A Suitable Vengeance (Inspector Lynley, #4) by Elizabeth George

A Suitable Vengeance (Inspector Lynley, #4)

'Award-winning author Elizabeth George gives us an early glimpse into the lives of Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, forensic scientist Simon Allcourt-St. James, and Lady Helen Clyde in a superlative mystery that is also a fascinating inquiry into the crimes of the heart. Lynley, the eighth earl of Asherton, has brought to Howenstow, his family home, the young woman he has asked to be his bride. But the savage murder of a local journalist is the...

Details A Suitable Vengeance (Inspector Lynley, #4)

TitleA Suitable Vengeance (Inspector Lynley, #4)
Release DateMay 1st, 2007
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews A Suitable Vengeance (Inspector Lynley, #4)

  • Lisa (Harmonybites)
    I do like Elizabeth George's style, and her way with a mystery, but this novel epitomizes everything in her Lynley series I find the most irritating. This particular book is set before the first in the series, A Great Deliverance. Which means it's Lynley without Havers. Havers only has a very brief appearance here, more a cameo, late in the book, two appearances less than a page each and a couple of mentions. That leaves us with Thomas Lynley, Lo...
  • Lobstergirl
    Elizabeth George creates a strange universe where an assault and attempted rape (boyfriend on girlfriend) is viewed by a bevy of bystanders (all acquaintances or relatives of the pair) who bring it to a stop, but then some aristocratic code of silence (they are "all too self-servingly well-bred") prevents them from ever mentioning it, or bringing it to the attention of law enforcement - even though it happens on property owned by a Scotland Yard ...
  • IslandRiverScribe
    Technically, this fourth entry in the Inspector Lynley series is a prequel, taking place about a year before the events of the first novel, “A Great Deliverance.” Realistically though, this book is placed exactly where it needs to be in the series. After the bombshell that Deborah Cotter St. James laid on her husband, Simon, at the end of the previous book, Elizabeth George takes us back just far enough to get a real understanding of the orig...
  • Denae
    A Suitable Vengeance is the fourth book in Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley series, but chronologically it occurs years before the first three. In it we see the main characters much younger and gain far more insight into the tangled relationships of Lynley, Deborah, and St. James. Given how much those relationships make me want to shake each one of the players hard, this was my least favorite so far. The mystery itself was interesting, but biz...
  • Aleshanee
    Es ist wirklich schon ewig her, seit ich diese Reihe gelesen hab - ich glaube, ich bin damals bis zu Band 11 gekommen ... und ich war wirklich begeistert! Aber dann hat sich mein Interesse am Genre etwas verschoben und ich hab sie nicht mehr weitergelesen.Umso schöner, jetzt wieder ganz frisch einzusteigen, denn ich hab beim Lesen gemerkt, dass mir zwar die Figuren alle einigermaßen bekannt sind, aber an die Handlung konnte ich mich nicht mehr ...
  • Phil
    When you're reading a whodunnit and the crime doesn't appear until after page 100, you should take the hint that maybe it isn't the right book for you.I've read a few other Elizabeth George books and knew that Lynley was a bit of a simp and his friend St. James wasn't really much better, but this book exaggerated those annoying qualities to such a degree that portions were nearly unreadable. The mystery, once it got going, was adequate. Unfortuna...
  • Toni Osborne
    The story is very complex, one that explains the background of several characters of this Inspector Lynley mystery series .After reading the 3 first books I had trouble with the sequences of events regarding the characters things seem to be out of synch. I was trying to remember what happened to them previously and I found it conflicted with the way they are presented now. The plot in my view is a bit flat, it starts out interesting enough but it...
  • MadProfessah
    This was the 4th book by Elizabeth George I have read.The murder mystery was interesting but it was somewhat overwhelmed by the romantic plots sourced in the tensions between the main characters Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley (the 8th Earl of Asherton), his best friend Simon St.James (a forensic scientist) and the woman they both love (Deborah Cotter, a professional photographer). In addition to the relationships between Deborah, Simon and Tom...
  • Jill Hutchinson
    If the reader could get past the guilt complexes of the main characters, there is probably a good mystery here.....but 3/4 of the narrative deals with the guilt of unrequited love, guilt over minor incidents from the past, guilt over adultery, guilt over physical infirmities and just plain guilt over anything you choose. It made me feel guilty reading about it.This is a prequel to the DI Thomas Linley/Simon St. James series that attempts to expla...
  • Meg Hannah
    It was a little disorienting to go back in time, with no mention of what's happened through book #3, but this book certainly establishes a lot of history.All the ingrown relationships seem a bit contrived and overwrought, as does the cross-dressing part of the plot, but I care enough about the characters to keep reading and even feel satisfied to know more about their background. The British "stiff upper lip" stereotype is certainly a big part of...
  • Jamie Collins
    This was a decent murder mystery, but mostly it's a soap opera starring Lynley and his friends and family, set on his family estate in Cornwall. This book is a prequel, covering events that occurred several years before the first book in this series, so you already know how all of the drama is going to be resolved.Havers only appears briefly, in a couple of unflattering scenes.I find that I like Lady Helen more and more, and that I rather dislike...
  • Jamie
    (3.5) While this blast-from-the-past book was a good way to deepen understanding about how the messy love triangle between Lynley, St. James, and Deborah occurred that is alluded to in the first book, it didn't include enough of Havers to keep the dynamic I love going strong. We need her to balance out the upper-crust story of Lynley et al. Still, it was interesting to get background on Lynley and his brother Peter and his mother, and the mystery...
  • Mary
    Good read. More of a relationship story, with murder and crime mixed in. I have read her books with The two dectectives, Havers and McPherson but they only had small parts in this one. Thomas Lindly of CID, falls in love with a woman who grew up in his best friends household, it is when he takes her home to mom, for an engagement party weekend and his brother shows up, things start to happen.....
  • Kathy Davie
    Chronologically, A Suitable Vengeance is first in the Inspector Lynley detective mystery series set in modern-day London, and fourth publication-wise.In 1992, A Suitable Vengeance was nominated for the Dilys Award. Tommy's anger with his mother, Deb's anger with Simon, Peter's anger with Tommy, Justin and Mick's actions, Sidney's emotions, Mark's activities…it's endless.My TakeA Suitable Vengeance is, chronologically, first in the series as it ...
  • Nolan
    The lovely and talented photographer, Deborah Cotter, has come back to England from her years studying in the U.S. Simon St. James, a forensic scientist, has been in love with her since she was 17. No less ardently in love with Deborah is Inspector Tommy Lynley, who is about to announce his engagement to her at his family home in Cornwall. Awkwardly enough, everyone has been invited to the estate for the announcement, including Simon St. James. I...
  • Karen
    While this is listed as Lynley #4, it is a prequel to number one.
  • aPriL does feral sometimes
    The game is afoot! Wait, wrong movie. In fact, everything is awry in this 4th book in the Lynley/Havers mystery series. Why is Lord Asherton, Thomas Lynley, Eighth Earl and Detective Inspector of CID, not at center stage as the lead protagonist in this story? He’s a bit offstage, instead of being the one who is in the game for most of the book. Instead, it appears to be mostly forensic scientist Simon Allcourt-St. James who is following up on c...
  • Megargee
    Although Suitable Vengeance is the fourth Inspector Thomas Lynley novel published, it concerns events that occurred before A Great Deliverance, the first of the series published. In reviewing that book, I noted that there was more than enough material in the various characters' back stories to support a prequel, and here it is. Suitable Vengeance focuses on the complex relationships among Lynley, Eighth Earl of Ashemore, his long time friend, th...
  • Kathy Davie
    Fourth (publication-wise) in the Inspector Lynley mystery series set in modern-day London, A Suitable Vengeance is so incredibly well titled as vengeance abounds throughout the story. Tommy’s anger with his mother, Deb’s anger with Simon, Peter’s anger with Tommy, Justin and Mick’s actions, Sidney’s emotions, Mark’s activities…it’s endless.The Chronology of the SeriesA Suitable Vengeance is, chronologically, first in the series as...
  • Rosemary Bademan
    I am working my way through all the Inspector Lynley novels and I have loved every one. I'm trying to read them in order if they are available that way through the library. The story lines are so well planned and developed, it's a pleasure to read one after another that are each so different but connected. I love the way George develops the stories, sometimes the actual murder is more that half way through the novel as she develops the back story...
  • Paula Dembeck
    The fourth installment in the Inspector Linley series takes readers back almost a decade before the appearance of the first book. Back to the time before Simon Allcourt-St James and Deborah were married, before Lynley was teamed up with Sergeant Barbara Havers at Scotland Yard and before Lynley became enamored with Lady Helen Clyde. It provides background to the stories of the four people who have been friends for years and more insight into the ...
  • Deb
    This fourth entry into the Thomas Lynley series is actually a "prequel." The first book in the series, A Great Deliverance, starts with the wedding of Deborah Cotter and Simon St. James. This story explains a great deal of the back story. Thomas Lynley and Deborah Cotter are newly engaged. Lynley takes his fiance home to Cornwall to meet his mother from whom he is estranged. His brother Peter, a cocaine addict, and his girl friend are also in res...
  • M
    Finally we find out what is behind the Thomas Linley's sadness, Deborah and Simon's odd reactions to Tommy. This prequel to the series also discusses Tommy's Father,Mother,brother and his mother's lover. The sad history of his family affects Tommy and makes him the kind of detective that has empathy and insight--the kind that can solve mysteries that others can't. The murder mystery in this book revolves around Tommy's brother Peter, Simon's sist...
  • Jaime
    After reading this one, I'm not sure if I want to read another book by Elizabeth George. This book centers on murders happening around Lynley's friends and family rather than a police case that he is solving for his job. It's obvious that George really enjoys writing about British aristocracy, but the problems of the Lynley family all seem so... self-indulgent. And, of course, the evildoers turn out to be those with a grudge against the Lynleys, ...
  • Jeni
    It was a little of an adjustment to go back in time to before the Lynley/Havers duo came to be, and untangling the different relationships to back to the "beginning" was a little complicated. I mean, do most people have this much drama & unspoken feelings between the same 4-6 people? And knowing how things end up later on kind of took the suspense out of "will she end up with the right guy?" But other than that, I thought this book was on par wit...
  • Donna Mcnab
    The murder of Mick Cambrey certainly does appear to be a "suitable vengeance" when he is found in his home dead from head wounds, but also castrated. Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley, aka the 8th Earl of Asherton, just happens to be visiting his estate close to the murder site. Although he isn't part of the investigation, he becomes involved due to the actions of his brother, Peter. There is a lot of angst in this book, as in most of Elizabeth G...
  • Solarpowered
    This book is a snooze-fest. The characters that were so interesting in the first three books are made out to be weak and self-absorbed. Havers is such an interesting character and she hardly makes an appearance in this book. As for the mystery - it was really drawn out and dull. When I read her first three novels I found I could not put them down. I actually have to force myself to pick this one up. I'm not sure I want to continue on to the fifth...
  • Susan
    This book gives the background of the relationships among Lynley, St. James, Deborah and Lady Helen. The mystery is almost secondary and I had some trouble believing that the secrets causing people to be murdered could go unnoticed in a small village. I missed Sargent Havers in this story, but Lynley and St. James also make a good team.
  • Bettie☯
    Unabridged. Read by Donada Peters.4* - A Great Deliverance (1988) 3* - Payment in Blood (1989) 4* - Well-Schooled in Murder (1990)3* - A Suitable Vengeance (1991)