What's for Thanksgiving Dinner? by Sally Huss

What's for Thanksgiving Dinner?

In this book you'll meet several fine-feathered folks (a duck, a goose, and a turkey) who, after some tricky beginnings, become friends. With amusing rhyming verse to tell the story, the point gets across... that anyone can become a friend. This story is one to tickle the heart of any child, and subtly spark the spirit of gratitude within them. It emphasizes the importance of being thankful. -- Over 40 charming illustrations in bright and hap...

Details What's for Thanksgiving Dinner?

TitleWhat's for Thanksgiving Dinner?
Release DateNov 4th, 2014
PublisherHuss Publishing
Number of pages50 pages
GenreChildrens, Holiday, Fiction

Reviews What's for Thanksgiving Dinner?

  • Stacy
    This was a darling little book for kids! Text rhymes and the pictures are cute.
  • Shoa Khan
    Funny little picture book that I read over Thanksgiving, but never got around to updating here.It tells the story of a duck, a goose and a turkey, who all think of each other as their Thanksgiving dinner! Naturally, chaos ensues!
  • Jitendra
    Interesting And funny book. I liked it.
  • Crystal Lewis
    Love the illustrations and messageThis book was, very nicely written it was beautiful and even though it was quick it's a great child's story t h at even adults can be thankful for. The story follows 3 different bird species coming together and deciding on thanksgiving dinner in which they agree but it takes understanding and kindness to get there. I don't have kids but I'm stacking my kindle with books now so ill have good ones when watching lit...
  • Adam
    The illustrations are cute, and the writing style's not too bad, but what upsets me reading this is how it serves to confuse children about food and food choices. Ducks don't eat geese, geese don't eat ducks, neither of them eat turkeys. And then, when they finally realize that they shouldn't eat each other, they eat a dessert made with eggs? Really?We're finally learning that the western diet is the least optimal diet, I really believe that cont...
  • Angela Lambkin
    What's Your Thanksgiving Dinner idea?I thought it was a spectacular great ebook about one being thoughtful of others as the duck, goose and the turkey was towards one another. And such brilliantly and big illustrations too. These are my reasons for giving this ebook five stars. And would recommend this ebook for young kids but not just the very young but those who are older who may need to be reminded often to be thankful and thoughtful to others...
  • Sally Tice
    Thanksgiving trearMy child liked everything about this book, a rhyming treat that can be used on thanksgiving day to be grateful,
  • Jackie Smith
    JoyfulQuite funny and I'm sure my grandson will love it. we have quite a lot of Christmas books. I was happy to see on on Thanksgiving.
  • Rayleigh
    What's For Thanksgiving Dinner is a super fun book that brings in the popular game of "Duck, Duck, Goose" to tell the story. This book definitely allows the kids to visually see and understand the meaning of being thankful. The rhymes are fun to read aloud and the pictures are engaging and illustrate the story perfectly. It's meant to be a silly, entertaining book for kids aged from 2 to 8, so there are some things in the storyline that are inacc...
  • Simone
    Cute!A great read for the little ones. It's very cute and has a few surprises in it. I loved it!
  • Corinne
    very cute. I liked the play on duck duck goose. makes you think about what you it for thanksgiving dinner and who you eat it with.
  • Ian Wood
    This is the complete review as it appears
  • Katie Maza
    Good morning beautiful dayIt's perfect for little kids and their families to be included in this list of books and the time you read more about this
  • SS
    3 1/2 starsThe illustrations in this book are charming, and the story means well, but it's weird. A duck wanting to eat a goose for Thanksgiving dinner? A goose wanting to eat duck? A turkey wanting to eat chicken? And a pumpkin happy that it's been cooked into a pie. This would have been a great kids' story if the author had had the fowl chose something other than other fowl to want to eat. There are other children's' books that handle problem r...
  • Julie Barrett
    Children's Books: WHAT'S FOR THANKSGIVING DINNER? (Delightfully Fun, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Making Friends and Being ... Ages 2-8) (Happy Children's Series 5) Story of a duck just walking around til a goose comes up and they collide and get into a discussion about what to have for Thanksgiving dinner: duck or a goose or a turkey?Funny colorful children's book about how they save one another. They combine the...
  • Lisa Clark
    Birds eating birdsSo it starts out that a goose wants to eat a duck and a duck wants to eat a goose? Very confusing, because birds are eating birds. I do like the ending with the pumpkin and making a pie and all becoming friends, but not long before that they were going to eat each other. Kind of weird.
  • Sarah
    This was actually quite a funny story, there's a duck who wants goose for thanksgiving dinner, and a goose who wants duck! they chase each other around for a bit, then decide on turkey, and both chanse a turkey. Eventually they all end up having pumkin pie together instead! Quite amusing really ☺
  • Rebecca Timberlake
    Thanksgiving is an under-hyped holiday, so it was nice to see a book about it. It's a quick enough read, so it should hold a small child's attention well enough. Plus, it gave me a chuckle or two, so I'm sure a little kid would find it hilarious. Oh, and the illustrations are very cute, which is always a bonus.
  • KiWi
    Perfect Holiday readI loved that it was a rhyming book. It's perfect to read to kids on Thanksgiving. It feels like a bit of an adventure to see what each character will do. Fun for the whole family.
  • Laura
    What's for Thanksgiving DinnerAnother adorable children's story book. In this case the characters are a duck, a goose, and a turkey who each think the other would be a good meal for Thanksgiving.
  • Ligaya Blough
    Cute story for childrenThis is an entertaining short story for children. In a clever, subtle way, it teaches young ones through the animal characters that we can all learn to get along. It makes for fun reading with kids during Thanksgiving holiday family get togethers.
  • Joy
    A duck and a goose are wondering what to eat for Thanksgiving when they see each other which leads to a chase to see who can catch who first. Then, they find out the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
  • Devon
    Just okThis book was ok... but kind of cheesy. My 4 yr old listened to me read it but hasn't asked for me to read it again (which she normally does if she really likes a book).
  • Eileen Carter
    CuteThe story teaches an important lesson. Doing for others, helping others. Great pictures full of color. The story can help with teaching rhyming words as well.
  • Lena Burton
    Not the bestI didn't care for the flow. Too much effort trying to make the words rhyme ended up with sentences that didn't flow correctly.
  • Kathleen Meacham
    A freebie for the kindle from Amazon at Thanksgiving time. It was O.K.
  • Rose
    Duck Duck GooseThis us a cute little book...I liked it. If you have little over one's they will love it...and you will too.
  • Jenn Davis
    UghNot that great of a picture book about Thanksgiving. Not very clever or cute. Doesn't have that great of a message.
  • Holly Letson
    Animals are wanting to eat one another for Thanksgiving dinner. But, in the end, they decide to eat something else out instead.
  • Milton Moon Louie
    Cute little book about being thankful. B