Eden (Archer & Bennett, #2) by Candice Fox

Eden (Archer & Bennett, #2)

'I fool myself that Eden has a heart – that she would at least have trouble killing me...'Most police duos run on trust, loyalty, and the desire to see killers in court. But Detective Frank Bennett's partner, the enigmatic Eden Archer, has nothing to offer him but darkness and danger. She doesn't mind catching killers – but it's not the courthouse where her justice is served. And now Eden is about to head undercover to find three missing girl...

Details Eden (Archer & Bennett, #2)

TitleEden (Archer & Bennett, #2)
Release DateAug 25th, 2015
GenreThriller, Mystery, Crime, Mystery Thriller, Cultural, Australia, Fiction

Reviews Eden (Archer & Bennett, #2)

  • Suzanne
    An extremely satisfying continuance of this dark and riveting series. Candice Fox seems to be a wild child of Australian fiction, nothing is off limits. The subject matter is dark with reason, and in the second installment we see the back ground behind the gangster otherwise known as Hades. He is not the modern day type of lout – he has substance, and we learn the reasons for the harshness that is this dark underground figure. But I knew that w...
  • Phrynne
    I think I enjoyed this one a bit more than I did Hades, maybe because we saw less of Eden doing her Dexter impressions and more of her doing police work. Though in the end it came out very much the same.I liked the way the book told three separate stories. The back story on Hades was particularly interesting as it filled in some of the blanks from Book 1. I can't decide whether I like Frank or not and his story was all over the place as he is him...
  • Rosie
    Eden is the second book by Candice Fox featuring Detective’s Eden and Frank and crime lord Hades (Eden’s surrogate father). I remember liking the first book in this series and was looking forward to continuing it with this one. Unfortunately, I struggled to get into this. There were three storylines; one featuring a case with missing girls and two others involving Hades and his past. The storyline featuring the missing girls was interesting, ...
  • Sharon
    After his last case, Detective Frank Bennett couldn't see any way out of his self destruction. He'd lost his girlfriend and had been badly injured and was now spending his days getting drunk and popping pills, but his partner, Eden Archer wanted him to pull himself together as she wanted his help with the latest case of missing girls. Convincing Frank it was time to get back into the swing of things was not going to be easy by any means. Firstly,...
  • Matt
    First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley, Candice Fox, and Kensington Publishing Corp. for providing me with a copy of this book, which allows me to provide you with this review.Fox presents a powerful crime thriller, pitting two unlikely homicide detectives together to battle crime in Australia. Eden Archer is a young and ambitious woman, with a dark interpretation of justice while Frank Bennett has seen too much and chooses to hide hi...
  • Candace
    Detectives Eden Archer and Frank Bennett are investigating three missing girls. Eden goes undercover at Rye's Farm to uncover facts related to the case. Frank is part of surveillance, monitoring his partner. Unfortunately, Eden's foster father, Hades, has a case for Frank. Splitting his time between the two cases will Frank be able to investigate both cases and to keep Eden safe? Has Eden walked into a viper's nest of killers and rapists?This sec...
  • Brenda
    Detective Frank Bennett had drunk himself into oblivion since their last case – the case where terrible things happened including losing his girlfriend and being badly injured. But his partner, cold, dark and dangerous Eden Archer needed him back in the fold – the latest case of missing girls was about to become their case, so Eden hustled Bennett to finalise his police counsellor visits, to ease off the booze; just to get his act together. M...
  • ☼♄Jülie 
    In Candice Fox's first book Hades, we were introduced to Eden and her brother Eric and learned the story of how the man Hades came to raise them both from a very young age-- how he managed their upbringing and education, and how their characters were formed...how they learned their 'lust' for 'life'.In this, her second book in this series, Eden's story continues with a dual background story, where we learn more about Hades himself and how his own...
  • Marianne
    Eden is the second novel by Australian author, Candice Fox. It is the sequel to her first novel, Hades, and, perversely, it reveals the history of Heinrich “Hades” Archer in a narrative interspersed with an account of events since the deaths of Eric Archer, serial killer, Jason Beck and the woman who escaped his cage, Martina Ducote. It is, therefore, essential to read Hades first. Detective Frank Bennett is barely existing since the death of...
  •  Li'l Owl
    This is the sequel to the first Archer and Bennett series, HadesWhere the first was terrifying and intense, Eden is dark and mysterious, fraught with suspense. Detectives Eden Archer and Frank Bennett have to work together to try and find out what happened three girls who have gone missing. There is a lot more detective work involved in this book, which I really enjoyed. Candice Fox writes very detailed descriptions of people and places and I cou...
  • Carolyn
    In Hades, we were introduced to the dark and dangerous crime lord Hades, his policewoman daughter Eden Archer and her partner Frank Bennett. This novel delves into Hades background to show us what made him into the tough and violent man that he became through a childhood of cruelty and deprivation.Still coming to terms with his girlfriend's violent death in the previous novel, Frank is propping himself up with painkillers and alcohol and in an at...
  • sue
    I am very late coming to the table with this one, I haven't read book 1 either as I didn't realise this at the time when requesting from Net Galley.Its a dark riveting read.Hades.He is a dark underground figure, he's curt, he's harsh. We get to know why though and what has made him this way.He wasn't just bad, he was EVIL There is an awful lot more to him though than what first meets the eye. Eden.Eden and her partner Frank Bennett.Hades injured...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    The sequel to Candice Fox's stunning debut, Hades, Eden is a story about monsters, not the type that hide under the bed or in your closet, but those that walk amongst us, wearing the face of humanity. Murderers, rapists, pedophiles and cannibals shrouded in the guise of well dressed gentlemen, respected police officers, and restless children.The narrative is a bit of a surprise, I was expecting, given the novel's title, that the story would unfol...
  • Caidyn (SEMI-HIATUS; BW Reviews; he/him/his)
    This review and others can be found on BW Book Reviews.When I read this book the first time, I left a gushing review about how much I loved it. Luckily, that didn’t change with the reread! And, taking a quote from my own review: Candice Fox is a master of storylines.It follows, roughly, the same pattern of the first book. There’s a plot from the past that links to now, this one following Hades’ upbringing in crime. It, of course, links to n...
  • Elaine
    Eden is the second in a series, the first being Hades and, on balance, I think you do need to have read Hades beforehand to get the “hook” of the series. Hades is a book that despite gripping me with its storyline, did leave me with mixed feelings although I was still really eager to read Eden. However, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first one.There are three storylines running through this book. The first is the story of Hades, Eden’s ...
  • Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling
    My View:Fear is a powerful motivator.This was always going to be a difficult read for me; I loved the first book in this series, Hades, I didn’t think a work of crime fiction could get much better and so it was with anticipation and a touch of apprehension that I embarked on the second book, Eden. And what a book it is, a book of two stories intricately woven together, one story slowly reveals the history of Hades, his childhood, his baptism in...
  • Zoey
    Maybe closer to 3.5★. A little slow to get going I thought & I really could have done without the very descriptive details about the dog fighting ring but still another really good crime thriller with Hades, Eden & Frank. Look forward to see where the next one in the series goes, with the information found at the very end by Dr Imogen Stone?!?!?!?!
  • Bill Kupersmith
    Of Hades, the first book in this series, I’d remarked that “this book fails to haunt my memory or raise the kind of moral & spiritual issues needed for five stars.” Such is true of Eden as well, but it has also brought back to me the distinctive pleasures of a series featuring very good fast-read four-stars with lots of thrills. You’ll probably never read the same one through again. (Martin Amis was horrified @ seeing the toll alcoholism ...
  • Morris
    I was beyond thrilled when I saw there would be another novel in the Archer and Bennett series after reading the excellent debut, “Hades”. “Eden” did not disappoint. Candice Fox is at the top of the class when it comes to gritty crime thrillers. And when I say gritty, I do mean gritty. This is far from a cozy mystery.As I had hoped, we get more backstory for Eden’s father, Hades, and it is so well-written that the flashbacks alone could...
  • Linda Strong
    The first in this series was HADES, which I highly recommend you read before reading EDEN.This time around, Eden's partner, Frank Bennett, has been recouping from injuries he received in HADES. He's also drinking way too much and is being forced by the department to see the shrink before being allowed back to work.Meanwhile, Eden sends Frank to her father .... he has an investigative job involving the disappearance of an old flame many years befo...
  • Judy Collins
    A special thank you to Kensington Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Warning: M I N D-B L O W I N G !Sydney’s sensational crime author, Candice Fox returns following her chilling and shocking debut, HADES, 5 Stars (Archer & Bennett #1), a landfill of horrors, with a continuation of dark and gritty intensity (on steroids) with multi-layered EDEN (Archer & Bennett #2) — an electrifying spine-chilling, suspen...
  • Roy
    Provides more background on Hades, Eden and in a way Frank. Still has the great crime scenes and multi POV style, with past and current time settings. I just found that it was more or less the same as the first. However didnt seem to engage me as well as Hades. Well written and developed story and characters. Not purely crime, has a psychological thriller element to it as well.
  • Lisa
    Candace Fox is a new author to me & this started out okay but fell flat in the middle it really didnt grab me to pick it up each day read well but to me i was a bit let down just might be me i don't know having read so many books lately by good authors
  • Lyn Haines
    Eden, the second installment of Candice Fox's Archer and Bennett series, won the Ned Kelly award for best crime novel in 2015 and deservedly so. The broken characters weave in and out of the grey area between solving crimes and committing them. Not a word is wasted and yet the descriptions bring Sydney (both past and present) to life. Complex and intriguing.I finished the last page and immediately bought book 3, Fall.
  • Simone Sinna
    Okay this took me an extra night more than I wanted it to in order to finish, but was compelled to do so. Another page turner where we follow Eden going under cover and the story of missing girls who all stayed in a dead beat community Eden now joins. Juxtaposed with these chapters are first person account from her police partner, Frank, who as well as running the operation is recovering from his girlfriend being murdered and doing some work on t...
  • Joanne Robertson
    I didn't realise before reading this that it is a second novel and that to enjoy this book at its best it is probably better to have read Hades first which I haven't. Don't get me wrong, this can be read as a standalone novel but I do recommend reading Hades first. The storyline has so many characters that I found it difficult to get into at first and think this would have been easier if I had already some knowledge of Hades, Eden and Frank.This ...
  • Kira
    I'm a bit slow on posting my review of eden. I finished it late at night and got caught up working on my own book for the next few days before picking up Saving Francesca, so I actually finished this a week ago. Because I knew the characters of Eden, Frank, and Hades a little better thanks to the first book, I enjoyed this story better than the first in the series. I liked reading about Hades past and why he became the person he did. I liked seei...
  • Christine Bongers
    Candice Fox is a terrific crime writer. Destined to be huge if her first two books are anything to go by.
  • Carolyn
    1.5 stars. Dark, disturbing and sordid. Plenty of blood, and dead bodies. Hades, the first book in the series was also twisted, dark and brutal, but I quite enjoyed the uneasy relationship between three police officers in Sydney ( Eden, Frank and Eden’s brother Eric) and also the surprising connection with criminal fixer and mastermind, Hades. I wanted to know more about the main characters, all quite disturbed and damaged from their past. Unfo...
  • Karen
    Right from the commencement of HADES, the first Archer / Bennett book by Candice Fox, it was obvious that this was a series to be watched. Dark, confrontational, emotional and compelling, that book started a journey into the consequences of human damage, and EDEN picks that up, twists it around your throat and pulls tight.When Eden Archer goes undercover to catch a potential killer, the deprivation of the world into which she immerses herself is ...