Sisters by Raina Telgemeier


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Details Sisters

Release DateAug 26th, 2014
Number of pages208 pages

Reviews Sisters

  • Sabrina Alfaro-Mata
    I loved it
  • Kimberly Chiddix
    wow it is a great book and i am surprised that it all happened. just an amazing book.
  • Lolly
    This book is really good you should try this book because it takes place when the character is in 6th grade
  • Regina Foo (Queen of Bibliophile)
    A very hilarious memoir I've ever read! This graphic memoir talks about the author (Raina) and her sister's (Amara) relationship which they have very different traits, preferences and interests. The book mainly shows their summer trip to Colorado for a family reunion with their cousins from their home at San Francisco. During the trip, there are more drama when the duo had conflicts and there'll be flashbacks of scenes happened in the past too.If...
  • Bethany Gallagher
    I haven't read the whole book because the ebook I got was only a sneak preview. However, when it comes out I am going to get it because it is good. I like the layout and the colour and I think it will be a good read! :)
  • Niamh Sime
    GreatI loved this preview I thought it was absolutely great and really entertaining. You really need to red this comic
  • Alex sheehan
    It is about a girl who wants a baby sister because she wanted someone to play with. when she got one she loved it so much. Later on in her life her sister kept annoying her.