Red Notice by Bill Browder

Red Notice

A real-life political thriller about an American financier in the Wild East of Russia, the murder of his principled young tax attorney, and his dangerous mission to expose the Kremlin's corruption.Bill Browder's journey started on the South Side of Chicago and moved through Stanford Business School to the dog-eat-dog world of hedge fund investing in the 1990s. It continued in Moscow, where Browder made his fortune heading the largest investment f...

Details Red Notice

TitleRed Notice
Release DateFeb 3rd, 2015
PublisherSimon & Schuster
Number of pages380 pages
GenreNonfiction, Politics, Cultural, Russia, Biography, History, Business, Autobiography, Memoir, Mystery, Crime, True Crime, Economics

Reviews Red Notice

  • Frances
    Born into a left-wing family in America, Bill Browder attended a boarding school where he became quite rebellious and very unsettled. Not happy with his home life he made the decision to become a capitalist knowing that it would surely upset his parents. However, once he settled down with his studies he was soon accepted into Standford University and on his way to becoming everything he ever wanted to be. By becoming the largest foreign investor ...
  • Esil
    3 1/2 stars. I listened to the audio of Red Notice. It was fascinating and I have no regrets about listening to it, but there were a few things that grated on me enough to knock off a 1/2 star from what would otherwise have been a solid 4 stars. In Red Notice, Bill Browder recounts his involvement in the world of high finance in Russia, events which ultimately led to the arrest, torture and death of one of his lawyers, and which transformed Browd...
  • H Wesselius
    An interesting and entertaining read. Only marred by the self righteous tone of an author. Browder can't see beyond his own perspective. After cleaning out Russia by purchasing underpriced stock and turning it around for a quick profit. Once he achieved his millions he suddenly found a conscience. My sympathy lies with the Russian activists and people who've been wronged by both the oligarchs and the western businessman.
  • Caroline
    I don't have time to review this book properly. In a nutshell, I was fascinated by the first half of it - all about the author learning to become a hedge fund manager, and his experiences in Russia and the highs and the lows of that experience. These included him getting immensely tangled in the often corrupt jungle that is the Russian business world, taking on some of the oligarchs, and some of the major companies on the Russian scene, like Gazp...
  • L.A. Starks
    This stunningly good book is authored by a world-class trader who, when he loses a friend to imprisonment, torture, and death from Putin's regime, goes all-out--slowly, deliberately--to avenge his friend. The trader is Bill Browder, the friend is Sergei Magnitsky, and the story is a true one. This makes the book more compelling than even the best fictional thriller. Putin's lack of conscience is no act, yet Browder describes a president and a now...
  • Ctgt
    I was vaguely aware of this story as it related to Putin and his ban of U.S. adoptions of Russian orphans back in 2012 but never really knew the details.The title does a very good job of breaking down the arc of the book with the first section concentrating on Browder, his schooling and how he ended up in Russia. The most fascinating part was discovering that Browder's grandfather was the leader of the American Communist Party and ran for preside...
  • PDXReader
    This book was a complete surprise to me. I thought that perhaps it would be dry, or more likely over my head because I know so little about the world of finance. Fortunately, my fears proved unfounded; the book was very approachable and entertaining. There are two parts to the author's story, both of which are equally involving but in different ways. The first 150 pp or so outline how Browder developed his business in Russia and he details his st...
  • Trish
    Bill Browder has a fascinating tale to tell, of his family background as the grandson of a noted Communist, of his math-whiz father and mother, of his physicist brother. He was the black sheep of the family…until he became a billionaire in his thirties by investing in undervalued Russian oil stocks. His first foray into Russia, to advise the Murmansk Trawler Fleet on privatization, must go down in the annals as a classic of West meets East. The...
  • Andrew Robins
    Bill Browder, relatively early in his career, moves to Russia, to run a hedge fund investing mostly in recently "privatised" (in quote marks for a reason, as there isn't much similarity with our western understanding of that process) state industries.I'll be totally honest and say that, initially, I found myself worrying that this book was actually going to be an extended criticism of wrongdoing by those who profited from the truly unforgiveable ...
  • Cher
    3 stars - It was good.A fascinating story that starts off as a tale of financial corruption and ends with a cry for human rights. You are left questioning the illusion that Russia is becoming a progressive and democratic nation. Browder's story also shines an unflattering light on a few US politicians (here's looking at you, Kerry) and overall fueled my dislike for big government. There were editing issues (missing or extra words) and you can tel...
  • Mimi
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  • Jeanette
    Hard book to read! Bill Browder is the ultimate intrepid person. There are more details in his mind within an hour- then most people seem to use within a month. No, more than 2 months. And you hear them all here. For years, and years of travel, inquiry, investing, association for knowledge.He tells his true life experiences from the personal to the business, in immense detail. How he starts working as an investor. How he is "fired". How he is reh...
  • Pamela
    OUTRAGEOUSLY COMPELLING!!!!If Bill Browder's expose isn't on your to read list, it should be. Whether or not you're business savvy - or globally astute, a non-fiction enthusiast, culturally aware, or a political aficionado - is rather a moot point; if you believe in impartial justice, integrity, and human rights - for all - this book is a must read. "When the Russian government turns on you, it doesn't do so mildly - it does so with extreme preju...
  • Megan Treseder
    Rarely has a book gripped me like this. I didn't want to do anything else but read it. It is utterly mesmerizing. I loved it, even though I'm not great at understanding financial concepts (the stock market is a totally foreign place to me), but Browder does a good job of explaining things in layman's terms. This reads like the very best thriller stories, but the catch is, it's real. It makes me want to read everything I can get my hands on about ...
  • Skip
    True story of the first investor in grossly undervalued Russian companies, who makes enormous returns for himself and his partners, but antagonized Russian oligarchs without much thought about the risks to himself, his family, his employees and agents. Then, the unthinkable happens, and Bill Browder has a new mission: justice and retribution. Non-fiction that seems too incredible to be true.
  • HBalikov
    It’s 2017 and we all are looking forward to seeing how “the art of the deal” as practiced by our new president works out. How often will it be involving his friend in Russia? What better time to read Bill Browder’s page turner about his years deal-making in Russia and how he barely escaped being tucked away in some Siberian gulag. Browder recounts how he came to the financial world and how he became an expert in privatization of state-run...
  • Doug Cornelius
    Russian corruption from a financial and personal viewThere is a great story in here. Clearly, Mr. Browder has encountered the financial highs and corruption lows of Russia as the country emerged from communism to the capitalist dream of privatization and dropped into the abyss of a totalitarian oligarchy. As gifted as Mr. Browser is as a humanitarian and financier, it's nearly impossible to write an enjoyable autobiography. It's too personal and ...
  • Sue K H
    This is a great story about Bill Browder's life and how he came to form his company Hermitage Capital Management, whose business was to invest primarily in Russia, for for some of the most wealthy people in the world. His story eventually turns into an international thriller but with real people's lives at stake. I had mixed emotions as I was reading this. It was an important story but it bothered me that all the trouble started because of Bill B...
  • Brad Feld
    In the past 24 hours I’ve read a must read. Bill Browder’s Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice is one of the best books I’ve read this year. It reads like a John le Carré novel, except it is non-fiction. It starts out as the autobiography of Bill Browder and his creation of a massively successful hedge fund (Hermitage Capital Management) that was one of the first non-Russian investors in Russ...
  • Biblio Files
    A red notice is an alert issued by Interpol that notifies countries that the person named is wanted by a member country. Most countries honor the red notices, so it is almost like a warrant to extradite. Bill Browder, a manager of a hedge fund that was based in Russia, found himself first banned from Russia, then the subject of a red notice. Only a few years before the red notice was issued, Browder was on top of the world, his hedge fund that sp...
  • Tanja Berg
    The content is important, since not all might be aware of what a lawless country Russia truly is. However, the author failed to engage me and I spent most of the book wishing it was over. The core message: don't do business in Russia and don't oppose the state or it will end badly for you. Putin's enemies end up dead in "accidents".
  • Andrew
    It started out with an unlikeable character ("I'm sorry about that shady share dilution, but you invested in Russia because it was the wild west) who makes incredibly good as he takes on the Russian state.Half-decent writing, but a super decent story that's hard to put down, this is a tale that really should end any illusions we have that Russia is slowly moving towards becoming a modern, civilized country. It's kind of like the American South. S...
  • Brandon Forsyth
    I was going to go with something snappy like, "The wolf of Wall Street swims with sharks and finds out he's chicken," but this story actually ended up moving me by the end. I will echo the thought that the narrative is great but that the writing is only decent (if he described one more ally as attractive and another villain as stooped and ugly, I was going to call in the Disney animators for the eventual film). It's a fascinating look at how corr...
  • Justas Petronis
    This passage should sum it up pretty neatly: "This is Russia today. A stuffy room presided over by a corrupt judge, policed by unthinking guards, with lawyers who are there just to give the appearance of a real trial, and with no defendant in the cage. A place where lies reign supreme. A place where two and two is still five, white is still black, and up is still down. A place where convictions are certain, and guilt a given. Where a foreigner ca...
  • Nicholas Lefevre
    I wish I could award more stars. This is, without doubt, the best thing I've read this decade. I implore my friends, family, and even those I don't particularly like to treat yourselves to Red Notice.You'll get from the jacket blurb that Bill Browder is the grandson of the 1920s Presidential candidate of the US Communist Party. Instead of following the intellectual, left-wing family path, he rebels to become a capitalist. He is enormously success...
  • Wanda DeHaven Pyle
    Nonfiction that reads like fiction. Fascinating incite into the world of hedge fund management in the eastern bloc countries. Terrifying look at Communist politics through the eyes of an insider. A must read for anyone interested in politics and human rights.
  • Amanda
    This book was absolutely incredible. I couldn't put it down. It made me cry, it shocked me, it made me want to hug every person who fought so hard to make things right. Incredible!!!
  • Ilya
    Browder is a very rich man, who spent years doing big deals in finance and he's the hero of his own story.Sounds terrible. But this book is a terrific, suspenseful read and it's important. Bill Browder ran the largest hedge fund investing foreign capital in Russia. Basically, they were helping to turn outdated state industries into corporations that could make money and trade publicly, in the Yeltsin years.The first half of this book is Bildungsr...
  • Neil Fox
    An oft-quoted citation of Churchill's that " Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" normally omits the context and ending of Churchill's actual saying which states that the key to unlocking the great riddle is to have an understanding of where Russian self-interest lies, for Russia will always act in its own self-interest. In the waning years of Tsar Nicolas ll that self-interest was self-preservation through focus on external ...
  • C. Harwood
    Wow and Wow. A true story that at times reads like a Ludlum pot boiler. Utterly compelling. My brow still becomes temporarily frozen in surprise as I contemplate the events that Mr. Browder went through. Written with passion and an utterly un-condecending effort to educate the reader, Red Notice is one of those books that should be on the shelf of anyone who is interested in history, politics, international commerce and state sponsored rottenness...