Tricks for Free (InCryptid, #7) by Seanan McGuire

Tricks for Free (InCryptid, #7)

Penance, noun:1. Punishment for past actions.2. An attempt to pay for what can’t be bought.3. See also “exile.”Antimony Price is on the run. With the Covenant on her tail and her family still in danger, she needs to get far, far away from anyone who might recognize her—including her own mice. For the first time in a long time, a Price is flying without a safety net. Where do you go when you need to disappear into a crowd without worrying ...

Details Tricks for Free (InCryptid, #7)

TitleTricks for Free (InCryptid, #7)
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherDAW Books
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Tricks for Free (InCryptid, #7)

  • Steven
    Thanks to Netgalley and Berkley for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.Seanan McGuire is one of my favorite authors. Seriously, she's on my auto-buy list. I love the worlds and characters she creates.Incryptid is one of those worlds, and I struggle with deciding if it is my favorite or if October Daye is. Every time I read one of the books in either series, I decide that one is my favorite Seanan series. Then I re...
  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. The thing I really like about Seanan McGuire is - she is different.  I might not always be completely into everything she is writing, but as an author I think she takes chances and delves into topics other authors shy away from.  For instan...
  • Tria
    Temporary rating to help counteract the guy who decided to rate this one star before anybody's read it. I hate it when people do that. Rating to be revised when I *have* read it.
  • Maria Dimitrova
    It's cryptozoology time at BB&B.Originally I rated this 4 stars but the more I thought about it the more I realized that it doesn't deserve it. Don't get me wrong, it's a good book but it's mostly a filler. It sets things for what's to come but the only really relevant chapters were the last 2-3. Everything else was well not boring but unimportant. Add to it the lack of Aeslin mice and I was really disappointed. However, as I said this sets the s...
  • Beth
    Antimony, Annie, Price is on the run hiding from her enemies and her family. If she went to her family the Covenant could use her magical signature to find them. Her only chance. Find a massively populated area and hope it masks her magic. What better place then one of the happiest places on earth…a Florida amusement park.Little did she know that the amusement park is ran but a magic using cabal, just waiting to use Annie for their own means. T...
  • Wanda
    I picked up this paperback in the store on the day it was released, but it took me a few days to get around to reading it. I went in knowing that the Aeslin mice really didn’t feature in it (Sam takes them to the airport and they head for home). Would the magic still be there without the mice?I enjoyed the mouse-less adventure just as much as the previous books. It also helped that there was an adorable novella featuring Mindy & Mork (Annie’s...
  • Ferdy
    Still didn't like Antimony, her personality was boring and her martyr like attitude grated on me, she couldn't go a page without being smug or judgmental or a know it all or without looking down on people. Her worst qualities though were her bitterness and the huge chip she had on her shoulder, especially when it came to her being the youngest sibling and the weird bitchiness she had towards Verity, she really had no reason to complain but she tw...
  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTRICKS FOR FREE, the seventh book in the InCryptid series continues this series' trend of high adventure, exciting storylines, and unique worldbuilding. I am constantly impressed how each book comes off as fresh and full of thrilling plots, thought-provoking social commentary, with warm bonds of friendship and family at their core. I'm never bored reading these books! TRICKS FOR FREE continues Antimony's...
  • Shelley
    *Source* Publisher*Genre* Fantasy, Paranormal*Rating* 3.5*Thoughts*Tricks for Free, by author Seanan McGuire, is the seventh book in the InCryptid urban fantasy series. The series features the Price family, an eccentric group of cryptozoologists who safeguard the world of magical creatures living in secret among humans. Tricks for Free once again features the youngest Price, Antimony who was last seen escaping the Covenant of St. George (Magic fo...
  • Melliane
    Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewI really like this series and I was eager to discover another of the novels. Besides, I was very happy to see that we were once again following Antimony because I loved having her as the main character in the previous volume. And then after all the events, I wanted to know how this young woman was going to act!Annie is on the run, she knows that finding her family would put them in danger. So to try to blend ...
  • Alexis
    Loving Antimony's voice in this one.
  • Kira
    This series has always been hit or miss for me. It's probably because each book takes place in a different setting with new side characters even if the main characters are the same. Each book can have a totally different vibe depending on those things. I loved the last book along with Antimony but didn't feel the same this time around.Antimony made one bad choice after another. Her reasons for staying away from her family made sense. She could ha...
  • Erin (PT)
    Not only did I enjoy this book on its own merits, it's a really excellent follow-up from the previous book...and largely for the same reason: the story of a woman who, separated from the only family she's ever known, begins to build one of her own. Though nothing about Antimony's story is a direct read from she or her family being from a marginalized group (if anything, the books go out of their way to rightfully point out that she is NOT), there...
  • Marzie
    Tricks for Free is the seventh entry in the InCryptid series and one of my favorites, in spite of the novel’s lack of Aeslin mice. (Aeslin Mice fans, take heart! Included with this novel is the account of Mindy and Mork’s perilous journey back to the Price compound, following Annie’s difficult decision to send them home at the conclusion of Magic for Nothing, in a story previously only available to McGuire’s Patreon supporters.) Over the ...
  • Karissa
    This is the seventh book in the InCryptid series a was a wonderful continuation of the InCryptid series. This book continues to follow Antimony Price and her adventures.While Antimony isn't my favorite character follow in this series, I did think this was the best book about her yet and I really, really enjoyed it. We finally get to see more of Antimony’s magic and watch as she struggles to learn to control it. I loved the new characters introd...
  • Holly
    “Thanks for the vote of murder-confidence,” I said.She flashed me a bright, toothy smile. “I always have faith in you when it comes to murder.”So, I'm in Antimony's corner now. All in. I started out being annoyed with her all the time because she's the little sister and, as such, has all this ferocious jealousy/scorn that she feels toward Verity. Verity's the first character I identified with in this world. Call me protective?Ms. McGuire ...
  • Jasmine
    Designing a century-old media empire, so that it can populate a theme park, within which to set a series of murders, is the most Seanan McGuire thing to-date. Also, CROSSROADS? GHOSTS? MURDER? LUCK? I LOVE THIS?
  • Monica
    4.5 stars. I Love Seanan McGuire. She is one of my favorite authors. That being said this was not my favorite of all her incryptid books but still an excellent story. Love this series and I enjoyed the short story at the end. I'm glad she included it because I really missed the mice in the story.
  • Carysa Locke
    3.75 stars? I guess that sounds like I am splitting hairs. I can't help it when reading in a series by one of my favorite authors; I inevitably compare the book to how much I enjoyed others in the same series. I anticipated Antimony's book(s) since reading the first InCryptid novel about her sister, Verity Price. The world was so unique, the premise so fun, and the world building top notch. (Who doesn't adore the Aeslin mice??)But the first Antim...
  • Mary
    This is my favorite in the series so far. It may be because I joined roller derby recently and any references to it make me gleeful.
  • Cass
  • Nicole Luiken
    Fun series! Amusement parks, cryptids, crossroad ghosts, magic and a little romance too. These books are always a pleasure to read.Note: The Aeslin mice novella at the back actually comes first chronologically. It was also awesome.
  • Alex Can Read
    This review first appeared on my blog. Tricks for Free is quite possibly the best installment in the InCryptid series so far, which I am sort of surprised I’m saying. I love Verity and loved the Hollywood aspects of her books, while Antimony, the main character in Tricks for Free, reminds me of my own little sister and I’m just not that into theme parks. But somehow, the combination of Antimony, theme parks and a special kind of Seanan magic,...
  • Amyiw
    3.5 stars maybe on the high side. Much better than the last with Antimony as the lead.Wow this is like a whole new world at first, and not in a good way, lots of new characters and world building. She is at a theme park as an employee trying to fit in. Really coincidentally she meets up with a couple of old friends, one from high school and one from roller derby days. Still there is no real story except back story and world building at the theme ...
  • Tani
    After having some trouble getting into the previous book in this series, I was a bit worried about this one, but it turns out that my worries were completely unfounded. Tricks for Free was one of my favorite entries in the series to date. Annie has really grown on me, I guess. So, in this book, Antimony is on the run from the Covenant, and is hiding out at Lowryland, the next best thing to Disneyland. She starts the book alone, without a plan, an...
  • princesspwny
    I enjoy the Incryptid series, and am a huge fan of Seanan McGuire's writing. This is the first book that I have read and not been entirely pleased with; the second half of the book was strong, but the first half was a little meandering and depressing. This is not surprising given Antimony's situation, but those looking for another Incryptid romp with the Price family are likely to be somewhat disappointed. It is, however, a good continuation of t...
  • Melissa
    3.5-3.75 stars. This is the 7th book in the series and the info dumps have to be larger, but I found them a bit overdone and repetitive in this story. Antimony is in te run from the Covenant; she's afraid they can track her via blood magic and find her family. Being alone makes this easier, so she hides in plain sight among the crowds at Loweryland (Seanam loves Disney). No Aeslinn mice here except for a story (also3.5-3.75 star ) at the end abou...
  • Devann
    Once again I'm not sure what to say about a Seanan McGuire book other than IT'S AWESOME GO READ IT. Before the last book came out I was kind of worried about Antimony being the new protagonist but I should know better than that honestly and now I absolutely love her [Alex is my least favorite, sorry Alex]. This book had a lot of familiar faces from the previous book as well as several new ones and it was just a really great time overall. I'm actu...
  • Shannon
    So good. I pretty much devoured this and my only regret is that I don’t have another full McGuire book to immediately read (although happily there’s a novella that will be started shortly after I write this!Solid and twisty story - some darkness that is developing from multiple storylines that’s promises excellent and nerve-wracking reading. But mostly I love how Antimony is developing, her friends, her passion for derby, and Sam. Love this...
  • Shana
    Absolutely loved this newest installment! I miss the Aeslin mice this time around, so it was great that there was a bonus story about Mork and Mindy! I don't think there is anything that this author could write that I wouldn't enjoy. Antimony is on the run, and is hiding in a knock-off Disneyland. Luckily, she still has her dead Aunt Mary watching out for her, as well as a couple of old roller-derby buddies. And maybe there is still romance in he...