On Two Feet and Wings by Abbas Kazerooni

On Two Feet and Wings

This is an updated cover edition of B008N4HWTC.This amazing true story of a boy fleeing Tehran on his own during the Iran-Iraq War provides a powerful child's-eye view of political tumult, separation, survival, dreams and triumphs in a moving memoir that chronicles extraordinary times in an ordinary boy's life.Close to his tenth birthday, Abbas has to leave his parents and friends to escape Tehran. The Iran-Iraq War is at its bloodiest. The ayato...

Details On Two Feet and Wings

TitleOn Two Feet and Wings
Release DateSep 1st, 2014
PublisherAllen & Unwin
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Audiobook, Biography

Reviews On Two Feet and Wings

  • Tiffany Wacaser
    As a 9-year old, Abbas Kazerooni, is sent from Iran to Turkey to try and obtain a visa to move to Britain. Staying in Iran is dangerous, with children being drafted into the war. Abbas' parents literally sacrifice everything they have to get Abbas to Turkey. From there, he has to rely on his own ingenuity and the kindness of strangers to get his visa. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I read this memoir. I couldn't help but think of my...
  • Marj
    Abbas leaves his family when he is 9 years old to escape being drafted into the army. He's alone on the streets of Istanbul, trying to survive. His journey is aided by the kindness of strangers and his innate uncanny sense of who is trustworthy and who is not. On Two Feet and Wings is the author's autobiography. It's highly accessible, harrowing enough but not too graphic, making it highly suitable for upper primary - lower secondary students. In...
  • Sue Holmes
    This was a captivating story, but the extent of the nine-year old's recall is so likely that I found this undermined my enjoyment of the book.
  • Anna Davidson
    I couldn't put this book down. What an incredibly resilient young person Abbas was! Can't wait to read the second book.
  • Silanur
    I had won this in a giveaway like a year and a half ago, but I never got around to reading it until this year for a summer assignment. I'm not really super interested in historical fiction, and there were somethings I weren't crazy about, but all in all this was a good read. :)
  • Chinook
    This is an important story to tell, a child trying to escape a bad situation in his home country and stuck in Turkey by himself trying to get a visa to the UK. Unfortunately it’s not terribly well written - I think it would go better with the target audience, because the sentences are short and simple. It was hard to feel like I was in Abbas’s shoes because it doesn’t examine his emotions except in very basic ways.
  • Sofia
    A masterpiece. One of the books that made me think all the time how grateful I am I know how to read and literature exists.
  • Carol
    10 word summary: With savvy courage, Abbas conquers challenges no child should face. #Iwanttohughim #hispoormother #kindnessofstrangers🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔 If you don't rave about this book, I shall to look at you with concern and suspicion.
  • B.A. Wilson
    This is an interesting true story about a 9-year old who fled from Tehran during the Iran-Iraq war. The writing isn't brilliant, but the story has its own kind of value. Book 217 read in 2018Pages: 256
  • Peggy Tibbetts
    Abbas Kazerooni is only 9 years old when he is forced to flee his home and family in Iran to avoid being drafted into the military as a child soldier. Alone, he boards a plane for Istanbul, Turkey, where a family friend is supposed to meet him and help him obtain a passport so he can travel to Great Britain to live with his cousin. But the “friend” cruelly abandons him at the airport and he is forced to make his own way in a foreign land. Arm...
  • Dotty
    Could I give this 8 stars and 4 tissues?!!! I had to keep reminding myself that this book is a memoir. First, the writing, the story, the emotions, the people were compellingly communicated. What courage on the part of the writer and I would love to hear more of his life story.BOOK TALK: You are nine years old (fourth grade). They are drafting nine year olds into the army. Your parents want to save you from military service so they put you on a p...
  • Piyali
    An incredible story of courage, resilience and sacrifice. Abbas Kazerooni is 9 years old when his parents send him to Istanbul to avoid recruitment in the Iranian army. Iran is ruled by Ayatollah Khomeini and Abbas's father, a Shah supporter, has fallen out of favor. The only chance Abbas has to succeed in life and escape from forced recruitment is a visa to UK. 9 years old and alone, Abbas Kazerooni has to navigate Istanbul and British bureaucra...
  • Kat Morrison
    Amazing book written by my friend. It is hard to imagine how Abbas felt going through all of this on his own and, for me as someone who knows him it was incredible to realise how much he had experienced yet he is so grounded and one of the loveliest people you could ever hope to meet. Can't wait for the sequel which he is currently writing.
  • Aly Stratton
    I certainly enjoyed this autobiography. The author is right; it is a unique story of courage and determination of a young boy. Yet there are thousands of stories like it, tales of children on their own in search of a better opportunity for a better life..
  • Jeannie May
    Amazing, heartbreaking, touching, uplifting. An incredible account of a child's fight for freedom, and his parents sacrifice for this to occur. Truly compelling.
  • Rhitik Bhatt
    nice book
  • michelle
    Find my complete review on Books My Kids Read.The book doesn’t go into details about the war, but it is aimed to show how one boy survived a really harrowing experience. Abbas’s family had been well off until the ruling party comes to power. They are still comfortable, but as they continue to lower the recruitment age for the army, his parents know that if he doesn’t leave Iran he will likely be drafted and die fighting for a regime that ha...
  • Ilana S.
    Sometimes, the power of an audiobook versus a print or visual version is beyond compare. Especially when it's told by the author, who in this case has lived through harrowing experiences as a child, and has found a way to tell his story with skill and compassion, as well as with the talent of a trained voice artist and with a very pleasant English public (i.e. private) school accent to boot. Abbas left Iran in the 80's as a 9 year old boy when th...
  • Heather
    I wasn't expecting to like this book as much as I did! This was another 2018 SYNC Audiobook. Abbas Kazerooni wrote and read this captivating autobiographical story. This was during the 80's when the Iran-Iraq war was raging in Tehran, Abbas home town. They had just lowered the age of recruitment into the army and Abbas father is worried that his son will be recruited soon. They sell all they have to gather enough money for two airfare tickets to ...
  • Mary Havens
    An amazing story.Kazerooni’s resourcefulness and good luck makes for a harrowing tale. I was nervous the entire book, hoping that he would make it (logically, I knew he would be fine since he wrote this book but it still was a bit nerve-racking considering his age). I had also just finished a book on human trafficking so I was convinced Abbas would be taken advantage of.I have a 10 year old son and there were many heart breaking parts. Such a d...
  • Debra
    This is one amazing story about survival. Abbas Kazerooni needs to leave his family and home to avoid being drafted into the military at the age of 9. Because his family is on the wrong side of politics he will most assuredly be targeted. His family sells everything they own in order for Abbas to escape to Istanbul with his mother, but at the last minute his mother is denied travel status and he must go on his own AT THE AGE OF NINE to a foreign ...
  • Kath Ann
    Just finished this as one of the free audio titles offered by audiobooksync.com . It's a true story of the author's life narrated by the author. An amazing story of his escape from Iran at the age of 9 during a time when they were lowering the age to conscript young boys into the army to the age of 8 years old! His father, once a man of wealth and influence, is now unable to leave the country, so they sell everything to buy tickets for Abbas and ...
  • Laurie
    Audiobook Sync free audiobooks for their 2018 YA summer program week 3.This is the true story of 9yr old Abbas and his solo flight from Tehran to avoid conscription into the army during the Iran-Iraq war. Abbas finds himself on his own in Istanbul, in luck with a few helpful adults, but mostly getting along by his wits and ability to gauge people well. He has to find a place to stay, a place to change money, and his way to the consulate to begin ...
  • Kathy
    This audiobook was read by the author. It is a true story and it is amazing.Abbas was 9 years old when the Iranian regime decided to change the age of mandatory entry into the army to 10. His once well-off and aristocratic father realizes he must get Abbas out of the country. The plan was for Abbas and his mother to go to Turkey, apply for British visas and move there where a relative would sponsor them. Unfortunately they turned his mother away ...
  • Hanna
    Would you be prepared to leave your family to avoid war? Well, Abbas Kazerooni, from On Two Feet And Wings, was faced with that decision. An autobiography that tells a heartbreaking story of a boy from Tehran, Iran. At only ten years old he had to leave his country alone or fight in a war. Abbas’s family raised enough money to fly to Istanbul, Turkey. In this foreign city Abbas must acquire a VISA. After facing many hardships, can he find anyon...
  • Terri Floccare
    This is a story of bravery and resourcefulness. Abbas Kazerooni was only 9 years old when he fled Iran. It was a matter of leave or be forced into the army. He expected to travel to Turkey with his mother. His father would not be allowed to leave the country. At the airport as Abbas and his mother are about to board their plane, she is pulled aside and not allowed to leave. Abbas continues to Turkey - alone - as a nine year old boy. He doesn't sp...
  • Kate
    This is the amazing true story of the author's escape from Iran soon after the revolution. At just shy of 10 years old, he was sent to Istanbul by himself when his mother was prevented from leaving Iran. This book follows him for the many weeks that he survived by his wits and the kindness of strangers. Not everyone he meets is kind or helpful, but I was surprised by the good luck Abbas had and how many people went out of their way to help him. T...