Thunderbird (Miriam Black, #4) by Chuck Wendig

Thunderbird (Miriam Black, #4)

In the fourth installment of the Miriam Black series, Miriam heads to the southwest in search of another psychic who may be able to help her understand her curse, but instead finds a cult of domestic terrorists and the worst vision of death she’s had yet. Miriam Black is being developed as a TV series by Starz with the producers of Breaking Bad.Miriam is becoming addicted to seeing her death visions, but she is also trying out something new: Ho...

Details Thunderbird (Miriam Black, #4)

TitleThunderbird (Miriam Black, #4)
Release DateFeb 28th, 2017
PublisherSaga Press
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Fiction, Paranormal

Reviews Thunderbird (Miriam Black, #4)

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Wendig is one of my favorite authors, and to date I must have read more than a dozen of his books. But whenever someone asks what I think is his best work, my mind always comes back to Miriam Black.Oh Miriam, Miriam, Miriam, “my fair fuckin’ lady” Miriam. From the very start she had me with her snarky spitfire devil-may-care ways, though in truth it is her sec...
  • Steven
    Dangit, Wendig! That ending! And you're going to make us wait for an explanation? Seriously? Book five had better come out this year or very early next! Bah!
  • Ashley Daviau
    That’s it. Chuck Wendig has officially blown my mind into smithereens. I honestly don’t know how he does what he does but I’m eternally thankful for it because it is bloody damn fantastic! Just when I think Miriam can’t evolve anymore, she manages to surprise me and become even more of an awesome badass character that I love with all my heart. While I do love all the murder and mayhem and craziness that goes on, my favourite part of this ...
  • Brandon
    Miriam Black is back, bitches!In Thunderbird, the fourth installment of the series, Miriam is seeking a mysterious psychic she hopes can finally rid her of her curse - the ability to foresee the death of those she touches. During her search, she becomes mixed up with a group of domestic terrorists with grand ambitions. Following inadvertent skin-to-skin contact with a member of their troupe, Miriam has a vision of their horrifying plan. Will Miri...
  • Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror
    **This is a NO SPOILER review** I'm not telling you the plot, in fact, don't even read the blurbs on the backs of these books--go into it blind, okay? Don't even read this unless you've read the others. Don't read any of my reviews until AFTER you've read these books yourself. Just know, they are all FIVE STARS and they are AMAZING! That's all you need to know.***I honestly don't know how Wendig does what he does. Here we are at the fourth book i...
  • Craig Allen
    Another EXCELLENT Miriam Black book! I wonder if there will ever be another character/series that I love as much as Miriam. If so, I've yet to encounter one in any other book. It's a travesty that this isn't a TV series on HBO/Showtime/FX, etc. Miriam is her usual foul mouthed, dark self (aka, perfect!) as she investigates the bad deeds a terrorist-like organization is up to and a mysterious young boy that might have powers of his own. Great stor...
  • Skip
    Miriam Black is a take-no-prisoners girl, who have a special ability whereby when she touches someone, she is able to see how and when they die. She also can enter the minds of birds and control them. Miriam wants to be more human and less of a freak, and is seeking a woman named Mary Stitch, whose name she acquired in the last book from Mary's sociopathic brother, who she has been told can make her powers go away. However, along the way, Miriam ...
  • Holly (The Grimdragon)
    Miriam just laughed, because, c'mon. Titmouse. Titmouse. The ranger just stood there, annoyed --blink, blink, blink--and Miriam of course explained because Miriam of course enjoys digging holes and jumping in them. She said, "Because first you imagine a mouse, a little squeaky mouse, and then you imagine a tit--a boob, a breast, a sweater monkey that has escaped its underwire cage--and now it's attached to the mouse? Like, on its back? Or the top...
  • Chip
    3.5 stars. Don't offhand recall specifically what I thought of the prior three (although I know I liked enough to keep reading them), but suspect frankly that this was the best of the bunch. Wendig seems to be growing as a writer and doing a nice job developing his style (both prose and storytelling) for the Miriam Black books. Hopefully in the next two of this second trilogy he'll start answering some of the big questions.
  • Stuart
    Miriam Black is back! On the path to rid herself of a curse, Miriam discovers that her power has more to offer than she thought.Miriam Black is attempting to be healthy. Running, cutting out cigarettes and participating in a relationship. That all goes to hell when. while out on a run, she encounters a woman with a young boy fleeing an unseen threat. Upon touching the woman, she has a vision of both of their deaths. Using her new (and badass) pow...
  • Marianne
    So.Much.Suffering... Truth be told, my empathy for poor Miriam kept me from enjoying this book as much as the others in the series. That's one effed up militia/cult:-/ The whole bird ability/thingy Miriam's got going on... creepy.And THAT ending! That's one hell of a cliffhanger
  • Emma
    Are you fucking kidding me!? Seriously? What? No! 😳 So that was my reaction ☝ I Finished Thunderbird the fourth in the Miriam Black series today, & that ending 😱 I did not see that coming.its another 5⭐ that's all you need to know. I'm not doing a review, it's best going into these beauties blind. Are you fucking kidding me!? Seriously? What? No! 😳 So that was my reaction ☝️ I Finished Thunderbird the fourth in the Miriam Blac...
  • Jennifer
    Didn’t like this one quite as much as the others. Still good though - 4.5 stars rather than 5.
  • Darcy
    I don't know, maybe because it's been a long time since the last book or maybe it's me, but this is a hard one to read. I started reading it a week ago, made it 10 pages, put it down. Then decided that this was the weekend I would read it, started over and in 2 days only made it 65 pages, which is not good for me. In 2 days I should have finished it and another book. What I liked about Miriam at the start, her rude crudeness grates on my last san...
  • Billie
    I wasn't a huge fan of the plot about the Coming Storm, but, damn, I love Miriam in all her jagged brokenness.
  • Emily
  • Mindi
    Review to follow...
  • Beau North
    I like Miriam Black. I like that she's tough and self-aware, that she knows she's vulnerable and how she's vulnerable. I've liked seeing her evolve over the course of the series. At the end of book 3, The Cormorant, she makes an important phone call and the story ends with a sliver of hope, which is dashed pretty thoroughly by the second chapter of Thunderbird. Still, in the face unbearable pain and disappointment, Miriam perseveres. She cares, s...
  • Saretta
    4.5/5Recensione Review
  • Amy
    Wendig's Miriam Black series is the opposite of suck. That's the best I can do at the moment. Read my reviews of the first three in this series if you want a more thorough, heartfelt explanation of how I feel about these books.
  • Sarah
  • Amy Braun
    Miriam is back and fierce as ever. This was definitely an unexpected turn for her story, but a nonetheless fantastic one fill with complex villains whose motives and personalities are far from black and white, creepy magic, unexpected visitors, pulse-pounding action, and gritty, razor sharp writing. I couldn't believe how much I missed this series until I started reading this fourth book. Yes, it was ruthless in almost every way imaginable (hones...
  • Francesca
    4.5/5Addio, Miriam Black. Non ti dimenticherò mai.
  • Essi | morrisongrl
    This damn book! This series! I don't know how I can wait for book five. This is possibly my favourite series ever. No,not possibly. It is. There. I said it. It's now official. Best. Series. Ever.I'm not going to talk about the plot. These books are best gone in blind. That's how I've done with each book,dived in head first,eyes closed. And I've loved every moment of each one. The ride has always been crazy. Totally insane. But still not crazy lik...
  • Corey (grimdark_dad)
    A few months back, a really cool thing happened to me. Chuck Wendig hosted a photo contest on his blog to promote his most recent book, INVASIVE. I managed to win that contest, which was amazing in and of itself. But then he emailed me, which was like....whoa. Super cool, getting an email from an author you love. Even better, he indicated that he was delaying the shipment of the box of books I had won because he wanted to hold off until he had so...
  • Tammy
    The nitty-gritty: Miriam Black is back and kicking ass in the desert! And even if you haven't read the first three books of the series, take note: I haven't read them, and I had a hell of a great time with this book. Arizona license. Steven McArdle. Got forty bucks in there and a MasterCard, both of which she pilfers. “Don’t mind if I do, you murdering dickwhistle.” A sudden nostalgic glow washes over her, like remembering Christmas from y...
  • La Reshea Jones
    I’m gonna start off this review with admitting it will be a little bias, because I fucking love Chuck Wendig. He’s one of my favorites and the Miriam Black series is my favorite series by him. A favorite within a favorite.That being said.This is the fourth novel out of six (if I’ve read information correctly) and before this I hadn’t read a Miriam Black book for about four years. And that was only because that was the actual gap of time b...
  • Andrea
    While not rising to the heights of my favorite Miriam Black book, Mockingbird, Thunderbird is a solid entry in the series that I enjoyed more than her adventures in Cormorant in Florida. This time filthy-mouthed, broken, ass-kicking Miriam is in Arizona, in the saguaro desert, a setting I am familiar with because a trip to Tucson and the Saguaro NP is one of my favorite memories from traveling the US. Miriam is looking for Mary Scissors, a fellow...
  • Andrew Benesh
    Thunderbird, the fourth novel of Chuck Wendig’s Blackbirds series, follows anti-hero Miriam Black as she barrels haphazardly down another path of personal growth and destruction. We’ve followed Miriam down these paths before – in Blackbirds Miriam discovered herself as a person with agency rather than purely a victim of fate; in Mockingbird Miriam began to learn the value of caring for others unconditionally; and in Cormorant Miriam began t...