Wind Chime Café (Wind Chime #1) by Sophie Moss

Wind Chime Café (Wind Chime #1)

When single mother Annie Malone purchases a quirky Main Street café on Heron Island, she thinks she’s finally turned her dream of opening her own restaurant into a reality. Hearing rumors that a developer is about to build a five-star resort on the sleepy Chesapeake Bay island, she plans to transform the café into a premier upscale bistro. But Annie’s life is about to get a lot more complicated.Back on Heron Island for the first time in ten...

Details Wind Chime Café (Wind Chime #1)

TitleWind Chime Café (Wind Chime #1)
Release DateFeb 3rd, 2014
PublisherSea Rose Publishing
GenreRomance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Business, Amazon, War, Military Fiction

Reviews Wind Chime Café (Wind Chime #1)

  • sraxe
    You know when you're so profoundly upset over something you just have to stop whatever it is you're doing? Yeah, that was this book for me. I ended up putting this book down at several points because it was angering and upsetting me so much. Had the author mentioned in the synopsis that a central aspect of this story was 9/11, I would never have picked it up. I went back and forth with whether or not I even wanted to write this review because of ...
  • Elle Vanzandt
    Sophie MossSophie Moss is a new author to me but you can be sure I will be following her now!Wind Chime Café was simple remarkable. This was a real life story. I know that seems simple but it truly was. The characters in this book were your neighbors, sisters, brothers, and friends.I felt immediately tied to the story. With a personal connection that may not be there for some but spoke to me, Wind Chime Café was an incredible story that told of...
  • Tina Lee Harris
    I actually had the privilege of listening to this book on I absolutely loved it. The story is one that will touch every person’s heart and make them smile. There was love, heart break, suspense and the spirit of living again. This is definitely a must read.The characters were all so likeable as if you knew them all personality. And Heron Island is a place that you want to move too and raise your family. Everyone knows everyone and ...
  • Kirstie
    What a gorgeous story. I love, love, loved it! Wind Chime Cafe is a heart warming story that I could truly read over and over.Annie is a strong and determined sole parent who has held dreams close to heart and has worked very hard to get where she is. After Annie's daughter is sole survivor of a school shooting, Annie decides now is the time to move forward and begin the life she had always dreamed.Annie buys a cafe on Heron Island, in the hopes ...
  • Angela
    Ms. Moss’s Wind Chime Cafe is a bittersweet story of healing, forgiveness, and bravery. Her novel is about real people, going through real struggles, and trying to help one another heal. While the love story between Annie and Will is beyond swoon-worthy, this novel is not limited to their interaction. Most if not all of the characters within the book are treated with respect and given a chance to grow and move forward. Taylor and Will learn to ...
  • Joan
    Dnf when the reason for Taylor carrying a broom was explained. Too many ‘real life’ situations.
  • ☕ Kimberly
    Wind Chime Café is the first in the Wind Chime series by Sophie Moss. From the setting to the characters I slid right into this feel good tale. Moss delivered an engaging tale with few twists and characters that wrapped around my heart. Mini review: Small-town charm, sweet romance with a Navy Seal hero and a little girl who will steal your heart.I love small-town romances and getting to know the townsfolk. Not only did Moss give us a yummy, trou...
  • Mareli
    A very good story, sweet and tender but with a strong heroine and a good plot. Before reading this book I went through the reviews and someone pointed the link with 9/11 and how it was disturbing. I didn't find it so disturbing, but maybe not being American is the difference.I find otherwise curious there are so many books on Veterans theme. USA fought a lot of wars because they have always some kind of veterans to look after. It's strange for me...
  • Sorcha O'Dowd
  • Margo
    I hadn't gotten far before the male lead pronounced that his current need was to "get laid." There may be a good story in here, but that's where I decided I needed to check out.
  • Roberta Capizzi
    Yes! Sophie did it again! From the author of the Selkie Trilogy comes another great trilogy. I have to admit I love Sophie's writing style so I was pretty sure I was going to like this book too. The thing when you start a new trilogy by the same author is that you're still living in the previous books and are still sort of attached to the characters, so becoming fond of new ones can be hard. Not if you read a book by Sophie Moss, though. I immedi...
  • Dave
    I had every intention of purchasing this book as a combination of the compelling cover art and back cover blurb pulled me inside the front cover. Imagine my surprise (quite pleasantly, I might add) when I arrived at the Nook Store to find it was available, free of charge. Putting my author-preneur hat on for a moment, that was simply brilliant.But, on to the story, for a great front cover, intriguing synopsis, and free price point can only get yo...
  • Reba
    Brilliant life storyWow, I struggle to write a review that will do this book justice. This was a brilliant story of people. Their lives and how one Instance in their lives sets them on a chosen path. Will, the navy seal joined the military to avenge his mother and sister he lost on 9/11. Annie who wanted a better life and at a young & vulnerable stage in her life gave her heart and virginity to someone she thought loved her setting her path as a ...
  • Shayna
    I enjoyed the backstories (why who was where) and the characters and the circumstances, but mostly the peaceful setting that seemed to ground everyone. Plus, I'm a sucker for romance and heroism and flawed warriors and strong, tight-knit communities. Set against some tragic circumstances, the writing was adept at describing what it's like to navigate through unspeakable trauma and still have the ability to open up one's heart to make connections,...
  • Linda
    Annie has purchased a small cafe in rural Maryland to try and make a better life for herself and her 8 year old daughter, Taylor. But complications arise when she finds herself attracted to Will, a Navy SEAL who grew up on the island. A light romance set in a pleasant and friendly island community.
  • Danielle from Short and Sassy
    If you are looking for a truly amazing book that is not like any other, then Wind Chime Cafe is the book for you. I knew nothing about the book before I read it. Never even read the blurb. I went into this blindly and was so blown away by this book, I stayed up all night to read it. It was worth every minute of lost sleep.This whole book, for me was a breath of fresh air. A love story at it's best. Sophie Moss is a storyteller like no other right...
  • Kathleen
    Single mother Annie Malone and her daughter Taylor move to Heron Island to start a new life. Annie puts her life savings into opening a French restaurant, hoping that the small town environment will help her daughter recover from the horrible school tragedy that occurred at her school.Navy SEAL Will Dozier has returned to Heron Island after ten years to sell his deceased grandparents’ inn. When Will meets Annie, he craves the solace of her arms...
  • Kara
    Sophie Moss has stunned me speechless. With Wind Chime Cafe, Sophie has turned a tragic experience into a powerfully, moving story of overcoming fears and putting action to our aspirations. We meet Annie and Taylor who've relocated after a tragic event. The meaning and purpose of Taylor's broom is powerful as it's her security, her ability to have something to hold on to physically and mentally/emotionally to keep her grounded. Annie wants her da...
  • Mazmum
    Book Review - Wind Chime Cafe by Sophie MossWind Chime Cafe was my first introduction to Author Sophie Moss, but what a lovely introduction it was, and also a great day to actually be reading about a serving officer, on Memorial Day.. Sophie paints a very vivid picture with her writing, her descriptions of Heron Island, (the sleepy little town that Annie moves herself and her daughter to after a tragedy leaves her daughter with PTSD) that I could...
  • Sarah-Jane
    Honestly, I really liked this book. It was a breath of fresh air, a beautiful love story!!Annie is a single mum looking to start a new fine dining restaurant....Will is a many seal only back in town to finalise the sale if his grandparents property...Taylor is Annie's daughter. A broken little girl with broom.Annie is relying on the sale of wills grandparents property to make her business boom! The people who are looking to buy the inn are develo...
  • Charity Foster
    Annie moves to Heron Island after her daughter survives every parents worst nightmare. She hopes the move will help her daughter, as well as herself, put the nightmare behind them. When she has to change her dream of opening a fancy French bistro to opening a Cafe` instead, she only hopes it will be successful. Will comes back to the island to sell his grandparent's property and then quickly leave. However, when he finds out that a developer plan...
  • Victoria
    4.25++ RATING- I loved this book! Maybe because I had no expectations going in. None of my GR friends had read or reviewed and I didn't know anything about the author. I came across the book when looking on Amazon for books that were eligible to borrow through the Kindle Unlimited program.This book is a bit different than most of the romances I typically read. There is very little steam and no real sexy bits at all. But there is a romance that gr...
  • Lilmissmolly
    Wind Chime Café written by Sophie Moss is a wonderful contemporary romance that tugs at your heartstrings. The story centers on single mother Annie Malone who buys an old cafe on Heron Island in the Chesapeake Bay. Annie moves to the island from Washington, DC after her 7-year old daughter is the lone survivor of an elementary school shooting. She plans to open a French Bistro to cater to the clientele of a soon-to-be-built 5-star resort on the ...
  • Amanda (Hootie) Clark
    Wind Chime Cafe is a story that never gets matter how many times I read it. Having read it when it first released, I had forgotten all the magic moments between the characters and all the poignant details that made it such a memorable reading experience. I'm glad I decided to give it another read through because I have that same feeling of whimsy and romance as when I first finished it all over again.The story between Will and Annie is ...
  • Mary
    I received a free copy of this audiobook to listen to and review for Wicked Reads.I wanted to like this book more than I did. Will is a Navy Seal on leave who returns to Harran Island to sell his grandparents home and property. Will enlisted in the Navy after the attacks on 9/11 killed his mother and sister and has been fighting the good fight ever since. Six months ago, his squad came under attack and he was the only member to come out uninjured...
  • Kylie Lacovich (The Reading Cow)
    Annie Malone had always dreamed of opening her own business. With being a waitress for so many years, she wanted nothing more than to own her own French Bistro. After a shooting at her daughter’s school, Annie purchases a small business on Heron Island with the intention of renovating it to become her dream restaurant.Heron Island is the perfect place for Annie and her daughter Taylor to call home. It is safe, the Islander’s are friendly, and...
  • Ruthie Taylor
    I received a free copy of this audiobook to read and review for Wicked Reads.It is rare for me to listen to an audiobook, but after this, I may indulge more frequently! Sometimes being locked to the written word means that reading time is limited. Instead I was able to slip my audible device in my pocket and headphones on, whilst getting on with some chores. The story was the perfect distraction, and made the duties pass in a flash. I have also l...
  • Anny hernandez
    I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.I just finish reading this book, and I love it, love it, I wanted more, love the characters and love how the book turn out to be. I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.The story begging with Annie she is a single mom, she just bought a place, a quirky Main Street café on Heron Island, and she just move there with her Daughter Taylor, Annie was happy...
  • Lisa Shambrook
    A romance that will flutter your heartA beautiful story which hooked me immediately with an opening that pulled on my heartstrings. We begin with Annie, a single mother, arriving on Heron Island searching for a new beginning with her daughter. The author’s beautiful words weave an intricate and believable relationship between mother and child, and hint at a damaged past as they try to renovate a local café. Then we meet Will, a rough and ready...