Finding Rebecca by Eoin Dempsey

Finding Rebecca

Nothing could keep Christopher and Rebecca apart: not her abusive parents, or even the fiancé she brought home after running away to England. But when World War II finally strikes the island of Jersey, the Nazi invaders ship Rebecca to Europe as part of Hitler's Final Solution against the Jewish population.After Christopher and his family are deported back to their native Germany, he volunteers for the Nazi SS, desperate to save the woman he lov...

Details Finding Rebecca

TitleFinding Rebecca
Release DateOct 28th, 2014
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II, Holocaust, Romance

Reviews Finding Rebecca

  • Angela M
    As it is in most books about the holocaust, there are scenes in this book that are so difficult to read but it is rightly so. Even after so many years, it is still so important that we are reminded of these horrific acts. Mothers are torn from their children; women are herded off the trains and told they would be reunited with their children after their shower which we know was the gas chamber; children are shot at point blank range. We need to r...
  • Michele Whitecotton
    This book was like a rare gem that you aren't looking for, but just stumble across by mistake. I had never heard of it or the author before and it showed up on the free kindle book list one day. I'm usually not a fan of love stories but I'm facinated by the Holocaust so I decided to give it a shot and it turned into one of the best books I've read in a long time. It wasn't a cheesy-romance kind of love story, it was a beautiful heartbreaking love...
  • Alona
    So, I thought I am doomed to automatically love any WWII book... In this book I did not feel the connection between the two MCs and I could not feel for them the way I should have.The story line, of a Jewish girl and a German, childhood friends, that falls in love and what happens to them during WWII, should have captivated me, but it failed to do so.It got better at around 80% but then it failed, for me again, with an ending that was rushed and ...
  • Becky
    I'll read most anything about World War II and the Holocaust, specifically, because I find it morbidly fascinating. So obviously this book was appealing and with the good reviews, I figured it would be a win.This book is about Christopher, a German national living on an island that is considered Great Britain's territory, and Rebecca, a Jewish national. They meet as children and develop a close friendship sustained throughout the years, and Chris...
  • Shannon
    I just finished Finding Rebecca and all I can say is "WOW". It was extremely hard to read some of the scenes, and not because they were overly graphic, but because it left a mental picture, and a feeling of overwhelming sadness to think that this really did happen. And it was just a small glimpse of the horror that took so many innocent lives. I think that everyone should read this book, and never forget what kind of brutality really went on at t...
  • Steve Fellows
  • Krista
    I wanted to like this book, I really did. I've read a lot of WWII historical fiction novels, I don't think I've ever rated one a one star before. Until now that is.... This book had such great potential, however, the characters had no depth, no feeling. They read like robotic characters with no emotion. The relationships in the book, whether it be a parent, a love interest, a fiancé, a spouse, an abusive parent, had no emotion. It was like the a...
  • ❤Marie Gentilcore
    I am so glad to have won this from Goodreads First Reads! It was an excellent book that I enjoyed very much even though it was sad to read about the atrocities at the concentration camp. The story starts out harshly with Christopher as an SS officer at Auschwitz. Then, we are taken to the beginning when a young Christopher first meets Rebecca on the isle of Jersey. Theirs is a deep friendship and love, but outside forces strive to keep them apart...
  • Ange H
    THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERSThis was an infuriating book. The concept was fascinating; but it contains a central plot hole that is so huge, and bothered me so much, that I forced myself to finish just to see if the author explained it somehow. He did not.The story focuses on Christopher and Rebecca, who have known each other since their childhood growing up on an island off the coast of England. He is German, she is Jewish. Besides the plot hole...
  • Andrea
    Well a fantastic read if you like reading war stories it's a hard hitting love story.but heartbreaking when Christopher and his family live in Jersey and meets a girl upset on a beach as children he takes her home to hide in his room,his dad finds her and she becomes part of the family.they fall for each other.but Germans take over she must leave as she's a jewish.he ends up looking for her in the worst place Auschwitz,he was shocked what happens...
  • Amanda
    I can handle implausible if it's well written, and I can handle bad writing if there's a good plot. This was completely unbelievable, flat/one-dimensional characters, and painfully cliched, stilted, and disjointed. Really don't know why I finished it, except for my compulsive nature.
  • Wanda
    This book really touched me - an insightful account of the dark history of the Holocaust. The cattle trains arrived at the train station in Auschwitz. There were 1200 people on the train, built for cattle transport. The people huddled together on the train, their throats raw from thirst, and clinging to their children who would soon die. The SS went into the train with guns drawn and dead bodies were thrown out of the rail cars. The selection was...
  • Nicole Overmoyer
    Eoin Dempsey’s historical novel FINDING REBECCA is the sort of book you really want to be real. You want to have some confidence that a real human being somewhere in time did the things that the character he’s created did in the time and place he put them. But even knowing that Dempsey’s creation is fictional, that these things are products of imagination put into a series of real events – this is enough to remind you that life isn’t al...
  • Julie Dalrymple
    I came across this book by accident and it pulled me in from the beginning. It's a gorgeous, heartbreaking story, difficult to read, but ultimately thoroughly satisfying. It's a story that will stick with you, make you appreciate all you have in life and provide a better understanding of the horrors that took place during the holocaust.
  • Mirel
    Huge disappointment!As a lover of historical fiction and being the daughter of survivors, I tend to read a lot of Holocaust literature (both fiction and nonfiction). This one certainly did not live up to the hype, and I'm totally clueless as to how it is so highly rated!Yes, the author did convey some of the horrors of life in a concentration camp, and for that he deserves some credit, but the whole story was just so unbelievable. Don't get me wr...
  • Sarah
    Wow! What a diamond of a book! It's powerful in its Holocaust brutality, in its vivid emotions, and characters. If you're going to read any fictional book on the Holocaust, make it this one. To me, it's the epitome of what a Holocaust fictional book should be. Now that mention of Holocaust brutality... Definitely keep that in mind while reading this. This book pulls no punches. It portrays the Holocaust exactly the way it was, with all the violen...
  • Sharon Jones
    Lately I have been interested in history/fiction novels and specifically those about WWI and WWII. My education as a young girl was deficient in the history past Christopher Columbus and very deficient regarding European history. I have read a number of books trying to ascertain why the wars began; what brought people to that place, what motivated them and what their lives were. Now that I have read enough to allow me the knowledge of the why, I ...
  • Stephanie
    I have to say that I was moved to tears and anguish at the atrocities of the Nazi Camps that are described in this story. The authors does not hold back on the brutality and utter evil of the Nazi SS. This is probably the most profound, emotional historical fiction book on World War II that I have read in a long time. At first I had to take the story in small dosages. Not because it wasn’t written well. Quite the contrary. The story was told so...
  • Christina
    Stayed up late finishing. I love historical fiction and memoirs. I own many memoirs of true accounts from the Holocaust. I love the cover. And was thrilled for a weekend to read. Unfortunately, I thought it dragged...not because of the subject matter but the pacing, unnecessary details, unfortunate skipping important moments... I really wanted to like this novel and characters. Was disappointed. I didn't even feel connected to Rebecca or Christop...
  • Sarah
    I don't often wrote reviews anymore sine i have a toddler and a business, but, i feel i need to with this one. I must admit, i almost stopped reading it- i almost stopped several times, it is so moving, so sad, so terrifying, and so heartbreaking. I am a history major with 2 masters degree's, i have taught the Holocaust to HS and MS students countless times over the last 12 years. I have even gone to the WWII museum in NOLA several times. I KNOW ...
  • Lesley Kay
    I am a huge fan of Historical Fiction, particularly any set during WWII. This one wasn’t bad, but it fell a bit flat for me. The story itself was intriguing, but I found it a tiny bit slow at times. Shock value is usually abundant with this time period, but I only gasped a few times. I did enjoy the ending, which wrapped everything up in a neat little bow. Fun little light read, nothing too memorable. If you’re looking for a memorable WWII no...
  • Linda Harper
    ChillingOne of those books which should be required reading for all Americans over sixteen. We all need to be reminded of the atrocities levied on innocent people simply because of their race. If our younger generation isn't educated about these true events it can happen again. It's a terrible, chilling, achingly difficult book to read but please read it and recommend it to your friends. It's distressing to realize there are people out there who ...
  • Stacey
    I found this novel to be your typical holocaust novel in that it was a story had all the elements of novels taking place in this time frame. Lovers torn apart by war, the horrors of the concentration camps, miscommunications, etc. There was nothing that really set this novel apart from other Holocaust stories in my opinion. Overall, a decent story but it's not a Holocaust story I would recommend over others. I would recommend The Lost Wife instea...
  • Cindy
    Disappointing. For such a promising subject, the writing was flat and didn't evoke much emotion. The love story lacked passion, and the war story lacked excitement. The subject matter is very well know (at least for me), and the author didn't really bring anything new or interesting to it. It felt more like a reporting of events with some dialog thrown in, and it was frankly a slog to finish. I guess I prefer a more literary writing style, where ...
  • Laurie
    This is lovely love story set against the backdrop of the horrors of WWII. I wanted to rate it higher, but I found the writing stilted at times, and often did not feel the emotions the author was trying to portray. A little more polishing and better editing could make this a great book instead of just a good book.
  • Tabitha Acree
    I will definitely consider this one of my favorites. I didn't want to see this book end. Loved it!
  • Beverly Laude
    I have read a lot of books set during the Holocaust and decided to give this one a listen. A lot of the reviews mention that they don't believe that there were any SS Officers or Nazis that had any redeeming qualities. I find that hard to believe and even though this is fiction, I would like to think that some so-called Nazis had compassion and did what they could to try to save Jews being held in the concentration camps. Reviewers also mention t...
  • Stephanie
    I have to say that I was moved to tears and anguish at the atrocities of the Nazi Camps that are described in this story. The authors does not hold back on the brutality and utter evil of the Nazi SS. This is probably the most profound, emotional historical fiction book on World War II that I have read in a long time. At first I had to take the story in small dosages. Not because it wasn’t written well. Quite the contrary. The story was told so...
  • Rachel Levy
    After reading the reviews, I expected to like this book more than I did. I did like how it personalized the war with the characters and their love story. Christopher becoming an SS officer to look for Rebecca certainly gave it a different perspective, but it also gave it an unbelievable aspect as well. How did he become a SS officer when he was from English speaking island of Jersey? While his family was from Germany, they left after the first wa...
  • Bonnye Reed
    GAB This was an excellent book about the inhabitants of the Isle of Jersey from 1924 until the end of WWII, and how WWII divided loyalties and relationships. We follow Christopher and Rebecca from their first meeting at six years old until they meet again in New York in September 1954. The war years are well researched and the protagonists are portrayed sympathetically. The details are intricate and the story flows well. This was a hard book to p...