Rescue Island (Flynn's Log, #1) by Stone Marshall

Rescue Island (Flynn's Log, #1)

If you lived in Minecraft, would you survive? Follow Flynn on a journey through Minecraft filled with trouble and danger as he battles spiders, skeletons, zombies, and creepers.Flynn’s memory is hazy. He wakes up in a strange world and faces two huge surprises... First, his body has transformed. He is no longer a human. He is a Minecraft character! Second, he is totally alone.Will Flynn survive? How did he get in Minecraft? Can he get out? Find...

Details Rescue Island (Flynn's Log, #1)

TitleRescue Island (Flynn's Log, #1)
Release DateApr 22nd, 2014
GenreChildrens, Fiction

Reviews Rescue Island (Flynn's Log, #1)

  • Jayzoo 33
    I knew nothing about the Minecraft game before I read this book, and yet I was immediately drawn to Flynn's adventure log and the unique characters. Stone Marshall is a master story teller and engages the reader with drama, mystery, intrigue, and a few lessons for us mortals left in the real world. No matter your age or gender, you'll find Flynn's Rescue Island a place that you want to visit on your next journey. Stone MarshallMinecraft Adventure...
  • Veronica Rosa
    My six year old son and I read this together. He has an obsession with Minecraft and well, I enjoy the game, too. ;)We both quite enjoyed this book. The simplicity of the language made it easy for him to follow, although it was by no means juvenile or childish. It is written in first person present tense, which took me a few pages to get the hang of since I usually read 3rd person, past tense.The spiders had me cringing, hate those darn things an...
  • Dina Roberts
    I had so much fun reading this book. I actually read it all in one sitting, which is very rare for me.It's a story I've imagined, and I'm wondering if most other Minecraft players do as well. What if you got sucked into the world of Minecraft? The story has suspense, adventure, and great surprises.I look forward to reading more books from the series.
  • VGA
    I know, I know. I know EXACTLY what must reviewers would say about this book. Listen. This isn't usually my type of book. But I got a whole bunch for free a few months ago, and I'm just now reading them. So yeah.
  • Karissa
    Flynn's Log 1 is an exciting story of survival within the digital world of Minecraft. Despite being disoriented and then injured, Flynn has to quickly acclimate to the world; he builds shelter, risks his life for food, and encounters dangerous creatures from the world of Minecraft. The ending is really intense and exciting!Flynn is believable, and more than that, as a reader I really wanted him to survive and achieve his destiny. I don't want to ...
  • Reed Lawrence
    This book makes me reminisce about my days when I played survival servers with my friends or by myself, I was always disappointed when I had to put this book down to do other thing. For anybody hoping for a great adventure, even if you don't even know what mine craft is, I would suggest this book.
  • Geri Lawrence
    I am a grandmother who has 9 grandkids who love to play Minecraft. I didn't know anything about the game, but they told me to read this book, so I did. What a treat! I really enjoyed it! It is written in 1st person and takes Flynn on several adventures in the game of mine craft. Somehow he has fallen into the game. He doesn't know how he got there, but now he must learn to survive. Now when they are talking about mine craft I have an idea what th...
  • Isaac Ramirez
    It's a great book.Its about a person that forgets how he got into a digital world like minecraft. He makes some new few friends and challenged death many times.He struggles survive.later in the story a zombie tells him that he has a destiny to stay then she disappears.Mad by the fact that she left without telling him what the destiny was he also became scared.The book has a lot of adventure and creepy parts.
  • Lauren
    I gave this book to my younger brother (about 10 years old), as a present since I got it through Goodreads First Reads, and asked him what he thought of it after he had read the whole book: "It didn't deserve five stars because the words were kind of repetitve. The beginning was also kind of creepy. The good thing was that when you read the first chapter, you get hooked in, and go "hmm, let me read more" and you get more and more hooked in. My fa...
  • Lauren
    This rating is an average of my child's take on the book and my own. We spent an hour this afternoon reading this together, until the very end (which is a huge cliffhanger).As a grownup, I had a hard time with the writing style and the story wasn't my cup of tea, but I can't deny the pull the story had on my 4 year old (that loves playing minecraft). We normally play safe mode, so some of this story was scary for the little one, but he always wan...
  • Rickie Hinrichs
    I could actually see this happening. The internet has a way of controlling all ready. Mind control is how he got into the game by my estimation, now can he survive, is he alone, can he find a way out before he is caught by the many traps, if so at what cost. Thank you goodreads for a interesting book. Can't wait to see the next book in his adventure.
  • Miranda
    This has to be one of the best Minecraft books I have ever read! Stone Marshall's writing style is really powerful, and I love the character development between Flynn and Verve and Kahn!! Great job Stone! I'm sure I'm gonna buy the next book in the series!!
    This is a well written take-off to the Minecraft game. It's a short book with an Interesting plot and enough twists to keep you interested. It's short enough that it can be read on your Kindle in an afternoon. I'm looking forward to the next installment.
  • Hazel
    My 9yo absolutely loved this. He doesn't typically enjoy reading but this book caught his interest and held it and he can't wait to get the next one
  • Sarahanne
    If I were an 8 year old this would be a five star story. As a middle aged gamer it was still pretty fun to read. I'll. be looking for the paper version as gifts.
    Best. Book. EverI love it! It's so awesome and funny! I wish I had WiFi so I could download the next book.
  • Christian
    I love this book from the Moon and Back. Even for being in highschool this was a good book to read for my self reading time. I loved the plot and the different events that happened in this book. I cant wait to read the other books in this series.Thanks for making such a good book, Stone Marshall!
  • Garrett Zecker
    So, full disclosure: this read was meant for me and the little guy. The little guy is a feisty, Minecraft-obsessed six year old who I read to every night. We have made it through hundreds of picture books, and we are working on reading some chapter books. We started Harry Potter, we are a third of the way through the Oz books - we switch things up all the time... And then he saw this little treasure on my Kindle and we just had to read it. At the...
  • Sam Friedman
    Plot: In the true tradition of Minecraft, this book didn’t have much of a plot until about two-thirds of the way in. It was mainly about the main character named Flynn running around a Minecraft-inspired world, fighting giant spiders and zombies as he builds his fortress on Rescue Island, where the majority of the action takes place (here’s the map). Later in the book, he meets Zara, a zombie who has been deprogrammed and exists in the game t...
  • Jen Winters
    I utterly rave about this book to everyone I know who plays Minecraft. I adore the story that Stone Marshall has created here. Flynn finds himself suddenly a digital player in a Minecraft world; the story takes you through his days beginning as a new digitized person and how he comes to find his purpose in the game.The best thing I can say about this book is that it gave my daughter the desire to learn to read. I am a homeschooling parent and I w...
  • Lisa
    I recently got this one as a free Kindle book and thought it would be a perfect book for my 8 year old son. Reluctant readers need something that interests them and this is perfect for him. For now I am reading it to him, but hope to get him to read some to me as well. So far he is loving it!As far as attracting the attention of a reluctant reader this book was 5 stars. I don't think my son has ever been as excited to get back to a book.He even w...
  • Jason Lybbert
    ((talks about some plot, and a small summary(no spoilers)) I really liked this book, because I like Minecraft stuff and I like the characters, and I really enjoy the way it was written and also the story behind everything. If you want a brief summary, this book is about the main character Flynn who wakes up and doesn't know where he is and doesn't recognize the environment around him. He starts to remember things throughout the book and keeps a L...
  • Rebecca Gatzlaff
    This book is about a boy named Flynn who doesn't remember who he is and how he came into the game (Minecraft) and his adventure on Rescue Island. I didn't like this book. First, it was too short, the characters weren't fleshed out and it wasn't well written. The thing that bothered me the most about this book was how they described the gameplay. I felt like the Stone Marshall was putting children down and he was asumming the reader knew nothing o...
  • Christopher Menatti
    What would happen if you got stuck in a game. How would you survive. The author is Stone Marshall. Flynn's Log: Rescue Island is a book where a boy named Flynn is sucked into Minecraft and dose not remember anything about his physical life. The book was really creative because he was looking for a portal and right at the end of the book he found the portal and had no choice but to go through it. It was also sad because his cat blew up. But he got...
  • Tia
    In my kids opinion "Flynn's Log 1: Rescue Island" is awesome! They enjoyed the day to day of what Flynn went through, the adventures he had to deal with, and the scary spiders!I enjoy watching my kids play Minecraft, but reading about it is not something I liked very much. I felt like this book was a bit mechanical, and maybe because it's about a person who wakes up inside the game so he must think a bit computer like. It's not a scary book and w...
  • Bram Slaats
    I only found out it was a childrens book after I finished it.Even so I must say that I enjoyed it. The language is simple enough to follow for the lower grades while the story still has enough mysteries to intrigue older readers.Even though it was a fairly short story I liked that we had some structure in it without it looking like we just step in and step out of someone else's story.
  • Obed M. Parlapiano
    Nice kids book. It's a simple and entertaining book aimed for kids, specially if they play minecraft (who doesn't this days? )Easy to read, and entertaining, for an adult is not that amazing of course.. But for a two hours read is not bad. Again, for a kid I suppose it would be much more fun.. It's interesting overall. Interesting adaptation of the game
  • Regina Borysenko
    I don't play Minecraft but my kids do and my daughter loved this book. It was longer than I expected which was a nice surprise. The story was enjoyable for both of us and left my daughter always wanting to hear more.