Duck in the Fridge by Jeff Mack

Duck in the Fridge

It’s time for bed, but that doesn’t mean it’s time for the same old boring bedtime story. This one starts with a boy who discovers a duck in his fridge. Soon there are more ducks, and the only thing they are interested in is having fun. So the boy gets some dogs to scare them away…but things don’t go quite the way he planned. More and more animals arrive, and soon there’s a party. Will the boy ever be able to get to sleep? Filled with...

Details Duck in the Fridge

TitleDuck in the Fridge
Release DateSep 2nd, 2014
PublisherTwo Lions
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Humor, Storytime

Reviews Duck in the Fridge

  • Archit Ojha
    Hold on, you say there is a duck in the fridge!Oh my, this one cracks me up all the time. Listening bedtime stories from your father is adventurous when he narrates some amusing incidences of his childhood days. This time, it will be about ducks. There are ducks everywhere! Time to call : 1-800-DUCK-B-GONE.
  • Beverly
    I won "Duck In The Fridge" on Goodreads First Reads. It is a wonderful book with great illustrations. The story is so funny. Great book. I love it!!!
  • Cheryl Gladfelter
    In this book there's an illustration of a duck wearing a book as a hat, with the most gleeful expression. That duck may be my spirit animal.
  • Diane
    A father tells his son the story of why he always reads Mother Goose to him at bedtime. "One night, when I was a kid, I found a duck in the fridge." So, how do you get rid of a duck? Call 1-800-DUCK-B-GONE? No, they only make the problem worse by sending sheep to scare away the ducks? They weren't scary enough. The dogs just stayed up all night playing cards. The cows threw a wild party. Maybe scaring them wasn't the answer. Maybe reading them a ...
  • Erik This Kid Reviews Books
    DUCK IN THE FRIDGE – come on the title is awesome! *hee hee* This story is all out fun. Every time I turned the page (after I had calmed my giggling down), I’d giggle again! Mr. Mack has written a very funny, wacky book about a dad telling his son about a time when he was younger and had to get someone who didn’t want to fall asleep to fall asleep! His illustrations are cute and light-hearted. Ducks are just funny too! I like all of the lit...
  • Rebecca
    A dad answers his son's question, Why do you always read me Mother Goose before bed?, by explaining how when he was a boy, he found hungry intrusive ducks in the fridge. So he mail-ordered sheep that just encouraged the ducks' bad behavior, then mail-ordered fun-loving dogs bought to scare the sheep that were purchased to frighten the ducks, and, finally, procured a herd of mail-order wild-partying cattle to unnerve the dogs that were bought to s...
  • Margie
    In my wildest dreams I've never opened anything inside my home expecting to find something alive. (I did open a bathroom vanity one time to find a mouse waving at me, but that's another tale for another time.) Those beings are much better at existing in the outside world. For this reason Duck In The Fridge (Two Lions, September 2, 2014) written and illustrated by Jeff Mack is hilarious before you've even read the story.My full recommendation: htt...
  • Margaux
    All about how mother goose started, this book reminded me of a picture book version of Fortunately, the Milk because it's a crazy dad story.
  • Jennifer
    Short and sweet. A lovely book if your children like farm animals.
  • mary kailihiwa
    Not exactly...Not exactly what I thought was going to be a quality night time read. Story in itself is o.k., illustrations are too busy.
  • Dorothy
    Fun to read book with bright colorful illustrations.Great for bedtime.
  • Mikayla Taflinger
    In the beginning, a son asks his father why he always reads him mother goose before bed. he said that one night he found a duck in the fridge the duck had mad a mess so he went to go a towel only to find out there where ducks everywhere in his house he couldn't do anything without there being ducks so he called 1800 duck be gone they sent him a kit to get rid of the ducks and they sent a sheep. the sheep did not sure the duck rather he just added...
  • Viviane Elbee
    This is a really funny and silly book with goofy illustrations (and a goofy plot).I love that you can call 1-800-Ducks-B-Gone.It had several fun puns which the kids had fun repeating to their friends. It's also good for beginner readers that are about a level 2-3 on the numbered early reader books. My niece was able to read and sound out most of these words.
  • Krystal DeLoach
    Really funnyThere is a lot of puns and very funny jokes in this book if you read this to your kid I would definitely recommend getting a little stuffed duck and putting in the fridge for them to spot and see!!!
  • Duong Truong
    Kiddo loves this book! Laugh out loud fun. Paints the picture well with outstanding illustrations and narrative. I would recommend this highly to folks with kids between 2-5 years old.
  • Venetia
    Good night readI enjoyed reading this to my toddler because it kept his interest. He didn't turn away once. He liked the pictures of the animals as well as my animated reading of the text. Not too short or too long, which is also a good thing. I recommend it.
  • Stephanie Davis
    I thought this book was fantastic. It's about a boy who's father reads him Mother Goose stories every night. It's really cute how the story came together and I loved the illustrations. A great book to read to your child at night.
  • Deborah
    Entertaining and cleverMy 2 1/2 granddaughter loves this story and wants to read it every night. This is one I don't mind reading repetitively as there is humor for the adult readers.
  • Chris Gibson
    I wasn't keen on this one. It got to the point where half way through the book I asked Noah if he would like me to stop reading.But he shouted at me and said he was enjoying it. So hey what do I know.A 5 year old thinks its brilliant. A boring 32 year old thinks it's not that great!
  • Nancy E. Cox
    The book was a fast read and also funny. Great illustrations that I think young children would like.I think teachers as well as parents would benefit by having this in their library. I would love to have it in my class library.
  • Amber Griffin
    This book would be a fun book to keep in a classroom library. I remember I've read books from Jeff before, but never this. I recognized the writing style and the illustration style. This would be a fun read that would definitely catch children's attention.
  • Cassandra McFarland
    Very cute!Very cute book for a 3 yr old! Loved the ending. I felt that it was rather short though. Will read again.
  • Eric J. Mogensen
    Nicely done, with a pro-reading messageMy 3 year old is asking me to read it again right now, otherwise I'd leave a longer review. Cheers!
  • Alyssa Smith
    My three year old couldn't stop laughing. Very cute book and if it fosters a love of reading in her I will have fond memories of it indeed. Ok I was laughing too.
  • Nicole Green
    From my six year oldWe really liked this book because it was the right amount of silly to get us ready for bed. 😀
  • yusi
    Very good and fun book This book is really fun!!!I love this book.I want to read the next book too.I think everyone would like this book.
  • Hillary Poussard
    Fun quick bedtime storyCute story for young children. A lot of fun characters. This would be a really good read aloud book too.
  • Kelly
    A boy wants to know why his father always reads him Mother Goose before bedtime, so his father tells him the long, strange story.
  • John Hach
    Fun stuffThe boys and I read it together and they cracked up. Good for early elementary kids and their parents alike
  • Angela
    CuteThis was a cute story. My son really enjoyed it and thought it was pretty funny. It kept him engaged till the end. We didn't expect the sweet ending.