Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado

Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe

What if you could ask God anything? What would you ask? And how would He answer?Chelsea Chambers is on her own. After a public split from her NFL superstar husband, Chelsea takes a bold step out of the limelight and behind the counter of the Higher Grounds Cafe, an old-fashioned coffee shop in dire need of reinvention. But when her courage, expert planning, and out-of-this-world cupcakes fail to pay the bills, this newly single mom finds herself ...

Details Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe

TitleMiracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe
Release DateFeb 1st, 2015
PublisherThomas Nelson
Number of pages192 pages
GenreChristian, Fiction, Christian Fiction, Inspirational, Adult

Reviews Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe

  • Pouting Always
    This book is proof that I really really should read the description before I buy books because I'm pretty sure the reason I liked it so little is because I'm not religious at all. Chelsea who recently divorced her NFL star husband opens a cafe and someone comes to install a router that has a direct connection to god. The idea is a unique one but it felt so absurd the whole time I was reading it. I didn't enjoy the writing or any of the characters...
  • Susan
    MIRACLE AT THE HIGHER GROUNDS CAFE is all about love, forgiveness, and of course, coffee. I was instantly caught up in Chelsea's life and her problems. My heart broke for her and all she was going through. Keep a box of tissues close by while reading all about Chelsea and her customers and of course, Manny! Grab a big cup of coffee, your favorite blanket, this wonderful story and be prepared to finish in one or two sittings. Max Lucado does not p...
  • Paula Vince
    Chelsea Chambers has many hassles. She's inherited her mother's cafe, which had been a family business for generations, but discovered an $86 000 debt. This comes on the heels of separating from her husband, who has cheated on her, and trying to deal with the confusion and grief of their two young children. But business takes a sudden boom with the arrival of the 'God Blog' on her premises; a direct internet line to God, who offers to answer the ...
  • Lawrence
    Great read!This book was about faith, forgiveness and the healing power of God's love. If you like reading books by Max Lucado, then you will like this one too.
  • Hilary
    In general feel this is almost like a cozy cafe mystery. There's a problem to solve, people who rally around and support the key character(s) and a heart-warming solution at the end.It's not a mystery though. It's also not a romance, though it certainly demonstrates elements of relationships, seeing the truth in others, and the importance of forgiveness.This is a book about community, about trust and, most of all, about prayer. It's for anyone wh...
  • Laura
    MIRACLE AT THE HIGHER GROUNDS CAFE is a cute story. At first I was disenchanted as Mr. Lucado started the book with major backstory. But once the information dump was over, the story picked up and grabbed my interest. My son asked me if this was nonfiction, since that is what Mr. Lucado is known for, and I told him no, this is fiction, but it is showing us the very real-spiritual battle that goes on daily in the world that we can't see or compreh...
  • Sharon Huether
    I won this book through Goodreads First-reads. Chelsea was facing many of life's problems, when she open a coffee shop café. A stranger came to the shop and was a big help in running the store. Soon customers came too. they also wanted answers. The answers came on the internet in her store. They were all talking to someone Divine. Finally Chelsea got the answers she needed in a most unexpected way. It was a hard to put down book.
  • Anna
    Chelsea Chambers, recently separated from her NFL husband, finds herself the owner of the Higher Ground Cafe. The Cafe is in need of renovation, and Chelsea is having trouble competing with the contemporary coffee shops with the latest technology. But with the help of her quirky guardian angel, Manny, and her neighbor Bo, Chelsea finds the faith to persevere. Her two children miss their Dad, and Chelsea struggles with being a single Mom. But, wit...
  • Laura
    This was a cute story, and I loved the cafe setting. BUT the story was a bit too fantastic, and the characters didn't seem to react appropriately to things that would happen. There were conversations that were hard to follow, and I had to re-read them several times to understand. It just seemed poorly written. Nice ending, and I loved the spiritual truths throughout... I REALLY wanted to enjoy it more!
  • Ellis
    Als een boek je laat zuchten, sniffen, verwonderen en genieten vind ik het helemaal terecht dat ik dit boek 5 sterren geef. Jawel er is heus wat op aan te merken. Maar dat gevoel dat het me gaf verdient dit. Oh my unicorn, ik heb net een goddelijk boek 5 sterren gegeven.
  • Emily
    Als getuigenis, super!Als verhaal, mwa...
  • Julia Wilson
    Miracle At The Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado is a wonderful novel, and I was blessed to receive a copy. I have read many books by Max Lucado, and have never been disappointed, and this latest novel was no exception.Chelsea Chambers inherited the Higher Grounds cafe from her mother, who in turn had inherited it from her mother. For newly separated Chelsea and her two children Hancock and Emily, it is to be a new start in life. Chelsea is marri...
  • Laura Grace
    What an interesting story! I have to say I was surprised by how this novel kept me turning the pages quickly with the God Blog and delicious pastry goodies.At first I was really leery of the whole angel thing, but by the end that was one of my favorite parts! Max really makes a point that you really never know when you could be entertaining angels (or they could even be entreating you!). Manny was so priceless as a guardian angel!As a whole, the ...
  • Kalena
    Contemporary Christian fiction; multiple non-fiction books read by this author. To say I was interested in Max Lucado's work of fiction is an understatement. Ultimately, I have mixed feelings about this book after finishing it. Pros: Feel-good, funny story about one family's trials and faith. Cons: Parts of the plot were difficult to relate to, sometimes the plot was a little too neat. Despite the fact that while I read the book, there were littl...
  • Carrie Fairbanks herschbach
    What a charming little book. I fell in love with the characters. I feel as if I really know them. I read slowly because I didn't want to leave their little world. It is definitely in my top 5 favorite books. I just finished this book less than 15 minutes ago and miss all the characters. Makes me want to start all over. This book I will be keeping!
  • Susanchitter
    If you could ask God one question what would it be? It reminds me that God is always near.
  • Jamie Pennington
    I generally do not read fiction but Lucado is one of my favorite authors. The book was a bit unrealistic and predictable as most fiction is. Thus why I don't like fiction. But a good read none the less. One I could not put down for the most part.
  • Carole Jarvis
    Reviewed at The Power of Words: http://tinyurl.com/m2o2zmsMax Lucado's new fiction release, Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe, is unusual and quite unique. I greatly enjoyed it while reading, but like it even more as I reflect back. Rather than critiquing from a literary standpoint, my reviews are usually based on how a book affects me, and this one hits a home run.Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe is a beautiful example of the power of story. ...
  • Amanda Geaney (Christian Shelf-Esteem)
    Coffee house cozy and uniquely uplifting are the best way I can describe Max Lucado’s new fiction title Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe. From their seats in heaven, angels have an amazing view of life on earth and of the “light” emanating from holy places and people. One of those places just happens to be San Antonio’s Higher Grounds Cafe. Preparing for it’s grand reopening this Victorian style home turned cafe was established on the...
  • Tinke
    Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe ''Each star, numbered. Each star, named! Like every grain of sand. Every hair on his head. Every trouble that filled his day. Created. Numbered. Known.'' First of all I really liked this book! I'm not into believing in god. I'm not an atheist but I'm not an theist. I don't know if god is real there is no evidence but there is no evidence that god doesn't exist. So I'm an agnost. And I can live with that.I read ...
  • Kayla Mollohan
    More of a 3.5 stars. This took me forever to read even though it's not that long, but it was a cute cozy story
  • Sharon Chance
    I have always enjoyed Max Lucado's style of writing in his non-fiction spiritual books - it is easily understandable and speaks directly from his heart. So when I found out that he was writing a series of novels featuring heavenly visitors, I was thrilled! And after reading "Miracle At The Higher Grounds Café," I was absolutely not disappointed! Lucado presents his readers with the gift of the charmingly beautiful story of Chelsea Chambers and h...
  • Gina
    Book club selection for July. At only 189 pages, this is more novella than novel. Yet, Lucado seemed to be on a mission to shove as many characters and as much backstory for each character equivalent to a 500 page novel into this short little book. It's a cute story. At its heart, a soon to be single mom inherits and reopens her mother's coffee shop called the Higher Grounds Cafe. Any one of the plot lines (I counted 5 total) would have been awes...
  • JoJo Sutis
    Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe stole my heart and had me in tears.From the cafe, to the characters, to the delectable goodies…Max has crafted a story that is more than just entertaining, but heart-changing.I could totally empathize with Chelsea, trying to keep her cafe afloat while everything seems to be falling apart.I loved the way the author chose to tell this story, allowing readers to see into the unseen and sharing Manny….er, I mean...
  • Maryellen
    I recently finished my first Max Lucado novel, "The Christmas Candle" and found it a lovely, inspirational piece for around the holidays. I had similar expectations for this book and was sadly disappointed. The basic plotline of single mom Chelsea Chambers, recently separated from her charming, philandering, NFL-playing husband returning to her hometown with her two children to reopen her deceased mom's business gives ample opportunity for charac...
  • Dawn
    Cute little story.
  • Jennifer Smith
    I liked this book's plot and sequence of events. They were interesting and unpredictable. There was a lot of humor, especially where the "stranger" Manny was concerned, and I found myself reading and smiling more than once. This book is a quick, easy read with many short chapters, which I appreciated.Several people have said they absolutely could not put this book down. While I did enjoy the book, I felt it was kind of rushed--as if scenes weren'...
  • Kav
    So different and refreshing. The story has a magical, fairy tale quality to it but is anchored in faith. So many beautiful images conjured up by these well-crafted words. In fact, it's the kind of story that I had no trouble visualizing -- like a movie running through my head. Particularly love the notion that the essence of prayers linger long after they have been uttered. And that they cast light through the darkness. This was a major 'goosebum...
  • Sarah
    This book is great. Can you imagine going to a coffee shop, typing a message to God and him responding with either an answer that you're wanting to hear or something you know that you need to do? Higher Ground Cafe isn't an ordinary Cafe, but a place where people are sending messages to God and getting answers back. Chelesa, the main character is always finding the courage to ask questions about her personal doubts. Would you be willing to do thi...