Radio Silence (Off the Grid, #1) by Alyssa Cole

Radio Silence (Off the Grid, #1)

No one expects the apocalypse.Arden Highmore was living your average postgrad life in Rochester, New York, when someone flipped the "off" switch on the world. No cell phones, no power, no running water—and no one knows why. All she and her roommate, John, know for sure is that they have to get out, stat. His family's cabin near the Canadian border seemed like the safest choice.It turns out isolation doesn't necessarily equal safety.When scaveng...

Details Radio Silence (Off the Grid, #1)

TitleRadio Silence (Off the Grid, #1)
Release DateFeb 2nd, 2015
PublisherCarina Press
GenreRomance, New Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Fiction

Reviews Radio Silence (Off the Grid, #1)

  • Mandi Schreiner
    The first chapter in this book is well done - chilling - as the heroine has been attacked in a world where the electricity has gone out.But then she finds her friends and their house. And nothing happens. Nothing. They have a generator so they have heat and tons of food and tons of candles and hot water. They don't leave the house the entire book. No world building at all. No chemistry between the hero and heroine. Very awkward sexual tension (mo...
  • Ally
    Post apocalyptic bore This is possibly the only time I will ever sleep through an apocalypse. Or perhaps not. But whatever.Read for the Scandalicious TBR challenge. For which I am most grateful. I am doing some serious house cleaning. Series: Indeed. Sexy times: I think so. I was so busy flipping through the pages that I may have missed it. Plan on reading more by the author: So here's the thing: this author has some downright brilliant books. A...
  • Julie
    Check out my other reviews at Little Miss Bookmark!You know what? This was pretty good! First, I want to say how much I absolutely hate the blurb for this one. It gives away too much information!! I, personally, want something a bit more vague ... grab my attention but don't give me the deets! Le sigh. Other than that ... as I said, it was pretty good! I really enjoyed the first chapter ... the suspense and scariness of it all was absolute perfec...
  • Jen
    *copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*First off, you should know that BWAM is my jam, which is why I could not waaaait until February to read this book.I liked it, but I didn’t love it. My main issue is that it employs all of my least favorite tropes far too often. The immediate and constant fantasizing/body reactions. The forever blushing. The height differences that are over the top. The fact that the heroine can see all of the...
  • Utah Romance Reader
    I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.8/10: Excellent (but didn’t quite reach maximum squee). After the author-who-shall-not-be-named appointed himself the erotic romance messiah, I had been on a mission to read some of the foundational erotic romances that authors had mentioned on twitter. I mention this to lay the groundwork for where my brain was when I started Radio Silence. I’d just finished Natural Law by Joey...
  • Sue (Hollywood News Source)
    This is actually my first read of February and it's so good! Apocalyptic novel and steamy romance. I didn't expected the love interest would be Korean. There's also family dynamics which is my most favorite. I can't wait to binge this series.
  • Alex (HEABookNerd)
    Series: Off the Grid #1 "Arden, it would be really sad if even the freaking apocalypse couldn't get you to drop your defenses and let someone in." Arden and her best friend John have no idea why everyone just lost power, but they know being in the city is no longer safe. Traveling to John's family home involves days of walking but they hope it will be a safer place to stay during this strange time. When they're attacked near their destination, ...
  • Romance Novels in Color
    It is no secret that I have a love of all things fantasy and sci-fi. At one point I binged on dystopian fiction like it was the last cupcake in a room full of sugar crazed six-year olds. I was willing to tackle a child if they stood between me and a good end of days read. Unfortunately, the last few years has seen a flood of dystopian books that honestly, exhausted me. For the last few months, the idea of reading another book that involved zombie...
  • Michelle Palmer
    I loved this book and immediately bought books 2 and 3 to read soon. The characters are well developed and their actions make sense for their personalities. The world that Cole built is real and I can absolutely see it in my mind. All electricity has stopped working for an unknown reason. The world plunges into anarchy. Arden and her roommate, John head to his family's cabin in upstate New York. When they arrive, they are greeted by John's older ...
  • Kenesha Williams
    Okay so I've been on a bit of a book binge on books from this author, Alyssa Cole and I read two of her short story historical romances: Be Not Afraid & Agnes Moor's Wild Knight both excellent. But my jam is speculative fiction, so when I read the synopsis I was ALL IN. Radio Silence takes place after a mysterious occurrence in which all technology fails & a subtle breakdown of society is occurring. The book starts only a few weeks after this occ...
  • Sarah
    I really liked the main couple (especially Arden's internal monologue), but beyond that the story didn't really shine. This was least exciting post-apocalyptic scenario I've read. The setup was interesting, because it posed so many questions, but none of them are ever answered, because the characters just hang out in a house in the woods with no electricity or cell service. I imagine it is explained more in the next book, but it didn't add much o...
  • Giedre
    Radio Silence is a book I bought a while ago and only got around to reading now. I recently listened to a Smart Bitches podcast where Alyssa Cole was the guest (podcast no. 176) and I really enjoyed it, and I thought, oh, I have her book, so why not read it now. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the book much. I had problems with the world building, which is more of a flimsy backdrop reason for the characters to hide away in a remote cabin than anyt...
  • Katie
    I really liked the bits and pieces of this, but I wish it had been better paced! Hate-to-love doesn't work so well if it happens practically within a 24 hour time frame! That quickly, other characters were commenting on the tension between the characters. Slow down!I liked the characters and was intrigued by the premise. When I finished this last night, I thought I'd read more in the series. Today, I am not so sure. I guess it'll depend on how mu...
  • Eri (Airy Reads)
    I apparently bought this on a kindle sale and didn't even realize I owned it until I was digging through my library the other day lmao. Anyhow, I picked it up on a whim a few days ago and have slowly been getting through it, finishing it this morning. I'll be honest and say I don't read much of the romance genre aside from contemporary and historical, so this one was out of my comfort zone in a sense, but seeing as I read apocalyptic/dystopian YA...
  • Amanda
    I feel like this book started off strong. But then...nothing happens. I’m guessing in the next books in the series we find out what caused the blackout but here it just felt like no questions were answered, and I was left waiting for something big to happen. I did like the characters so will probably keep reading next books.
  • Mstcat
    What happens to the world when the power goes out? What if it goes out on a global scale and doesn't come back on? This is the premise on which Radio Silence is based. While this is no Walking Dead zombie style book, it does have that surviving, end-of-the-world thing going on. Radio Silence takes place weeks after an apocalyptic turn of events. Without electricity and all that comes with it, life in the U.S. is starting to fray at the edges. Peo...
  • Val Alves
    3.5 stars!
  • Erin (PT)
    3.5/5.0 I really enjoyed this book, it combines one of my favorite tropes--apocalypse/post-apocalypse--with a really lovely Black/Asian (Korean) interracial romance. I liked that this was an apocalypse story about ordinary people in an extraordinary situation; these are not the scientists or military or politicians who know what's happening and are working to solve it, it's the story of regular people, cut off from avenues of information who are ...
  • Book Binge
    Arden and her best friend John make the trek from Rochester, New York to his parents home/cabin 100 miles away near the Canadian border. They do this on foot as modern society has fallen by the wayside. There are no phones, no running water, no electricity and it’s a nightmare. They’re almost to the house when they get lost (Arden’s fault) and end up getting attacked. They are saved by John’s brother, Gabriel, who is none too nice to Arde...
  • Ella
    I liked the idea...a lot! Post apocalyptic world, people turning on each other, a few friends find each other, some romance - I was super excited. Unfortunately the story flat-lined. I found it sort of boring. There wasn't much thrill or adventure. The story could have easily be set on a rainy day or a day with a black out. I have nothing against the love story in it but when we read post apocalyptic... I want hair raising, heart thudding , adren...
  • Shelley
    Set within 100 miles of your location. Two newly college grads leave Rochester, NY to hike 100 miles to a family cabin... nailed the category!
  • Angie
    Radio Silence is jam packed with things that I love! It's got an interracial romance! It's got friendship! It's got enemies to lovers! And it's got my favorite Romance trope: stranded together! Although, Arden and Gabriel aren't just stranded together. They're trying to survive whatever the heck is happening outside which forced them together. Arden and her best friend, John, left their apartment to head to the safety of his family's cabin. Of co...
  • Christi Snow
    My Review:I always forget how much I love dystopian romance until I pick up a really good one. Hint...this was a really good one. In this book, Arden and John are roommates from Rochester, trying to get to John's family home in upstate NY, after the electrical grid went down. They tried to stick it out, but as the weeks went by, it became more and more dangerous and they decided to flee. They almost made it when they were attacked by two desperat...
  • Megan
    Fantastic use of first-person. Arden has a witty voice, and she has nuanced relationships and is capable of reactive, nuanced perspectives on other characters; I really didn't feel like I was missing out by not having Gabriel's persepctive--and I'm a hard-sell on first-person (and on having only one POV in a romance novel). I wasn't sold on the mid-apocalypse setting, both as a matter of personal taste (I guess I'd have preferred a straight-up st...
  • Kazen
    Mixed feelings about this one - it's alright but not what it says on the tin.I like how the first chapter hits the ground running. Our apocalypse is introduced (cause unknown) and Arden and roommate John have to make their way to safety. They get ambushed and there's a fight scene that pulled me into the story immediately. We meet the hero Gabriel, John's brother. They make their way to the cabin and hang out.For a loooooong time.Food stocks are ...
  • Monica
    I really enjoyed this book. I bought it at the suggestion of one of my peers on facebook.The good:Its character driven. Its not about the apocalypse, but about people.The juxtaposition of Arden versus the Seongs as a whole. **spoiler** She is an only child, selfish, and emotionally isolated. They are a true family unit that are completely reliant on one another.The gaze. So often in books the female is the center of the sexual tension in the book...