Storm Clouds (Goodabri #2) by Bronwyn Parry

Storm Clouds (Goodabri #2)

National Parks ranger Erin Taylor loves her job, is falling for her colleague, Simon, and is finally leaving her past behind . . .Until a woman is murdered. But the victim is not just any woman – she’s Simon’s wife, Hayley. The wife he’s never mentioned. The wife he’s not seen in fourteen years. On the edge of the national park the alternative lifestyle ‘Community of Bliss’ denies knowledge of Hayley, but Simon and Erin suspect othe...

Details Storm Clouds (Goodabri #2)

TitleStorm Clouds (Goodabri #2)
Release DateJan 13th, 2015
PublisherHachette Australia
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Suspense

Reviews Storm Clouds (Goodabri #2)

  • Sharon
    With her colleagues Simon Kennedy away and Jo Lockwood on light duties, Erin Taylor was finding her job as the ranger for the National Parks quite tiring. In fact, by the end of each day Erin was feeling worn out.When Simon Kennedy returned to work after being away for last two months, Erin couldn't have been more happier. But her happiness would soon turn to sadness and disbelief when Simon returns to his cottage to discover his wife Hayley ther...
  • Brenda
    Erin Taylor was exhausted – her job as ranger for the National Parks had been extra busy the last few months; with colleague Simon Kennedy called away unexpectedly two months ago, and another colleague and friend Jo Lockwood still on light duties, it all seemed to fall on her shoulders to get the job done. And now, to top it off she had a flat tyre out in the middle of nowhere, on her own, with no phone service. As Erin finally made her way bac...
  • Deborah
    Although I rarely read straight ‘romance’ I enjoy the romantic suspense genre. In fact some of my favourite authors are those who get the balance right – Suzanne Brockmann, Sandra Brown and Karen Rose (to name just a few). Which is a long-winded way of saying that I’m excited to have belatedly discovered Parry as she really nails that balance in Storm Clouds.When we meet National Parks ranger Erin Taylor she’s exhausted. In the absence ...
  • Dale Harcombe
    Four and a half starsWith Simon Kennedy away and Jo Lockwood, her other colleague at Goodabri National Park, on restricted duties, Erin Taylor is finding her job tiring. She is worn out and looking forward to relief. When Simon returns, Erin finds he has been away in the army reserve on a mission he can’t talk about. But a deeper secret than that is revealed when a body is found in Simon’s house and the body turns out to be that of Simon’s ...
  • Jess
    At the end of every year, around Christmas day to be precise, there are two Australian Authors that I start to scour the shelves for. The first is Bronwyn Parry, the second Loretta Hill. This year, it took me longer to find Bronwyn Parry's new release Storm Clouds and thus I couldn't start the book on Christmas Eve like I had with the previous release, instead I tracked the book down (I may have purchased the very first copy from the box we recei...
  • Helen
    WOW what can I say about this one it is such a fantastic story I savoured every word and just didn't want to put it down. This story has everything that a romantic suspense should have a beautiful romance between Erin and Simon danger edge of your seat suspense a story that will bring tears to your eyes and make you smile it is beautifully written in such a great setting I felt like I was in the national park at times. My advice don't miss this o...
  • Janine
    Another great read by Bronwyn Parry. A good balance of suspense and romance and all very believable.
  • Karen
    Romantic Suspense and I do not get on so my viewpoint is probably somewhat skewed. I also cheerfully admit to a particularly strong allergy to anything at all that gets all "she's nothing without a man" or "women donning high heels to run through the bush to escape the bad guy". Which I'm happy to report is not the case in STORM CLOUDS. Erin Taylor's actually quite a likeable woman - even with the unrequited longing thing over Simon / love intere...
  • Jenny
    Storm Clouds book two in the Goodabri series by Bronwyn Parry. National Parks ranger Erin Taylor through her life finally has turned around with a job she loves and colleague Simon she adores. However, it did not last for long because a body of a young woman turns up. The murder victim was Simon's ex-wife Hayley, and Simon never told Erin about her. However, Erin helped Simon investigate to find answers to his wife murder and discovered details t...
  • Chloe
    4.5 starsAnother brilliant romantic suspense story by Bronwyn Parry. I like that it's light on the romance, and heavier on the mystery. I am enjoying this series immensely - it's always lovely to "catch up" with characters in earlier books in the series ... and I'm eagerly looking forward to the 3rd book :)
  • Vanessa Kelly
    Parry's books are atmospheric and feature creative, relevant plots and engaging characters. Love the smalltown setting of the Australian Outback, and the mix of locals and come-from-away characters. Another great read!
  • Stefe
    I really can't understand how this book got so many good reviews. Very predictable - I was quite easily able to work out the long lost sister, Joshua and the doctor were one and the same etc etc. I finished this book only to prove to myself that my predictions were right.
  • Deb Bodinnar
    Love love loved this book!! Bronwyn you've done it again. This story grabbed me from the first pages and kept me wanting more, but I did need a sleep at one stage. A great suspense/romance with great characters and interesting and topical plot.
  • Paula Clark
    Bronwyn Parry is one of my favourite authors and this new book didn't disappoint - strange that this was the second book I've read this month centred around "cults" though!Full of mystery and suspense (as usual) with great likeable characters :)
  • Stacey Houllis
    I thought this book was great it had plenty of spence thriller. Erin Taylor is National Park ranger Gooabari. She loves her job and she is falling for for colleague Simon Kennedy also a National park ranger and is part time in the army reserves.Simon returns from time in the army reserves to find his wife murdered in his home. He has not seen her in over 14 years, Erin is with him when he discovers her body and she learns that Simon is married..T...
  • Kym Andrews
    Easy, enjoyable read. I wish the author had connected more with the previous characters but luckily I had read the first one not that long ago so I could make the connections.
  • Dianne Sidebottom
    Aussie suspense set in North east NSW. Simon n Erin's story plus interesting characters. onto the next book.
  • Karen
    loved it
  • Sally906
    Another fabulous story from Bronwyn Parry!
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    Erin Taylor and Simon Kennedy are the resident National Park rangers of the small northern NSW town of Goodabri. Simon has recently returned from a two month deployment as an army reserve officer. Together Erin and Simon find his wife murdered in his home on his return from service. Erin immediately finds it strange that up until now Simon has ever mentioned his wife Hayley. Simon has been estranged from his wife for over fourteen years and this ...
  • Dísir
    When Simon Kennedy returns after 2 months away from his duties, finding his dead wife in his house sets a series of events in motion that's beyond his control, and jeopardises his growing affection for his colleague and friend, Erin Taylor. But because he has played his cards so close to his chest, the revelations about Simon's past career and marriage can only come as a shock and a betrayal to Erin. Thrown deep into an investigation involving si...
  • Gaylene johns
    great story have to read the third one in the series
  • Fibaroobi
    I don't think this author is for me. I read all of Jaye Fords books last year and really enjoyed them, and was hoping for something similar. Probably stupidly, I started with this book, when it is obviously not the first in the series. It was definitely readable, but I just found the characters so generic- the 2 main characters seemed hardly distinguishable from the 2 characters from what I assume is the previous book or the characters being prep...
  • Cookie1
    I loved this book. I think it is the first of Bronwyn Parry's books that I have read but it won't be the last. The element of mystery throughout the book made it very hard to out down. It was obvious that Simon and Erin would get together in the end but they had to get through some difficulties first. The murders in such a seemingly quiet part of the world were unusual. The group that bought the Harcourt Downs property and renamed it Serenity Hil...
  • Dalismynee
    Sigh....finally finished this. And I dislike many things about it from the mystery to the characters. Boring to the max. Hardly anything grip my attention and my emotion reading this crime-mystery book. The plot is simple. Not that mind blowing or thrilling. Just meh. Only strong parts about it is the main character, Erin who is strong and courageous. So glad I finished it and will never touch it again. Bye bye.
  • Kathy
    I found this a quick, easy read by Bronwyn this time - a little predictable but still with that amazing ability to describe and draw the reader in. I wanted to like it more, and maybe just because I came off a five star read, I didn't overly love the characters this time. But still a good Australian read.....
  • Tracy Hocking
    This latest installment in the lives of characters from Browyn Parry's favourite region of outback NSW is an easy and enjoyable read. In many ways the storyline was predictable and at times the sexual tension between key characters was a little over done, however it is certainly a worthwhile piece of light entertainment.
  • Sonja Mestrom
    I am a big fan of Bronwyn Parry's writing, but did not enjoy this as much. I can't really specify why.. A bit too predictable, found the characters less likeable maybe? Still fast paced and enjoyable, but not her usual page turning captivation.
  • Helen
    Bronwyn Parry gets the perfect mix of romance, adventure and suspense using life in the more remote parts of Australia as her settings. Her characters usually have a police background, or wildlife ranger, often with troubled pasts but courageous and conscientious. Another great story.
  • Jeannette
    Yet again another great read