Ryker (Hell's Renegades, #1) by Dawn Robertson

Ryker (Hell's Renegades, #1)

Our lives aren’t beautiful or glamorous.They’re dirty and fucked up.We live the nightmares people live in fear of.We live on the edge of the law wondering when it will finally catch up with us or who will bury us before that happens. But its the outlaw life we chose. It was a choice we all made, and I wouldn’t fuckin’ take it back. Not ever.Until she walked into my life and made me second guess everything, I have ever known. She is an ang...

Details Ryker (Hell's Renegades, #1)

TitleRyker (Hell's Renegades, #1)
Release DateFeb 6th, 2018

Reviews Ryker (Hell's Renegades, #1)

  • Ashley
    I have been waiting for this book forever! Well worth the wait though!! Dawn is an amazing writer and I fell in love with her writing with the Hers series! The characters from Hers make appearances in Ryker. Steamy and heart stopping. I loved every second of this story and can't wait for Judge's book!!
  • Sandy S
    3.5 starsABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date February 6, 2018Our lives aren’t beautiful or glamorous. They’re dirty and f*cked up.We live the nightmares people live in fear of.We live on the edge of the law wondering when it will finally catch up with us or who will bury us before that happens. But its the outlaw life we chose. It was a choice we all made, and I wouldn’t f*ckin’ take it back. Not ever.Until she walked into my life and made me se...
  • michelle Shelly
    Fast paced hot read!What a good fast paced MC read. One thing I really liked is that if you’ve read this authors other work you will get to catch up with some very familiar characters from some of her other reads. This book is the first book in the Hell’s Renegades series and it’s Lyric and Ryker’s book. These two are great characters and they have tons of chemistry. This is full of exciting moments and some very hot ones as well.. oh yea...
  • Jordan
    I’ve been waiting for this story for ages it seems, and I wasn’t disappointed! Ryker is the bad boy every girl lusts after but is unattainable because he doesn’t want to settle down. Lyric is a good girl experiencing life for what feels like the first time. The two are opposites that can’t seem to distract themselves from wanting the other. An agreement for one night no strings what should have gotten the other out of their systems turns ...
  • Ashley Carr, LSoR
    Amazing first book to the series. I was a little confused because this is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Robertson and there were characters in backstory from her previous books. But this in no way impacted my review and I could get the just of backstory of the secondary characters. I absolutely loved Ryker and Lyric’s chemistry. And does it make me a bad person to say I love it when they fought, because when they made up it was hot, hot!!! ...
  • Jessica
    I would suggest reading Hers first before starting this spin-off. I was so confused at times, but that's because I didn't know the history between the H and h. There were other characters that intrigued me also, like Seven and Star, Chrome and Judge. I think I will go backwards then come back to Ryker. I did like most of what I read thought. Some parts seemed a little rushed and the story was also short. I guess I will mark this as a to be contin...
  • Kim
    OMG! Ryker was a total amazing read. So worth the wait of this story. Dawn did a wonderful job with Ryker and Lyric. To learn more about Hell's Renegades MC and some of the club members makes you wanting to learn more and more about each of them. I would love for them to have their own books which I know one is coming out soon. The sex scenes are HOT HOT HOT!!!
  • Sarah Horwath
    I really loved and enjoyed Ryker. Really a good story. I definitely have to go and read the other books by Dawn because I was a little confused by the different characters but also intrigued to want to know there stories. Can't wait to see what's next.
  • Mandy
    A long time coming and worth the wait. Ryker is the first in a new series from Dawn but some familiar faces make appearances and they just add the greatness. A quick read with lots of drama, violence and sex. Lyric is an easy to like heroine with an inner strength to be admired. I enjoyed seeing Ryker and Lyric fight their chemistry when ultimately they are perfect for one another. Can't wait for more in the Hell's Renegades series!
  • Robyn Prem
    OMG Dawn Robertson has been one of my favorites to read since I found Hers in the Summer of 2014. I fell in love with her writing and quickly devoured the Her's Series. Ryker was addicting. Ryker is hot. I want more Ryker. Dawn Robertson wrote the characters perfectly, her storyline and everything fit so well together into the story... Wonder if there will be more Ryker in the future because I must know what happened to the Hell's Renegades, Ryke...
  • Chasing The Words Book Blog
    Noooooooooooo.....Just say it ain’t so.....Noooooooooooo.....How just how can it end like that?I need more like STAT...Let me start off by saying Dawn Robertson, I absolutely love the names Lyric and Seven. Very unique and I feel there names totally fit there personalities. Next, I love me some MC books and Ryker definitely didn’t disappoint. It was bad@ss, had just the right amount of drama with twists and turns that I didn’t necessarily s...
  • Amanda Mann *Rabid Readers Book Blog*
    I'm a big fan of MC novels. HUGE fan, actually. I love them and the story line to this book really caught my attention. However, I couldn't help but be a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the story was good and has potential to be incredible, but I felt it jumped around, A LOT, and the first several chapters of the book, I was really confused, wondering if I had missed a book, or a prequel series, or something. It took me a while to get in...
  • Sassy Southern
    This book has a lot of potential-it’s hard to write a great MC book with a unique plot. Lyric and Ryker are immediately attracted to one another, but have to wait to act on it because she is with another man. When Ryker saves Lyric, they feel the connection even deeper. As the two fall in love, fight their chemistry, and find a way to be together, the MC Ryker belongs to is at war with a rival gang.The writing was well done, but there was just ...
  • Astrid
    I was a bit disappointed with this book...First of all, CLIFFHANGER!!! Boooo!And they were both way to insecure for my tastes.
  • Kelly Woolerton
    After all the waiting for this release the best part of the book is the cover...
  • Simona Webb
    Chapters 1 through 14 I was all in & It was good!! The dam epilogue, I got lost! I went from oh no an explosion to who’s point of view is this; what just happened.