Bridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones, #1) by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones, #1)

Meet Bridget Jones—a 30-something Singleton who is certain she would have all the answers if she could:a. lose 7 poundsb. stop smokingc. develop Inner Poise"123 lbs. (how is it possible to put on 4 pounds in the middle of the night? Could flesh have somehow solidified becoming denser and heavier? Repulsive, horrifying notion), alcohol units 4 (excellent), cigarettes 21 (poor but will give up totally tomorrow), number of correct lottery numbers ...

Details Bridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones, #1)

TitleBridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones, #1)
Release DateJun 1st, 1999
PublisherPenguin Books
Number of pages288 pages
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Romance, Humor, Contemporary

Reviews Bridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones, #1)

  • Jessica
    I didn't enjoy this book in an ironic way, or in a it's-good-even-though-, or I-can't-believe-I-do-but-I-perversely-can't-help-it or any other angled, roundabout, halfway indirect from behind kind of way.... No. I sat on my couch and wolfed this thing down in one sitting while laughing my ass off.I read it last spring when I decided I was curious about what "chick-lit" was, so that I could form an opinion and generally improve my likelihood of pa...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    Prepare yourselves, it's about to get personal up in here.So, I've never seen the movie of Bridget Jones's Diary, so I thought I would read the highly acclaimed book before doing so and, to my great surprise, I ended up hating almost everything about it. I 100% understand why people like it - it's funny and relatable and reminiscent of the great decade that was the 90's, but because of a purely personal problem, this book made me feel like garbag...
  • Shriya
    Let's review this book the Bridget way! Reading goal for 2011: 35 books (not bad)Books actually read: 38(v.g.) No. of chick-lits supposed to be read in a year: 1 (fair)No. of chick-lits actually read: 2 (including Bridget Jones's Diary ) But wait a second! Who can call Bridget Jones's Diary a chick-lit? That would be an insult to such a master-piece! No, Bridget is no wannabe chick-lit heroine and this book is certainly no trashy best-seller...
  • Annalisa
    I'm torn as to how to rate this. On the one hand, Fielding nails the humor. Humor is very hard to capture in literature and I often found myself smiling or chuckling. But when I wasn't, I was exasperated with Bridget Jones. Fielding nails her too. Why do women insist on being proud of being so... shallow? Idiotic, blind about themselves and their lives, and obsessed with all the wrong things in life? I didn't sympathize with Bridget at all, nor d...
  • Manny
    Get up and make sensible plan. Will work hard on journal paper during day, then go for well-earned picnic at open-air movie theatre. Tonight's movie Bridget Jones's Diary (v. good). Make salmon florentine for picnic, will eat half there and save rest for tomorrow. Feel v. organized.Hard to concentrate thoughts on journal paper. After lunch go back to bed, need to recover energy. Wake up again mid-afternoon. Decide to postpone working on paper unt...
  • Yulia
    This certainly wasn't a novel but, what's worse, it wasn't even a credible diary. Who records their mishaps while cooking and running late in their preparations? Perhaps if this were written in the phone-texting age, I could imagine someone constantly chronicling their every move, no matter how pressing the situation or how inane and empty the commentary, but as it is, this book serves as a frightening precursor to a new generation of books with ...
  • Jo Woolfardis
    Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003.Let me introduce you to the Béchamel Test. No, not the Bechdel Test, that's different. And not the sauce, either.The Béchamel Test is a very simply checklist to see if you should read a book or simply set fire to it. Here's how it works:1.) Is There A Gay Best Friend?2.) Are There Moments When The Main Character Would, If The Book Was Set In The Cur...
  • Kiki
    Gawd, this book was criminally hilarious. I sat in the doctor's office waiting room literally snorting into my Nine West handbag (there's something really metal about being a minimum wage worker who chooses to buy labels instead of food) as I cradled my Kobo in my lap, with Bridget Jones and her life of ridiculous shenanigans all over the black and white screen. Needless to say, the people I waited with were unimpressed. They are probably not the...
  • Suzanne
    Watched and loved the movie first, and that's what's stuck unfortunately. So I'd say this is 3.5 stars from me. Of course it would’ve been a different experience if I’d read it first, and I can totally see why the movie focused on Daniel the cad.. What would the movie have been without the fist fight in the snow?!The diary entries witty, the protagonist funny and cheeky. She's a ninny isn't she?! This is a fun book, a romp really, and all the...
  • Cait • A Page with a View
    Unpopular opinion time: I just can't make myself like Bridget Jones. I wasn't huge on the movie, but hoped maybe the book would be a bit better. Nope. Bridget is way too crass & shallow and her diary is mostly self-loathing thoughts. WHY do I want to put myself through this???The only reason I gave it an extra star is because it's so British AND I can't bring myself to give any Pride & Prejudice retelling 1 star. I'm glad so many people love thes...
  • Jennifer
    This was SUCH a FUN book to read. I read it in December - when family/holiday shit and self worth is really taking a beating. So to pick up this book and read about her holiday get togethers and her weight and smoking issues and family issues - and how she can make an ass out of herself in such a grand grand manner....well - it was just what I needed. To be able to sympathise and laugh at the same time? Priceless!
  • Kwesi 章英狮
    I am not Bridget Jones!My classmate beside me opened a cool notebook with a red leather jacket and a heart sculpted in the middle. I asked her what she's writing in her notebook while my professor keep on talking about carbohydrates, ruminants, and whatever scientific words with -lysis in the end. Because everyone is bored and so do I, I kept on sneaking her notebook and she kept on hiding it. Sorry, playing inside the classroom is illegal but my...
  • Cedony
    I usually end up liking the books better than their film counterparts, but it worked the other way around for Bridget Jones's Diary for me.While I loved the movie, this book was just a bit blah. Bridget irritated me with her whining and her desperation for a man. I hope that I won't be anything like that by the time that I'm nearing the big 3-0. The diary format of the writing annoyed me, but that might just be because I prefer books that are des...
  • Sarah
    I read this book a number of years ago after it was recommended to me by a friend and ever since that moment I have been wishing that I could go back in time and smack her over the head and tell her to take the book and shove it.I found the book to be deeply irritating with a central character that was nether funny nor likable. In any way shape or form. In fact Bridget Jones has got to be one of the worst literary characters I have ever come acro...
  • Pooja
    Brought it by just looking at the word Diary !!Saw it on BBC's 100 books list and blessed the day I bought it.Got to read it at the last day of the year and had resolutions of keeping a diary at last. What can be said more !!
  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    Might be more of a 3.5 stars? I read this because I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with the movies and decided I should probably read the book if I want to be a ~tRuE fAn~ and this was very cute! Bridget's voice was hiiiiiilarious and the boys were mega dreamy. However, I did find myself to be a bit underwhelmed by this just because I kept comparing it to the movie. So maybe read this before seeing the movie if you can help it. Other than that though meg...
  • helen the bookowl
    I think it goes without saying that this is a very funny and witty book, and the main character Bridget Jones is one of the most relatable characters I've read about. I especially liked her intros to every diary entry where we get to know how much she weighs, how many calories she's had during the day, how many cigarettes she has smoken, etc. It was fantastic and actually made me feel quite good about myself, because apparently I'm not the only o...
  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    Bridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones, #1), Helen Fieldingعنوان: یادداشتهای روزانه یک زن؛ نویسنده: هلن فیلدینگ؛ مترجم: ویدا قانون؛ تهران، چشمه، 1384، در 280 ص؛ 9643622932؛ عنوان دیگر : یادداشت های روزانه یک زن برژیت جونز؛
  • K.P. Webster
    What a depressingly bad book. ‘Helen Fielding is one of the funniest writers in Britain,’ says Nick Hornby on the front cover, ‘and Bridget Jones is a creation of comic genius.’ What in earth…? Why is he saying that? Did he want to sleep with her? Same goes for Salman Rushdie. ‘A brilliant comic creation,' blurbs Salman. 'Even men will laugh.’ Oh, Salman. Why is he saying that? Surely, if a book is genuinely funny, then people will ...
  • Bonnie
    Okay - I learned a few things from this book and I didn't think I would. For me, Ive been doing some pretty heavy reading over the past few weeks -- SWIMMING by Hershon, THE AMBER SPYGLASS bu Pullman. I wanted a break from all that was hard. I wanted to simply read and laugh a little and enjoy a lot. I picked BRIDGET JONES' DIARY because I hoped to read and not engage my intellect too much. Durr...I really, really liked this book, for a number of...
  • Oana
    There isn’t anything I could possibly say about Bridget Jones's Diary which wasn’t already said, so I will keep it simple. Bridget Jones takes the phenomenon known as chick-lit to a completely different level. If you have no idea who Bridget Jones is, nor you know nothing about the premise of the book/movie, that means you’re just an alien-spy, sent on Earth with genocide and forced-colonization purposes, so you don’t even deserve to know...
  • Ler com Lobos
    2,5* Este é daqueles raros casos em que prefiro o filme ao livro... Já o vi tantas vezes que perdi a conta e admito que continuei a ler a obra original porque tinha em mente os atores e as cenas que tão bem conheço. Caso contrário aposto que nem 2 estrelas dava porque achei as personagens e as situações bem desinteressantes e até irritantes! Não posso negar que foi uma leitura ultra rápida e leve que me ajudou a ultrapassar o dia de mau...
  • Jon
    Judging by some of the reviews, I think its quite possible that it might be slighlty lost on the audience if not a Brit or spent time there. The book was such a success because she nailed the English sensibility, particularly, but not exclusivley female. Everyone either has an element of Bridget in them or knows someone like that. We do whinge, worry about the size of our arses, have to put up with naf jumpers for Christmas, occasionaly about hav...
  • Bonnie
    Didn't know what to expect when picked the book up on spec. Ended up laughing out loud so often, my husband allowed me to read bits to him -- and he laughed just as much! (Now, this was a while ago, of course!)
  • ჰიუ ანდერსონი
    კითხვის დროს დავლიე 5 ჭიქა ყავა (ჯამში). მოვწიე 3 კოლოფი სიგარეტი (კითხვის დროს გამოწვეულ სევდას ვგუდავდი), და ვიფიქრე ათას დებილობაზე, რაც კი შეიძლებოდა. (მაგალითად, ბრიჯიტი...
  • E
    For me, reading this book was exactly like watching a season of "Ally McBeal" - when I laughed, I laughed outloud and thoroughly enjoyed myself. And occasionally I did allow myself to care who ends up with whom. But I held a grudge against the main character throughout for being so ludicrously insecure and vulnerable to vulgar materialism. Like Ally, Bridget is a self-proclaimed feminist who cannot hold onto a single tenet of the concept long eno...
  • Klinta
    Upd: This is once again a book, which after a time loses my rating about it. So, if you don't see it, it is two stars. Full review.I don't know, if I should give it two or three stars. The thing is, the book was ok, it was sometimes boring and it was ridiculous at times, yet, when I was in a right mood (miserable), it was a page turner, yet when I wasn't in the right mood (happy), it was quite boring.As many others, I have seen the film countless...
  • Olive (abookolive)
    I couldn't help myself - I needed to give this one a reread (re-listen? whatever the audio book equivalent of reread is). This book reminds me so strongly of Christmas and reading it feels like a hug.
  • Irene Rauch
    Obwohl dieses Buch schon 20 Jahre alt ist, konnte es mich echt begeistern! Mit sehr viel Witz, Realität und Sarkasmus konnte es mich für sich gewinnen. Die Story ist sehr nahe am Buch, was ich gut fand, da ich zuerst den Film gesehen habe. Super Buch für Single Ladies, die auch mal über sich selbst lachen können. Girlpower! ;)
  • Vasia
    “I will not fall for any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, commitment phobics, people with girlfriends or wives, misogynists, megalomanics, chauvists, emotional fuckwits or freeloaders, perverts.” Days it took to read the book: 1 (v.g), Times I laughed out loud: 7, times I re-watched the lake scene from Pride and Prejudice: 5, Times I thought maybe I should get my colors done: 2 I had read this book for the first time back in 2009, ...