Endless Water, Starless Sky (Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, #2) by Rosamund Hodge

Endless Water, Starless Sky (Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, #2)

In the last days of the world, the walls of Viyara are still falling, and the dead are rising faster than ever.Juliet is trapped—ordered by Lord Ineo of the Mahyanai to sacrifice the remaining members of her family, the Catresou, to stave off the end of the world. Though they’re certain his plan is useless, Juliet and her former friend Runajo must comply with Lord Ineo’s wishes—unless they can discover a different, darker path to protecti...

Details Endless Water, Starless Sky (Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, #2)

TitleEndless Water, Starless Sky (Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, #2)
Release DateJul 24th, 2018
PublisherBalzer + Bray
GenreFantasy, Retellings, Young Adult, Romance

Reviews Endless Water, Starless Sky (Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, #2)

  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    Top Five Reasons Endless Water, Starless Sky is For You:1. You love a good YA fantasy riddled with treachery and darkness2. You love a retelling with so many twists it is almost unrecognizable3. Zombies! Or are they?4. Beautiful almost lyrical writing that will suck you in5. You love to expect the unexpected
  • Cesar
    3.5 stars.Endless Water, Starless Sky was an overall decent finale to this duology. Not the best one out there, but it at least ended on a good note. That being said, my issues with this finale have to do more with what happened in the middle rather than the end.Being that EW,SS is a sequel, I won't go in-depth with the plot to avoid spoilers, but I will point out some structure issues.Endless Water, Starless Sky is supposed to be the solution to...
  • CatholicBibliophagist
    I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Endless Water, Starless Sky, the second half of the story begun in Rosamund Hodge's previous novel, Bright Smoke, Cold Fire. And after practically swallowing it whole, I can report that it does not disappoint. It is, however, very hard to discuss without giving away spoilers to anyone who hasn't read the first book. Therefore, my remarks will be general.As usual, Hodge's prose is beautifully written, and ...
  • Julie Davis
    Romeo had looked at a Catresou girl and loved her. He had believed that Juliet was more than a weapon, and that it was worthwhile to love her, however little time they might have. He had died believing it.Juliet had believed that once too.She couldn't free her people. She couldn't free herself. And she couldn't save the city from its doom.But she could be like Romeo, and learn to love her enemies. She could protect these people around her for wha...
  • Suzannah
    This is the followup to Hodge's previous book Bright Smoke, Cold Fire. To recap: Romeo and Juliet, where Juliet is a clan assassin in a last city beseiged by zombies and protected only by the blood sacrifices of a creepy sisterhood. Also, there are necromancers, and Paris and Rosaline Runajo are viewpoint characters, and however you think this book is going to go, you're probably wrong (unless you guessed that it would turn into a surreal and tot...
  • Theresa Scott
    This book finishes the latest duology by author Rosamund Hodge. On the surface, this duology could be described in the briefest sense as "Romeo and Juliet with zombies in a fantasy universe", but that description does no justice to the complex and interesting world of the novels. It would tempt comparisons with such recent works as "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" which was a funny mashup of a classic with the recent zombie fad. Hodge's book is ...
  • Ellie (faerieontheshelf)
    Undoubtedly a step up from Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, Endless Water, Starless Sky still suffers by being bogged down by the factors that made the first instalment a weak read, but it also delivers with beautiful worldbuilding, a dark and rich atmosphere and ornate prose. These are the redeeming factors, undoubtedly, and things that Hodge has always impressed me with. On the flip-side, I struggled with staying invested. Whilst the second half of the...
  • Brendan Hodge
    As the second half of a duology, it's harder to review this one by describing the plot, because Endless Water, Starless Sky really does follow so tightly upon Bright Smoke, Cold Fire. If you haven't read the first half, go read it right now and be glad that you haven't been like the rest of us waiting for more than a year to find out how the cliff hanger would resolve!Overall, the duolgy re-imagines the story of Romeo & Juliet in a fantasy world ...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher via Edelweiss*Genre* Young Adult / Fantasy*Rating* 3.5*Thoughts*Endless Water, Starless Sky is the second and apparent finale to author Rosamund Hodge's Bright Smoke, Cold Fire duology. With its heartbreaking and shocking finale, Bright Smoke, Cold Fire left readers wanting more—and anxiously awaiting the release of this conclusion to the series. This is Romeo & Juliet like you’ve never seen it before. This new series reima...
  • Melanie
    Endless Water Starless Sky is the sequel to Rosamund Hodge’s Bright Smoke Cold Fire. This duology (I hate that term, but there’s not a great word for a pair of books) is a sort of postapocalyptic adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. The world is broken, and has been for a hundred years since the “Ruining”. The city of Viayara is a small island in a sea of death and to leave the city’s walls is to be killed by either the white fog or the “r...
  • Anna Mussmann
    Plunging back into the world of this duology required a little will-power. After all, part one had ended not just with tragedy all around but with darkness and a stench of blood that made me cringe. I had forgotten much of the plot, and at first I struggled to reconnect with the characters. Then Hodge’s Romeo walked across the page, and I was in. I cared. Naturally, everything got even worse. Naturally, everything was a overwrought and melodram...
  • Bethany Powell
    MINOR SPOILERS kinda. At last! The previous book left off at a bleak place--friends turned against each other, and terrible things done for seemingly good reasons. I was curious how it could possibly be turned around, and whether it was in the cards to get a happy-ever-after....I'm happy to say this story picks up with all our beloved characters and gives them the chance they're looking for to make things right.More in-depth review to come after ...
  • Celia McMahon
    Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for a chance to review this title. I apologize for the late review as I just read the first installment of the Bright Smoke, Cold Fire series. Endless Water, Starless Sky so I could read this one. This book was amazing, just as the first and I could not put it down. Every character had heart and I felt for them. This book actually made me cry a little!This would be awesome or the teens to read and anyone look...
  • Meghan
    I received this book as an advanced readers copy and have read the first installment of the Bright Smoke, Cold Fire series. Endless Water, Star less Sky is a continuation of the adventure of Romeo and Juliet and how they found eachother. This book was filled with adventure and suspense that all you want to do is read on. The introduction to the supporting characters in each chapter had an easy transition for the reader to follow and relate to the...
  • Teresa Mary Rose
    More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand LivesWith the ending to Bright Smoke, Cold Fire I had been dying to get my hands on this one and this turned out to be a solid conclusion. This book has a great cast of characters with so many intertwined relationships.The angst in this book is real! Romeo and Juliet are both fighting on opposite sides of a war and neither ever seems to realize what the other is up to. Waiting for them to run into one an...
  • Roki
    I've been waiting for this since "Bright Smoke, Cold Fire" - Hodge set up a masterful cliffhanger in the first volume of this series! - and was not disappointed. The story picks up immediately, with a reimagined Romeo and Juliet both trying to find a way to be together without killing each other or their families, all while striving to save their post-apocalyptic city from a Master Necromancer and from the Realm of Death itself.I was caught up in...
  • Ruthsic
    This sequel raises the stakes in a world built on bloodshed and death, and if you think things were dire at the end of Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, well, this one is going to hit you hard. So, at the end of book 1, Runajo had parted with the Sisters to save Juliet from execution, Paris was killed by the Master Necromancer (who was also revealed, but I can't discuss it here because !spoilers!), Romeo is a fugitive, and the Catresou were implicated in ...
  • Megan
    There are some books, that while I enjoy them, I have no issue putting them aside to go and do other things. This book made me late for work one morning; and it made me about 15 minutes late coming back from lunch because I was nearly done and I knew that I would not be able to face the afternoon without knowing what happened. It is beautiful and harrowing ending to the first book of the duology, Bright Smoke, Cold Fire.
  • Laura
    3,5/5 "Once they were both alive, and then only one of them was." This was an enjoyable reading. Surprisingly. I wasn’t a big fan of the first book because I guess I wasn’t really into it. However, I admire Rosamund Hodge because I feel that it’s not easy to rewrite such classical story. I haven’t read many rewritings of Romeo and Juliet. I was happy to be back in the story even though I had prejudices. I was really drawn into the relatio...
  • Nara
    After the ending of Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, I was very curious as to what direction Rosamund Hodge would be taking the sequel.I felt that initially events crawled at a snail's pace overall, meaning there were unfortunately a lot of points, at least in the first half, where I felt quite bored. However, Hodge really turns it around in the latter half, with a lot of major events occurring quite early and then snowballing forward into subsequent rat...
  • Garrett Olinde
    Grimdark, but good. Only passing resemblance to Romeo and Juliet.
  • Louisa
    Oh, man, this book was so fantastic! Such a great sequel, so much happened, so many heart-pounding moments, and was just so great to read! Very satisfying ending!
  • Lenna • Sugar Dusted Pages
    What a weird, weird book . . . 3.5 RTC
  • Lucy
    A fast-paced but ultimately disappointing sequel. When I read Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, I was instantly enchanted. It had a brilliantly original premise - Romeo and Juliet set in a Sabriel-esque high fantasy world of magic, necromancy and political intrigue. I also loved Hodge’s protagonists, Paris and Runajo, and the slow-burning development of their friendships with Romeo and Juliet. Endless Water, Starless Sky is a let-down on both these fron...
  • Allison Ruvidich
    Thank you, Balzer + Bray, for the ARC!This was a mixed bag for me.I've been a fan of Rosamund Hodge since she wrote Cruel Beauty. The element which draws me back to Hodge time and again-- her ability to recreate the atmosphere of myth and folklore, combined with her lyrical prose-- is still present here.It's hidden, however, by the heavy-handedness of the Romeo and Juliet retelling. I don't understand why she chose to emphasize this so heavily. H...
  • Alianoraree
    This book may be my favorite of the four of Hodge's I've read. The others have all had a couple bumps and seams in the story fabric, but Endless Water, Starless Sky… this book was one long theme park ride, full of swerves, fear, and exhilaration all the way to the end. (view spoiler)[An end which, thankfully, was not depressing the way I'd feared, but still avoided the "And they all lived happily ever after" which would have rung false after th...
  • Caitlyn
    "Journeys end in lovers' meeting— / Every wise man's son doth know" — Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene III. This was a mess of a book, so this will be a mess of a review:Unpleasantly distant characters who are broken—yet their brokenness is not elucidated, or unraveled, but assumed and devoid of baroque, sympathy-eliciting complexity. A grisly fête, a monstrous oddity, an existentialist, purgatorial excrescence of a world on the lipless maw of...