April's Rain by David Johnson

April's Rain

Eight years after losing her closest friend, Tucker struggles to keep her rebellious, self-destructive granddaughter under control. When April accidentally kills her boyfriend while defending herself from his attack, Judge Jack helps Tucker ferry her granddaughter away to Spirit Lake, a remote treatment facility in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. There, April creates a false identity, painting herself as a young socialite, and blocks Tuckerâ€...

Details April's Rain

TitleApril's Rain
Release DateDec 9th, 2014
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Audiobook

Reviews April's Rain

  • Judy Collins
    A special thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.APRIL’S RAIN, the third installment in The Tucker Series, by master storyteller, David Johnson --is an explosive, inspiring and emotional reunion of Tucker and her beloved family. After many years of tears, fears and pain, they all come together, different people having faced many tragedies and heartaches, for a heartfelt reunion with tears of...
  • Carmen Blankenship
    David Johnson has created a family and cast of charachters that I find myself thinking about as if they are part of my own life. Not since Lonesome Dove have been so entranced and invested in the welfare of fictional charachters. After I read Unexpected Frost I had to take a minute to start this book. The pull of emotions I felt for all of the charachters when Ella passed was unexpected. I mean c'mon! I read A LOT and I love a lot of characters.b...
  • Judie Dooley
    I won this book on good reads. Thank you for picking me. I loved everything about it except the ending. It was like--"WHAT" I wanted more.. I had questions that were left unanswered. but I guess there will be another book in the series and I'll have to wait and read that. This book was great. The characters were supurbe and easy to relate to . The dialect of Tucker was easy to follow. The story was about April who comes from a dysfunctional farm ...
  • Jim Zawada
    ExcelentThe Tucker series is one of the most uplifting and moving books i have ever read. I'm 72 years old and have been reading books of all kinds all my life.
  • Rhonda
    Another great book in the Tucker series.
  • Jenn 9
    I so love reading the Tucker series. I am looking forward to book 5. (hope it comes out soon) I love in this book how they all come together once again.
  • Char
    Let's Use Coincidence instead of a Plot. This book has so many plot gaps it is almost silly. Reads more like Family counseling 101 than a continuation of the Tucker series. I love the sensual reality of the Tucker books as a southwestern transplant to KY and TN. But this book was " in sore need of a smack" from an editor. Be sure you read the first two books where the characters are developed or this one will make no sense.
  • Connie S. Jones
    April's RainDavid Johnson has written a great series. I'm ready to start book 4. He has great characters, and at times I feel like I'm right there with them. Sometimes life is hard no matter what age you are there are always consequences for every choice we make. For me this was a great read!
  • Candace Poste
    Loved this bookAnother great book by David Johnson. Tucker becomes a little more mellow as the story goes on and you realize she is someone you might like for a friend because of her sincerity. Not a lot of class but pure honesty.
  • Susan
    Story of dysfunctional family healingThird in the series of this dysfunctional family. Great way to teach psychological healing and faith to overcome deep family relationship problems. Somewhat surreal, but inspiring.
  • Saundra
    Amazing and compellingAll I can say about this book and series so far is "AMAZING!!!" I would recommend this book to anybody and everybody. Have to end this review so I can begin the next book in this series.
  • Vicky Garland
    Outstanding April is in Her RainAnother amazing story with Tuckers family and more to cone I cant wait. A book that keeps you turning page after page! They all do. David Johnson outdid his self wirh this prize series! 5 Stars Again!
  • Rebecca Hall
    A great read Excellent series!!! You will fall in love with Tucker, the whole family actually!! Very emotional, and interesting. Can’t wait to finish, but don’t want the series to end.
  • Susanne
    The story of Tucker and her family continues to captivate, with new challenges faced and met head on.
  • Elizabeth Hamby
    Another great family read. Great writing.Thanks David Johnson
  • Nancy
    David Johnson has done it again! I love this series and will be starting book 4 very shortly!! Thank you again David Johnson!!
  • Cheryl Ann
    Love this set of books...
  • Carol
    Really Enjoying the Tucker series! I am happy to discovered a new author! Heart warming books about a family that I have come to adore.
  • Donald B. Terrell
    Still cryingI am amazed how good the story line has been so far! I Love it!Redemption! Ok, bring on March On!!!
  • Kathie Norfleet
    Excellent!April's life is back on track. March (Levi) has found his family and Tucker and the rest of characters are happy!
  • Angela Richter
    A Heart Rending StoryThis is an incredibly well written and uplifting series. Only the second book that brought tears to my eyes. Amazing!
    HealingYou can't imagine how this story gets even better. We find out what became of March, and see the family reunited.
  • Ford, Patricia Jean
    Fine readIt's about time there was a Christian based book with depth! Author's insight into troubled souls is great although at ties the plot is predictable,
  • Mary Y. Berman
    Marvelous book!!!This book is for everyone. Warm, heart warming, thoughtful and full of healthy emotions. Finishing like looking s friend!! Amen
  • Holly Doyal
    The third book in the series - April goes away to a treatment facility and March enters the story again. This is such a sweet series.
  • Rhea L Gonczi
    Must readA wonderful story of the struggles of life and the happiness that can be found with love, patience and God. Kept me up all week reading!!
  • Gerald Ncube
    Beautifully written story of family and hope.
  • Susan Byrd
    Love this seriesAt the edge of my seat, so love this story.. The narration is one of the best. Thank you for such a wonderful story.
  • Karen
    UghI wish this book was wrote in a better format! Not in chapters, with each person telling his own story.. It really distracted from what could have been a great book!
  • Mary Hickey
    Learning about love and trust. I like how the author opens the hearts of March, April and Tucker to love and forgiveness, of themselves and others. Especially God's love.