The Fall of the Readers (The Forbidden Library, #4) by Django Wexler

The Fall of the Readers (The Forbidden Library, #4)

The final book in the exciting fantasy adventure series featuring a strong heroine who grows from reader to leader in a world where magic is contained and controlled through books.When Alice defeated her uncle Geryon and declared war on the totalitarian ways of the Old Readers, she knew she would have a hard fight ahead. What she didn’t anticipate was how ruthless the Old Readers would be. All the creatures she promised to help are being threat...

Details The Fall of the Readers (The Forbidden Library, #4)

TitleThe Fall of the Readers (The Forbidden Library, #4)
Release DateDec 5th, 2017
PublisherKathy Dawson Books
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Magic, Writing, Books About Books, Juvenile

Reviews The Fall of the Readers (The Forbidden Library, #4)

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Wexler’s outstanding Middle Grade series The Forbidden Library comes full circle in The Fall of the Readers, the concluding volume of this richly dark and enchanting adventure through the magical world of books. So far we’ve seen the young protagonist Alice through some very harrowing times, following her as she visits new worlds and encounters their strange an...
  • Rob
    Executive Summary: A good ending to the series, but I didn't like it as much as The Palace of Glass. Full Review I read very little Young Adult, and absolutely no Middle Grade. I'm not the target demographic by any means. I really like Django Wexler though, so I decided to pick up The Forbidden Library from the library a few years back.By the time The Palace of Glass came out I was really enjoying the series and bought all the books. I was late i...
  • Adam Hoffman
    This review is from an advanced reading copy given freely and without obligation (my thanks to the publisher and author).Where to start! I do not want to give ANY spoilers as we are still a few months from the official release date and I don't want to give anything away. Book 4 provides a satisfying finish (not a spoiler that this is the presumptive finale as stated on the cover and description). If you've read books 1-3 it's an obvious go out an...
  • Travis
    What a fun, whimsical, and entertaining conclusion to the Forbidden Library Quartet!!!! I discovered Django Wexler about 3 1/2 years ago when I stumbled upon 2 books, The Forbidden Library and The Thousand Names. I started with the Forbidden Library and man did it ever impress me for being a middle grade. It had an easy to follow story, a wonderfully crafted world that any book lover would want to be a part of, and also a colorful ensemble of cha...
  • Ry Herman
    A solid end to an excellent series. If it doesn't add a lot to the innovative concepts introduced in the first three books, it largely makes up for that by getting all the pieces into place for a satisfying resolution. It was great to finally see the end of Alice's journey, and how far she's come.
  • Vashni
    Aww.. I can't wait to read it, aven tho its gonna be the last one and all...