Pause to Rewind by Aimee Alexander

Pause to Rewind

From the bestselling author of The Accidental Life of Greg Millar and All We Have Lost comes this warm family saga of love, tough choices and the triumph of the human heart.Jenny Dempsey has exchanged life in the fast lane for freelance journalism and being a mum. She doesn't look back. Why would she? A broken engagement to her fiancé, Dave. A falling-out with her parents. And a night in a hotel room best forgotten. Life is simple now. Jenny's l...

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TitlePause to Rewind
Release DateOct 17th, 2014
GenreFiction, Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Drama

Reviews Pause to Rewind

  • Bev Walkling
    This book was a freebie recommendation from BookBub and I am so glad I chose to get it. It is set in Ireland and was originally titled "Time in A Bottle", but I think the new title Pause to Rewind suits it very well. It is told in the first person which is not a style I tend to be fond of, but this author uses it so well that it took very little time for me to adapt and enjoy it. Jenny is forced through unexpected circumstances to rewind her life...
  • Laura Elliot
    Don't Pause to Rewind - Just Keep Reading! Pause to Rewind is about a journey. Not an ordinary journey with a clear destination at the end - but one fraught with danger, dread, courage and suffering. It's a cancer journey and when the sufferer is a wonderful, energetic little four-year-old boy than Pause to Rewind could be a tough read. But the skill of the author, Aimee Alexander, brings us along this path with skill, compassion, knowledge and a...
  • Delia Sandford
    Brilliant read I would recommend this book really enjoyed it
  • Lynda Kelly
    I really liked this and if not for the silly errors peppered throughout I'd have given it 5 stars. I almost gave up quite near the start as they were becoming extremely tiresome though I'm pleased I stuck with it.The cover drew me in initially. Hope she keeps it as it's a really nice one and eyecatching too.It's a very good story-not an especially new idea but still held my interest throughout and I enjoyed it. Despite the main story there are so...
  • Emma Lowe
    This was a disappointing read given its high rating on the site. One or two moving scenes and likeable, but not massively exciting, characters were its redeeming qualities. A few plot twists and an ending that wasn't totally predictable from the start would have made this a reasonable read- as is, I wouldn't recommend it I'm afraid.
  • Suze Lavender
    Charlie is such a cute little boy and his mother, Jenny, doesn't have any regrets about having him and raising him on her own. Charlie is sweet and chatty and even though at four he's already a big boy he loves a good cuddle. Jenny works as a freelance journalist. She used to be engaged, but after one night with someone else she ended the relationship. Mother and son have a perfect and sheltered life together, but all of that changes when Charlie...
  • Niamh O'connor
    It’s not often you’re afraid to say what a book is about in a review in case you spoil it for other readers. But I was several chapters in before I realised what was coming and when it did ... it floored me! Of course the signs were there if I’d spotted them, and though I pride myself on guessing outcomes, I was completely out manoeuvred, too busy marvelling at the crisp, gorgeous writing. Another reason I’m steering well clear of giving ...
  • Yolanda Lopez
    I am a reader. Many of you can relate to that. I have gotten pickier about what I read as I've gotten older, but I'm also careful with my money. For that reason, I peruse the "free" Kindle best sellers fairly often because I read a LOT of books. I read many freebies on my Kindle -- sometimes they are so bad that I can't finish them, but for the most part, I plod through the books that I choose. Every once in awhile I find a book that is a "winner...
  • Harriet
    definitely worth readingI will give you the caveat that, in most instances, I knew what was going to happen before the author revealed it, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Enjoyed may be the wrong word because I became very involved emotionally with the characters and their problems, so there were some anxious moments. I loved the author's writing style and think she weaves a great story with believable characters. We ...
  • Suzy Duffy
    SOMETIMES A BOOK COMES ALONG… that blows you away. Pause to Rewind is one of those books. It was recommended to me by a friend and I have to say, I think it's one of the best books I've read this year & it's November!Yes, it tore my heart in two but my faith and hope was restored before the end. This book will touch your soul. It will make you gasp, cry and come up for air with an overwhelming sense of relief.READ THIS BOOK!Suzy Duffyxx
  • Janeandjerry
    PAUSE TO REWINDI really enjoyed this book and thought it was great how the characters all worked in unison to try to overcome the battle of Charlie's illness. It shows how strong a single parent can be when dealt with having their babies battling the fight even in their early stages. Their is a few short chapters at the back for the next book in this series that was great and can't wait to read it next...
  • Michelle Moloney King
    This book was written with a delicate pen with much tenderness and care. It is a story of a mother’s love and striving for a better life. There are some big issues in this book and this is dealt with much attention to detail. Emotions run deep in this captivating story about family, love, and belonging. Lovely book for adults looking for a cosy read.
  • Irene Marie Dawson
    Live each day as if there will be no tomorrow.Raising a child alone is hard.Raising a child with leukemia is even harder. When her young son,Charlie is diagnosed with the dreaded blood cancer his lonely mom finds she has to depend on the kindness of others to help herself and her son survive. what follows is a warm story of heartbreak, love and the necessity of family.
  • B J Galaday
    Mixed emotionsWhen I first considered downloading this book, I debated whether or not I wanted to read about a sick child. How can that be anything but sad, and it is. I so admire the author's knowledgeable writing about leukemia and she has apparently done extensive research into the little boy's sickness. The mother's strength in her ability to provide the support and love her child needs is very touching. I have a dear friend fighting this con...
  • Vivian
    “What are the chances that the two people you loved most in the world would get the same disease?” Charlie is only four. Funny, clever and sweet as can be. It’s only him and his mom, Jenny. At least as far as she’s concerned. They look after themselves. They need no one else. So when Dr. Simon explains the results of the preliminary tests, she’s in stunned silence. Does Simon even know his history between them? Jenny becomes a woman on ...
  • Larissa
    This was a really good book. I thought with the subject matter it would be too heavy, but there was enough going on to keep it from being a tear-jerker from start to finish. I did cry and/or get teary in a couple places, but it wasn't what I expected. I didn't love the ending. I was okay with what happened plot-wise, I just didn't feel the way it happened was natural. I would have liked it to have progressed at a different pace and for there to h...
  • Carol
    Likable characters, ok except for Fiona, made it easy to fall into this story and stay in it through the end. Sometimes you knew what was coming, but read on anyway, only to find it was sort of what you thought would happen, but kind of different, too.The story is every parent's nightmare and yet it was quite readable. Sometimes I was wishing for Dave to be the one and sometimes Simon, yet the ending satisfied me.Great story and done in a caring ...
  • Kathy Averbeck
    My impression of this book changed as I got farther into the story. I was a little reluctant to read it because of the story of a small child going through chemo and other treatments for leukemia. Being set in Ireland, the hospital situation is a bit different, I think, than in the U.S. (for one thing the mother did not have to worry about how she was going to pay all the bills!) Without giving away the story, the way the boy's father comes into ...
  • Joyce
    The author obviously did a lot of research on the subject of leukemia in children - the illness, the treatment, the effect on family - in writing this book. It was very thorough and well done in that way. However, it seems that it wasn't edited. There are more mistakes than I've ever seen in a book, mostly punctuation, but also others. I found it so distracting, it interfered with my enjoyment of the story.
  • Katrina Swaim
    The experience of motherhood is harrowing and mundane, frustrating and heartbreakingly beautiful in turns. This lovely story runs the whole gamut. It's the story of a single mother whose young son is diagnosed with leukemia, who doesn't know for sure who her child's father is, and whose relationship dynamics with her own mother have given her a whole cart full of baggage. It's the story of family, and the winding paths we sometimes take to find o...
  • Nina Irwin
    Pause to RewindExcellent book. We see the growth of the characters as the mother finds her world falling apart when her 4 year old son is diagnosed with lukema. When she discovers that the new babysitter is the daughter of the man she had a one night stand with who might be her son's father she is apprehensive but when it turns out that he is also her son's cancer doctor her emotions go all over the place as she had never contacted him after the ...
  • Wanda Pollard-skiffington
    I really enjoyed this book! It was hard to put down, the struggle of a single mom and sick child kept me reading and the bonds that a forged throughout ! I woukd definatley recomend it to someone else and would definaley read another book by this author
  • Anitha Lane
    Soap OperaI liked the way it started out. I suppose if you like soap operas you would like this book, I do not like soap operas. It is very predictable, I guessed most of the twists of the story.
  • Kerry Reay
    An emotional readWow what a story! I don't want to say too much and spoil it but read it and see for yourself what a wonderful, emotional, sad book this is a mixture of tears and smiles
  • Jeanne Abbott
    Love story surrounded by a battle with leukemiaLoved the strength of this single mom who did not brow to pressure to have a man in her life to raise her child. And her fight to find a bone marrow donor was inspiring. Loved the epilogue.
  • Maral
    Lovely storyHeartwarming, beautifully written couldn’t put it down. Loved the honest emotion in this book. The interactions between the characters were very real. I cried and laughed.
  • Carole L. Olson
    UnforgettableThis is a book I won't soon forget. It is hard to believe it is a novel. It reads like a biography. Surely the author has experienced the events of the story. Totally believable characters and events. I look forward to reading more books by Aimee Alexander.
  • Karin Snortland
    Hooked from the get-goThe synopsis intrigued me and the novel did not disappoint. This powerful story was so compelling, I didn't want to put it down. Anyone who enjoys Nicholas Sparks will enjoy Aimee Alexander. Looking forward to reading more of her work.
  • Kristina lyboult
    Such a heartfelt storyThis was a great book.Charlie is such a strong willed little boy that makes you want to reach through your kindle and hold.Thank God for Debbie that's all I am going to say so I don't spoil it.I will definitely read more by Aimee that's for sure.
  • Mary Riecke
    MemoriesI am a mother of a childhood cancer survivor. This book definitely captures the fears, ups and downs, the intensity, anxiety and pure hell of diagnosis and treatment! The memories brought me to tears at times but also reminded me of how much I have to be thankful for!