Rain Girl (Franza Oberwieser, #1) by Gabi Kreslehner

Rain Girl (Franza Oberwieser, #1)

Veteran homicide detective Franza Oberwieser prefers her job in the winter. Summer is for growing, not for dying. So when the body of a beautiful young woman is found on the autobahn, dressed in a glittering party dress and bathed in June rain, Franza is determined to give her justice.Revealing victims’ hidden lives is part of the job, but as Franza and her partner, Felix, peel back the layers shrouding the girl’s disturbing past, darker myst...

Details Rain Girl (Franza Oberwieser, #1)

TitleRain Girl (Franza Oberwieser, #1)
Release DateAug 1st, 2014
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Crime

Reviews Rain Girl (Franza Oberwieser, #1)

  • Sojourner
    Trying out a new author, an unknown quantity at that, is not an easy thing. The normal route many readers would take is to grab the latest from a bestselling author and spend the lazy summer days under the shade somewhere and doze off peacefully. There is the tendency to ignore new and exciting authors who are yet to make a name. In spite of arguments to the contrary, name still sells. And many new authors have taken the safe co-author route to m...
  • Kaitlin
    Rain Girl (click on book or see below for description)By Gabi KreslehnerReleases 8/1/14Downloaded free through Kindle First programRating: 2 bonesFinish Time: 3 nights. Overall I’ve been impressed with the Kindle First selections and have made an effort to read one each month. This month was kind of disappointing, I wasn’t too excited about any and unfortunately this book lived up to just that.I enjoy a good mystery and thriller, as this book...
  • Rick
    It's always thrilling to discover a really good writer who's relatively unknown. Gabi Kreslehner may have a good reputation in Germany, where she's based, (the book is a translation), but she was undiscovered by me until I stumbled across this gem on sale at Amazon. Wow. What a thought-provoking, suspenseful, and inspired read! It not only is full of mystery and unpredictable twists, but it's a portrait of real people with real flaws that you can...
  • Steve
    3.5 starsLooking through the dozens of unread books I have in my Kindle app, I found this one, reread the synopsis, and decided to give it a whirl. Turned out to be a pretty good choice.This is a rather simply mystery set in Munich, Germany, along the Danube and the autobahn. The writing style was terse, with many chapters only a sentence or paragraph long. This felt almost like flipping through a photo album and having the story revealed through...
  • Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    Rain Girl was one of those books that was very readable but does not stand out as anything spectacular, certainly not in comparison to other crime fiction I have read this year. It's the first time one of Gabi Kreslehener's books has been translated into English, therefore my first taste of her writing. So what's the book about?Veteran homicide detective Franza Oberwieser prefers her job in the winter. Summer is for growing, not for dying. So whe...
  • Steve
    I never let translation affect my book reviews and this is no exception. While I believe a lot of this story is lost in the language difference, that didn't factor into the rating I give this book. The characters come across as a bit harsh and unfeeling and with very little depth to them.This also seems like a continuing book in a series, even though it isn't. There are aspects of lives and events that are alluded too, which seem important to the...
  • Lacy
    I listened to this on audible and read it on my kindle... it was a short detective thriller type story. It was ok. The story line was ok, the characters were ok. It was entertaining but I'm glad it was short. Otherwise, it might have not held my attention very well. This book was translated into English from German (I think) and some of the passages were very confusing. I don't think it was so much the writing as the translation. There would be a...
  • Robert Scharf
    A melancholy tale that was surprisingly satisfying.Would have given this book 5 stars but the translator should have left the German references in place instead of converting to American references. That distracted from the otherwise excellent story. Made it seem way too Americanized for a story taking place in the Munich area. Pace and tone were perfect for the subject - just enough character development and geography description to help you vis...
  • Jessica
    I really enjoyed this book. The two lead detectives, Franza and Felix, came to life for me. They reminded me of the detectives on ABC 's Motive. Real chemistry. And the story kept you wondering, while throwing pieces of the puzzle at you. It had a little bit of a dark undertone, a la Gone Girl, I think. Maybe because it was raining when the crime occurred. If you like crime books, I definitely recommend this one. I'd give it 4,5 stars. Oh, and th...
  • Jen
    My thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.Ranty spoiler-fest follows, you've been warned. OK, WHAT is with this new trend of fiction books where NONE of the characters are likable? I know people aren't perfect, that we all have our downsides, but REALLY?!? The only character that I liked at ALL was Felix. Everyone else was a miserable, adulterous, piece of poo! I read to ESCAPE reality, not to W...
  • Hannah Levy
    I read this book in like 4 days! I loved the writing and the descriptions, particularly of the characters and their thoughts and feelings. They were all very relatable and I felt I could understand each of the characters as if I knew them myself. The book is sad, but a page-turner at the same time. It's also very unpredictable - the crime investigation keeps you guessing the whole way. I highly recommend this one!
  • Nathan
    The story itself was okay - nothing special that I would recommend to anyone else as "must read". The largest factor in the rating I chose to give this book is the actual writing and the writing style. It was so distracting, and clunky, that it was hard to follow the plot at times. I am not sure if that is due to the author, or the translation from German, but I just hated it.
  • Agnes (BeaderBubbe)
    Terrific book.....starts off with drama....girl wanders into the road and gets hit by a car. There is alot of back and forth between what happened 20 years ago and the present...but if you stick with the book you will soon find out the relation of both stories, the people involved in them...with a few surprises thrown in.....very amazing surprises.....
  • Kerstin Stutzke
    Eine junge Frau wird mitten in der Nacht auf der Autobahn von einem Auto erfasst und verstirbt noch an der Unfallstelle. Kommissarin Franza Oberwieser und ihr Kollege Felix Herz werden mit den Ermittlungen betraut. Die Frau trug keine Papiere bei sich, jedoch hatte sie ein Ballkleid an. So merkwürdig die Situation auch anmuten scheint, steht von Anfang an die Frage im Raum: Wie kam die junge Frau so plötzlich auf die Autobahn, war ihr Tod ein U...
  • A Reader's Heaven
    (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Veteran homicide detective Franza Oberwieser prefers her job in the winter. Summer is for growing, not for dying. So when the body of a beautiful young woman is found on the autobahn, dressed in a glittering party dress and bathed in June rain, Franza is determined to give her justice.Revealing victims’ hidden lives is part of the job, but as Franza and her p...
  • Albert
    Title - Rain GirlAuthor - Gabi KreslehnerSource - Net GalleySummary - On the autobahn, just outside of Munich, a young girl staggers onto the shoulder of the road and into oncoming traffic. The collision sends her flying and she is dead before she reaches the ground. "...They had covered here with a tarp to protect her from the rain and the prying eyes of passing drivers, who were slowly being directed past the accident scene.She was so young, to...
  • yexxo
    'Er würde ... die Stille des Hauses spüren, seine Größe, seine Leere.', 'Das ... ist sie also gewesen ohne Tod im Gesicht.', 'Verschwindlichter. Wenn man darauf zuging, verschwand man.' Wer Sätze wie diese liest, denkt sicherlich, hier eine gefühlvolle, überaus poetisch geschriebene Lektüre vor sich zu haben statt einen ,schnöden` ;-) Kriminalroman. Doch das Regenmädchen ist beides: Es gibt Tote, zahlreiche Spuren, eine Reihe Verdächti...
  • Rebecca Bradley
    Rain Girl starts with a young girl in a sparkling dress staggering along the autobahn in the pouring rain, before being hit and her life ending. It does rely on the word rain quite a lot in the first few chapters...It's a book that shows you the scenes it is moving through very descriptively by senses, predominately smell, touch and taste. This was refreshing and made for a different tone of reading which I enjoyed as it effectively transported y...
  • Katie
    A generous two stars.Rain Girl parades around as a mystery but it lacks the twists and turns that define this genre. I think Kreslehner made an attempt at a red herring but it was too transparent, rendering a predictable story with little to no suspense. The investigation unraveled so easily that my dog could have cracked the case.There were plenty of difficult situations in which the characters' emotions could have been explored in a meaningful ...
  • Book-Lover Book Blog
    Meh, quite disappointed in this. The first time I tried to read it, I DNF'd it because it was rather dull. I don't like leaving books unfinished so started again from the beginning. I found it didn't capture my attention as much as I hoped it would but there were parts in the book that I did enjoy. I found a lot of it confusing or it just didn't make much sense. Finishing this was a challenge and I guessed the culprit before it was mentioned and ...
  • William
    I discovered this book and author via Amazon’s Kindle First program. The story is a typical murder mystery thriller and begins with the death of a girl in her early twenties along the German autobahn outside of Munich.The novel is a very fast read. A few surprises are present, but most plot resolutions are very predictable. Nearly all of the focal characters have multiple flaws adding depth and realism. However, I was not not able to become emo...
  • Donna Tallent
    **I received a copy of this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway.**There were some really good parts, followed by some okay parts. Most of the book seemed a bit slow to me, more worried about their spouse finding about the "other person" rather than solving the mystery. The character conversations were lacking and I just had a hard time connecting with any of the characters. I still gave it three stars because at the parts where the suspense pick...
  • Miranda
    Decent mystery, but could have built up the suspense a lot more. For instance, the narrator could have waited to reveal to the reader that the main character's son was involved with the girl who was killed/died. This would have added more of an element of surprise than just telling readers from the get-go. It was okay and I enjoyed it but it didn't really build up the suspense for me and it wasn't that shocking when the killer was revealed becaus...
  • Jess
    Als Autobahn Hörbuch vielleicht nicht so ideal gewesen. Die Stimmung zu Beginn war sehr depressiv und wenn man hört, dass sich ein Mädchen auf der Autobahn vor ein fahrendes Auto wirft, wird man auch leicht depressiv während der Fahrt.Normalerweise mag ich es, wenn man vom Privatleben der Ermittler was erfährt. Aber das war hier einfach zu viel und irgendwie hatte jeder ein verkorkstes Leben. Liebe Frau Kreslehner, es soll auch Menschen gebe...
  • Luv_a_good_story
    This book was quite different than what I normally read and I really enjoyed it. It has that writing style which is clearly translated from another language and so it seems some of the descriptions and nuances are lost. However the story was good and the emotions were clear as the story unfolds. As the relationship issues were not clearly resolved, it made me wonder if this was book 1 in a series? Anyway, it was a fun, quick read.
  • Angela
    Reminiscent of Girl with Dragon TattooThe Rain Girl in many ways reminded me of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, although this misused young woman is a victim who dies before wee know her, not the clever girl who fights back. The other characters left to solve the mystery are left to unravel the mystery of her death as they cope with their own lives. The mystery held plenty of twists and a final mystery that remains unanswered. Wonderful read.
  • Carole
    What I liked best was the short chapters. I hate long chapters. Because I like to get up and do things between chapters. This book had the shortest chapter ever. 1 sentence.
  • Katiuscia
    A notte fonda la giovane Marie muore in un incidente stradale. Bohrmann, l'uomo alla guida dell'auto che l'ha investita, è convinto di averla uccisa. Ma per la detective Franza qualcosa non torna.Marie era vestita elegante, come se provenisse da una festa: perchè era lì? E chi l'ha colpita alla testa tramortendola prima dell'impatto con l'auto? Ben, il figlio di Franza, nel frattempo è sparito da alcuni giorni: non risponde al telefono e ness...