Transmetropolitan, Vol. 7 (Transmetropolitan, #7) by Warren Ellis

Transmetropolitan, Vol. 7 (Transmetropolitan, #7)

The hammer has come down on him but outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem has managed to stay one step ahead of his detractors - I.e. the President of the United States and his authoritarian lackeys in publishing and law enforcement.After losing his byline, bank account, and apartment, Jerusalem and his Filthy Assistants have legged it underground, the better to implement his plan. What plan, you say? Why, the plan to bring down the President of cou...

Details Transmetropolitan, Vol. 7 (Transmetropolitan, #7)

TitleTransmetropolitan, Vol. 7 (Transmetropolitan, #7)
Release DateNov 1st, 2002
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Science Fiction, Fiction, Cyberpunk, Comic Book

Reviews Transmetropolitan, Vol. 7 (Transmetropolitan, #7)

  • Sesana
    Spider as underground journalist makes even more sense than his turn as toast of the town celebrity journalist. Best of all, he hasn't forgotten things other than his vendetta against Callahan. This, I think, is the really interesting thing about Spider: he's so furiously angry because he actually does care, hard as that can be to see sometimes. And the stories that show that side of him are some of the best in the series. Not much forward moment...
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    Don't get me wrong, Transmetropolitan reeks of truth and I am quite in awe that what Ellis "revealed" more than a decade ago still applies nowadays, well in fact, nothing has really ever changed. The city is ugly, the poor being oppressed and the governement doesn't care.But from a narrative point of view, Transmetropolitan has dragged me for quite some time. Save for some action scenes, hasn't there been anything new, something that wasn't estab...
  • Sam Quixote
    President Callahan's psychotic hounding of Spider Jerusalem continues with the murders of all witnesses who witnessed Callahan's misdemeanours while on the campaign trail. Except this time the murderers stop by to pay Spider a visit too. Spider also finds out there's something wrong with him, and it's not any of the things his filthy assistants would attest to. Confronting his mortality, he sets out anew, posting his "I Hate It Here" columns via ...
  • J.M. Hushour
    "Something's not right. I can feel it in my left testicle." So speaketh rogue journalist and truth-terrorist Spider Jerusalem. Banished from the mainstream media for his lacerating attacks on the President, Spider goes full-on underground to take down the White House. This volume breaks down into three interconnected story arcs: Spider's investigation of child prostitution, the mishandling of the treatment of the mentally ill and the general hell...
  • S.
    Darick Robertson, I heart you. Review to come.My reviews of the Transmetropolitan series:1. ‘Back on the Street’2. ‘Lust for Life’3. ‘Year of the Bastard’4. ‘The New Scum’5. ‘Lonely City’6. ‘Gouge Away’
  • kaelan
    Spider's Thrash doesn't depart much from the established Transmet formula: gruesome violence, corrupt authorities, lengthy wanderings through decrepit streets, with Spider Jerusalem waxing poetic about the decline of the city and the simultaneous futility and necessity of human hope...But the present volume also finds, for the very first time, Spider's mortality coming to the fore. I'm interested to see where Warren Ellis and company go with this...
  • Joshua
    I've said it in previous reviews but this series just gets better and better. This book I think has more and more short story like chapters, but despite this you can see Warren Ellis building towards a climax that is gonna leave the reader spellbound.
  • Sam Quixote
    President Callahan's psychotic hounding of Spider Jerusalem continues with the murders of all witnesses who witnessed Callahan's misdemeanours while on the campaign trail. Except this time the murderers stop by to pay Spider a visit too. Spider also finds out there's something wrong with him, and it's not any of the things his filthy assistants would attest to. Confronting his mortality, he sets out anew, posting his "I Hate It Here" columns via ...
  • Benoit Lelièvre
    This series is freakin' frustrating sometimes. It's been established like, two issues ago, that Spider would wage war to president Callahan and all there was to issue 7 is how Spider saying over and over again how he's going to take down president Callahan. It offered very little in terms of development and even less in terms of Spider's superpower: writing. There is a great opportunity lost in SPIDER'S TRASH as he discusses the lazy and corrupte...
  • HeavyReader
    This story gets more and more complicated, weirder and weirder, better and better.This installment is especially full of cutting commentary about current fucked up aspects of contemporary society, thinly disguised as commentary on a distant future distopia.
  • Jennifer
    Oh, the drama surfaces. I am beginning to feel this series should be required reading in sociology classes. Except I'm not sure I'd expose college students to this level of profanity and violence... oh who am I kidding.Spider, Spider, how do I love thee. Don't be a martyr to the Smiler!
  • Dan
    For those who don't know this series it's basically Hunter S Thompson in the future. Spider Jerusalem is a ranting hack who will stop at nothing to get a story and bring down those he hates - which is everybody. Writer Warren Ellis is a literary god in my book...albeit a god with a sick mind.
  • BellaGBear
    This series is getting better again :D And sadder :/. I think this series will be finished way to quick for my liking from now on.
  • Will Boncher
    This series just keeps getting better and better.
  • Joni
    Séptimo tomo otra vez conteniendo un arco argumental de tres números centrados en la historia y los tres restantes unitarios que siguen plasmando el universo Transmetropolitan y sus personajes principales. En principio sigue la historia de Spider echado del periódico donde escribía sus columnas y su pase a la clandestinidad que no hace más que potenciar su verborragia y poder oral y escrito. Ya está declarada la guerra entre él y el entran...
  • Otherwyrld
    This volume feels like someone is thrashing about looking for a hook to hang a story on, and I can't tell if that someone is the protagonist or the author. There are a lot of good pieces here, but it all feels a bit disjointed when read as a whole. There's also a sense of a lack of movement in the underlying plot. For all that, there were parts of this story that were really good, and at least there are a few hints about where it will go next. Th...
  • Zec
    Like most Comics, TV Shows and God-forsaken Movie Sequels, Transmetropolitan has been treading familiar ground for quite a while now. But, Warren Ellis is still able to keep things fresh and twisted enough to be as entertaining, infuriating and depressing as always. The child prostitution standalone story was heartbreaking and peak Transmetropolitan. Plot-wise, this volume is a little slow, but it does raise the stakes and we do see an even more ...
  • Spencer Hughes
    Oomph. As hard-hitting as ever.This issue, Spider Jerusalem tackles personal demons, abuse of public office, child prostitution, mental illness, and, as always, the deep, monumental indifference of the gray-faced masses. A cynical, dour, and tender examination of modern society, through the scathing lens of an angry but ultimately small journalist.In this episode, we learn that fame does not make one powerful, and that showing people the truth do...
  • Vittorio Rainone
    Puntata interlocutoria per Transmetropolitan, ma al solito molto interessante e irrobustente per il contesto di quella città malata in cui Spider Jerusalem ha deciso di sopravvivere, dopo il licenziamento dal Word. Peccato che stia montando qualcosa dentro di lui: è malato e non sa se supererà il domani, si ostina a raccontare collezioni di racconti di gente ai margini, per preparare un grande scoop che sembra sempre più lontano. Sempre più ...
  • C. Varn
    Ellis really gets momentum here and the comic seems to have actual stakes, although the violence also seems to apt up. The farce and satire now seem contained by the Ellis's narrative momentum, and this helps focus the book even more clearly. Spider looks into child prostitution and increasingly homeless problem while being essentially on the run, and thus the social commentary gets profoundly dark even for Warren Ellis.
  • Anthony
    this volume touches on a lot of social welfare issues in The City. not the most riveting volume, but does a good job adding nuance to spider's persona, depicting as someone who actually gives a shit. we also peak into Spider's possible decline. there are also tons of panels that really flesh out street life in The City.
  • Martin Chalupa
    The pace of story in this volume is a bit slower. But still it is moving forward and it is not just empty wondering about how world is a bad place. I've noticed that the whole series is slowly being more serious as well as the main character. There is less crazy inventions from future then in previous volumes.
  • Karen
    I can’t wait to cosplay this guy again. I wish I could get everyone I know to read these.
  • Friz
    more of a set up for what's to come. a solid explanation of Spider's latest caper and a great cliffhanger as the last page.
  • Cyndi
    Will Spider finish his mission?
  • Andrew Huey
    This volume was pretty intense. Ellis is keeping things interesting, and telling some good stories.
  • Drizztl
  • Đenis
    Slabšie číslo. Spider uniká s popredia publicity a je vyhodený zo Slova. Uchyľuje sa k underground správam Diery a píše bez cenzúry a obmedzení o stave a problémoch Mesta.
  • Jeraviz
    Baja el nivel pero porque allana el camino para lo que va a venir. Aún así, cada página te hace pensar.
  • Ian
    As an individual volume, great. Grim and meditative and surprising.In the context of the series, it's wheel-spinning. I don't mind a change in pace, and it makes sense that not every single beat of the story should be about Spider taking down the Smiler, but the last volume hit such a frenzied high that Ellis really had to slam the brakes to bring it back down.