ホリミヤ 9 (Horimiya, #9) by Hero

ホリミヤ 9 (Horimiya, #9)

何度だって、君に恋をする。街は少しずつ色を変え、吐く息もすっかり冬仕様。2学期を終え、学生生活も残すところあと1学期。来年の今頃、私は、彼は、みんなは、一体何をしているんだろう? そんな不安を抱えた堀に、クリスマスの夜、宮村が告げた言葉とは…? 大人気超微炭酸系スクールライフ、第9巻!

Details ホリミヤ 9 (Horimiya, #9)

Titleホリミヤ 9 (Horimiya, #9)
Release DateMay 27th, 2016
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Young Adult, Shojo, Graphic Novels

Reviews ホリミヤ 9 (Horimiya, #9)

  • Alexis U
    My children. I love them.Definitely getting back in the groove of this series. This volume had everything I love— that sweet, slow burn romance, bittersweet relationship drama, Ishikawa being such a dork when he’s trying to be sweet and insightful, and Hori and Miyamura being loveable idiots in love. We even got some bonus character development for characters I didn’t even expect.
  • Ekene
    I think it's safe to say, 9 books in, this series is definitely joining my favorite books of the year. It's so cute. It's so funny. And the ending to this one just made it become my favorite
  • Christina
    I feel they let me down with the side characters love lives. It's real enough but they dropped the ball.
  • Maria Kth
    What's Hori's problem with her father?I feel she acts way too aggressive at times and it's so unnecessary towards him. Also, talking about a porno premise when a kid is sleeping next to them under that table thingy (kotatsu).. unacceptable.Why does it focus so much on other characters I really do not care.Why is that girl so mean, knowing Sakura likes the Tooru.. Oh boy, not falling in love with a woman/girl but rather with a man/boy? Is Hori thi...
  • Rod Brown
    I meant to stop reading this series last volume, but I forgot I put a hold on the upcoming volume at my library, creating a contractual obligation for me to read it. Having fulfilled that obligation, I stand by my original decision. This series is just too dull to keep reading.There's just nothing too original here. All the shojo cliches are trotted out: unrequited love, declaration of love, Christmas, kotatsu naps. The side characters are not me...
  • Lavonia Reid
    They are so cute, I really needed this.
  • Rachel
    That ending!! 😍❤😍 That ending!! 😍❤️😍
  • Amanda [Novel Addiction]
    The whole "be mean to me" thing always shocks me each time it comes up, but whatever, the rest of this series is adorable, so who cares.Also, all the stuff with the kotatsu is so incredibly adorable... and I want one now.
  • Kaeley Scruggs
    (view spoiler)[THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. (hide spoiler)]
  • Monrucha▪♡▪
    HOLY SHIT.I'M SO CONFLICTED RIGHT NOW.So many things happened regarding their relationship?!?!?!?The unrequited loves are resolved and the ones who are dating deepen their bonds.A very satisfying volume overall,although I was let down by a predicable get together I don't really mind it.My children can do no wrong imao.What really baffled me was how Hori get super suspicious when Miyamura hangs out with his male friends.What's wrong with her??She ...
  • Feliza Casano
    The most beautifully-done part of this volume is the resolution of the love triangle. For a few volumes, the tension has focused mainly on the two girls, Yuki and Sakura, and by the time the subplot reaches its climax in Volume 9, the reader isn’t sure who to root for — in the best possible way. Hero and Hagiwara have captured one aspect of teenage love that’s often overlooked in young adult stories: that no matter what someone does, they m...
  • Jessica
    This volume was more uneven than I recall before. More like barely connected vignettes than a story, and it felt a bit aimless and seemed super short. I missed the character rundown some manga has in the front as I forgot who some of the supporting characters were. It barely seems like a romance anymore, but numerous bits here and there: school, tests, home, taking naps, funny gag, etc. I hope it improves/gets back to it's roots?
  • Dorothy
    So by this volume the hype of the romance is starting to for down for me BUT it still makes me laugh all the time!! It's not without it's problematic side (like I find it WEIRD but FREAKIN FUNNY that Hori has a masochistic kinky side) BUT I still looooove it so far.
  • Claire
    The kotatsu medley was my favourite part. Wish I had one. I'd be sleeping in it too!
  • Bryn (Plus Others)
    So much fun, such lovely character development, and so funny!
  • Gabriela Paige
    This was so good, BUT THAT LAST CHAPTER!!! They are so cute and adorable and oh my gosh.
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    Good volume.
  • Nadine
    4,5 Sterne
  • CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
  • Kimmie
    This is a weird family and couple, but they're adorable.
  • TJ
    ❤ ❤️
  • Elizabeth Brush
    much better than the last one, imho. the ending was cute, albeit cheesy, and I'm really looking forward to the side plot between secondary characters being continued in later volumes.
  • Jessica
    I fear the series might be ending soon. The last year of school is around the corner.
  • Kate
    Same complaint with this series as with the previous volumes. But, a cute development near the end. Regardless of my issues with this series, I still enjoy it overall.
  • Elaine
    This was definitely better than the last one! And the ending was adorable!!
  • B. Jean
    AHHH THAT ENDING THOUGH.Really nice installment, lots of smiles.
  • K. B (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━━━━━☆
    Eeeeek! I can't contain myself!! Christmas have come and also they are near Graduation!! This manga is so good! It's light, it's simple, it's sweet and so funny!! Haha!!
  • Lada
    ch.63 was really cute