The Little Book of Mindfulness by Patrizia Collard

The Little Book of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the easy way to gently let go of stress and be in the moment. It has fast become the slow way to manage the modern world - without chanting mantras or finding hours of special time to meditate.Bring these simple 5- and 10-minute practices into your day to find freedom from stress and ultimately, more peace in your life.

Details The Little Book of Mindfulness

TitleThe Little Book of Mindfulness
Release DateApr 7th, 2014
Number of pages96 pages
GenreSelf Help, Spirituality, Psychology, Nonfiction

Reviews The Little Book of Mindfulness

  • Amna
    I was introduced to Mindfulness as an approach from my psych classes when we discussed CBT and other therapy methods. This book added much more to my knowledge, and helped me think about ways to infuse mindfulness in my own daily life. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone, and I think it could actually be a very thoughtful gift.Truly uplifting, hopeful and peaceful.
  • Jo Woolfardis
    Everything said is pretty much fact. We are living in a too-fast, too-full, too-horrible world and we need to slow down before we kill ourselves. We don't need a book to know this, we already know. Perhaps some need a book to have it drilled in to them, or they don't quite understand until someone will a prefix to their name says something about it. It is the same with everything: we are just too lazy, too secure in our capitalist, consumerist wo...
  • Jan
    The book is from Patricia Collard, NOT Julia (or it should be her 2nd name)I've bought this nice little fellow last December 2014 during my trip to Newport Beach (California) and love her short practices. You try them one by one during your coffee or lunch break and are very effective for your daily health. Back in Europe, I make use of her advise to find a personal training schedule trainer to personalize my daily mindfulness practices.
  • Kathryn
    This little book is perfection. It gives little ideas for finding mindfulness each and every day. It is sprinkled with lovely artwork throughout the pages. It is pure joy.
  • Sakina (Y.L.) Angel
    A cute little book with charming illustrations that I saw lying around in the library a few times. Bought a copy to give to someone for a present and decided to sit down and have a read. The small size makes it great for carrying around, and the exercises are simple - mostly yoga or variations of breathing exercises but packaged into a nice reminder when mindfulness is the last thing on your mind.
  • Kiranmayee vajapeyazula
    When i started my journey to healthy living in aug 2015, i stumbled upon aided in my yoga practise and yet i enjoy each breath i breathe.
  • Amy
    Great guide to help you focus and relax, not overwhelming, just 5 or 10 minute exercises.
  • Emma
    I enjoyed this book. It's a great intro to mindfulness even if you've already glanced at articles online, and there are plenty of exercises to get you into the mindset. Unfortunately, something like 90% are physically impossible for me so I didn't get the full benefit of the book, but I would definitely recommend it.
  • Lydia Atkins
    I read this book quickly on a train journey which is perhaps not the best time to read it... Or maybe it is...?Anyway, it's a nice little book with a few sayings to make you think. Really though you need the time, space and capacity to carry out the exercises to make full use of it though. A lovely principle to consider though.
  • Andi
    This was a cute, quick read. I feel like a lot of these practices appear in a similar fashion in either my meditation app or in yoga stretches. I have read a lot on the topic of mindfulness; I don't feel like this offered any new insights. Good for a person just embarking on a mindfulness journey.
  • Alfred Timothy Lotho
    The content was really great; however, the manner of presentation made it a little less interesting than it actually is. The author does not also put a personal touch to it making the book devoid of any emotions and "relatability". It was as if I was just reading an article on the web.
  • Roger Woods
    Excellent little book of meditations and simple exercises to encourage mindfulness and relax and de stress.
  • Yuliya Yurchuk
    Ця книжка справді дуже маленька, її можна брати з собою будь-куди, щоб інспіровуватися на різні медитації на усі випадки життя:)
  • Bridget Parler
    This book was helpful for me and a pretty quick read. I found that due to the format it was a quick way to get the information and practical application. If you are looking for book that will go very very in depth and explain the history etc. of mindfulness this is not that book. If you are looking for a very quick summary of mindfulness and exercises to try .. you may enjoy this book.
  • KatieMc
    This was a little Christmas present in 2015. It was a thoughtful gift from the lovely person who walks my dog twice a week. Sadly I don't get the whole meditation and mindful awareness thing. I meant well and I sincerely tried the exercises but it just don't grok the concept.2016 reading challenge checks the box for 9. A book that’s under 150 pages.
  • Kathleen
    Beautiful Little BookI was looking for a simple book on mindfulness. Found it addition to great exercises to stretch both the mind and body.
  • Victoria Mata
    Inspiring and helpful. It is a useful guide to begin the journey of recovering the awareness of our bodies and the peace and headspace we need in our lives.
  • Abi
    This was my random pick on book depository from bestsellers. Unexpectedly it brought me handful of peace from my busy life - I hate meditations and this book helped me to calm in a much easier and friendlier way, good one!
  • Nicholas Shaw
    I think this could act as a perfect gift/prompt for someone that needs to slow down a little bit in life. The book is very small which I think would invite readers to try and divulge it in one sitting, plus points for accessibility. I was also really impressed by the overall appearance of the book, fonts used and illustrations. A little quality can go a long way.As for the contents, I feel this would only be useful for a beginner. It basically in...
  • Roman
    This short book is a great resource for both experienced mindfulness practices and novices. It gives a good, basic introduction, though I recommend reading some more background materials if you are completely new to mindfulness. It then focuses on a diverse number of mindfulness practices, from simple breathing exercises, to body movements, applying mindfulness to specific situations such as stress, illness or loss and even other practices such a...
  • Tracy Gaughan
    I really enjoyed this book. Easy beginners guide to meditation. Short 5-10 min sessions, so nothing overwhelming. I use the techniques as often as I remember. Really useful when you find yourself getting impatient in queues, anxious in traffic, unsettled in waiting rooms or supermarkets or stressed-out at any time in any way. It's all about being kind to yourself; being more aware of the present moment; mindfully listening, eating, walking, speak...
  • Rachael (Taylor&Kensington)
    Wonderful little collection of ideas to be more mindful. I especially loved the little poems. I am excited to reference this in the future as I incorporate more mindfulness ideology into my daily life!
  • Sydney
    ** 4 STARS ** I have become so interested in the concept of mindfulness, and I think the Little Book of Mindfulness was the perfect book to begin learning more about it. This was such a cute little book, but it was full of so much useful information. I will definitely continue using the exercises within this book in the future! I can't wait to continue researching more about mindfulness and hopefully be able to master it someday!
  • Esraa
    I think would have enjoyed the book much more if it had more figures explaining the exercises. For a person who is new to meditation, it is hard to depend only on a description of a pose.Sometimes I had to google the poses and that rendered the book useless, since it was easier to just continue using the resource I found.
  • Alicia
    Perfect little book, particularly for those who are new to mindfulness. While I've practiced mindfulness through classes and yoga, this is a great pocket-sized book to bring anywhere and fit in a refreshing mindfulness session in our hectic lives. I've even recruited my mom into practicing with me using this little book :)
  • Jane
    This was bought for me by a friend whilst I was in the first few weeks after having lost my Mum. In fact I had it with me when I travelled back for the funeral. It has been in my bag ever since and I reach for it every now and again and read an appropriate exercise or thought. A very thoughtful gift
  • Katie
    This definitely had a great deal of exercises that could be used to be more mindful of your own body but I don't feel overly inspired to be more mindful but I want to be that's why I've started reading books like this. I also loved the artwork and pictures in the book, as well as the quotes and poems, they were beautiful.
  • Lacey
    LoveI love this little book. I'm working on being more mindful in my everyday and Collard's tips and practices are totally doable. The little illustrations are cute and calming too.