聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] (A Silent Voice, #3) by Yoshitoki Oima

聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] (A Silent Voice, #3)

お前なんかに出会わなきゃよかった。もう一度、会いたい。/耳の聞こえる少年・石田将也。耳の聞こえない転校生・西宮硝子。ふたりは運命的な出会いをし、そして、将也は硝子をいじめた。やがて、教室の犠牲者は硝子から将也へと移っていった。幾年の時を経て、将也は、 もう一度、硝子に会わなければいけないと強く思うよう...

Details 聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] (A Silent Voice, #3)

Title聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] (A Silent Voice, #3)
Release DateMar 17th, 2014
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Young Adult, Graphic Novels, Comics

Reviews 聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] (A Silent Voice, #3)

  • Inés Izal
    Este tipo de mangas me destrozan el corazón.
  • David Schaafsma
    Bullying remains a central theme. Another bully, Ueno--a girl who liked Shoya but also bullied Shoko--isn't ready to make the same heroic gains Shoya is. . . yet. Shoya's heavy friend gets bullied, too. Romance looms, though it is not clear why Shoko would really like Shoya. Okay, he grew up, he learned sign for her, he apologizes, he's being nice to her, but we don't really see the thought processes of why they would really like each other. . . ...
  • Fatima Ahmed
    It is the first time I ever felt these feelings whilst reading this volume.. *broken heart*
  • Anna Banana
    This is seriously so good and so cute! :D
  • Matthew
    Remember how I mentioned that the past never leaves us? Yea well for this particular volume the past has become a sharp knife and its stabbing Shoya constantly throughout this manga.Shoya is trying his best as usual to help Shoko in any way possible to become a better friend but fix the damage he caused from their childhood. Shoya is afraid to communicate properly to Shoko and at times it becomes frustrating yet understandable why he puts up a wa...
  • Kät
    I LOVE THE INNER DIALOGE AND INNER CONFLICT THAT ISHIDA GOES THROUGH SO MUCH. It seems so real and reflective, not as superficial as some other Bad-Guy-to-Good-Guy-transformation.
  • Lenni✨ (Whenimetabook)
    4/5 estrellas.Qué doloroso, la puta madre, y qué gente chota que no cambia/madura ni con los años.Por otra parte, Sho es una cosita preciosa que merece mucho amor 💖
  • Aleksandra
    Great volume!I love the pacing, the illustrations and the complexity of the characters.It’s touching story, I feel a lot and I think about all kinds of things while reading this story.Can’t wait to read the next volume.
  • Naailah
    Rereading volumes 1-4 and finishing the rest of this series in anticipation for the animated film adaptation coming out in September. I'm so excited!! (view spoiler)[ Onto volume 3 of my journey. Tomohiro has become an essential part of the story, proclaiming himself as Shoyo's best friend. I like him a lot, hes pretty cool and he reminds me of Steven from Steven Universe. Shoyo is trying to get to know Shoko, what does she do now? How is she lik...
  • Martina Mezzadri
    La storia dei due protagonisti continua nonostante alcune difficoltà e il ritorno di Ueno, compagna delle elementari che non è per nulla cambiata rimanendo una persona maleducata nei confronti di Shoko e delle persona "diverse". I disegni e i dialoghi sono ancora una volta stupendi coinvolgendoti tantissimo nei pensieri di Shoya, che troviamo in difficoltà non sapendo come comportarsi per far capire a Shoko che ci tiene davvero a diventare suo...
  • Lindsey
    Between Shoko and Naoka, I think Dumbledore said it best:
  • Elisenda
    En aquesta tercera entrega apareixen diversos personatges del passat d'en Shôya, però es centra sobretot en la relació que tenia amb la Ueno i amb com és ara. En Shôya ha canviat però la Ueno no, i la veritat és que és un personatge menyspreable. Tal com tracta i com parla de la Shôko o d'en Nagatsuka... puff. M'encanta el recurs visual de les X sobre les cares d'aquest tipus de persones. Amb moltes ganes de llegir-me el volum 4 (que est...
  • Alex
    She loves the moon. Hahahaha! Bahahahahaha!
  • Susen liest
    3-3,5 Sterne: Mir gefällt immer noch, wie Shoya nach und nach seine Vergangenheit verarbeitet und Shoko etwas Gutes tun möchte. Allerdings stellt er sich ab und an schon etwas blöd an. Der Grund für meine 3-Sterne-Bewertung sind allerdings die neuen Charaktere, die in Band 2 und 3 hinzu gekommen sind und irgendwie alle überdreht und merkwürdig sind. Etwas mehr Realität hätte der Geschichte nicht geschadet, denn so sind die neuen Freunde b...
  • Galleane
    Ce qui se passe dans ce troisième tome ne m'a pas autant attiré que je l'aurais voulu. Après ma lecture du tome 2, je pensais que ça irait mieux. Cependant, je reconnais que les thèmes abordés et l'état psychologique des personnages ainsi que leurs réactions sont des points forts dans la série. Ce sont plus les événements en eux-même qui n'ont pas su maintenir en éveil mon intérêt. Un peu déçue donc globalement par ce tome 3, mai...
  • Jess 📚
    I really liked this!
  • Angigames
    La strada verso la redenzione è difficile, Shoya lo sa bene. Ma ancora più difficile sembra essere instaurare un vero rapporto di amicizia con Shoko. Shoya è in difficoltà. Cosa significa, per lui, essere amico di Shoko? Lei sorride sempre, ma se quel sorriso fosse solo di facciata? Shoya è confuso, non vuole che il suo rapporto con Shoko sia vuoto, ma ha paura di pensare a cosa comporterebbe un’amicizia più profonda.Ovviamente, per Shoko...
  • Churin
    I'm not saying this graphic novel/manga is perfect or super amazing. It was not. But somehow I still continue reading it.And I'm usually stop reading romance/friendship manga at this point (when the other "friends" came, had their own monologue shaddashadda). I don't know why but I absolutely despise slow paced, full of drama romance manga like Ao Haru Ride, Orange, Toradora etc. But in this manga, the pace somehow suitable and matched perfectly ...
  • Loredana (Bookinista08)
    Aww, Sahara is such a cutie pie!! Also, I really don't like Ueno. Hope she'll come around eventually. I've also seen some major changes in Shouko, can't wait to read more!
  • Samantha
    Ma quanto può essere tonto questo ragazzo? Ah, Nishimiya, come ti capisco...
  • Sandra
    Sigo disfrutando de esta lectura aunque en esta ocasión Ueno me ha dado escalofríos, como se puede ser así. Como somos los seres humanos y los actos tienen consecuencias.
  • Jenny Clark
    This remains a good series with solid art. Shoya is growing some, so thats good to see. In this volume, we start to re conect with a few more elementary school people. Miki we find out went to the same middle and high school as Shoya. We also meet back up with Miyoko, the one girl who was willing to learn sign language with Shoko and who was bullied out of school, as well as Naoka, who was another big bully to Shoko.Shoya still sees big X over bo...
  • Taylor Ramirez
    So, in this book Shoya gets Shoko to reunite with the girl who tried to learn sign language in sixth grade. That was really nice. She’s kind of a bland character though. Then we get the re-introduction of Naoka. Who’s still a bitch. She’s an interesting character and it’ll be interesting to see if she shows up again and has any development. But the big tear jerking in this story is when Shoko admits to loving Shoya but he doesn’t unders...
  • Lastik
    Nishimiya va abriendo poco a poco el corazón de Ishiya es tan bonito... él va recuperando todo lo que perdió en el pasado y que pensaba que no iba a volver como la amistad. Y de la forma que menos pensaba.Pero odio a Ueno. Por qué tiene que volver??? Veremos si es verdad que cambia como los demás. Aunque hay gente que no madura
  • Rahmah
    Kalau sudah ber-kepala dua kayak aku gini jadi berpikir, beneran ya nge-bully itu bisa terjadi sama anak SMA sekalipun. Kiraiin karena sudah masuk kategori remaja-dewasa jadi bisa berpikir lebih matang #imosih (^▽^)
  • Lavonia Reid
    Yup. She loves the moon.
  • Dachi
    Este tomo es ❤ Este tomo es ❤️
  • Kol Veasna
    "Aye...... Lige......Yew....!" Really girl ? I know you can do better than that, nishimiya. :D
  • Gabriela Paige
    Shoya! You are so stupid sometimes. Awh! This makes me so happy. They are too sweet. I love it!
  • Gina
    Character development is fantastic in this one and I really love the artwork.