Paroles by Jacques Prévert


Rappelle-toi BarbaraIl pleuvait sans cesse sur Brest ce jour làEt tu marchais sourianteÉpanouie ravie ruisselanteSous la pluieRappelle-toi Barbara...Oh BarbaraQuelle connerie la guerreQu'es-tu devenue maintenantSous cette pluie de ferDe feu d'acier et de sangEt celui qui te serrait dans ses brasAmoureusementEst-il mort disparu ou bien encore vivant...

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Release DateMar 1st, 1972
GenrePoetry, Cultural, France, European Literature, French Literature, Classics

Reviews Paroles

  • Yann
    Pater nosterNotre Père qui êtes aux cieuxRestez-yEt nous nous resterons sur la terreQui est quelquefois si jolieAvec ses mystères de New YorkEt puis ses mystères de ParisQui valent bien celui de la TrinitéAvec son petit canal de l'OurcqSa grande muraille de ChineSa rivière de MorlaixSes bêtises de CambraiAvec son Océan PacifiqueEt ses deux bassins aux TuileriesAvec ses bons enfants et ses mauvais sujetsAvec toutes les merveilles du mondeQ...
  • Fede
    Where to start? Maybe by saying that Prévert achieved in poetry what Picasso achieved in art: the perfection of polymorphism. This is his first collection of poems, released in 1946; and yet we can already appreciate the whole range of his fully developed skills and interests. As the Spanish genius mastered any style and technique with the same ease in visual art, Prévert has been able to explore here any possible dimension of poetry, from a we...
  • Teresa Proença
    Jacques Prévert, poeta e argumentista francês, nasceu em 1900 e morreu em 1977. Palavras foi o seu primeiro livro de poemas o qual obteve grande sucesso, apesar, ou, por não se enquadrar nas regras "normais" deste género literário.Recorrendo a trocadilhos e aliterações, Prévert faz das palavras música; joga com elas e tece, com ironia mordaz, críticas à igreja, à guerra, à família, ao Homem...A maioria dos poemas são muito longos, ...
  • W.B.
    If you don't own the City Lights Paroles, do yourself a favor and pick it up.He's right about Prevert's excesses and failures, and about his genius and relevance too.Ferlinghetti's translations are for the most part as lucent and as loosey-goosey as the originals in most cases.When Prevert chooses to be obtuse or clunky, Ferlinghetti respectfully follows.If you don't understand I'm not being bitchy with what I just wrote, you probably haven't rea...
  • Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    Beautiful poems that speak of what has been lost - what should stay lost - and what should be found after the war.
  • mwpm
    He says no with his headbu he says yes with his hearthe says yes to what he loveshe says no to the teacherhe standshe is questionedand all the problems are posedsudden laughter seizes himand he erases allthe words and figuresnames and datessentences and snaresand despite the teacher's threatsto the jeers of infant prodigieswith chalk of every colouron the blackboard of misfortunehe draws the face of happiness.- The Dunce, pg. 15* * *The mother do...
  • Anh Quan
    love the poemsles mi feuilleton-mi nouvelle-mi poeme, pas trop
  • book woman
    Ce sont magnifiques poèmes. C'est tout!LE CANCREIl dit non avec la têtemais il dit oui avec le cœuril dit oui à ce qu'il aimeil dit non au professeuril est debouton le questionneet tous les problèmes sont poséssoudain le fou rire le prendet il efface toutles chiffres et les motsles dates et les nomsles phrases et les piègeset malgré les menaces du maîtresous les huées des enfants prodigesavec des craies de toutes les couleurssur le tabl...
  • Edina Rose
    Notre père qui est aux cieux.Restez-y.Et nous, nous resterons sur la terre All-time fav. The reason I like Prevert is the same reason I like Brassens: provocative, non-conformist, talented. Rebel.
  • Lucrezia
    Recensire Prévert sotto la pioggia alla luce di una candela fra gli effluvi degli olii essenziali gemiti, pianti, urla e ghiaccio fra fratelli che cadono,dal nulla e per nulla, come pere...Bene ,direi che mi ha contagiata abbastanza. Prima che il poveretto si rivolti nella tomba per le mie ,evidentemente, scarse doti poetiche, meglio che passi a parlare di lui, che un poeta lo era e, sicuramente, migliore .Che si può dire di una raccolta come p...
  • Andy
    One of my favorite poets, Prevert constructs simple lines with unforgettable images..."Where are you going, handsome jailer with the key that's touched in blood?""In the merry-go-round of lies the red horse of your smile goes round"If you like good poetry and you haven't read him yet you owe it to yourself to discover his work.
  • Sean-Paul Thomas
    An old classic and my favorite book of poetry ever :)
  • Corey
    One of the best books of poems I've read in a while. Startling image after startling image, mixed with pith and wit.
  • Marque
    I read this book of poems again and again every couple of years. They are so moving, both the original french and the English translations. I don't know if I can adequately describe it. The poems make me feel exhilaration like the world is mine to conquer, but at the same time that exhilaration turns into overwhelming grief and anxiety. Then when read in the context of children and teenagers coming to age in an occupied France, it's hard for me t...
  • Χρήστος
    Το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο έχει μέσα μερικά αριστουργήματα, έχει και πολλά που είναι στα όρια του τι μπορεί να θεωρηθεί ποίηση.
  • إيمان
    2.5/5بارباراتذكري بارباراكانت تمطر من دون توقّف في برست ذاك اليوموكنت تمشين باسمةمُتفتّحة مبتهجة سائلةتحت المطرتذكري بارباراكانت تمطر من دون توقف في برستوأنا لاقيتك في شارع"سيام"كنت تبتسمينوأنا كنت أبتسم أيضاتذكري بارباراأنت التي لم أكن أعرفكأنت...
  • Ben
    I had been seeking out Prévert’s Paroles for the past several years, but I never found it on the shelves of any of my favorite used bookstores. Occasionally, out of desperation, I might purchase a book on Amazon, but that is rare and typically only the case if it is a book that I intend to read for work (i.e., there is some sort of deadline by which I need to read a particular book) or my to-read shelf is running low on choices. But, as neithe...
  • Brandon Alan
    TO PAINT THE PORTRAIT OF A BIRDFirst paint a cagewith an open doorthen paintsomething prettysomething simplesomething beautifulsomething usefulfor the birdthen place the canvas against a treein a gardenin a woodor in a foresthide behind the treewithout speakingwithout moving...Sometimes the bird comes quicklybut he can just as well spend long yearsbefore decidingDon't get discouragedwaitwait years if necessarythe swiftness or slowness of the comi...
  • P.E.
    Matching Soundtrack : Les Feuilles Mortes - Yves Montand
  • Jared
    Delightful poetry. On the surface it all appears very simple and direct, but a closer, thoughtful reading reveals incredible depth. From love and loss to the horrors of war, Prévert really delivers a fantastic account of wartime France. I often have a hard time with "modern" poetry in that I can't discern a metre or rhythm, and the form is often ignored entirely, but most of Prévert's work in this collection creates its own rhythm out of the re...
  • TinHouseBooks
    Poet and screenwriter Jacques Prévert wrote, “Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.” These past weeks I’ve been reading Paroles: Selected Poems with translations by Lawrence Ferlinghetti from the City Lights Pocket Poets Series. Prévert’s poems are unadorned and vibrant and often talk about Paris just after Second World War and many of his titles make their own heady spring impression—“To Pain...
  • Emilie
    Je dois admettre ne pas être fanatique de la poésie en général, mais le plus que je lisais, le plus que j'adorais! Une mention particulière à ses poèmes anti-militaristes et anti-cléricalistes...des vers qui restent avec vous longtemps après avoir terminé le recueil. Magnifique.
  • Lionel
    Pas un grand fan. J'en ai bien aimé quelques uns mais globalement, je pense pas que j'y aurais perdu à jamais le lire.
  • Kristin
    Prevert captures the every day in all of its beauty and ugliness, joy and pain.
  • Keith zak
    Some of the most beautiful and heartbreaking poetry that you will ever read.
  • Josh
    reading Prevert slanted my brain enough to never come back to a poem and feel ashamed for incorporating subtlety - the indiscreet.
  • Etienne
    Un style unique qui mélange lyrisme et jeux de mots, pour offrir des textes poétiques qui jouent aussi avec l'humour et pour certains une forme de critique sociale est également présente. Un style particulier qui m'a beaucoup plus, certains textes/poèmes plus que d'autres, mais un auteur qui mérite qu'on s'y attarde!
  • Tittirossa
    Uno dei pochissimi libri di poesie, paroles, che sia mai riuscita a finir di leggere.
  • Anne
    Dit is mijn eerste recensie ooit. Maar als een van de eerste gedichten begint met 'Notre Père qui êtes aux cieux / Restez-y' ('Onze Vader die in de hemelen zijt, blijf daar maar'), dan weet je dat je zo veel mogelijk mensen kennis moet laten maken met dit meesterwerk. Het is van begin tot eind genieten met voornamelijk humoristische gedichten in vrij simpel Frans. Laat gelijk ook goed zien dat gedichten over de verschrikkingen van de oorlogen (...