Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Modern Romance

Now a New York Times BestsellerA hilarious, thoughtful, and in-depth exploration of the pleasures and perils of modern romance from one of this generation’s sharpest comedic voicesAt some point, every one of us embarks on a journey to find love. We meet people, date, get into and out of relationships, all with the hope of finding someone with whom we share a deep connection. This seems standard now, but it’s wildly different from what peo...

Details Modern Romance

TitleModern Romance
Release DateJun 16th, 2015
PublisherPenguin Press
Number of pages288 pages
GenreNonfiction, Humor, Audiobook, Comedy

Reviews Modern Romance

  • Sarah Actually
    This book ended up not being totally what I expected going in, but it was still very enjoyable and I actually learned a lot. Thanks Aziz. And thanks for reading it to me, even though you kept calling me lazy the whole time. I'M NOT LAZY AZIZ. I LISTENED TO IT WHILE I DROVE TO AND FROM MY *JOB* OKAY. It's fine. We're cool.
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: Stars Modern Romance went on my TBR as soon as I heard rumors of its existence. We’re talking about waiting months for this damn thing (and also never being able to track down an ARC) . . . Quick confession – I never bothered reading the synopsis for this book. I saw Aziz Ansari had a “romance” book coming out and my brain immediately thought it would be something like “T...
  • Anne
    So, this isn't really a humorous book about Aziz Ansari's dating experiences, it's more like a book about dating in the modern world, written by the very humorous Aziz Ansari.I was introduced to Aziz's stand-up by my oldest son, and I've been hooked on him ever since. He's hilarious, and if you haven't seen him perform you're missing out. Which makes me wish I'd listened to this as an audio book...Turns out, Aziz and his partner, Eric Klinenberg,...
  • Khadidja
    As a single woman I feel like Aziz Ansari knows my pain. Yes I am single by choice ( not my choice, but still a choice) , He knows how unpleasant it is to stare impotently at a screen waiting for a message that never arrives “we all have Tanya on our phones” The hours slouched by. “I’m so stupid!” he writes. “I should have typed ‘Hey’ with two y’s, not just one!” Later: “Did Tanya’s phone fall into a river/trash compactor...
  • Nandakishore Varma
    I got married in 1989. In India in those days, "love" marriages were still exceptions rather than the norm: when you had to look at the religion, caste, family background, and age of a possible partner who was to share your life (divorces were absolute stigma!) before hitching up, falling in love was like solving a mathematical equation with too many constraints. For a nerdy, uncouth, shy and bookish youngster who got tongue-tied in presence of a...
  • Stephanie
    I am a satisfied single.I did not coin that term, I did hear it from somewhere, but I don’t remember who said it. Sorry person who said it. Anyway.....what this means to me is that I’m fine with being on my own. It’s easy. Would I like to meet ‘the love of my life’ or ‘the man of my dreams’ my 'soul mate' if you will? Sure, I’d be alright with that, in fact it would be great. But I'm not holding my breath.Am I willing to spend hou...
  • Diane
    Aziz Ansari is a funny guy. I've enjoyed his work as an actor and a comedian, so I shouldn't have been surprised when I really liked his book. But I was surprised, especially when I learned that he had teamed up with a sociologist and did actual research on modern romance. Aziz was interested in how technology has changed dating culture, and he opens the book with a funny story about a girl, Tanya, who didn't text him back after he had asked her ...
  • Elyse
    At the beginning of the audiobook, Aziz joked with 'us listeners', about being "Lazy People"......too lazy to sit down and read a book. He not only had to write the book, but now he 'had' to read it us us too! Aziz is entertaining and hilarious no questions about it. Love the guy! By the end of my 'lazy- listening'... I came to the conclusion that Aziz brought playfulness and lightness to the game called "Modern Dating". However ...'everyone' cou...
  • Sarah Jane
    I think Aziz Ansari just convinced me to get on Tinder?
  • Glenn Sumi
    Bravo to comic and actor Aziz Ansari for not writing just another memoir-by-someone-who’s-sorta-famous-but-hasn’t-lived-long-enough-to-really-warrant-one. I’ve read a number of them (good: Bossypants; okay: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?; abandoned: sorry, Lena Dunham).Modern Romance is about dating in the digital age. Getting to know people has evolved significantly even over the past few years. Dating sites, swipe apps like Tinder an...
  • Snoon Mcwilliams
    Startlingly inessential.Early on, Ansari makes a somewhat baffling statement that he felt compelled to write this book because there wasn't any other literature on modern dating culture-- a topic explored ad nauseum in newspaper thinkpieces, podcasts, and other disposable pop science bestsellers (many of which he goes on to reference throughout the book). He also mentions that he rejected the idea of writing a strictly humorous book because he fe...
  • Chihoe Ho
    "Modern Romance" straddles the line of being funny and serious. It doesn't commit (get the pun?) one way or the other, and so, falls flat on both fronts. This is especially unsatisfying as I love Aziz and his work. Perhaps it's with this high expectation and skewed notion of what this book could have been that made it all the more disheartening. The quicker you accept the fact that "Modern Romance" isn't what you wished it was, the easier you'll ...
  • Tatiana
    The knowledge offered in this book is pretty common and obvious, nothing you haven't read online/heard on a podcast. But some anecdotes, especially about dating in other countries/cultures are funny and interesting.I am glad I listened to an audio narrated by Ansari himself. I can't imagine reading the book on my own, to be honest.
  • Jenny (adultishbooks)
    Alright audiobook listen although Aziz berates you for listening to the audiobook instead of reading it.AZIZ YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE.
  • rachelbianca
    Ok, so I picked this up thinking this was going to be a Aziz Ansari version of a Steve Harvey book. You know the kind with advice like "Ladies, don't call him back right away!" kind of thing. This is not that kind of book. Ansari worked with a sociologist to look at love in the modern age. He covers everything from texting to sexting to Tinder and how love/romance has changed due to technology. I really like that the book took a more academic app...
  • Christina
    3.5 stars, but I rounded up, just because Aziz is hilarious.This was really a very interesting read. Obviously well researched and very insightful. It was funny, for me, reading about the way romance was done before the technology we have today and in modern times, because I went through my teens in a gap time I guess. I grew up in the 90's and early 00's, so I didn't have my own cell phone until I was closer to an adult and even these days, I'm ...
  • Trudi
    I've been so behind on my reviewing these days, but I had so much fun with this one I wanted to make sure I didn't let it fall through the dark cracks into the swirling abyss where my non-reviewed books go. I'm a huge fan of Ansari. I think he's cute as a button and funny as goddamn hell. I watched him in Parks & Rec, his most recent Netflix original Master of None (which I highly recommend), and thoroughly enjoy his stand-up concerts. He's not a...
  • Stephanie
    Entertaining sociological review of dating in the time of technology...I read Modern Romance because it won the 2015 Non-Fiction Good Reads Choice Award. The book: 1)Summarizes the research done on trends in modern dating and how that has changed over the years and 2) Provides for a bit of comic relief with regard to the findings. In addition to comedian Aziz Ansari , a sociologist was key in the research and writing of this book. The facts ...
  • Brendon Schrodinger
    Aziz has written a book on romance and dating in the 21st Century and he wants us all to take him seriously. I know what you're thinking, and so did Aziz, "Another comedian book, another fluffed out 200 page book with anecdotes that probably didn't happen". This is not that type of book at all.Aziz was interested in how dating works these days and decided to team up with a proper social scientist to do some research. And it seems like he was heav...
  • Roy Lotz
    One firm takeaway from all our interviews with women is that most dudes out there are straight-up bozos. My introduction to modern romance was abrupt and unexpected. I was back in New York for the holidays, drinking with a few friends, sipping and gulping the wonderful IPAs that I miss when I’m here in Spain. Sometime deep into the night, one of my friends, who is a gay man—this is relevant to the story; you should also know that I’m a stra...
  • La-Lionne
    Omg what fucking yawnfest. I'm so pissed at how misleading the book description is. In it this book is called "hilarious". Can someone point me to the hilarious part in the book? All it got out of me was couple of giggles and a snort. DNF at 50%.I just want to say that I'm fan of Ansari, as an actor and a comedian, but this book felt more like a lecture, with a couple of giggle-worthy comments thrown in. The book is not badly written, at all. Azi...
  • Maria Espadinha
    Os Novos Ménages à TroisNos tempos que correm, os relacionamentos são triângulos amorosos , em que o vértice é um objecto inanimado que varia de acordo com as preferências: Smartphone, Tablet , Laptop... ele está lá sempre, fiel e pronto a servir!Apitando, teclando, tocando, falando, vibrando ... ele é o Cupido e o Escravo imprescindível das relações amorosas atuais.Tem Vantagens? Bastantes! ;)Desvantagens? Algumas!...Numa abordagem ...
  • Matthew Quann
    Are you single?Are you in a relationship?Do you use a cellphone?Have you ever had a conversation with someone older or younger than you about technology ruining/not ruining society? Do you ever wonder why people don't text you back within moments of you texting them despite the fact that you can see that they've read the text? If any of this applies to you, then you need to do yourself a favour and dig into Aziz Ansari's book. This gorgeously bou...
  • João Carlos
    ”O Amor nos Tempos Modernos” é uma obra literária escrita por Aziz Ansari (n. 1983), um actor e comediante, que começou a sua carreira em stand-up comedy em Nova Iorque, em parceira com Eric Klinenberg (n. 1970), um investigador e professor de Sociologia na Universidade de Nova Iorque. ”Convidar alguém para sair é uma tarefa simples que muitas vezes se transforma numa aterradora incógnita povoada de medo, dúvidas e ansiedade. Está p...
  • Chuddchutney Buana
    There's a reason why Goodreads aptly put this book in a non-fiction category in this year Goodreads Choice Awards, while it could've easily been in the humor section. The thing is, much like his brilliant new series Master of None, the comedy's there, but not as a central point. Instead, it was being used as an accessory for Aziz to make an interesting topic become more engaging.If there's one downside is that the book can be repetitive at times....
  • Shannon (leaninglights)
    Actual rating 4.5 stars ----------Well I don't know what I was thinking when I picked this (audio)book up, but Modern Romance wasn't it. I really like this! It was super interesting and I feel like I learned a lot about the history of romance and how it's changed with technology. Being a person who was been off the market since 2006, a lot of this stuff was news to me, lol - I really enjoyed how Aziz talked to people of all ages and all around th...
  • Amir
    كتاب عاشقانه هاي مدرن، يك تحقيق خوب از سير تكامل و روند روابط عاشقانه هستبيشتر تمركز كتاب در ادامه روي نحوه تاثير تكنولوژي روي اين مدل رابطه ها هست. از سايت هاي دوست يابي گرفته تا اپليكيشن هاي موبايل و همچنين درس هاي مختصري داره كه چه طور از اين رسان...
  • Anya
    A poesy by Andrea Gibson (my Queen) because (a) it resonates with the subject of this book and, (b) I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE SHIT OUT OF HER.I’m never gonna waitthat extra twenty minutesto text you back,and I’m never gonna playhard to getwhen I know your lifehas been hard enough already.When we all know everyone’s lifehas been hard enough alreadyit’s hard to watchthe game we make of love,like everyone’s playing checkerswith their scars,sa...
  • Mariah
    I had a long car ride with my boyfriend, so we rented the book on CD of this and it was super good! It is super funny and you learn a lot. It lead to great discussions between my boyfriend and I. I highly suggest listening to this or reading this as a partner read, because there is a lot of fun stuff you'll want to discuss :)
  • Marla Mei
    Thank God for Aziz Ansari. Also, I really regret not having an audiobook version of this book.