All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #2) by Rose Pressey

All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #2)

"When a film crew wakes up a sleepy Georgia town, murder is in fashion..." Sugar Creek is all abuzz. A film is being shot on a historic plantation, and vintage clothing store owner Cookie Chanel is thrilled to provide authentic period outfits for its stars. When Cookie discovers the temperamental leading lady drowned in a pond, wearing a lovely vintage dress, she s suddenly on location for a real-life crime scene. And when a ghost says the dress ...

Details All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #2)

TitleAll Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #2)
Release DateJul 15th, 2015
PublisherKensington Publishing
Number of pages304 pages
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery, Fantasy, Paranormal

Reviews All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #2)

  • Linda Langford at Chatting About Cozies
    The first book in the Haunted Vintage Mystery series received 5 Stars from me, AND was one of my Top 3 Fave Cozies in 2014. Book two picks up shortly after book one ends when a new ghost, Alice, is drawn to Cookie Chanel, owner of It's Vintage Y'all, when some of her vintage clothing is worn during the filming of a movie there in Sugar Creek, Georgia. Alice wants Cookie to help her connect with a lost love, AND help Cookie and Charlotte (Ghost #1...
  • Ian
    When a film crew wakes up a sleepy Georgia town, murder is in fashion...Sugar Creek is all abuzz. A film is being shot on a historic plantation, and vintage clothing store owner Cookie Chanel is thrilled to provide authentic period outfits for its stars. When Cookie discovers the temperamental leading lady drowned in a pond, wearing a lovely vintage dress, she’s suddenly on location for a real-life crime scene. And when a ghost says the dress b...
  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    Cassandra Chanel, better known as Cookie Chanel has provided a film company with vintage clothing for a movie. She is on the set for the day and while wandering around she overhears a heated conversation between the two lead actors. When she later finds a body floating in the pond, it turns out to be the actress she had just overheard. Cookie has the ability to see and hear ghosts. When she turns around to get help, she sees a woman in vintage cl...
  • Lisa Kelley
    There seem to be more and more “paracozies” in the cozy market these lately. If they are all as well written as the Haunted Vintage Mystery series, I say Keep them coming! Protagonist Cookie Chanel is one part “Ghost Whisper”, one part business owner and vintage clothing expert, and one part amateur sleuth. As the saying goes, she wears many hats. And with cookie, you can guarantee they are all stylish. ;-)I loved that every other chapter...
  • Jeanne Bufkin
    This book, not unlike the first in the series, was an enjoyable read. I breezed through it on the plane to Virginia for work. While this author pulls in a lot of detail and outside observation into the story, I felt this one really got bogged down by all of the clothing discussion. While some obviously isn't bad, since the series is about a vintage clothing store, sometimes it slows the story down to read down to the purse what Cookie is wearing ...
  • Dharia Scarab
    Not as good as the first book. It really bothers me when this author has main characters withhold real physical evidence from the police. (Something that happened in other books by this author). When take into consideration that the detective in this story follows Cookie around like a lost puppy dog and pretty much lets get her get away with being nosy and interfering, it's just dumb. She had plenty of opportunities to do the right thing, the fac...
  • Lisa Morin
    It's Murder, Y'all!I love this unique series. Cookie Chanel is a fun and endearing character who always makes me laugh. As if it's not enough having one ghost in her life, Cookie soon encounters another one, the witty and clever Alice. Cookie is pleased to be providing the vintage wardrobe for a movie set, but not everyone is who they seem to be in this fast paced cozy.Envy and jealousy turn the actors green and soon Cookie finds herself tracking...
  • Abby Fabian
    I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I loved the first book, but I feel like this one was missing something. The paranormal aspect was great, but I feel like the mystery could have been better. I also don't like how there was a second ( maybe ) love interest introduced. I hate love triangles, and I hope that's not what's happening here.
  • TheChuckster
    I found myself yelling at the characters in this book.
  • Imjussayin
    All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt: A Haunted Vintage Mystery 2Reading in chronological order is preferable but not necessary.The Protagonist: Cookie Chanel owns 'It's Vintage Y'all' a vintage clothing boutique where she lives in Sugar Creek, Georgia. She lives with Wind Song, a psychic white Persian cat, who adopted Cookie. Cookie, amateur sleuth, is independent and gifted with a little southern sass.The Plot: Cookie is providing the vintage w...
  • Jane Chizmar
    Not one of my favorites.
  • Rachael
    Cookie Chanel is lending her vintage clothing expertise to a movie filming in Sugar Creek. Things are going well until the star of the film winds up dead on set. Cookie is recruited to help in the investigation by the ghost whose dress the starlet was wearing when murdered.I read the first book in the series and while it wasn't the best thing I've ever read, I liked it well enough to continue on. Unfortunately, I didn't find the second book in th...
  • Doward Wilson
    This is a MUST READ series for anyone wanting a funny, wacky, laugh out loud murder mystery. Cookie Chanel owns It's Vintage, Y'All clothing boutique in Sugar Creek, Georgia. When she's not hunting for more stock for her store, working on her blog she's busy solving murders. With help from her neighbor, Heather, a non-physic who owns the adjoining physic store, she gets into hot water and hotter men while investigating. While helping a movie comp...
  • Darla
    I loved this book! I have another of Rose Pressey's series on my Kindle so when I found this series at my library I decided to read it as well. The decision was a very good one. Cookie Chanel is a vintage store owner who happens to see ghosts. Cookie's best friend, Heather, is the owner of a psychic related store where she does tarot readings. A cat named Wind Song who adopted Cookie in the first book passes messages on to Cookie via Heather's Ou...
  • Moondance
    Seeing a ghost didn't shock me as much the second time around.Cookie Chanel has provided a film company with vintage clothing for a movie set. Her second ghost appears after Cookie discovers the film's lead actress dead in a pond. The actress is wearing a dress that once belonged to the new ghost, Alice. Cookie has been ghost free for a while but Charlotte appears soon after Alice comes on the scene. Cookie feels the need to solve the murder (alo...
  • Jane Schwarz
    This second adventure of Cookie Chanel owner of Vintage Y'All, a clothing boutique, starts with her being on a movie set with a forties setting and the actors are using her expertise of vintage clothes. A death occurs while she is there and she becomes embroiled in finding out who was responsible. Along with her psychic cat, her best friend, Heather,who owns an occult shop and her ever-present ghost, Charlotte, they encounter a new ghost, Alice, ...
  • Sue Ross
    In this second book by Rose Pressey, Cookie Chanel is supplying the vintage costumes from her shop for a movie being shot in her town. When the star of the movie is murdered in one of Cookie’s dresses, a new ghost appears claiming it to be her dress and proudly announces that she will help Cookie solve the murder. Alice, the ghost, has come back to find a lost love and Charlotte, the first ghost is still hanging around…sometimes. Both ghosts,...
  • Ali
    I liked that the ghost Charlotte is a recurring character, since I didn't know if she was going to "move on" after her murder was solved. I like the idea of her being the constant and then there being a new ghost for each story. As for the mystery in this story, it also went with the idea of having the most likely suspect turn out to be the killer, so I wish there was a little more of a twist. I did like this story better than the first in the se...
  • Jessi
    Oof. After such a fun first book, the author quickly falls into the well-trenched tropes of other cute-n-cozy mystery, including the trope I enjoy the least - the dreaded love triangle. Blech.Cookie Chanel, vintage clothing shop owner, has provided the clothing for a film being shot in Sugar Creek, her hometown. Soon after she hears the female star arguing with her boyfriend co-star, the woman ends up drowned in a pond. And there's a ghost connec...
  • Yvette Del Rio
    This series really is fun even if its nothing truly amazing. Our heroine has no personality but her ghost friends do, and they really make up for her. I love the descriptions of vintage clothes (although I'm not sure how she'd even keep a business open since she seems to be running around trying to solve murders all the time). Also, what the heck is up with the Vera character? I was super confused by her motivations and the point of including her...
  • Cindy
    I had read the first book in this series, If You've Got It, Haunt It (Haunted Vintage, Bk 1) and enjoyed it. This one however was just okay. Cookie, the MC, just sort of irritated me through out the book. Much more enjoyable were the ghosts, Alice and Charlotte from the first book. The mystery part of the story was pretty weak and it didn't seem to have a lot of thought put into it. I may give the third a try when it comes out but will wait and s...
  • Yvonne
    Another 5 stars for Rose Pressey.....Cookie Chanel is back with her best friend Heather, and her resident ghost Charlotte to solve another murder.While a film crew is in town shooting a movie the leading lady is found dead by non-other than Cookie. After finding the body sheis approached by another ghost named Alice.There is a handful of suspects. Hopefully Cookie can find the killer, before the killer finds out she's onto them and comes after he...
  • Lacey Thornton
    I love cozy mysteries as much I love serious crime stories with intensity. But when cozy mysteries you great this great story with laughter mixed in. This story is no different. One minute your wondering how much trouble they are going to find around the next corner. Then the next moment your laughing wondering how the main character just pulled a fast one. I truly loved this story (and series). It keeps you guessing.
  • Kat
    Love this series. Charlotte, the ghost is sassy and Southern. Little disappointed in the lack of grit in the main character of Cookie Chanel. She always needs a shove from either her best friend Heather or Charlotte. Me being sort of a cat person of course I'm on the side of the mysterious white cat ,she names Windsong, that comes into her life. This series is a nice cozy mystery for a summer read.
  • Sue
    An owner of a vintage clothing shop trying to solve the murder of a celebrity doing a movie shoot in her home town. Who's there to help her? Her friend who owns occult shop next door, two fashionista ghosts, and a cat that uses a ouija board. How can that not be entertaining? Good story. Looking forward to the next one.
  • Kim Pritt
    Another fun story in the A Haunted Vintage Mystery series. I read the first, and now the second, in the series and both were great diversions from my usual reads. I like to throw in these short, fun reads in between more intense books to give my brain a break - and they always work! Really enjoyed this one!
  • Donnell
    I like the setting--a movie set on a Georgia plantation, and the Vintage clothing references. Also, its fun having the ghosts along--however, these ghosts aren't much help. Really, they are little more than interfering women who can only be seen by our heroine. The real problem is the book is a bit too sweet, light, airy--like a meal of cotton candy.
  • Susan
    Some good things here, and overall I enjoyed reading it. Cons: the ouija board/tarot card using cat is a bit much sometimes; how can 2 business women repeatedly close their shops and stay in business?; and I didn't care for the new (second) love interest. He's not a fleshed out character, and the whole thing seems trite. If yuo can look past that, it's a decent read.
  • Cheryl
    This is the 2nd in the haunted vintage mystery series. Cookie Chanel owns a vintage clothing store and is providing the clothing for a movie being filmed in her town. Cookie finds the leading dead in a pond and has to find out who did with the help of her ghost friend Charlotte and a new ghost Alice who appears saying the dead woman was wearing her dress.