東京喰種トーキョーグール 8 [Tokyo Guru 8] (Tokyo Ghoul, #8) by Sui Ishida

東京喰種トーキョーグール 8 [Tokyo Guru 8] (Tokyo Ghoul, #8)


Details 東京喰種トーキョーグール 8 [Tokyo Guru 8] (Tokyo Ghoul, #8)

Title東京喰種トーキョーグール 8 [Tokyo Guru 8] (Tokyo Ghoul, #8)
Release DateJul 19th, 2013
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Seinen

Reviews 東京喰種トーキョーグール 8 [Tokyo Guru 8] (Tokyo Ghoul, #8)

  • Aya Hamza
    This volume is one of the best volumes of the manga.Things are getting stiff more and more! Here, we know more about both Touka and Ayato and their childhood, and how they are so different from each other even when they were still children.Sadly, I am not continuing with the rest of the manga because my sister spoiled the end to me. And I didn't like that end much anyway. The end in the anime is better in my opinion.But I highly recommend reading...
  • Cay
    All I can say is that Kaneki Ken is a precious treasure and should be protected at all costs.
  • Magdalen
    I keep telling myself a volume a day keeps reality away. Okay so what the hell just happened? Learning about Touka-chan 's background with Ayato was nice but I feel so bad for her. Especially at chapter 79.Kaneki-kun beating the crap out if Ayato was so satisfyingly good!! His transformation is more obvious here than the previous volume -I suppose- but what the hell Kaneki? Why did he have to leave? Why? What should I expect next? I'm scared an...
  • Nasser Salah
    well. thing's getting slightly better. kenkeni getting more stronger, everytime he fights someone stronger he advances them. it's like fighting stronger one's is his amusement.and this volume reveals the background history of some character's.thank god this volume didn't disappointed me as the earlier volumes.
  • Alja
    The highlights: 1.) Warriors three, eheh eheheh *cough*Marvel*cough*2.) Tsukiyama fangirl mode3.) Basically whenever Kaneki showed upPoor Ayato, though...
  • Radwa
    Though I can see it will only get worse in terms of events from here, this volume is one of the best.Finally knowing the background of Touka and her brother Ayato. Also the drastic change in Kaneki's character is too much. I can't help but wonder what's going to happen now. It's getting more gore and bloody with each chapter, as well.
  • Maria
    Yeah, Tsukiyama's ''Kaneki....BADASS MODE!!!!'' sums it up pretty well. This volume was so good. Beautiful. The final scene though??? THAT ENGRAVING ON THE RING? Listen, my girl Touka has done nothing wrong in her life EVER so why make her suffer like this? I’m mad.
  • Shannon
    Slightly better than the previous volume.Slightly.
  • Nərmin
    So we learned Touka and Ayato siblings and their past. It was heartbreaking.But White haired Kaneki was fantastic! When he broke the bones of Ayato and giving biology lessons! )))) Like I said, I love sweet guys fighting cruelly^^However I didn't appreciate Kaneki's leaving of Anteiku. Well, at least I didn't liked the fact that Touka and Kaneki must seperate.
  • Susen liest
    Wieder wahnsinnig dramatisch und mit viel sinnloser Gewalt – was will man mehr? Nein, mal ehrlich, dass Ken nach der Folter im letzten Band nun etwas ausrastet, habe ich befürchtet. Schade fand ich, dass bis auf einige Rückblenden der Geschwister wenig Persönliches passiert ist. Hauptsächlich fand sinnlose Gewalt statt und das zum Teil so fragmentarisch, dass ich nicht immer wusste, was bei den Kämpfen abging. Plötzlich war alles vorbei u...
  • j
    I had no clue what was going on in any of the action sequences that made up the bulk of this volume.
  • Michael Schmid
    Leute ... 5, fünf, fünf, fünf plus plus plus Sterne !!! +*****______________*****+ Also echt, sowas von hyper genial !!! Ein sehr actionreicher, mega geilo badass Band, der vor hammer Panels nur so strotzt und von Momenten, wo du nur denkst ... "What the fuck" "What the holy fucking god" was geht da nur alles ab xD Und dann das Ende Q_________Q "where is Band 8?" (q_q')
  • Mary ♥
    the ending was perfect
  • Taylor Ramirez
    Touka and Ayato backstory!Man, Kaneki just became bad ass.My god the Kaneki-Ayato fight scenes are so amazing. The art is absolutely beautiful. Sometimes it’s still a little hard to see what’s going on but for the most part it’s spot on.Oh god now Kaneki is breaking half of Ayato’s bones.“Uta: *puts cloak on Kaneki* Kaneki, leave this one to us.”UTA! I LOVE YOU!Aw, yeah Yomo, Uta and Tsukiyama against Noro.Uta has some big hands.Ah, s...
  • Lanie
    So tragic and sad. If you want blood and guts and violence mixed with heart break and SUPER sad flask backs, this is definitely the book/series for you. Loved that we got a glimpse into the childhood of Touka and her brother. Love to hate what is happening to my dear sweet Ken. Recommended if you like dark manga.
  • Vendea
    Ayata sice vůbec nemusím, ale jsem ráda za bojové scény s Yoshimurou, protože je to badass. A Tsukiyamovo dolce je samozřejmě nepřekonatelné. Prozatím se mi směr, kterým se manga ubírá, líbí víc než anime. Uvidíme, uvidíme. 4/5*
  • Reddish
    “Cómo romper huesos con clase y organización” Lección otorgada por Ken Kaneki.
  • Alessa Castillo
    "Si el mundo es un desastre, entonces este desastre es causado por todo lo existente en este mundo."Frase final del volumen y una de mis favoritas de todo el manga hasta ahora.NOOO PERO ES QUE ESTUVO FANTASTICO! No nooooooo noooooo quede vacia:Todo estuvo increíble, desde la revelación del que ya medio sabíamos quien era "el búho", a como Kaneki termino evolucionando, pero de personaje inepto te puedes morir a soy toda tuya:)Hablemos del pasa...
  • Elizabeth (Elzburg)
    The fight scenes are still pretty confusing... Which is annoying. It's also annoying that more often than not speech bubbles don't have any spoke indicating who they belong to, so I can't tell who's talking. These two points basically meaning: Reading this series is a very confusing experience. That being said, it is still a super fast read. I was expecting to take a lot longer to read it than I did.Kaneki is more of a savage now that he beat the...
  • Audrey
    A looooot of action in this one, a lot of Touka background, and a lot of dialogue from the CCG dudes. I didn’t like this one overall as much as some others, but I did really like certain bits, which won me back. The ending felt like something big is coming up soon. I am LIVING for this series.
  • Anna
    waaaa, stupendo anche questo volume!Ma la fine........nooooooo!Voglio troppo sapere cosa succede ora, ma al tempo stesso ho già letto piu di metà storia....e no, non voglio finire Tokio Ghoul. Cheanga ragazzi, che manga!
  • Shie
    TOKYO GHOUL IS THE ULTIMATE EVERYTHING.this volume is exactly summarized as: "kaneki-kun badass mode"kaneki is so wonderful and i hold my breath at every second of it. his happiness is my happiness, i have reached that level. there is no turning back.
  • ✿ cassandra ✿
    (Diggity damn, there were so many awesome scenes in just one volume...)
  • Vee
    Die Zeichnungen sind einfach super genial und sehr gewaltig von der Atmosphäre und .. ich LIEBE diese Reihe einfach abgöttisch. So krank & verrückt, aber auch gefühlvoll irgendwie ... Toll! *_*
  • Nur Ötken
    Tek oturuşta, sabaha karşı bitirdim. Zaten bitirmemek mümkün değildi, mücadelenin had safhasına ulaştı bir ciltti bu. Touka kardeşiyle yüzleşti ve ağır yara aldı. Bu olay Kaneki'nin de ne kadar değiştiğini gösterdi aslında. Çünkü Touka'nın kardeşine yaptıkları... Beni dehşete düşürdü. Kaneki bundan sonra nasıl bir yol izleyecek diye merak ediyorum. Ayrıca Baykuş... Bu gulün kim olduğunu az çok tahmin ettim a...
  • Gustavo
    Después de dos volúmenes muy intensos llega el final del arco del Distrito 11, con varios enfrentamientos que me parecieron de la mejor acción borrosa e inentendible que he visto hasta ahora: Kaneki vs Ayato, la CCG contra el Buho de un Ojo, los hermanos Bin contra Amon... Que pena que no se mosto mucho de Noro contra Uta, Yomo y el Gourmet, Noro es un personaje muy interesante. Como un pequeño "extra", creo que si atamos un par de cabos, ade...
  • Zoë
    Auch hier war die Handlung ziemlich spannend, um einiges besser als in einigen der vorherigen Bänder. Allerdings kann ich Ken jetzt irgendwie nicht mehr leiden, die Wandlung die er durchgemacht hat, hat ihm nicht so gut bekommen, scheint's mir.
  • Amir Arman
    اطلاعات نسبتا خوبی تو این بخش بود که خیلی از ایهامات رو برطرف کرد اما هنوز حفره هایی وجود داره
  • Shanya Putri Siahaan
    I can see it from the edges that it gets darker and darker each volume...
  • Jennifer