聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] (A Silent Voice, #3) by Yoshitoki Ooima

聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] (A Silent Voice, #3)

お前なんかに出会わなきゃよかった。もう一度、会いたい。/耳の聞こえる少年・石田将也。耳の聞こえない転校生・西宮硝子。ふたりは運命的な出会いをし、そして、将也は硝子をいじめた。やがて、教室の犠牲者は硝子から将也へと移っていった。幾年の時を経て、将也は、 もう一度、硝子に会わなければいけないと強く思うよう...

Details 聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] (A Silent Voice, #3)

Title聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] (A Silent Voice, #3)
Release DateMar 17th, 2014
Number of pages192 pages
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels, Comics, Romance, Realistic Fiction

Reviews 聲の形 3 [Koe no Katachi 3] (A Silent Voice, #3)

  • David Schaafsma
    Bullying remains a central theme. Another bully, Ueno--a girl who liked Shoya but also bullied Shoko--isn't ready to make the same heroic gains Shoya is. . . yet. Shoya's heavy friend gets bullied, too. Romance looms, though it is not clear why Shoko would really like Shoya. Okay, he grew up, he learned sign for her, he apologizes, he's being nice to her, but we don't really see the thought processes of why they would really like each other. . . ...
  • Anna Banana
    This is seriously so good and so cute! :D
  • Matthew
    Remember how I mentioned that the past never leaves us? Yea well for this particular volume the past has become a sharp knife and its stabbing Shoya constantly throughout this manga.Shoya is trying his best as usual to help Shoko in any way possible to become a better friend but fix the damage he caused from their childhood. Shoya is afraid to communicate properly to Shoko and at times it becomes frustrating yet understandable why he puts up a wa...
  • Wala2
    the easy way to see if your friend like you or not, is to involve someone else in the circle when his old classmate show up, his deaf friend she start to show other feeling Yay the story started to be interesting :D <3when they confess to each other ! I can't wait :D
  • Martina Mezzadri
    La storia dei due protagonisti continua nonostante alcune difficoltà e il ritorno di Ueno, compagna delle elementari che non è per nulla cambiata rimanendo una persona maleducata nei confronti di Shoko e delle persona "diverse". I disegni e i dialoghi sono ancora una volta stupendi coinvolgendoti tantissimo nei pensieri di Shoya, che troviamo in difficoltà non sapendo come comportarsi per far capire a Shoko che ci tiene davvero a diventare suo...
  • Naailah
    Rereading volumes 1-4 and finishing the rest of this series in anticipation for the animated film adaptation coming out in September. I'm so excited!! (view spoiler)[ Onto volume 3 of my journey. Tomohiro has become an essential part of the story, proclaiming himself as Shoyo's best friend. I like him a lot, hes pretty cool and he reminds me of Steven from Steven Universe. Shoyo is trying to get to know Shoko, what does she do now? How is she lik...
  • Angigames
    La strada verso la redenzione è difficile, Shoya lo sa bene. Ma ancora più difficile sembra essere instaurare un vero rapporto di amicizia con Shoko. Shoya è in difficoltà. Cosa significa, per lui, essere amico di Shoko? Lei sorride sempre, ma se quel sorriso fosse solo di facciata? Shoya è confuso, non vuole che il suo rapporto con Shoko sia vuoto, ma ha paura di pensare a cosa comporterebbe un’amicizia più profonda.Ovviamente, per Shoko...
  • Chuurun Ien
    I'm not saying this graphic novel/manga is perfect or super amazing. It was not. But somehow I still continue reading it.And I'm usually stop reading romance/friendship manga at this point (when the other "friends" came, had their own monologue shaddashadda). I don't know why but I absolutely despise slow paced, full of drama romance manga like Ao Haru Ride, Orange, Toradora etc. But in this manga, the pace somehow suitable and matched perfectly ...
  • Loredana Adriana
    Aww, Sahara is such a cutie pie!! Also, I really don't like Ueno. Hope she'll come around eventually. I've also seen some major changes in Shouko, can't wait to read more!
  • Samantha
    Ma quanto può essere tonto questo ragazzo? Ah, Nishimiya, come ti capisco...
  • Jennifer
    I finally managed to get hold of the whole series so I've read no 1 and 2 again to recap. I enjoyed the first one alot more this time round, I think that having the context of book 2 helped me see the actions in 1 as less comedic.Anyway, book 3. Again, the artwork is really nice and it's easy to understand what is going on by the characters facial expressions.Sometimes with manga I have a problem seeing them as real people, their actions just see...
  • Angie
    Things are making sense and coming together. But some of these scenes make me want to set someone on fire. There's love and there's hate. There's sorrow so deep it stays with you for days, and hate so passionate that only fire can cure it. Then there's Nishimiya; she's going to fix him. She'll fix all of us.
  • Anna
    The series takes a good look at Shoya continuing to do his best making amends and goes "ya know what..." and introduces a true BITCH (yes, capital B, all caps, bold font if ya got it) former classmate into the plotPS: 10 bucks says the translation team was tryin super hard for a "suki/tsuki" pun in the end
  • Jennifer
    Tomohiro and Yuzuru showing their jealousy of their "special person" is quite authentic. I hope the movie storyline turns into something. Naoka gets on my nerves and so does Miki but they seem very real too. Oh, and that ending....
  • Jenna (Bookiemoji)
    I'm addicted. Onto book 4!
  • Fernanda
    Lloro como Magdalena al leer este manga... Es simplemente... La vida de las personas que han sufrido bullying... Tanto el agresor como el agredido...
  • AnaRG
    Mejora con cada tomo.
  • Alejandra Cámara vivanco
    oh god they're going to fukcing kill me with their cuteness
  • Paula Throughbooks
    Y ahora tengo que esperar a comprarme los próximos tomos y no sé cuando va a ser eso ME MUERO QUIERO MÁS.
  • Biondy
    Ya ampun, akhirnya terbit juga. Penasaran dengan kelanjutannya. Semoga nomor empatnya tidak selama nomor tiga ini.
  • Sarah
    The addition of insta-love takes away somewhat from the original plot and themes, but its still a really moving book. Curious to see where the unrepentant girl bully ends up.
  • Ashley
    Cute. The characters overlap nicely and I like the paralleling story-lines between Shoya and Shoko. Look forward to learning more about Shoya's past and to see where his future goes.
  • Alexandria Mayfield
    Volume tre, tre eventi importanti: la ritrovata amicizia con Sahara voluta da Ishida, che in questo modo continua il suo percorso di redenzione, l'incontro con Ueno che, invece, non è cambiata per niente e della redenzione di Ishida si fa beffe, la presa di coscienza dei sentimenti che Shouko prova per Ishida.La scena del "Suki" (mi piaci) scambiato per "Tsuki" (luna) è meravigliosa.C'è anche un'altra interpretazione interessante del fraintend...
  • Maisie Dickson(SleepyWiredStudios)
    another good installmentloving the character development
  • Rayna
    4/5 starsAhh the cuteness at the end! This one didn't pack the same punch as the first two, mostly because of Naoka. But I'm enjoying this series a lot!
  • David
    If I could every write something this heartwarming I could be content XD
  • Giada
    Ho adorato Shoya in questo volume. Le sue battaglie interiori, il suo percorso di redenzione e di auto-definizione. Stupendo!
  • Dani (ダニ)
    the end 3
  • Syo ⋆ Shadow Minded ⋆
    I took some time away from this manga due to stress, college work, and getting through some other mangas and poetry recommendations I had piling up. Coming back to it tonight, I remembered exactly why I loved it so much.The depth in the characters takes my breath away every single volume. They're so well thought out, so well written and their designs are all amazing. They're pretty simple, but also just so beautiful. It's the character and person...
  • Gabriella
    It is nice to see that he is making an effort to change and to try and give her back a lot of what he took away. I don't like Ueno or the role that she is taking up but will persevere as I am hooked in the story now.