Her Stolen Past by Lynette Eason

Her Stolen Past

A STOLEN BABY When Sonya Daniels finds a kidnapped baby's birth certificate hidden in her late mother's home, she's shocked. What was her family's connection to the child, still missing for over two decades? And what happened to the little girl? Sonya hires detective Brandon Hayes to help her get to the truth. But someone doesn't want the truth to come out and will stop at nothing to keep them from investigating. Sonya knows the guarded cop won't...

Details Her Stolen Past

TitleHer Stolen Past
Release DateAug 5th, 2014
PublisherLove Inspired
Number of pages288 pages
GenreRomance, Christian Fiction, Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, Suspense, Mystery, Category Romance, Christian, Harlequin, Contemporary

Reviews Her Stolen Past

  • Kav
    Eason is an expert at drawing out suspense. I've read nearly every book she has written and have loved each one. She has the incredible ability to balance suspense and romance which always makes for a rich, satisfying read. And, oh my goodness, the tension! The mystery! The 'Ack! Run! Duck!' moments!!! I got all smug about half way through thinking I'd figured it all out. "Ha!" I scoffed at the imaginary author in my head, "I've got this baby al...
  • Sarita
    This was my favourite of the series. The suspense/action started right from the first page of the book. The mystery also kept me guessing right till the end. I thought at one point I knew who the killer was but was wrong - Lynette made me jump between two suspects but caught me off guard at the end.The relationship development was also more graduate even though the attraction/love was there very fast.Forgiveness and reconciliation was again a str...
  • Ruth
    No one can write such exciting mysteries! I love the "Family Reunions" series, both as a series and also as stand alones. You will not be disappointed as this is another riveting, nail-biting inspirational suspense from Lynette and I highly recommend it! What a great writer and lovely Christian lady.
  • June
    Sonya finds a diaper bag and birth certificate in her mothers closet when she's cleaning after both of her parents died. Only it's not her name on it. She has to wonder who Heather Bradley is. She goes to Finding the Lost to see if they can figure out the mystery. Within a week, all heck has broken lose. Sonya is being shot at, someone's leaving notes and attacking her to warn her off looking for Heather.Brandon takes the case of trying to figure...
  • Anita F Napier
    I generally like Eason's books and I like this one: the topic of forgiveness is good. However, I did feel as though I was dropped into an ongoing story. I realize it is part of a series but good series should be able to stand along.
  • Patty Moller
    Great bookKept you guessing right up to the end. Couldn't put it down. Good ending to the series Family Reunion. Great
  • Carrie
    Her Stolen Past is a Love Inspired Suspense novel written by Lynette Eason. The novel is about Sonya Daniels, a hospice nurse who has a mystery to solve. While going through the personal effects of her late mother's home, she finds a birth certificate for a baby who had been kidnapped but never found. Brandon Hayes is a police detective who also works as an investigator for Finding the Lost, a private agency. He is hired by Sonya to find Heather ...
  • Laura Hannaway
    Bearing in mind I haven't finished this quite yet and this has nothing to do with the central plot, but is it just me or does Brendan's parents' attitude STINK!!! I know forgiveness I a bit of a problem of mine (I've never really agreed with the Prodigal Son for this reason), but they were utterly useless parents (the best he can come up with is one happy childhood memory and the fact that they weren't physically abusive!) yet when he eventually ...
  • Sharon
    Lynette Eason always writes a good mystery. This book is the last in the Family Reunions series, so I would suggest reading the others first to get a handle on those characters and not to miss out on their adventures. However, the book stands alone. Sonya Daniels finds a baby's birth certificate in a diaper bag hidden in her recently deceased mother's closet. She discovers that the baby was kidnapped 28 years ago and hires a detective, Brandon Ha...
  • Brenda C. McAllister
    EXCELLENT!!!!!!!At first, I was disappointed in the way it started, with that hint that Sonya was the baby that had been kidnapped, but then the twisting and intrigue started and I got caught up in the story and every fast-paced, page-turning aspect of all that was going on. Way to go,again, Lynette. Ilook toward to more of your fast-paced, exciting stories. Thank you and may God bless you as you continue to write these stories keeping Him clearl...
  • Dianne Sidebottom
    Certainly suspense in this story as you turn the pages. Who was/is Heather Bradley? Simple enough question but a complex finding out. Brandon needed to come to a place of peace with God and his parents before Sonya could have a relationship with him. That didn't take long but he went to someone who had first hand experience in processing this matter n got help. Outsiders are better to go to than family in times like this.
  • Beverly S
    Romantic suspenseI enjoyed this story. The writer kept me guessing until the end. Sonya finds a birth certificate in the closet at her mother's house and hires a company to find out who Heather is. Brandon and his sister Erica take on the case. Brandon and Sonya have to dodge bullets and bombs on the way to finding the truth.
  • Janice
    When Sonya consults with Brandon, she is wanting him to help her understand why her beloved,deceased mother has a kidnapped baby's diaper bag and birth certificate in her closet. In this fast-paced romantic suspense, both Sonya and Brandon make important discoveries also about themselves and each other. These discoveries are what we all need to learn!
  • Bonnie
    Her Stolen Past by Lynette Eason was a very good book. Lots of suspense.Sonya Daniels hires detective Brandon Hayes to find out who Heather Bradley is. Sonya found her birth certificate in her mothers closet when her mother passed away and Sonya was cleaning. There is a twist in this story. A must read.
  • Michelle
    Another great romantic suspense from Lynette Eason! I loved Sonya and Brandon. From the beginning chapter the danger begins and the action never let up. If you've never read anything from this author, you really should start.
  • Ashley
    Another great romantic suspense from Lynette Eason! There was a lot of suspense and even though I figured out some of the mystery, there were still quite a few surprises. I hadn't read the first two books in this series, but I was not lost at all.
  • Lisa Feindt
    What a great series!Love the medicine in this book! All of the characters were neat but I really enjoyed Brandon's finish! I also admired Sonya's way of leading him and not judging ....also her standing up for her convictions...loved it...God's love and will prevails!
  • JoAnn
    This was a good ending to this series. I enjoyed seeing how the family came together and continued to grow. This particular story was very interesting and had lots of twists and turns. It took me a while to figure out the killer and the reason why was a good mystery. I enjoyed the book a lot.
  • Jackie Layton
    I enjoyed this story from beginning to end. The action started on the first page. Lynette Eason takes you through the story wondering who was behind the kidnapping and killings. You won't be disappointed if you read this book. Romance, suspense, and forgiveness all wrapped into a great story.
  • Lisa
    Yet another awesome story by Lynette Eason. The Family Reunions Series is three strong stories so far as "Her Stolen Past" delves into Sonya and Brandon's story.
  • Lindah
    Loved it! My favorite sub-genre and a great love story based on trust. Good plot twists.
  • Paula Shreckhise
    Really loved this series family reunions. Nice ending to a good series. I like that Lynette is right on in portraying the faith of her characters.
  • Glenda Parker
    This is the last book of the Family Reunion series. It is an awesome book that is a must read. You'll love her characters and the fast paced story, it's one you won't want to put it down.
  • Patricia
    i enjoyed reading the story. i liked that it is a clean but suspenseful good story. and a little romance added in.
  • John Hanscom
    Maybe 3 1/2. Pretty standard except for one unexpected plot twist.
  • Bernette Beals
    Her Stolen Past reviewHer Stolen Past is the third Christian romantic suspense book in the Family Reunion series written by author Lynette Eason.