one of my favorite in this series so far! Meri was a really fun character to get to know. I enjoyed the tension between she and Jake and how she is learning to lean solely on the Lord for her future. Great story!
  • Carolyn
    A delightful, Christian, romance story with humor and wit. Takes place in Oregon which gives it an extra plus!
  • Sharon
    Girl meets man at a picnic not realizing he is a movie star.
  • Amy Blott
    That love is a choice and its more about commitment than feelings. Praying with someone from the opposite sex one on one is very intimate and should not be taken lightly.
  • Michele Minor
    This is a good romance novel where both Merideth and Jake need to discover their love for each other. This is a sweet story with a strong Christian theme in it.
  • Dina
    My favorite in the Glennbrook Series.
  • Heather
    Very sweet and loving. Allows for someone to seek help through Christ about similar issues within. I only wish that the author would have continued on a bit with the story.