A Greyhound, A Groundhog by Emily Jenkins

A Greyhound, A Groundhog

*from Publishers' Weekly*...a picture book and tongue twister involving a little round greyhound and a little round groundhog.

Details A Greyhound, A Groundhog

TitleA Greyhound, A Groundhog
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Dogs, Storytime, Plays, Poetry, Juvenile, Fiction, Humor

Reviews A Greyhound, A Groundhog

  • Carmen
    Around, round hound. Around, groundhog!Around, brown hog.Around, grey dog!The point of this book isn't the story (there is no story) but instead to serve as a tongue-twister and make the adult reader and the child laugh.A groundhog and a greyhound meet and spend the day chasing each other around a field.The pictures are beautiful. I would recommend this. It's fun.
  • Jessica
    Oh, my word! Not only is the art simply delicious, but the words are delightful! A poem, a tongue-twister, a darling story all in one, and seriously: THE ART.
  • Donalyn
    Fantastic read aloud! Practice first.
  • Kaethe
    Loved the water color art and the feeling of motion Appelhans brought to the illustrations. What can I say? I'd been meaning to read it because I like Jenkins' work consistently, but to spot it on Groundhog Day? It was meant to be. And so pretty and frenetic.Library copy
  • Laura Harrison
    Glorious with mind-blowingly good delicate and beautiful illustrations. Love it!
  • Hannah
    A GREYHOUND, A GROUNDHOG is a deliriously delightful whirl of a book. With a nod to Ruth Kraus’ playful use of language (Jenkins even dedicates the book to her), the text artfully, rhythmically spins round, tying the reader’s tongue as it bounces along without ever becoming tiresome or repetitive, despite the limited palette word-wise. Appelhan’s gorgeously spare watercolor illustrations complement the prose perfectly--his greyhound and and...
  • KC
    A great rhyming tale of a greyhound and a groundhog with fantastic water color illustrations.
  • Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)
    Tongue-twister....would be a hilarious read aloud but need to practice to make it workGreat concept well executed
  • Tasha
    This is a picture book that will leave you breathless in two ways. First, it is an astounding feat of wordplay that romps and gallops. Second, if you read this aloud I guarantee you will be out of breath by the end, much to the delight of your little listeners. A long lean greyhound that is round when it curls to sleep meets a very round brown groundhog and the two of them spend time playing together. They run and dash, filling the pages with mov...
  • Majera
    Super cute tongue-twister!
  • Amy Rae
    I'm absolutely in love with this one. The watercolours suggest the movement of our greyhound and groundhog so perfectly--and so does the bright, tongue-twisting text. It's the kind of book that begs you to read it aloud.
  • Patricia
    Tongue-twister picture book, which I read aloud to the cats. I giggled throughout.
  • Bethany
    A greyhound and a groundhog chase and play in this tale that should be practiced before an attempted read-aloud. The sleek greyhound, the tubby groundhog, and several chases through nature leave the gamboling playmates flopped in exhaustion by the end of the chant-like, tongue-twisting text. The animals' watercolor bodies and expressive faces burst with dizzying energy and joy.It's an ear-tickling joy of a story.
  • Earl
    Cute illustrations. Maybe I actually need to hear this being read aloud and to see people's reactions to it for me to have any kind of reaction to it.
  • Molly Dettmann
    I thought the illustrations were gorgeous and the story felt lyrical.
  • K8
  • Jocelin
    I liked the simple illustrations of this book. If you can read this really fast, it is tongue-twisting fun.
  • Barbara
    While this picture book is a departure from the usual serious issues, themes, and topics that I like to explore in my reading material, it is a delight to read aloud because of the tongue-twisting elements that are in the text. Although it doesn't have much of a plot other than the fun a greyhound and a groundhog, a most unlikely duo, have in their time together, the fun comes from examining the illustrations, rendered in watercolor and pencil, a...
  • Jenn
    Received this book as a Valentine from my sister and it is a lovely one: the art! the words! the art! Such a beautiful, fun to read book.
  • Margie
    When two animals come face to face unexpectedly, the results are hard to predict. If they are both living in the wild, one might become a meal for the other. If one shares their life with humans and the other is wild, it's guaranteed for a split second time will be frozen as they stand and stare at each other. Then curiosity and instincts will quickly assume control. When curiosity and instincts rule, observers can sometimes witness magic. From t...
  • Julie
    I can't remember where I read a review of this in the fall, but it has been on my waitlist at the library for awhile and was just published. The watercolor and pencil illustrations are lovely and fun, and the tongue-twisting play on the words "ground," "hound", and "around" makes it a tongue-tripper for anyone trying to read it aloud. I love how the greyhound and the groundhog work themselves up chasing each other as the words roll along after on...
  • Krissy Neddo
    No plot. Not sure who I would read it to. Not sure who would check it out. Only caught my interest because I like Emily Jenkins' Skunkdog and Toys Go Out.Later edit: I read this to my Kinders and they laughed when I got tongue tied, but not sure I need this book to get them laughing. So many others- like This Book Has No Pictures. Just not for me.
  • Linda
    it’s a delightful book of joyous pictures and spare text where two unlikely creatures, a greyhound and a groundhog meet, frolic, and on page after page go around and around, until they meet something that “astounds”. fun to see and enjoy, especially for young children.
  • Kelly
    The art is wonderful, very dynamic and expressive. I certainly wouldn't dare attempt this tongue-twister in storytime. My one pet-peeve: a hole is a hole, unless there is an archaic definition of hog I'm not aware of?
  • Vicki
    Wow my lips got a workout with this book. A great book to teach rhymes and fun.The illustrations seem to be water colors, and move around the page with the text following it. Nice format to the book.
  • Juliana Lee
    Funny and beautifully drawn. A greyhound and a groundhog chase and play and act silly together. The text is simple, but also simply fun to get your mouth around the words in the correct order with the correct sounds.
  • Rachel Watkins
    This tongue twister of a book is brilliantly paired with dreamy watercolor illustrations that embody the crazy frenetic play of a greyhound and a groundhog. Best when read aloud with joyous enthusiasm.
  • Rachel
    Such beautiful illustrations with movement and depth, the words are fun and have great classroom applications for word sounds.