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Would you like to double - or even triple - your reading speed, in just ONE HOUR?What if you could blast through email messages, business reports, and newspapers, quicker than it takes most people to drink a cup of coffee? How about if you could zoom through long books and other literature in just an hour, rather than the days it would take most people?In this exciting new book, best-selling author Justin Hammond shares the secrets to doubling, o...

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TitleSpeed Reading
Release DateApr 10th, 2013
PublisherInspire3 Publishing
GenreSelf Help, Personal Development, Nonfiction

Reviews Speed Reading

  • Anantha Narayanan
    Waste of time readingWish if there were a no star present... Such a waste of time speed reading this book. Not worth it
  • Sandeep
    this book has two main points(1. Reading without lips/tongue/mouth Movement 2. Don't read all words by the way read only important words as phrases.) and by the way you can't apply them on your study materials if you are preparing for any exam but if you are reading for fun only then you can apply them and you can read your book faster.This book has two main points(1. Reading without lips/tongue/mouth Movement 2. Don't read all words by the way ...
  • Rahul
    Speed Reading - Get most out of Kindle😁Well I read it just to make most out of Kindle Unlimited. Book is okayish I would say. Three techniques author has mentioned.... Which to be all honest, I already new. Nothing out of the ordinary here.
  • Kirby Ingles
    Starters Guide for those with no knowledgeJust a basic guide for those who have no knowledge of speed reading. I've know about the different methods here and the author briefly touches on them but there isn't any new revealing information that I've come across.
  • Sriram chennojwala
    An easy and quick read with a few insights on usual mistakes that readers are prone to make and pragmatic antidotes, while the other tips were fairly obvious. Also, there is no explicit mention of myths, pitfalls, tips and tricks for readers that attempt to read texts in non-native languages. It would indeed be a major value-add to the book as well as readers. However, considering the price range this falls into, it might be too much to ask for.D...
  • GGK
    Nice book, probably most authors are focused on engaging the reader as long as they can.Read last chapter first, It saves time.Good techniques are described in the book. I didn't understand the average reading speed thing in the book. There are many countries where English is not a first language, but the excersies in the book are in English. It's not a bad thing, however it's slightly out of context when comparing one's speed with someone else w...
  • Dhirendra Singh
    I didn't find it much helpful. The techniques told in this book are though good yet not much helpful. If you have never heard of these techniques then your reading speed may increase around 1.5 times but not more than that at any cost. Moreover, if you tried to increase your speed too much, you are definitely going to lose the comprehension.So I didn't find this book much useful. Although a 50% increment in your reading speed is not a bad thing. ...
  • Mandeep Singh
    It’s a short one hour read available on Kindle unlimited.Could have easily been an article instead of a book as same points are repeated over and over again.The book is actually contradictory to itself.For 7 chapters it says,faster reading will lead to better comprehension and in the last it says don’t read fast if it’s new text!What?Anyway,atleast made me aware of the bad reading habits I have.
  • Elsavio
    TrivialVery trivial and self explanatory. I didn't learn anything new. The major issue I face while doing speed reading is getting rid of sub vocalization and Reading in chunks, the book hardly addresses solution to these. It just says, don't do this. That doesn't help.Yet, it's a simple Read and anyone new to the concept of speed Reading might find some useful information here to start with.
  • Merrybrains Book Reviews
    Perfect book for speed readingThis book talks about good habits of speed reading and some bad habits that we commonly do which hinders speed reading. This was an eyeopener for me. This book also has exercise s where you can practice and find your WPM (words per minute) reading speed.
  • Ashish
    An below average book.The book is very generic and cryptic. Very limited practice passages were given in the book to check out the improvement in the reading speed. Besides no specific links were given as to where to look for more practice passages. Probably better to read a more comprehensive and elaborated book to improve reading speeds.
  • Damisha
    Good infoI generally speed read but wasnted to know if there were somethings that I could work on. After reading I found that I have a few bad habits. It was an interesting read. It is a great skill to pick up to improve your knowledge of things in the future. I will apply what I learned for the future and see how I am able to improve.
  • Robin Chatterjee
    More useful if you have a lot of bag tagging habitsMuch of this book is common sense and is useful only to someone who suffers from bad reading habits. For someone who is already a good trader this may not be benefits. One our issue the calculation of wpm actually is ii mcorrect since it calculates words per second not wpm.
  • Crystal A Ybarra
    Awesome!I was worried that reading faster would result in me not understanding what I was reading. So glad that was addressed and how my comprehension would actually increase with my reading speed! Each technique was explained well and I'm thrilled to day that I've already noticed a significant difference in both speed and comprehension.
  • Sabrina Monhollen
    A lot of great info and instruction on how to speed read. I'm already reading faster! Thank u! It also gave me confidence bc I thought I had to vocalize every word. I have always been a slow reader until now. I learned so much in less than an hour! It's a great, quick read. If u want to learn to read better and faster, this is the book. Thank u Justin.
  • Pascal
    À Quick introduction into the main concepts of spear reading. It tells you briefly what to do and that you need to practice a lot. What I found most interesting is the drawing of how usually words are transformed to sounds and then to meanings and that using spread reading we want to skip the step of transforming words to sounds and have them immediately attached to meanings.
  • Tomy Mathew
    This is a book which gives practical insights on improving your reading speed. It does not have much too complicated stuff as I had originally thought. This book teaches you a few methods which might have been known to you earlier, but never used! Following these methods actually improves the reading speed. Again, practice makes a man perfect.
  • Vivek Ghildiyal
    Nothing you won't find on the first page of google search.Nothing you won't find on the first page of google search. 2 min content spread into so many pages. I am sorry to give such a negative comment here but I think the author was not aware of the real science behind it.
  • Akash
    The techniques are GOOD. but you feel like have already know themThis book for them who read occasionally because who love to read they might come across the mentioned techniques when they were in school.
  • Danny A.
    A very useful book I really like this book. By the end of the book I was able to identify many mistakes and bad habits of mine during reading but with it's correct tips and techniques I can now enhance my reading speed.
  • Anish Kumar
    Short read with repeated stuff I couldn't find anything new in this book. The author has insisted on few points more than one. It seemed to me as if author was just publishing it for the sake of making money out of it. No new tips learnt except a few.
  • Vinodh Tharma
    Helps to understand speed read technicsBook talks about bad habits which is hindering your reading and good habit to improve your speed readings.Key to the success is practice otherwise all are just information.
    Speed Reading: How to Double (or triple) your reading speedO livro é bastante direto e apresenta dicas muito interessantes e fáceis de ser aplicadas para otimizar a velocidade de leitura.
  • Nora Truscello
    I was speed reading this book by the end of itWell written, clear logical approach. I was using the lessons as I was learning them. I look forward to catching up on all my kindle books now!
  • Nitesh Jha
    It's good feedback and technique of your reading.Good techniques are defined but must need to follow them. You need to practice a lot to increase your reading speed. Focus and surrounding environment are the main thing in mine case to increase the speed.
  • Ellice Rozer Toppo
    Grt book for improving speed reading Must read atleast once, myths while speed reading the book broken in this book.. If rules applied properly one can speed his/her speed in no time!
  • Arjun
    Basic and reiterates what you already knowThis book basically reiterates what you already know, but emphasise on the bad things you have been doing when you read and helps to correct them. Worth a read!
  • Edward Denny II
    Comprehensive at a faster pace...The right information in an understanding format which can be rapidly read and comprehended. Review length is stupid and makes me STOP filling these out.......
  • Souvik
    Thank youThis was helpful. I have a lot of interesting books to read. So I wanted to know the fastest way to read them. And this book helped me learn those speed reading techniques.
  • Raj Shriwardhankar
    This book really help me. This is book that every student should read to increase learning ability in short interval of timeThis book really help me. This is book that every student should read to increase learning ability in short interval of time