Truth or Date (Better Date than Never, #2) by Susan Hatler

Truth or Date (Better Date than Never, #2)

Gina Hall is done with men who won’t commit. Ten years waiting for her ex to propose wasted her time. Never again. When her friend Kristen starts a game of Truth or Dare, she dares Gina to go on a date with Ethan, who’s amazing and total marriage material.As Gina plans the going away party for office playboy Chris Bradley, she spontaneously initiates a game of Truth or Dare with him. When his turn comes around, he dares Gina to pose as his gi...

Details Truth or Date (Better Date than Never, #2)

TitleTruth or Date (Better Date than Never, #2)
Release DateSep 1st, 2014
PublisherHatco Publishing
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Truth or Date (Better Date than Never, #2)

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    4.5 rounding upHey everyone! Did you all have a grand weekend? I kicked my weekend off with this book, Truth or Date by Susan Hatler. Friday night, it's late and very quiet at my house. I'm curled up in bed reading a witty, fun, romantic book. Perfect, right?I really needed a good light-hearted distraction. I was in the mood for a romance because I've been reading lots of dystopian and paranormal lately. (which I also enjoy, don't get me wrong) A...
  • April
    If you are looking for a quick sweet romance, this book is for you. In keeping with the series Gina, one of Ellen's friends, is looking for love. She is recently single, which means she needs a man. Ok, this is about a chick-lit not getting on a soap box. Love the fun banter between Gina and Chris. Would have been nice to have his POV. Unfortunately, the whole narrative comes from Gina. They do have a very cute dynamic. I also love the camaraderi...
  • Susan Hatler
    Loved writing Gina's story. Now I'm working on Kristen's book, Save the Date (Better Date than Never series, Book #4). Thanks for reading!
  • Kelly
    *ARC provided through Netgalley*Truth or Date is a short romance easy to read. Even if sometimes Gina was so oblivious of what's happening around her, it was a really cute and enjoyable story. She's always playing the "Truth or dare" with her friends or with Chris and it was fun. It also turned out to be a "Truth or date?" or a "Truth or kiss?" This one was my favourite ;). After ending her relationship of ten years with her ex-boyfriend Georges,...
  • Tifferz
    What a well written story that captured me. I think this is such a sweet story with humor! Gina writes off men after a 10 year dead end relationship. But, her friend Ellen is getting married and Gina needs a date for the occasion. What unfolds is a story that had my cracking up! But also has some hot moments with Gina and Chris!! The tension is thick as a malt shake!! Yummy! Truth or Date has stuck with my like ice cream! If you love a sweet roma...
  • Veronica Blade
    LOVED this!! I liked that Gina's had a rough time finding the right guy (and wasted a lot of time) but she's still got her sense of humor. Speaking of humor, I LOVED all the witty dialogue and steamy moments between Gina and Chris.This is the PERFECT short, sweet romance.
  • Mayu
    ¡Hola a todos! ¿Qué tal estáis? Yo os traigo hoy la reseña de una novela que me ha encantado y que, lo admito, me ha dejado con ganas de mas. Verdad o cita es la segunda novela de la serie Mejor una cita que nunca, y bueno, después de leer el pequeño relato de Rachel y Noah, pues tenia muchas ganas de leer esta novela. había algo en Verdad o cita que me atraía muchísimo. ¡Estaba deseando leer esta novela, y gracias a que Amazon me ha r...
  • Roberta Capizzi
    A quick, clean read. I don't usually like love triangles, but even though the heroine goes out with two guys at the same time I wouldn't say it was a love triangle, because nothing really happens until she makes up her mind toward the end. There are some entertaining moments, while at other times I found the heroine a bit annoying, and I didn't find the last twist of the ex showing up particularly fitting (perhaps because he didn't seem sorry and...
  • Arely
    I really needed this story, because I’ve been reading a lot of books with emotionally draining plots and really intense situations. This story is just one of those that are fun to read and leaves you with a smile for a while after you read it.Gina broke up with her long-term boyfriend a few months ago because she wanted marriage and her now-ex-boyfriend didn’t. Honestly, the guy is like a lazy jerk.Naturally, Gina is more cautious and doesn...
  • Cynthia
    This is a fun loving clean book that will keep you smiling and even give you a few laughs. I really enjoy reading this I loved the truth or dare. This is a wonderful short romance with lots of humor, caring, confusion for the characters. Poor Gina has been stuck in a relationship that is going nowhere fast. She decides to end it move on to someone who is interested in marriage and a family. She is oblivious to what Chris really wants in life and ...
  • UnusualChild{beppy}
    synopsis:gina has been living with george for 10 years, hoping for a proposal. when they break up, she still lives with george in the same apartment, hoping that he will move out. when she is encouraged to take the first steps, gina moves in with kristen, one of her fellow bridesmaids. kristen sets gina up with ethan, her best friend, but gina is more interested in chris, the office playboy who is now leaving the office for a different job. gina ...
  • Jessica
    This story made me pout disappointedly in the beginning as I was expecting the same kind of feeling as the first book I read in this series. I read this volume slowly like I normally do with books that haven't properly gripped me yet. It was around forty percent when things started to get exciting for me. I was falling for Chris, well, Ethan was nice, but there's something about Chris that made like him better. And that was answered in the end.An...
  •  Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews
    I used to be the kind of person that would pass up a short story. That was until author Veronica Blade (who I love reading and reviewing for)introduced me to Susan Hatler (who I now love reading and reviewing for). Truth or Date was a quick and refreshing fun read. Poor Gina had her up's and down's while searching for love and I loved every minute it. The quick witted back and forth banter between Gina and Chris ignited the pages and fueled the r...
  • Paula Legate
    I really enjoyed this book! Gina and her friends would play truth or dare. Gina never picked truth, so it made for an interesting read. Gina also played this silly game with Chris, with a few added rules of Corse. Gina’s heart would beat a little faster when she was around Chris. The two had fun together. Gina had just gotten out of a 10 year relationship. She vowed never to date anyone that was not interested in marriage. She thought Chris was...
  • Missy
    I wish I could give this book like 10 stars!!! Susan is an awesome writer and anytime a new book by her comes out I have to have it the first day....and I can never put them down. She is a feel good chick-lit author and her characters are so real I can feel what they are feeling. I loved getting to feel through Gina as she learns what she wants in a relationship and her chemistry with Chris and Evan!! Would recommend this book for anyone looking ...
  • Batzy
    Definitivamente una muy romántica e interesante lectura. Estoy enamorada realmente de la imaginación que tiene esta autora y la suspicacia y la comicidad de sus personajes. Una exelente lectura para todas aquellas almas que piensan que nunca encontrarán al hombre indicado. Una difícil elección para el personaje principal. Pero el corazón tiene razones que la cabeza no. FELICIDADES POR TAN INCREIBLE NOVELA!!!
  • Matu Nila
    I really liked this. It was a sweet romantic story and it even made me laugh out loud a few times, which is always a bonus.I liked the characters and would have wanted the book to continue. So the only bad thing I can think of was the shortnes of the book!
  • Jen
    I love the way Susan Hatler writes! She make me laugh and I always feel like I'm a part of the book! I get sucked right into the story and feel like I'm one of the friends going why are you not going for him you idiot? I just wish these were not short stories!
  • Tabetha
    It was an awww book. Finished it in 2 hrs.
  • Carol
    Quick, easy, uplifting book. Not badly written and good to fill in the time when you don't want a heavy read. Will probably read more of hers.
  • Jen
    Cute quick read. I enjoyed it for what it was (50ish pages).
  • Amanda
    This is why I continue to read free books from amazon. Every so often I uncover a gem and it makes slushing through the muck worth it. I'm off to buy the rest if the series now.
  • Susan K
    Romance, cleanThis was a cute read, and definitely a fun part of the series. More a fun read than serious, but still clever how it all came together. Gina's story with Ethan and Chris was interesting. You could sense her attraction to both men, and her realization where the real chemistry was. Definitely a light read, but S.H. always knows how to pull it together. Loved the Truth or Dare story. Healing heart for Gina, and hopefully a HEA in one o...
  • ☆☆Hannah☆☆
    I will admit that I didn't like this one as much. I thought Gina was an okay character. Don't get me wrong I was definitely happy for her when she got happily ever after. I did like how we got to see more of the couple from the first book. I was happy they got married. I will admit that I'm a little worried about the next book because I wasn't a big fan of Kristen.
  • Donna
    Be brave!I would have given this five stars but she lived with the guy for ten years. I just prefer people who wait till marriage. I loved the chemistry between Gina and Chris. They had a lot of obstacles to overcome before they were brave enough to dare to show it.
  • Claudia
    Quick fun read
  • Mella
    Es war eine süße Geschichte für Zwischendurch, dennoch hatte ich das Gefühl, dass das Buch hätte mehr hergeben können. 3,5 Sterne - Tendenz zu 4
  • Amy H
    i got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review..i have to say that this is my favorite book out of the three! this story continues from the first, but in the point of view of Gina. she is one of the friends from Ellen and is helping everyone get ready for the big wedding. well, after all the talk of marriage she did the next best thing. she went and asked her 10 year boyfriend that if they do not get married that it was over....
  • Joy
    Truth or Date is a contemporary romance, 190 pages and book two in Susan Hatler’s Better Date than Never series (of 3) and a treat for readers looking for a clean, witty, slightly angsty and chuckle worthy read. Gina is so over men, particularly the commitment phobic ones and player Chris cannot possibly be serious about trying his luck with her – surely not? Seriously? (view spoiler)[SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTGina’s a great ...
  • Vânia Nunes
    A short and very enjoyable book to read.Gina is not that woman sculptural body which all men turn their heads when she passes. She knows her limitations and keeps the foot on the ground. In fact, what she most wants is to have her own family and her last boyfriend only decided to be honest with her 10 years later. Finally she came to her senses and decided to move on. And since the bastard even made an effort to move from the apartment they share...