Let Her Go by Dawn Barker

Let Her Go

A powerful and haunting novel about family, motherhood and letting go from the author of Fractured.How far would you go to have a family?What would you hide for someone you love?Confused and desperate, Zoe McAllister boards a ferry to Rottnest Island in the middle of winter holding a tiny baby close to her chest, terrified that her husband will find her or that her sister will call the police.Years later, a teenage girl, Louise, is found on the i...

Details Let Her Go

TitleLet Her Go
Release DateJun 24th, 2014
GenreFiction, Contemporary

Reviews Let Her Go

  • Sharon
    Zoe McAllister has longed to be a mother, but after three miscarriages and dealing with the debilitating disease of lupus since she was a teenager it seems the odds were against her. And then the day came when her doctor told her she would never be able to have a child, Zoe felt nothing but headache and pain. Zoe’s dream of of having a family with Lachlan was never going to happen and it was the hardest thing she would have to come to terms wit...
  • Dale Harcombe
    Four and a half starsZoe McAllister has suffered all her life with Lupus. She has also had several miscarriages before she finally finds out she is unable to have a baby of her own. She is devastated. But then her half sister Nadia comes up with a solution. Though Zoe’s husband Lachlan, who is often absent with work, and Nadia’s husband Eddie have misgivings, the women are convinced the plan will work. The plan goes ahead. In the end it doesn...
  • Brenda
    4.5★sFor Zoe McAllister the heartbreak of three miscarriages plus lupus, the disease she had had since she was sixteen years old, never went away. But the day the doctor told her she would never be able to have a child was devastating – her great and overwhelming wish was to become a mother; now it would never happen. It would just be her and Lachlan growing old together without the happy laughter of children to fill their lives.So the day th...
  • Lizzy Chandler
    Let Her Go by Dawn BarkerTwo sisters – step sisters – one, Nadia, is happily married with three children; the other, Zoe, has suffered a debilitating illness and a number of miscarriages, and finds herself infertile. Both have reasons for wanting to have a baby: Zoe, to complete her long-held desire to be a mother; Nadia, ostensibly, to help her deserving sister. After years of counselling and legal advice, they enter into a surrogacy agreeme...
  • MarciaB - Book Muster Down Under
    Dawn Barker is truly becoming one of my go-to authors for stories that highlight powerful emotional issues, cultivating them into stories which will have us constantly thinking, questioning and, for some of us, in this lifetime, experiencing. In Fractured, her debut novel, Dawn addressed the subject of oft-times undiagnosed post-natal psychosis. In Let Her Go, she attempts to decipher the complexities, ethics and emotional morass of altruistic su...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    Zoe is devastated when she learns that the disease she has battled her entire life has robbed her of the chance to have a child of own, so when her step sister, Nadia - already a mother to three healthy, adorable children - offers to be a surrogate for Zoe and her husband Lachlan, Zoe is thrilled and determined to make it work. Three years later, Nadia places a newborn baby girl in her sister's grateful arms but is she really prepared for the rea...
  • Jenn J McLeod
    I could not let it go! I had to keep reading. I love books that keep me guessing and this storyline is cleverly contrived. Also enjoyed were the well drawn characters. Their motivations and conflicts had me constantly changing my opinion of who I wanted to champion. I enjoyed Fractured, but I loved Let Her go, mostly because I think I related to the story more. BUt Dawn's writing of both books make for fabulous and thought-provoking reading. Well...
  • Book Madness (Elif)
    Bazen neden ucuz kitap alıyorum diye kendime kızıyorum. Kızma sebeplerimden biri de bu oldu. Tamam, 5 tl olabilirsin. Ama biraz okunası ol ya.Spoiler vererek kafa göz dalıyorum. Üvey kardeşi için taşıyıcı annelik yapan Nadia’nın dönekliği. Kızını elinden alırlar diye korka korka yaşayan Zoe’nun acizliği. Karısının taşıyıcı anne olmasına aldırmayan bir adet gamsız koca Eddie. Çalıştığı madende birinin öl...
  • Kathryn
    Wow! The back of the book says “LET HER GO is a gripping, emotionally charged story of family, secrets and the complications of love.” And I can testify that “gripping” and “emotionally charged” are very appropriate adjectives to use. If anything, I think this is even better than Fractured, and I gave it 5★. A word of caution, however: this is perhaps not the best book to be reading if you are very hormonal or feeling excessively em...
  • Susan Angela Wallace
    Let her go by Dawn Barker.Zoe and her husband Lachlan have been trying to get pregnant for years. She has had 3 miscarriages and have been told she cannot have a baby. Her sister Nadia offers to surrogate for her and gives her a girl. But can she give her up and let Zoe have her? This was a moving and emotional read with brilliant characters. I cannot begin to understand what the family went through. Bought tears to my eyes. 5*. Highly recommende...
  • Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling
    My View:Intense, fast moving with contemporary social issues, a great read.Have you ever read a book where from the very beginning you go “oh no, something terrible is going to happen, I can just feel it?” This is one of those books; from the very first page I was hooked and I was on hyper alert, I just knew this narrative was not going to end well. I was conflicted, I was so engaged with the narrative, with the characters, with the plot line...
  • Kathy
    Dawn Barker, yet again, has that amazing ability to be able to get into the minds of her characters as well as the reader……loved ‘Let Her Go’ from the very first page. Zoe is inconsolable when after numerous miscarriages discovers that the disease she has battled since she was 16 has also robbed her of the chance to have a child of own. Nadia, Zoe’s stepsister and a mother of three, offers to be a surrogate for Zoe and her husband Lachl...
  • Faye
    This is the second novel of Dawn Barker, I loved this one as well, touching story and interesting subject felt for all of the characters. Definitely an author I want to read more of.
  • Mel Roberts
    Such an emotional story which had me in tears a number of times.The subject of infertility affects a lot of families, not just the couple struggling to conceive. Whilst surrogacy offers a solution, its far reaching effects and consequences can be felt for a life time.I liked the way to book covered how this affected every family member, not just Louise and her parents. More detail about her brother and sisters would have been valuable though.I wa...
  • Lauredhel
    Zoe clings to baby Louise on the Rottnest ferry: "Zoe turned to look out to sea. She hunched over so that her chin covered the head of the baby held against her chest, as if they were one being, as if she could make enough room for the child to simply melt into the space in front of her heart, where no one could ever take her away. Is that how it would have felt to have borne her?"As the story unfolds in shifting timelines, we find out why Zoe is...
  • Janine
    This book had me hooked from the very beginning. Dawn's previous book "Fractured" was one of my top picks for last year, and this new one is up there as well.The subject of surrogacy is a painful and controversial one but the author handles this issue so well, as she is a Psychologist as well as an author. You see things from all perspectives, the surrogate mother, the adopted mother (who are step sisters), the two husbands and of course the chil...
  • Kate
    I was surprised by this book. I could see where the book was going, and at one point I wondered whether I should pursue the story, but Barker flips between families and times which leaves a shadow of doubt about ones assumptions and the story becomes quite the page turner. I found Barker's first book "Fractured" a much more compelling story, perhaps due to the subject matter and the consequences that followed, though this story is by no means les...
  • Allyce Cameron
    I think that Dawn Barker could be the next Jodi Picoult! 'Let Her Go' is even better than her debut and 'Fractured' was pretty impressive. It was just such a difficult situation and I really felt for all the characters involved. I was so heartbroken but also really happy-it was such a bittersweet ending. I would highly recommend and I think mature readers would probably appreciate it more, especially if they have had kids themselves. Such a good ...
  • Sarah
    Not bad! It was an entertaining read but kind of felt like it lead to nowhere! I kept waiting for something....
  • Janine
    I didn't enjoy this as much as Fractured but still a great read. I found Zoe annoying at times which made it harder to identify with her.
  • Angela
    I was really torn on this one. (There are some spoilers so tread carefully). It's so well written, and the plot flows so smoothly, that other than the somewhat abrupt ending, I really enjoyed reading it. However, and here's a disclaimer: I neither have nor want kids, so maybe it was for this reason that I 100% could not connect to the 2 women who were the main characters in this story. I found them alternatingly selfish, annoying, overly dramatic...
  • ☘Tara Sheehan☘
    This was a difficult book to read in an emotional context and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. The writing isn’t the problem, it’s just that it touches upon some really difficult subjects and as a mother I felt as if I kept putting myself in the shoes of each of these women wondering what I’d do in their shoes.Living in the States where surrogacy is such a common practice, widely accepted across most of the country and there are ve...
  • Linda Tilling
    A 4* review for Let Her Go by Dawn Barker which i downloaded from the Author on my kindle. "After years of struggling to conceive, Zoe and her husband face the prospect of never having a family. When Zoe’s stepsister, Nadia, offers to be a surrogate it presents the perfect solution for everyone" Sounds like a dream come true, or does it? With Zoe's husband Lachlan donating the sperm, a baby girl Louise is born and Nadia hands the baby over to h...
  • Dilara Kol
    Herkese merhaba 🙋♀🙋♀🙋♀🙋♀ @yabanciyayinlari'ndan cikan Dawn Barkerin ikinci kitabıni bitirmiş bulunmaktayım. Gene ilk kitabında olduğu gibi aile ve ailenin önemine yer vermiştir.Kitap sıkıcı değil okurken sizi yormuyor tam tersine sizi gitgide bağlıyor. Konusuna gelince; Dediğim gibi aile üzerine yazılan bu kitap yazarın diğer kitabımdan farklı olarak bu sefer taşıyıcı gebelik konusuna yer vermiştir.Hik...
  • Pippa Ainsworth
    Let Her Go opens with Zoe and her husband Lachlan facing infertility. Their only options are adoption or surrogacy. Zoe's health means that she will never carry her own baby successfully. Her sister Nadia has a solution but the repercussions from the agreement they make will have far reaching consequences in the lives of both women and their families.This is a quick read, I finished it in one sitting on a quiet afternoon and I found the book comp...
  • Michelle Lindo-Rice
    "She had never understood how much she wanted children until the doctor had told her that she couldn't have them." Zoe McCallister wants a baby more than anything. But what happens after you get what your heart desires? I loved that the author tackled the issue of surrogacy between sisters. The conflict with the family dynamic made for a good read. It made me think. But, I didn't fall in love with Let Her Go. The writing isn't the issue but as th...
  • Sarah MacIntyre
    A really emotional read. Stepsisters Nadia and Zoe are leading different lives. Both happily married however, Nadia had three children and tells her woes of how hard it is and how tired she is. Zoe is resentful as she is desperate to be a mother but has had three miscarriages and it is not going to happen. Despite deep reservations from the two husbands Nadia offers to be a surrogate for Zoe. The baby is then biologically Nadia's and Zoe's husban...
  • Thebooktrail
    A really really emotional book. I found it tricky to read and that’s no fault of the book or the writing which was evocative and vivid - the story was very compelling. I had no idea of the issues involved with surrogacy and this kind in particular. The author is a child psychiatrist which explains a lot of how she really nailed the authenticity of the story and feelings - it just floored me though. Some very dark subjects involved here too but ...
  • Helen
    *recieved by netgalley in exchange for an honest review*As much as I got hooked on the storyline, I found it took forever for me to get into the novel. I really didn't care about what was happening until three quarters of the way in. If I had selected it through amazon I probably wouldn't have carried on with it and it would have joined my did not finish like. However, because I got it via Netgalley, I did read the entire book and like I've said ...