東京喰種トーキョーグール 6 [Tokyo Guru 6] (Tokyo Ghoul, #6) by Sui Ishida

東京喰種トーキョーグール 6 [Tokyo Guru 6] (Tokyo Ghoul, #6)

"組織化された喰種たちが、「CCG」を潰そうとしている──!" 不穏な動きを見せる「11区」。そこは、リゼが元いた場所だった。おぞましい計画を万丈から告げられたカネキの下に、リゼを追ってきた「11区」の刺客が現れる。「アオギリの樹」を名乗る喰種集団の真の目的とは──!?

Details 東京喰種トーキョーグール 6 [Tokyo Guru 6] (Tokyo Ghoul, #6)

Title東京喰種トーキョーグール 6 [Tokyo Guru 6] (Tokyo Ghoul, #6)
Release DateJan 18th, 2013
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Comics

Reviews 東京喰種トーキョーグール 6 [Tokyo Guru 6] (Tokyo Ghoul, #6)

  • Magdalen
    Soooo much information that I guess we didn't see in the anime or is it my poor memory? Anyway the plot gets better and better..more and more action is taking place as the volumes go on. I love it. PS: PROTECT KANEKI-KUN AT ALL COSTS!
  • Sushi (寿司)
    Il volume 6 finisce cosi? Questo è quel momento in cui vorresti il volume 7 e poi ricordi che non puoi andare in fumetteria o comprare su Amazon fino ad Agosto perchè sta arrivando Rimini Comix e che alla Mondadori sabato scorso uno dei pochi volumi mancanti era proprio il numero 7. Ho un altro sconticino del 15% per luglio sempre alla Mondadori quindi spero arrivi. 🙏 (Altrimenti agosto.)
  • Aya Hamza
    This volume is so intense and full of action.Crazy ghouls are EVERYWHERE!The manga is so good so far. Definitely will read the the next volume.
  • Mary ♥
    Love the Ghoul Anatomy in this one
  • Julia Sapphire
    3.5 stars
    أنت لديك حظ سيءسيء جدا لكن , من الذي سماه بالحظ السيء ؟الحظ , لا وجود له إنه مجموعة من المواقف ومن الشخص الذي تسبب بكل هذه المواقف ؟من ؟ من ؟
  • Kät
    Interesting...very interesting where the story seems headed. I'm cautiously intrigued.
  • j
    Can anyone tell what the hell is going on during the fights in this manga? All Ishida does is draw big nonsensical whooshes between the fighters.
  • Aleksandra
    The actual rating is 3,5 stars.This volume felt like a filler book. I watched anime so I know the bare skeleton of the events and I was anxiously waiting for Some Bad Things To Happen (guess it'll be in next volume). So I was kind of disappointed. To be fair, vol. 6 had lots of interesting & important scenes for plot in the future. Unfortunately they are uncomparable to previous volumes in intensity. Things were relatively moderate. There're a lo...
  • Fatemeh
    خدایا، چرا این مانگا انقدر غم انگیزه؟ -_-
  • Nasser Salah
    well. this volume its not interesting as i thought it would be. lot of nonsense. and now keneki investigating who made him a ghoul. that's the only interesting thing i encountered. i hope the volume won't be same as nonsense as this.
  • Shannon
    This is finally getting a bit more interesting with the entrance of the new ghouls and factions and whatnot.Sorry I don't have much else to say, but the volumes are starting to blend together. One of the things I find really interesting is the different hierarchies of the ghouls and that the ghouls all have complexities like a human would. It's not just a "KILL ALL HUMANS" -type of thinking. That's really this series' strong-point because it make...
  • Romie
    I'm disappointed in this one? Like nothing much happened and honestly it was quite boring. I hope the next one is better!2.75
  • Saif Sayed
    This is one of the best book of the series so far! The story has developed so well and new-coming characters are very interesting!! The Aaogi tree looks troublesome !
  • Nərmin
    I liked that we got information about ghouls and their types! It was so entertaining to read about them.I don't like Juuzo's character. And not Ayato's character either. Ayato is handsome but cruel and jerk. It was beautiful to see that Touka care so much about Kaneki.))And Banjo was quite fine and sweet guy.However if we talk about sweetness, I have to mention Kaneki-kun again and again, as you would get diabetes from his sweetness. I understand...
  • Audrey
    There was a whole lotta backstory and not much action in #6, but I’m not saying that as a bad thing! I don’t think that I enjoyed this one as much as the first five, but it was nowhere near bad either.
  • Radwa
    The 11th ward and all the crazy ghouls in it are the focus of this volume.The spotlight on Rize's past and her death is getting intense, and I liked Banjou's character. It's too violent, and we get to know a little bit about Touka's life, I'm interested to know more about her.
  • Susen liest
    Mal wieder so schön schräg, obwohl mir das manchmal ein paar Psychopathen zu viel sind - da fehlt ein wenig der Kontrast ^^ Aber schade, dass mal wieder so wenig passiert ist - seit zwei Teilen habe ich das Gefühl, dass die Handlung nicht wirklich voran kommt, aber da muss man dann halt unbedingt gleich weiter lesen ;)))
  • Yukino
    TOKYO GHOUL vol. 6Bello bello. Qui ci sono un po’ di rivelazioni e la storia ci complica. Non vedo l’ora di leggere il prossimo. Anche perché non può mica può finire così il volume!!!
  • Andre
    1) Deutsche Rezension2) English Review 1) Deutsche Rezension Wie in den vorherigen Bänden bekam man hier einige gute Kampfszenen und Horror aber es ist für mich immer noch klar wo die Toleranzbotschaft nicht funktioniert und es sind immer noch so einige Probleme im Aufbau dieser Welt. Sicher, wir kriegen endlich eine Erklärung bezüglich der RC-Zellen und Krallen der Ghule, wenn es auch einem neuen Jäger (der einfach auftaucht und ziemlich sc...
  • ✿ cassandra ✿
    Woah! So much shit has yet again happened in this latest volume! I actually really love Ishida's art style and the way he can tell such a complex story... But I know that next volume is gonna be a hard one to read... *cough* Centipedes... *cough*.Why is Ayato so fine, even if he is such an asshole?
  • Waukesha
    Just when I think I have heard it all....vol 6 shows me I'm wrong. This series just gets better and better
  • Clarissa
    A solid volume. This was more of a set up for the ghoul gang: the Aogiri Tree, but it still moved the plot forward. Kaneki is captured by this underground faction for a yet to be revealed reason. Also, I did enjoy learning a bit about the anatomy of a ghoul.On to the next volume.
  • Shanya Putri Siahaan
    uh, okay... this one is the most different to the anime. i hate that this manga has so many precious characters!! it's like... not every bad guy is a bad guy, after all.
  • Amir Arman
    استثناعا این سری بهتر از انیمه بود بنظرم یه چیزایی خوبیو توجیه کرده بود
  • Miriam
    Glad to see Ken trying to not be pushed around all the time.The Ghoul Investigators were boring in this installment and had too much page time for not enough action. Apparently they have Something Big planned.Lots of new baddy characters.
  • Anna
    Sarò monotona...ma non posso che ripetermi nuovamente!Questo manga è assolutamente fantastico!In questo volume compaiono nuovi personaggi davvero interessanti (Banjo all'inizio non mi piaceva, ma sono arrivata all'ultima pagina quasi commossa a causa sua). Kaneki rimane ovviamente il mio preferito, e che dire...si preoccupa per Touka quando è lui ad essere in pericolo. Questo manga non è assolutamente centrato su una storia d'amore......
  • Lanie
    Amazing. I loved Banjo and Ken is a special little cinnamon roll. :) he's such a sweet. Loved the brother thing. Definitely adds a new side to Touka. The gang story was great. very interesting. I'm not as invested in the doves story, but I did like how we used that Little creepy one to explain about the different kinds of powers the ghouls have. :) even if I forgot most of what we learned within the hour. Art is stunning as always. Definitely loo...
  • Nur Ötken
    Çok iyiydi! Ben bu bölümü çok beğendim. :) Aslında hep iyiydi ama Kaneki için olayların gidişatının en büyük değişimi bu bölümde gerçekleşti. Beyaz Güvercinlere karşı savaşan saldırgan bir gül topluluğu ortaya çıkıyor. Ayrıca Rize'nin geçmişi ile ilgili sır perdesi daha da karanlık hale geliyor. Çok heyecanlı bir yerde kaldı, umarım yedinci cilt çok beklemeden çıkar. :)
  • Michael Schmid
    Gerade ab der Hälfte weicht der Manga stark vom Anime ab, was ich richtig mega finde und allgemein kommen einige Erklärungen in diesem Band vor, die ich sehr im Anime vermisst habe... alles in allem, bin mega ghoul fangirlie xD xD xD